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Lindaland Search Engine! New Announcement! posted by Randall     (February 27, 2020 through January 27, 2030)
Well, I finally got our custom search engine fixed. You can search the entire site with just one click. You can find it at: www.lindagoodman.org

How To Post Your Chart New Announcement! posted by Randall     (June 23, 2011 through June 23, 2031)
1. Go to www.astro.com . You can create a free account or enter your birth data as a guest; however, creating an account will allow you to save your information – great for trying the different charts both for yourself and for others in your life. If you don’t know the exact time of your birth, do your best to find out – it *is* important.
2. Go to “Free Horoscopes” and then to “Extended Chart Selection.”
3. “Natal Chart Wheel” is the default, but you will need to go to “House System” (under “Options” use the drop-down to change to “equal”).
4. Click on “Click here to show the Chart,” then click on the chart which will appear.
5. Right-click and save the chart to your desktop.

1. Create a free account at www.photobucket.com .
2. Select “Upload Now” which will bring up “Select Photos and Videos.”
3. Navigate to your desktop and select.
4. On right, click “Save and continue to my album.”
5. When you hover the mouse pointer over the chart, you will see that a box appears with a few options. If you need to edit out your name or anything else you don’t feel comfortable sharing on the boards, “edit” is in the top band of options. Select “edit” which opens your chart and provides editing options. Go to the tab “Decorate,” and you will see a number of icons, one of which is an eraser. Erase what you need to, and click “Replace original.”
6. Saving should take you to a new screen where you can see your chart and to the right, a bank of options to “Share this photo.” Click on the IMG code, which will flash and let you know that you’ve copied the link.
7. Go to your thread, open a new post and paste your link.
8. Don’t move or delete your chart from Photobucket, because the link only goes to where the chart was saved!

Linda's Chaldean Alphabet New Announcement! posted by Randall     (February 15, 2011 through February 15, 2031)
A - 1
B - 2
C - 3
D - 4
E - 5
F - 8
G - 3
H - 5
I - 1
J - 1
K - 2
L - 3
M - 4
N - 5
O - 7
P - 8
Q - 1
R - 2
S - 3
T - 4
U - 6
V - 6
W - 6
X - 5
Y - 1
Z - 7

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