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Divine Goddess
posted September 09, 2005 04:29 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Hey all

Originally i had posted it in the Labors of Love section... but i thought that it would fit here better:

1) Planets in the tenth house. A planet nearest to the MC takes precedence over those further away, though this general rule is subject to a number of modifications that will be explained in its proper place

2) A planet in the ninth house, but 5 degrees of the tenth, has both, a tenth house and ninth house influence and should be treated as if it were in the tenth. A planet in the eleventh house as well (5 degrees of the tenth) also has the influence of the tenth; but this is weaker than those in the 10th or ninth cusp. Examine the sign on the cusp, its ruler, the sign and house in which the ruler is found.

3) Next, look for any planet that exactly aspects the MC. If none, then the planet or planets configure with it by platic (inexact) aspect, if within 5 degrees of orb.

4) If Saturn, has not already appeared in any of the above 3 conditions, he should next be considered as he is the normal planetary ruler of the 10th house (MC). Examine the sign he is in.

5) If Capricorn has not similarly appeared, this sign is now up for consideration, together with any planets occupied in it. Capricorn being the normal 10th house sign ofcource.

This exhausts the 10th house factors. We must now look to the 6th house and its affiliates. The sixth house governs employment, while the tenth is considered the nature of the occupation. In the horoscope of an employee the sixth house represents his employers (and vice-versa)
"A good servant makes a good master... just as ... A good master makes a good servant."
The above saying is literally true astrologically. The same factors largely, but not wholely, govern both.

6) Take the planets in the sixth (and the fifth and seventh within a 5 degree orb of the sixth) in the same way as described in step "1)"

7) Take the sign on the cusp of sixth as in step "2)". However, planets aspectomg the cusp of the sixth as in rule "3)" have no influence and should be disregarded.

8) If Mercury has not appeared in the above,then he is up for consideration as he is the normal ruler of the sixth. Follow step "4)", substituting Mercury for Saturn.

9) The sign Virgo rules employment as Capricorn rules occupation. Follow step "5)" substituting Virgo for Capricorn

Next on the adgenda is the Second House, which has to do with Money, Gain, Profit and Loss.

10) Follow step "1)", substituting Second for Tenth house.

11) Follow step "2)" similarly . Step "3)" is ignored in the case of the second house.

12) If Venus has not appeared yet, she should now be taken into consideration as she is the normal ruler of the second house. Follow step "4)" substituting Venus for Saturn.

13) Follow step "5)" substituting Taurus for Capricorn.

14) Now carefully note down all the aspects between the planets concerned with the 10th, 6th and 2nd house; also the planets in Capricorn, Virgo, and Taurus; finally between, Saturn, Mercury, and Venus.

15) Examine the planet rising closest to the Ascendant.

16) Locate the ''Best Planet" in the horoscope. (i.e. the planet that is most strongly placed by Sign, House, Elevation. With more favorable and less adverse aspects)

Now to see whether we're boss or executive material

17) Examine the Constitutional groupings of the planets (Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable). For greatest success in one's own enterprise, there should be a preponderance of the planets and angles in Cardinal Signs.

18) How many planets are "Accidentally Dignified"? (in the 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th house)

19) For high executive postions in employ of others, but not calling for "Ultimate Decisions", there should be a preponderance of the planets in Fixed Signs.

20) In connection with step "19)", for best results, Succedent houses should be well occupied. How many planets are Succedentaly placed? (2nd, 5th, 8th or 11th house)

Now we takle the scope of Partnerships.

21) Planets in the seventh house. Follow step "1)"

22) Sign on the cusp of the seventh. Follow step "2)" and disregard step "3"

23) Venus rules the seventh as well. As she has already been analyzed in relation to the Second house, note her position and aspects again for seventh house consideration.

24) Follow step "5)" substituting Libra for Capricorn

25) To choose a partner, analyze both horoscopes in synastry as well as in composite matches.




KEYWORDS: Authority, Rule, Command, Power, Importance, Dignity, Government, Gold.

VOCATIONS: Bankers, Presidents, Foremen, Department Heads, Stock Exchange Workers, Stock Speculators, Investment Bankers, Occupations Involving Children, Jewellers, Workers in Gold and Amber, Heart Specialists, Impresarios, Entertainment Directors, Gin Manufacturers, Lion Tamers, Spotlight Operators, Orange Growrs, Park Keepers, Playground Directors, Theater Owners and Managers, Walnut Growers.


KEYWORDS: Change, Women, Liquids, Real Estate, The Public, The Secondary, The Temporal

VOCATIONS: Travelling Men, Sailors, Nurses, Fishermen, Liquor Dealers, Laundry Proprietors and Workers, Cabbage and Cauliflower Growers, Chicken Fanciers, Cheese Manufacturers, Bath House Proprietors, Bakers, Boat Owners, Brewery Workers, Brewers, Dairy Farmers, Dairies, Household Help, Poultry Raisers, Chinaware and Glassware Manufacturers, Melon Growers, Midwives, Milkmen, Mushroom Growers, Obstetricians, Plastic Artists, Restaurant Proprietors and Workers, Tavern and Taproom Owners and Helpers, Waiters, Waitresses, Watchmen.


KEYWORDS: The Mind, Mentality, Memory, Transportation, Documents, Writing, Teaching, Intellect.

VOCATIONS: Clerks, Accountants, Bookkeepers, Writers, Teachers, Lecturers, Orators, Secretaries, Mail Carriers, Bus Drivers, Train Conductors, Architects, Authors, Acoustic Experts, Bee Keepers, Book-Binders, Actuaries, Correspondents, Typists, Interpreters, Recorders of Deeds, Diplomats, Dietitians, Errand Boys, File Clerks, Retail Grocers, Governesses, Handwriting Experts, Information Clerks, Jugglers, Reporters, Messengers, Merchandise Managers, Buyers, Salesmen, Nerve Specialists, Paper Manufacturers, Editors, Notaries Public, Publishers, Stenographers, Storekeepers, Stationers, Printers, Doctors, Healers, Radio Announces, Telephone Operators.


KEYWORDS: Love, Beauty, Arts, Young Women and Girls, Music, The Fine Arts, Adornment, Money.

VOCATIONS: Artists, Musicians, Singers, Actors, Toilet Accessory Makers, Cosmeticians, Beauticians, Florists, Women's Apparel Manufacturers, Maids, Candy Manufacturers, Dry Goods Stores, Entertainers, Furniture Manufacturers and Dealers, Hotel Keepers and Workers, Bee Keepers, Landscape Gardners, Interior Decorators, Social Secretaries, Throat Specialists, Perfume Manufacturers, Peach Growers, Society Editor, Amusement Concessionaries, Art Museum Curators, House Painters and Paperhangers, Photographers, Engravers, Illustrators, Cashiers, Tellers, Capitalists, Pursers, Money Lenders.


KEYWORDS: Fires, Quarrels, Energy, Metals, Initiative, Effort, Pain, Weapons.

VOCATIONS: Soldiers, Army Officers, Pugilists, Assayers, Surgeons, Gun Makers, Butchers, Iron and Steel Workers, Dentists, Barbers, Armament Makers and Workers, Metal Workers, Carpenters, Executives, Firemen, Policemen, Guards, Hardware Manufactureres and Dealers, Implement Makers, Locksmiths, Lumberjacks, Mechanics, Machinists, Stock Raisers, Wrestlers, Occupations connected with things made by Fire.


KEYWORDS: Abundance, Spirituality, Religion, Prosperity, Affluence, Wealth, Law, Publications, Voyages or Long Journeys.

VOCATIONS: Lawyers, Clergymen, Editors, Publishers, Advertising Agents, Ad-Writers, Judges, Woolen Merchants, Wholesale Grocers, Aldermen, Appraisers, Bond Salesmen, Cashiers, Capitalists, Doctors (Phd's of Divinity, Literature, Law or Philosophy), Pursers, Financiers, Jockeys, Horse Trainers, Racing Stable owners and workers, Law-Court Attaches, Writers for Publication, Sporting Goods Manufactureres and Dealers, Guides, Chiropodisits, Shoe Manufactueres and Dealers, Shoe Workers.


KEYWORDS: Hardships, Delays, Obstacles, Difficulties, Misfortunes, Poverty, Hard Labor, Tradition, The Well-Established, The Practical, Real Estate, The Old, The Conservative.

VOCATIONS: Miners, Real Estate Dealers, Farmers, Funeral Home Owners and Workers, Excavators, Builders, Contractors, Bricklayers, Gardners, Tanners, Dealers in Hides, Leather Goods Manufacturers and Dealers, Coal and Ice Dealers, Watch and Clock Makers and Repairs, Laborers, Tombstone Makers, Efficiency Experts, Priests, Monks, Nuns, Sextons, Timekeepers, Farm Hands, Grain Dealers, Plumbers, Night Workers, Night Watchmen, Underground Workers.


KEYWORDS: The New, The Unusual, The Surprising, Sudden Happenings, Inventions, Advanced Thought.

VOCATIONS: Scientists, Inventors, Astrologers, Occultists, Faith Healers, Chiropractors, Clairvoyants, Aviators, Automobile Racers and Manufacturers and Dealers, Auto and Airplane Mechanics, Electricians, Radio Manufacturers and Dealers, Radio Announcers, Movie Producers, Movie Theater Owners, Garbage Proprietors, Research Workers, Social Service Workers, Telephone Operators, Lighting Specialists, Psychotherapists, Nerve Specialists, Motormen,Metaphysicians, X-Ray Workers, Electrical Appliance Manufacturers and Dealers, Instrument Manufacturers and Dealers, Telegraphers, Lectureres, Engineers.


KEYWORDS: The Mysterious, The Subtle, The Obscure, The Secret, The Sea, Imagination

VOCATIONS: Poets, Mind Readers, Musicians, Occult Writers, Pharmacists, Chemists, Naval Officers, Oil Workers, Oil Well Operators, Filling Station Owners, Fish Markets, Anarsthetists, Distillers, Life Guards, Astrologers, Detectives, Private Investigators.


KEYWORDS: Death, Great Catastrophies, Dictators, General Calamities, World Wars, The Completely New, The Entirely Exclusive.

VOCATIONS: Too powerful to categorize... however, Undertakers, Embalmers, Insurance.




KEYWORD: Leadership

VOCATIONS: Any occupation ruled by Mars, which permits of advancement and promotion. Those with poor chance of advance should be avoided. Those arent for the impatient Aries, unless a good quota of fixed signs are prominent in the chart, or Capricorn and Virgo are strong in the chart.

The Mars Ruled Occupations that Aries should avoid:- Assayers, Surgeons, Dentists, Carpenters, Lumberjacks, Mechanics.

Non Mars Ruled Occupations for Aries:- Hat and Cap makers and Dealers, Hairdressers (make sure venus is strong here).


KEYWORD: Doggedness.

VOCATIONS: Those occupations of Venus having to do with Money; also Throat specialists (if regular medical signifactors strong). Boxer, Soldier, Policemen, Treasurer.


KEYWORD: Versatality

VOCATIONS: Any ruled by Mercury not requiring too much detail and especially those having to do with transportation. Gemini cannot stomach drudgery the way Virgo can. Thus Virgo makes better office help than Gemini, but Gemini is a better salesman. Gemini is more curious about things, whereas Virgo is about people. Gemini is the better speaker and superficially the better writer, but Virgo is more thorough in both cases. Virgo's facts are more likely to be right than those of Gemini.

Mercury Ruled Occupations NOT for Gemini: Teachers, Bee Keepers, Dietitians, File Clerks, Retail Grocers, Governesses, Nerve Specialists, Storekeepers, Doctors, Healers.


KEYWORD: Domesticity

VOCATION: Those of Moon insofar as they have to do with the Cancerian Keyword. Thus Nursing would obviously be a Cancerian Occupation, but a Traveling Salesman, Fisherman, or Tavern Owner would hardly come under that designation.

Of itself, Cancer is greatley concerned with Real Estate and Home Ownership, though for best results, Saturn should also be strong. Home Appliances, House Furnishing and the like are within its guardianship.


KEYWORD: Greatness.

VOCATIONS: Same as the Sun with no exceptions.



VOCATIONS: Everything ruled by Mercury, not exclusive to Gemini. Virgo has a special relationship to service, healing, pets and all mental work involving much detail.


KEYWORD: Balance

VOCATIONS: All of Venus not having to do with finance

Non Venusian Ruled Occupations: Judges, Diplomats, Lawyers (look for strong Jupiter)


KEYWORD: Strength

VOCATION: All ruled by Mars and Pluto except things made by fire. Scorpio is strong in occupations requiring great patience - where Aries is weak.


KEYWORD: Publicity

VOCATIONS: Occupations of Jupiter, especially to do with Publicity.

Avoidable Jupitarian Occupations: Woolen Merchants, Wholesale Grocers, Aldermen, Appraisers, Bond Salesmen, Cashiers, Capitalists, Pursers, Financiers, Chiropodists, Shoe Manufacturers and Dealers, Shoe Workers.


KEYWORD: Hard Work

VOCATIONS: Occupations of Saturn, except Priests, Monks, Nuns, Plumbers. Capricorn is the occupational sign itself. It is the sign of business as such and the distinctive mark of the business man. Capricorn excels in those executive positions requiring patience as Virgo excels similarly in subordinate posts calling for the same quality.


KEYWORD: The Up-To-Date

VOCATIONS: All of Uranus... No exceptions. As well as positions which require a friendly personality and skill in meeting the public. Aquarius does rule friends.


KEYWORD: Solitude

VOCATIONS: All vocations of Neptune without exceptions, and those of Jupiter (especially those Sagittarius isnt apt to do). Also occupations of Solitude such as... Monks, Nuns, Prison Guards, Wardens; and those connected with large institutions such as Hospitals, Sanitariums, Museums, Libraries etc... Clubs, Organizations, Secret Societies come under Pisces rulerships, and any occupation connected with these is indicated by Pisces as a vocational sign. If Venus is strong Pisces id often concerned with musical or acting talent.

I hope this helps you all find your true callings in life

Love and Light


Superstition is to religion what astronomy is to astrology: the mad daughter of a wise mother

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posted September 10, 2005 02:05 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Lauren     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Wow Thank you so much for this. The career part makes so much sense in my chart.. My MC is Pisces, closest planet is Jupiter (and I'm studying law) also sextiles Mars and Venus closely.. Mars is in Capricorn (natural ruler of the 10th) conj Neptune (ruler of Pisces, my 10th)..Mars is also on the cusp of the 6th (work, employment).. Also as I said previously on another thread my Sun/Moon midpoint and Venus/Mars midpoint conjunct on my MC.

Venus (income) is in the 11th (Aries).. Not sure what that means, but my Uranus - natural ruler of the 11th, is in the 6th, so I'm guessing that's good. My sun is also in the 11th.

My 2nd is Cancer which goes back to Capricorn..since my Moon's in Capricorn and my moon is in the 8th sextile Mercury (also in the 10th in Pisces..only not as close to MC as Jupiter)

In the 6th, I have both Uranus and Saturn (in Sag).. Sag is ruled by Jupiter and Jup is in the 10th sextile Neptune/Mars in Capricorn (saturn).. also conjunct (large conj) with Mercury which sextiles my Moon in Capricorn.

It all goes bk and forth between Capricorn/Pisces.. in the 2nd, 6th, 7th, 10th..

It seems interesting, now I just have to interpret it lol..*just*

PS. and I forgot to add, the absolute closest thing to my MC is Vesta.. it conjuncts MC and Jupiter.. does anyone know if asteroids mean anything in this context?

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posted September 10, 2005 02:08 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for AcousticGod     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Labors of Love is an oft neglected area here, DG.

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Divine Goddess
posted September 10, 2005 04:42 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
I'm glad i could help you out Lauren.

I know it may seem complicated at first... so my suggestion would be to follow everything step by step.. and then look at the planetary and sign rulerships... that way you can size it down easier

I hope everyone else here can benefit from this too.

As for Vesta, well the source of my info was actually quite "Old school" astrology..hence they didnt have anything about asteroids... but i'll try my best to find it out and let you know about Vesta.

And right you are as usual Acoustic God... labors of love is indeed neglected... that's why i reposted it here so that others could read and benefit

Love and Light


Superstition is to religion what astronomy is to astrology: the mad daughter of a wise mother

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posted September 10, 2005 08:16 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for AcousticGod     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

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posted September 12, 2005 12:59 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
err im kind of confused about the 25 steps.

this is not a very gemini-friendly post (we have the attention span of a raisin ).

could someone sum up? am i supposed to look at 10ths and 6ths ruler?


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posted September 12, 2005 01:18 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for AcousticGod     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
lol...I'm in the same boat SG. I would've thought you'd get into the details, though.

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posted September 12, 2005 02:32 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for monad     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Ive analysed my chart to pieces,
Now, my point of focus is to
"do what I love every moment"

And I have no problems with it.

Soundly with the knowledge that I did all I could do, every moment, I trust that SELF will come through.

Besides, I dont have any choice.

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posted September 12, 2005 04:59 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Lauren     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Thanks again Athena. If you have the time to find something about Vesta, I'd be very grateful. If not, no worries.. I did find something on about it, so I'm not completely blank lol

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Divine Goddess
posted September 12, 2005 02:13 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Hello all

Sorry about my absence.. was a bit busy re-doing somethings around the house... decisions are the worst things for us libra risings and aquarian moons. answer your queries

SecretGardenAgain: Sorry you feel that way secret, although i must say, i'm quite fond of gemini's ... the world needs geminian excitement at times.

and you can look at the house rulers if they fall under the above criterion

Monad: Beautifully said

Lauren: Sorry darling, but the asteroids are particularly "new" discoveries, hence not much has been given about them in my sources.. "Old (is gold) School Astrology"... however, i'm sure one of us fellow knowflakes would help find it out

Love and Light


Superstition is to religion what astronomy is to astrology: the mad daughter of a wise mother

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posted September 24, 2005 01:43 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
you know, it's information that I know... but it still hasn't helped me much lol.

Fire Grand Trine: Aries Venus/Mars in 10th. Sag Neptune in the 6th. Leo Saturn in the 2nd. All cusps ruled by water.

10th cusp aspects: Conjunct Moon, square Neptune, trine Asc, trine Uranus, quinqunx Pluto.

No planets in Cappy, or Virgo. Sun, Mercury, and Chiron in Taurus.

... I don't want to bore you with the rest of the details... it pretty much involves my entire chart. Forget "pretty much" it does involve my entire chart.

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Divine Goddess
posted September 24, 2005 02:41 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Hello Valkie

My my my... you certainly have an interesting chart... perhaps if you gave some more info it could help.

Love and Light


P.S: what house system are you using? Personally i prefer the Equal House system.

P.P.S: nice to see someone taking interest in this old post.

Superstition is to religion what astronomy is to astrology: the mad daughter of a wise mother

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posted September 24, 2005 03:40 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
lol. ya, that's a nice way of putting it

I normally use the Placidus system, even with the change to Equal, the only significant shift is Mercury and Chiron move to the end of the 10th house.

As far as old posts... hey, I'm new. I've gotta check the old posts lol.

More info? May 11, 1977 8:27am. South Stoughton, MA, USA

ETA: had a brain fart with the first post. Scorpio is intercepted in Placidus system, so the 6th house has a Sag cusp, not a Scorpio... So I guess the shift is a little bit more than just the Mercury/Chiron conjunction.

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posted September 24, 2005 09:50 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for whiterabbit     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
This is a great guide. I went through it step by step but now I have a nice little collection of placements and signs and aspects and planets that are all pulling in different so I'm exactly where I started
But thanks anyways, Divine Goddess.. it is still an interesting exercise and I'm sure it will guide others.

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posted September 25, 2005 05:28 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Ah. I just picked up a copy of this text a month ago and found it very enlightening! It's good of you to share a bit of it here for others who might have difficulty getting hold of it (my library wanted its edition right back!). The stars' pronouncement on my choice of career and earlier vocational inclinations was accurate indeed.

Unfortunately, the author of this work (Charles E. Luntz) was very old school and imposed narrow restrictions on the inclusion of asteroids and non-Ptolemaic aspects (parallels and contra-parallels are embraced and given equal weight to conjunctions and oppositions). Basically, it is suggested that one work with a bare-bones chart and the tightest of orbs. Asteroids and additional aspects may later be considered in refining the interpretation and finding appropriate expression for the natural proclivities indicated.

To extract an asteroid's flavour, I'd meditate on its mythos and apply that in context to its house placement and relationship to other planets and points in the chart.

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posted October 10, 2005 11:39 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
this is freaky, my MOON is almost CONJUNCT my midheaven in PISCES, SATURN opposes, in VIRGO....

moving on... my SUN NEPTUNE and VENUS are conjunct in SAGITTARIUS which happens to be in the 6th house...

my MERCURY is in CAPRICORN and directly opposes JUPITER, WHICH IS RISING in cancer..

and last but not least, MARS is in my second house...

so what the hell am i supposed to be i have all these planets in key spots...

born 12/15/77 5:02 PM sysosset ny...

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posted October 11, 2005 05:03 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Betelgeuse     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
According to the 25 steps...I am destined to be a Mongolian Sheep Farmer, who runs a sideshow for transvestites and sells milk to the local Government sperm bank.

I am looking forward to it. Bring on my destiny.

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posted April 08, 2017 01:54 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for hallowseve     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
The user is unregistered--but, does anyone know if she was using the Equal house system (stated as her preferred system) for this guide? Or was this guide meant for any house system? Just curious, as I am trying to do some vocation research.

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posted April 09, 2017 03:25 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Randall     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
No clue.

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Mariamne Mara

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posted April 11, 2017 01:57 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Mariamne Mara     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Natal Scorpio Moon ruler of V/VI houses conjunct Midheaven, Scorpio is my IX house sign, I have Saturn at 1 degrees there.

Natal Midheaven at 2 Sagittarius, Uranus conjunct at 5; Scorpio Jupiter also conjunct MH.

I want to be a police officer, but always, always in my life the pattern has been has a lot of doubts about job and vocation, is my drama.

Natal Sadge Sun at 21, conjunct Neptune, ruler of 1st.

Aquarius AC, ruler in MC.

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