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  Isn't it annoying when people point to the chart for every action you do?

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Author Topic:   Isn't it annoying when people point to the chart for every action you do?
posted September 12, 2013 11:03 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
I used to be part of the astrology community and I left astrology because of one thing that ******* ****** me off. The astrology community (esp. the diehard astrology buffs) keep on ******* point at your chart for every action you do (or in my experience every post you make) and for every time you exhibit traits of your personality.
I am an Aries who's Aries dominant with a Mercury in Aries. One incident that ****** me off so much is that some member was insulting my religion. During that argument, another member stated "LMFAO" like the whole thing is a joke.

As soon as I lost it and started cussing out at the members and even threaten to hit one of them if he was actually in person, some other members started saying that the reason why I lost it and started lashing is because of my "Leo Moon" and my "Mercury in Aries" and also because I'm Aries dominant.

I was banned because I couldn't stand my religion being insulted and I continued on.

But after the ban I was equally ****** when the members started talking behind my back and saying I am exhibiting the negatives of my Mercury in Aries.

Uuuuh excuse me. I am a MUSLIM. I am devout to the point I've been reading the Koran everyday since I was like 6!!! I go to Mosque every Friday and if it wasn't for American schools banning religion, I would gladly come to school veiled. Me losing my TEMPER has NOTHING to do with me being an Aries or Leo moon or having a Mercury in Aries.

For ******* Christ's sake my father (who is an even more devout Muslim than I am) is a Virgo with a Mercury in Capricorn and I remember how after being accused of being a terrorist he lost it to the point he wanted to hit a security guard and he threaten to kick my brother out for not respecting Islamic customs and committing blasphemy (in particular stomping on the Koran).

He is NOT Aries dominant nor does he have any planets in Aries. He only has his Mercury in Capricorn and is a Capricorn Riser (so he only has one planet in his first house). He does have a fifth house stellium. But the reason he lost it a few times in public has NOTHING to do with being a Leo dominant. HE came from a long generation of Muslim families and he was raised in Saudi Arabia, a country infamous for its religious devoutness!!!!

Even if he was say an triple Aquarius with most of his planets in the 11th house and Aquarius dominant, I have no doubt he would have lost it when that mall cop was investigating him (even if he would be emotionally distant because of having such a chart).

YES I almost completely dropped astrology after seeing that wanton stupidity. I did not lose it because I am "egotistic" due to being a Leo moon or being brash due to being an Aries with an Aries dominant chart but because the comments were blasphemous and I take my religious VERY SERIOUSLY. I'm not lying if any of those members are in my face right now I would go ahead and kick their ******* ***** for mocking Islam.

So by their logic my father must also be a Leo moon and have Mercury in Aries because he exhibits the negatives of Mercury in Aries when he's accused of being a terrorist?

I decided to lurk on the forum a bit more after the ban and that's when I finally see its not just me but the astrology community as a whole have this sloppy ******** habit of pointing every action (or in the case of the internet, post) of a member to every placement in his chart. For example one member who mocked e for being a Muslim shortly afterwards posted a thread "What signs can't you stand" and he said he hates Virgos (minus the guys because he thinks they're "hot") but he thinks the women are ******* .

Basically he's pointing to their Virgo sun as the reason why they are critical and blunt........... RIGHT this isn't even real astrology but that fake ******** Sun Sign astrology he's using!Yet he's gonna point to the "Mercury in Aries" as the reason I lost it???!!! What a ******* idiot (I'd love to find this guy's address and walk to his house not only for portraying such nonsense but for insulting my religion and beat his ***).

There's another member who I haven't interacted with who started pointing out that the reason Pen and Teller don't buy astrology and call it ******** to the point they made an episode debunking astrology is because of their "Aries Moon". He states in his "experience", Aries Moons he knew were generally skeptical people who don't buy into mystical stuff like astrology................... RIGHT I know an Pisces Sun-ARIES Moon as a friend, and she's deep into the occult stuff like Psychic and Mythology. So by using their logic, she has her Moon sign wrong?

It's getting ******* annoying when astrologers/practitioners of astrology do this and its why I already dropped astrology!!!
1 day ago
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Additional Details

CAN'T the astrology community ******* for once stop looking at the chart and pointing every action/post done and every personality trait exhibit as the reason why a person acted this way but instead use their ******* HEAD and COMMON SENSE and see the reason the person acted that way is because of the circumstances happening?

1 day ago

I won't deny I have observe tendencies among people with certain placements. For many Aries dominant people I know, they are often big into at least one sport. Many Air dominants I've met (particularly those with stelliums in Aquarius) tend to lose their tempers much less over small matters.

But let's not FORGET certain situations and topics can lead to someone behaving in a manner totally contradictory not just to their Sun (and even Moon Signs) but even their WHOLE NATAL CHART!!!!!!

Right.........I wonder how many Virgos that guy who called "Virgo girls ******* " have he actually met let alone known as a friend?

1 day ago

I LIVE with a Virgo and he's anything but the Sun Sign description of Virgo men but he's one of the sweetest guys I ever knew. But when he gets angry he can spew out comments that are a ***** (and ******* hurt). But when he does start ******** out, it HAS NOTHING to do with being a Virgo and more because the jackasses in my school are ******* him off. I mean if some morons kept on throwing paperballs at you everyday wouldn't you lose it and throw out ******** comments?

1 day ago

And I won't deny this VIRGO guy is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! But his mother was a model(Triple Capricorn) and his father is a ******* hunkie (Leo with Aries Ascendant) so I honestly don't think its so much being a Virgo Sun with a Pisces Ascendant that makes him gorgeous as so much his genetics (right as if all Virgo men are going to be handsome you ******* idiot who mocked my religion and pointed to my Mercury in Aries as the reason why I lost it).

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