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Author Topic:   8th House & Synastry
posted March 09, 2005 02:37 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Inspired by AJ's thread about the 7th House & synastry, I was wondering what it possibly means regarding the relationship between two people when the majority of someone's planets falls in the other person's 8th House. In my case, the other person's following planets are in my 8th House, which IMO seem to be some pretty powerful planets:

Moon (in Libra)
Mars (in Libra)
Saturn (in Libra)
Pluto (in Libra)

I know that the 8th House works on the same level as Scorpio and like Scorpio, it also deals with issues of sex. But what else could the 8th House in synastry mean? And especially with powerful planets like those four involved?

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astro junkie
posted March 10, 2005 10:28 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
sassy -

First, I'll teach you how to fish, and then I can try to answer some of it for now ... Look at info on all things 8th House. Here's a good place to start for easy-to-read basics.

and to quote what it says about the 8th House :::

"Eighth House:

Sex, death, rebirth (in the sense of regeneration). Since this is opposite the 2nd house (which rules YOUR money, possessions, and values) the 8th house rules other people’s money, possessions, and values, your ability to utilize the possessions of others for your own ends. By extension, it rules insurance and tax matters, as well as the influence that the values of others have on you (social values).

It can also indicate what influence, if any, you can have on the values of those around you, including the society you live in. As far as sex goes, the 5th house may rule romance, but the 8th house gets down to the sex act itself, your style of sex, your tastes, what turns you on. This includes any fetish you may have. Now you see why astrology readings are confidential. By the way, if you like to play music during sex and you happen to get involved with someone who has the planet Mars in the 8th house AND the sign of their Mars is Gemini, well the music you should play is the Minute Waltz!

This house corresponds to the 8th sign, Scorpio, sign of sex, death, regeneration, and other people’s money."

> > > >


> > > >

Take the same info on the Planets "personalities", and get to know them. You may not be able to memorize every single combination of Signs, but the Planets themselves remain the same, so get to know them.

"The Moon:

Your instincts, habit patterns, and unconscious drives. What kind of home you prefer. How you relate to women in general, especially the mother. If the Moon is strongly placed in your horoscope, mood swings tend to be more pronounced and you will be more likely to consciously make decisions on the basis of hunches or feeling. The Moon rules the sign of Cancer."


Aggression and energy. If Mars is strongly placed in your horoscope, you will tend to be active, energetic, assertive, even aggressive. Mars rules the sign of Aries."


Caution and fear, contraction. Also ambition and determination. Without the obstacles of Saturn, we would never grow. Saturn is strongly placed in the horoscopes of doctors, research scientists, and business people. The sign position shows what we need to feel safe and secure, and what we fear that we will never have enough of. Since this is where we tend to be fearful, we become nervous and tend to “mess up”, or never try at all. This is the quality that frequently comes across as “bad luck”. Saturn rules the sign of Capricorn."


Caution and fear, contraction. Also ambition and determination. Without the obstacles of Saturn, we would never grow. Saturn is strongly placed in the horoscopes of doctors, research scientists, and business people. The sign position shows what we need to feel safe and secure, and what we fear that we will never have enough of. Since this is where we tend to be fearful, we become nervous and tend to “mess up”, or never try at all. This is the quality that frequently comes across as “bad luck”. Saturn rules the sign of Capricorn."

> > > >

Now pretend that each Sign has to live in the same body of that "personality".

> > > >

"The Cardinal Signs:

Take action. They charge right in and get the job done (or fall flat on their face, depending on the situation). These are Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. If there is no crisis for them to take care of, they have been known to create one just to have something to do. Please remember that everyone has every sign somewhere in their horoscope. The Cardinal Signs show where in your life you will tend to take action."

"The Air Signs:

Please remember that everyone has every sign somewhere in their horoscope. What follows is a description of Air Signs by themselves without considering the influence other signs have on the chart. In an individual horoscope, of course, all the factors blend to produce a unique final result. Air Signs deal with communications, relationships, and intellect. They are the most human of the signs. By themselves, they are also the most cold and emotionally detached. Those with heavy emphasis on Air Signs in their horoscopes find it difficult to understand other, more emotional, people. “But why did they do that?” they ask. “That was so irrational!” Of course it was. And that’s that. But Air Sign folks can’t let things rest there. They have to discuss things more. They always need more information. In the horoscope, Air Signs show where we emphasize thought, communication ability, and sociability. Without Air Signs in the horoscope, a strong Fire Sign influence would make us charge off and get into trouble, and a strong Earth Sign presence could make us just sit there, doing the same old routines over and over, never being able to think of improving things. More information on Air Signs."


- is Cardinal Air. Libra rules beauty, art, charm, and the “social graces”. Gemini is raw information. With Libra, this is taken one step further. Libra is Partnership. We don’t just have people bumping into each other and exchanging information like two ships in the night. There is a sense of commitment here, something that Gemini usually tries to avoid (remember that we are speaking about the influence of the sign of Gemini by itself, in isolation from other factors; this does NOT mean that everyone with a Gemini sun-sign avoids commitment).

While Gemini tends to witty, interesting information, Libra gravitates towards beautiful communication. The late Helen Hayes used to tell the story about how she first met her husband, Charles McArthur. It was at a party and he fell in love with her at first sight. He spent the whole evening talking to her. At one point, they were sitting on a couch and she asked him to please pass the bowl of peanuts. As he handed them to her, he said, “I wish these were emeralds!” She finished the story by saying “I had to marry him after that; I just had to”.

Libra is also the sign of Fairness and Justice. Its placement in your horoscope (along with the placement of its ruling planet, Venus) shows the place in your life where these qualities are most visible and most important to you. The house with Libra on the cusp (beginning) is also the place where the need for beauty is most noticeable."

> > > >

From what I've learned here, a lot of Planets in the other's 8th makes money more important, in my opinion, moreso than sex. The relationship itself takes on a very Scorpio quality and each person's Natal should provide enough inspiration to work with those qualities, if things do not become a big power trip.

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posted March 21, 2005 10:52 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Thanks for that info, AJ!

...So 8th in synastry with those particular planets basically boils down to the relationship being about money, power trips, & sex, eh? Hmmmm...sounds like a Jackie Collins novel. lol

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posted March 21, 2005 12:48 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for lllog     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Partner’s Ascendant in your 8th House - the 8th house location indicates mutual involvement in joint finances, business ventures, insurance, tax matters, and other forms of shared resources. With Partner’s ascendant in your 8th house, they will be the main force behind this area, because their self identity is expressed in these areas. If the two of you are sufficiently evolved souls, there will be mutual interest in occult subjects, parapsychology, or science.

Partner’s Sun in your 8th House - this relationship is often found in business partnerships or other corporate financial affairs. Their contacts usually revolve around subjects such as taxes insurance, or inheritance. There is possible sexual attraction. Your Partner’s energy and vitality can inspire you to greater efforts towards self-improvement and regeneration. Occult and psychic matters are often of mutual interest.

Partner’s Moon in your 8th House - important in family relationships where inheritances or other financial issues are highlighted. This position indicates emotional factors, particularly yours, play a large part in these issues. You can influence your Partner’s domestic affairs through joint or business activities. Your Partner can provide emotional support for you in your business activities.

Partner’s Venus in your 8th House - this location is found more in a business relationship than a romantic one, and indicates financial gain through the relationship. Arranged marriages where it brings status and financial rewards are closer to this arrangement than a couple falling deeply in love and getting married. That is not to say that finances in your relationship are important, just not the end all. This combination does confer strong sexual attraction, and passionate emotions. There are also physic and intuitive connections here between the two of you. Your Partner can help you to be a little more diplomatic in your approach to business interactions, and you can give them financial support necessary for their artistic and social expressions.

Partner’s Mercury in your 8th House - this arrangement stimulates a mutual interest in the occult and in science. Your Partner takes an active interest in your insurance, taxes, legacies, and inheritances. They may also take an intellectual interest in you psychic and occult experiences. You may employ their ideas and methodologies in business affairs. The two of you may also share a common interest in after death experiences, telepathy, and psychic communications. You may even share a psychic link between the two of you.

Partner’s Mars in your 8th House - this arrangement often indicates a business, corporate, scientific, or mystical. The two of you are involved in processes that require secrecy. In some relationships there is even danger associated with the type of work the two of you are engaged in, that could result in injuries to one or both of you. On the positive side you both will lend encouragement to the other in your efforts of self-regeneration and improvement. You will strengthen each others resolve to carry projects through to the end.

Partner’s Jupiter in your 8th House - favorable for cooperation in corporate business enterprises, joint finance, and financial affairs of religious, educational, and charitable institutions. In marriage, this aspect brings wealth through marriage particularly in the latter part of life. There can be mutual interest in reincarnation and life after death.

Partner’s Saturn is in your 8th House - indicates mutual responsibilities in financial dealings. Your Partner can help you organize your financial affairs and make wise and conservative use of your resources. You can encourage them to use mutual funds to further their career and business ambitions. This arrangement does not confer any emotional, spiritual, or mental compatibility.

Partner’s Uranus in your 8th House - this arrangement can indicate strong mutual involvement in corporate affairs, joint finances, scientific research or occult pursuits. Your Partner can awaken you to a greater awareness of the spiritual realities, life after death, and reincarnation. There could be mutual interest in Yoga, meditation, and your intuitive abilities. You can each act to bring about major changes in the other’s life. Your Partner will be a source of constant surprises for you.

Partner’s Neptune in your 8th House - indicates a mutual interest in religious, occult, or mystical activities. The interests seem to be centered on reincarnation, life after death, and spirit communications. Your Partner’s religious and mystical understanding can help you to overcome your fear of death and gain an understanding of your spiritual self. You, on the other hand can help them with financial and business aspects of his pursuits.

Partner’s Pluto in your 8th House - this placement indicates a strong mutual interest in past lives and reincarnation. Your Partner can help you understand death and the eternal soul better, as well as help you handle your finances more effectively.

Partner’s Chiron in your 8th House - Your path of healing and initiation may involve a major inner struggle with issues from Your Partner’s childhood having to do with sex, money, power or immortality. As a child you were extremely perceptive of others' unspoken desires, although you were far too immature to understand them. Because you were unable to understand and come to terms with these tremendous feelings, you suppressed them in your unconscious. You need to learn now how to release these deep childhood traumas in a positive environment and Your Partner can help you to do so safely.

Hope that this will be helpful.


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posted March 21, 2005 12:52 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Thanks Lanny - that was very helpful!

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astro junkie
posted March 22, 2005 01:26 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Thanks Lanny ...

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posted November 27, 2013 02:51 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for lisalisa     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
More on asc in 8th house synastry? Also my pluto falls in his 8th

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posted December 14, 2014 09:38 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for plutonian105     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Lets not forget that Scorpio also has awesome powers of intuition and insight. It also deals with depth and digging to the roots.

I mentioned this on another thread on here but
if a persons planet/asteroid falls there in synastry the house person is going to be able to have penetrating insight into the emotions and motivations of the planet person.

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posted December 15, 2014 02:28 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Randall     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Moving to Interpersonal Astrology.

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