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Author Topic:   conjunct chiron
posted March 19, 2005 08:49 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Is anybody aware of the effect of conjuct chiron in 5th house taurus in early degrees? I have almost conjuct houses and almost conjunct signs with someone because of the date birth only few months apart. I have read a lot of info on chiron but have not come across an interpretation for conjuct chiron.

Any insights will be highly appreciated.
Thank you.

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astro junkie
posted March 22, 2005 12:10 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
I'm trying to help you find something on Chiron Conjunct. So far, I've found this really long article which may help you apply it to your situation :::

Here's a cool section on Chiron I liked, where the following keywords are often attached to Chiron:










and an explaination for each when you click on it :::

Here's more :::

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posted March 25, 2005 07:40 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Thanks astro junkie for your reply! Very interesting. I did go through the links which were really informative. But what I was really looking for is conjunct chiron in synastry. But I realize there is not much information about it out there.

Anyways! Thank you very much.

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Kay Libra
posted March 25, 2005 09:13 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Go to It has some info on chiron conjunctions with synastry.

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astro junkie
posted March 26, 2005 09:42 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Kay Libra -

Thanks bunches for that link. Here's the direct link to that specific page on Chiron Aspects in Synastry, and I'm cutting and pasting it here too :::

Astrology content provided by Linda Rankin-Astrology Unlimited. 2002 All rights reserved.

Chiron as the wounded-healer brings immense emotional mirroring when it is connected strongly between charts. The relationship becomes a vessel to work out old wounds, pain and issues that have been repressed and tucked away inside...'out of sight'...'out of mind'. It is also a dynamic karmic link that embraces the union with growth, support and magic. It wears many coats and faces and is beautifully agile at becoming what each person most needs. To understand what it will bring to the relationship...the first step is into looking at what wounds are deeply they penetrate. It is those realms that Chiron will activate as described by the plant it is conjuncting. Where Chiron assimilates...healing ensues and from the healing an empowering and magnificent future is offered.

Sun conjunct Chiron between charts:

This dynamic conjunction brings in healing potential to the relationship and allows the sun person to learn of their strengths and their inner wounds that need to be released for their growth. The sun person receives healing and understanding, a sense that a missing piece has arrived in their life and although the piece missing is always an eternal component the catalyst comes through Chiron. For the Chiron person it is often the connection with their sun person that brings them the uncovering of their destiny, their unique and undeniable place in life. Talents are exposed and brought into the world. These are not always 'easy' relationships as often old wounds must be bared to bring about the most healing but the connection that lies below the surface is always about compassion, caring and a true conviction in the potential of each other.

Mercury conjunct Chiron between Charts:

This often appears in the charts of those who feel their thoughts and mind invalid either because of life circumstances or inners security issues and the Chiron person becomes the catalyst to allow the mercury person to find their own strength in their intellectual abilities. Can bring in a powerful and trustworthy relationship and is indicative of a glorious friendship and companionship. .

Moon Conjunct Chiron between charts:

The feelings drawn out between these connections are always profoundly bittersweet as they allow the emotional reservoirs their liberation and their healing. The Chiron person becomes a mirror for the inner maternal and emotional wounds of the moon and cleansing is the reward. A bond of empathy and psychic understanding are often strongly in place. Requires awareness and consciousness on both parts as the feelings and emotional centers are keenly open and vulnerable.

Venus Conjunct Chiron between charts:

Healing through the heart is often the hallmark of this relationship and this can turn into a powerful and victorious story of life for the couple. Venus instinctively trusts Chiron and Chiron feels comfortable and at peace with Venus. Occurs frequently later in life with those who seem to be able to embrace and heal life old wounds or very early in life when we are just learning our vulnerabilities and security needs.

Mars conjunct Chiron between charts:

Whatever the basic drive of the mars person is it is focused and mirrored off of the Chiron person. This can be energizing or it can be disabling as the two energies are warriors at heart. With an altruistic attitude this relationship can turn into a dynamic machine that champions the under dog and uses the combined chemistry to accomplish more.

North Node conjunct Chiron between charts:

A handful of good luck and healing that follows the north node person far into their future. Regardless of the actual length of this union the memory remains forever a strong and vibrant part of the north nodes persona. Can help also anchor the relationship into a on term union with progressive and constant healing and growth patterns.

South node conjunct Chiron between charts:

The past (south node) meets the wounds (Chiron) . Shades of karmic liaisons and soul mate tales can infuse this dramatic union but it is usually about replaying literal events in the immediate past as they surface to be understood, healed and released through the present union. Can also indicate a combined life journey using learned talents and skills."

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