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Author Topic:   VenusDeIndia: Chart Details
posted February 13, 2007 04:50 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Venusdeindia's Chart: Asteroid Aspects

KAALI in the highest human evolution point, the 30th degree of Gemini conjuncts Sun in Cancer and conj Moon. Pure Kundalinic Power at the core!

(Incidentally your Moon conj my Sun in 3.47 Cancer and conj Noreen's POFortune as well )

Chiron conj Venus is in a YOD (double quincunx) with Neptune in Sag and Pluto in Libra.

SIVA in 10 Scorpio opp SEKHMET in 9 Taurus


KARMA trine ANUBIS (wow!)

Mercury in Gemini trine Mars in Libra. Great intelligence! Also PALLAS conj Mars (Albeit weaker orb of 4 degrees)

ANGEL in 21 Aries conj KArma trines Anubis.

ISIS in 29 Sag opp KAALI.

Additional Points:
VARUNA , Sedna (7 deg tau),SEKHMET(9 deg tau)CHAOS(6 deg tau) ATLANTIS(14 deg tau),HORUS(16 deg tau) ALL THIS OPPOSES SIVA
( 10 deg of scorpio).

KAALI opposes ISIS exactly, which is also joined by SPIRIT and NEPTUNE!

Egyptian Links:
OSIRIS (cap) opposite SPHINX(can) quincunx GIZA (leo)conjunct DNA IN LEO!
SEKHMET sextile SPHINX (CAN) which conjuncts sun and moon
SEKHMET quindecile PLUTO!
HORUS (TAU) sextiles NODE (CAN)

Detailed Interpretation pending.

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posted February 14, 2007 03:23 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
thanx, Iqhunk.that's so sweet
i cant wait for ur interpretation.i am fascinated by asteroids and ur input thus far is amazing. i think all of us at lindaland have an expanded insight into our spiritual leanings becoz of u.: :
for the benefit of others my experience of these aspects as mailed to IQHUNK was thus

As a child sense of complete familiarity with Egyptian occult, like it's something NORMAL:

OSIRIS (cap) opposite SPHINX(can) quincunx GIZA (leo)conjunct DNA IN LEO!
SEKHMET sextile SPHINX (CAN) which conjuncts my sun and moon and NODE!!(CAN)
SEKHMET quindecile PLUTO!
HORUS (TAU) sextiles NODE (CAN)

As for the Atlantis connection;
ATLANTIS quincunx SATURN ( oh boy)
ATLANTIS conjuncts VALENTINE( IQ could this imply an atlantean past life love returning in this life? )

( those who are naive, google on tantric sex -the web is great for that).

A yogi(real one): :told me that it is advisable for a person to continue worship of the deity most celebrated in previous lives since our spiritual enlightenment is fused with that deity. Until that day i was an atheist since our religion believes in one GOD and abhors worship of multiple gods as in Hinduism.I then asked for a sign as to what diety to worship. This man gave a small shiv ling , to keep.
I put it on a ledge over my study table and forgot all about it. A few weeks later I was watching a late night movie in complete dark and saw a black shadow wriggle across the room and disappear under the TV. Next morning I got my sign, I had seen a shadow snake on a monday night , 3 oct 2005 which was a monday, and eclipse(all 3 tied to Shiva)I started worshiping him, praying and meditating on him and it did not feel new. The spiritual progress made since that day is phenomenal, the aspects that prove it must be a continuance of an earlier practice:

SEKHMET( kundalini for egyptians) ,sedna, varuna (all 3 in tau)
Opposite SIVA (consciousness at crown chakra our umbilical chord to our higher self).
KAALI (indian kundalini) conjuncts sun and moon
KAALI also opposite SPIRIT, NEPTUNE and ISIS!!

A recent dream that is definitely a past life memory, myself entering a temple surrounding the mountains (Himalayas?) to worship a mammoth shiv ling (as tall as T-rex).
My ideas of intimacy, respect, commitment of relationships and DIVINITY of the male -female connection destroyed by the crappy patriarchial religions, particularly the bloody witch hunts and pagan competing popes in the west and dumb Victorian influence in INDIA, does not have it's roots in this life. I am not a Hindu and my religion is patriarchial, sex hating too. As far as I am concerned the divorce of the Divine Feminine from modern religion is responsible for the crap that is passed on as LOVE in today's times.(no offence to anyone)my FIERCE belief and not one that stems from present life culture , religion or upbringing is

(By which i mean the divine union of yin and yang and not flings or one night stands.)
In ur mail IQ u said I possess psychic undercurrents, man I feel like a volcano!!, my kundalini is positively tantric. Kali conjunct sun and moon!! Should give u the idea, I think i am too much for a typical indian man if u understand what I mean. Once I went to this psychic Hindu who reads palms and nadis. He placed his finger on my sushumna nadi and next moment he had an orgasm. Though he did not say it coz my mom was by my side but he did tell her ur daughter loves like Kaali, to death.! Coming from a conservative marwari background u can guess the predicament. For ur asteroid itch, I think these placements also affect a persons perceptions of intimacy, I cannot imagine a bubblegum romance, for me it has to be a shiv-shakti fusion nothing else. All else the absence of divine intimacy a-la shiv-shakti in today’s times makes me sick, look at how prominent the god-goddess aspects are, it’s a pattern.
Recently i did some grounding exercises from a chakra book, it was then that i realized how ungrounded i am , my normal state of mind is that of the cosmic orgasm!!!(venus conjunct chiron??),I don’t even need sex!

i think we should all examine our transpersonal planets and asteroids with an overview of uncovering our soul's instinctive
spiritual identity, that has been worked on for lives, is not tarred by present life conditions. this i think is the easiest way to decode our soul's language for our present life personality is a sum of experiencs of not more than 3 or 4 previous lives.

identifying our spiritual identity is the easiest way to access our SOUL PERSONALITY ,more on this will be discussed in a new thread: :

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posted February 19, 2007 07:03 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Hi VenusDeIndia,
Pls learn about Pholus in astrology and tell me what you feel about the best interpretation for Pholus? Pholus is very important for you but I have not understood Pholus very well.
Your Pholus Sabian says:
"A Serpent Coiling Near A Man And A Woman"
Obviously you know what it means. But why Pholus?

Your Fortuna Sabian is "Crystal Gazer".
Karma Sabian is "A Young Girl Feeding Birds In Winter"
PANDORA Sabian is "A boxer enters the ring"

Pandora conj Karma. Fighting can cause your undoing and so can too much generosity as if to fight.

Meditate on the Sabian of your True Node in 13.2 Cancer.
13-14 deg Cancer
"A Very Old Man Facing A Vast Dark Space To The Northeast."

Is he your Guru whom you are yet to meet? Was he a past life guru? Have you dreamt something like this ?

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posted February 20, 2007 03:24 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
oh baby, iq even i am surprised. i did a lot of googling and here r the shocking implications-

Chiron swings between Saturn and Uranus with a revolution period of around 50 years

Pholus between Saturn and Neptune within about 91 years (figure 2).

Nessus was discovered in 1993. He has a period of 124 years, and links the orbit of Saturn with the sphere of Pluto (figure 3). He may be the third "key planet" that waits for us at the threshold of Saturn to guide us into the realm of a "spiritual" planet.

these links r 4 u

on pholus thus far these r the shocking implications
"A person with a prominent natal Pholus is in his actions guided by impulses whose motivation he is not really aware of. Actually, he is confronted with energies or parts of his nature that are not incarnated, i.e. that hang over or about him like a cloud (Neptune, the aphelion of Pholus) and urge towards incarnation (Saturn, Pholus´ perihelion) within the material world. In other words: Pholus stands for parts of our nature from which we are still cut off and with which we try to get into contact. The parts in question may be those which cannot be soundly unfolded, or on the other hand a domain where the person intently strives for and with time even reaches great progresses. A combination of Pholus and Mercury, for example, can indicate highest precision and almost magic power of a person´s mercurial abilities, or on the contrary legastheny and dyscalculia.

Pholic impulses are blind in a sense. They press on being realized even if they do not "know", what could be their appropriate place in the actual order of life. On the contrary, they are in conflict with the established conditions. The person in question may feel impelled to actions, motions or gestures that give rise to disastrous life situations. So, Pholus finds himself in a strain between self-destruction and enlargement of his own character by additional energies or horizons of experience. The pholic person walks on the narrow path of great and seemingly easy success, with the risk of catastrophic slips. Whatever happens, afterwarts the person is altered. He has broken with his past, has stripped off an old skin (Greek pholis means "squama" or "skin"), has got over a rocky edge and unexpectedly attained a wonderful tableland, or else is stumbled over it into a precipice.

Instead of blindness, Pholus sometimes gives visionary power. In the myth he is a haruspex, i.e. he reads from the entrails of offered animals. People with Pholus at the IC are often very inspired, sometimes spiritual channels or fortune-tellers or work with the pendulum. But in the myths, the seer is often blind. It is not easy to dream the future and, at the same time, actually realize the present circumstances. More details on the interpretation of Pholus can be found - for those who read German - in our book on Pholus. (s. Bibliography) "

another source
" Pholus, with its very high eccentricity, has a very wide and open view of life, in Neptunian fashion. It is like a Neptunian intruder in the realms of Saturn and Uranus. He recognizes no walls or boundaries, and will always work against conditionings, so that the bounded planets are faced with a smile or with laughter. He is always "out", and considers himself unbounded by Saturn's conventions or by Uranus rejection of those conventions.

The result of this attitude may be fragmentation, the loosening of all structure, a compulsion to "clash" with society's taboos and myths that, logically, translates into experiences that are overwhelming, overburdening, overshadowing, overflowing... which you cannot control, so that it is necessary to quit. This is the dynamics of the clash.

On the other hand, this "loosening" of structure, this "getting out" produced and symbolized by laughter and by playing, acts as a cleansing and a renewal for the bounded planets, so that life can continue without ever becoming stalled. Pholus is primal and dangerous, it is borne in pain --conscious or unconscious--. It is always in a compromising and unsettled situation. Thus, for example, playing for adults can be healthful and therapeutic, but if it is too much it becomes self-undoing and regressive. In this sense, Pholus is expansive in the opposite direction, in the direction of fragmentation.

Pholus is like ET, or like any animal that comes into contact with us, or a person from a different culture, an "alien". We may commune with it, or be afraid of it, or try to put it away, or mock at it, or put it down and manipulate it, just as we do with animals, with pain, with our shadows, with foreigners, racial minorities, homosexuals, etc... or one may become more than oneself (this is the Neptune aspect again), expanding our identity horizontally. The Saturn part, to me, speaks of how Pholus brings this to our daily lives so that we are forced to face it. If we ignore it, it becomes very destructive.

Pholus bridges us toward the light, which is a paradox because light is supposed to be in the Sun, but by being so "wild" and reaching so far away from the Sun it has a freedom that the other "solar" orbits don't have. And it is because of this freedom that its orbital flight resembles big birds, which are able to fly away to the heights where in freedom they are closer to the source of life. "

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posted February 20, 2007 03:37 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
iq when reading sabian for say
nessus at 28 can should i read 28-29 or 29-30?
get back on this.
on nessus this is what is earth shattering

Nessus was discovered in 1993. He has a period of 124 years, and links the orbit of Saturn with the sphere of Pluto (figure 3). He may be the third "key planet" that waits for us at the threshold of Saturn to guide us into the realm of a "spiritual" planet"

# The mythology of Nessus has strong associations to plutonic themes: Nessos took revenge for the mortal wounding of his heart through Herakles´ poison arrow by causing great pain to overcome the Greek hero, even whilst fighting with death, through a mean trick. Herakles sees that his end is nigh and sacrifices himself at the stake. This finally leads to the cleansing (from earthly madness) and rise to heaven, saving and immortality of the hero!
# Besides Chiron and Pholus, Nessus is the third and last centaur equipped with a substantial, famous mythology which has been a source of inspiration to artists throughout the ages.


Nessus has to do with the awareness of our vulnerability against darkness, abuse, and emotional death. Nessus is very vulnerable, as the pilots of the Japanese kamikazes, or as "Madame Butterfly". From this come ideas or images about how someone deals with this basic frailty against the forces of darkness and death, either in yourself or in society.

Nessus is dark, and seems to go downward. Like the wings of a dragon, as opposed to Pholus, who has "wings of light", like an Angel. Nessus is like bringing out the dark so that it can be redeemed, whereas Pholus is like an overflow of one into the other...

Nessus frailty is the key to its meaning. The paradox of weakness. Saint Paul said: "for when I am weak, then I am strong". This passage of 2 Corinthians is worth mentioning here. I think it deals with Nessus:

"essus is about power dynamics and the dynamics of abuse, very important themes today in the western world, as we discover we were all abused as kids (and I mean it). Power and abuse dynamics always appear in relationships first, then they appear in one's inner emotional patterning, and the relationship pattern of that lifetime. Nessus tells us that physical abuse and psychological abuse work about the same way, and reminds us that quite often psychological abuse is more insidious because so often we don't know it's happening and we don't think it happened. One question of Nessus is, "did the abuse happen?"

Nessus can point to the circumstances that surround rape, incest, sexually transmitted diseases and, moreover, the relationship patterns that create these things. Put two charts together and you can see something about how these dynamics appear between people. Nessus can be used to investigate the lives of our parents and their relationships to others in the family. In most of our charts, Nessus is in a conjunction to another Centaur named Hylonome (hy-la-na-me).

This went on for quite a long time and represents the darker side of the 1950s and 1960s in which we were all suffering enormously as kids under the social changes of the era and our parents' frequent inability to process the lives they were somehow forced to live or not live. (This conjunction was a theme of one of the first newsletters in this series, which if I get a few requests, I will re-post).

Nessus and denial dynamics; raising awareness
Nessus speaks of two kinds of abuse: one, the insidious kind that doesn't seem like it later on. The other, the kind that was obviously so. Both are about the same thing, and yet in the not-so-obvious kind, there is the problem of not really having a sense of the scale of what happened. Abuse and neglect suffered unconsciously are that much further out of the reach of healing. Bringing them to awareness is often the last thing we want. Dealing consciously with abuse means dealing consciously with the fact of an abuser. In the case of a loved family member, or a family situation that will be challenged or totally disrupted by the fact that we were harmed by them, or by the revelation of a secret that has been guarded for generations, it's natural to be extremely reluctant to proceed, even if we really need to. Family politics can push us down and make the task seem daunting and even stupid. Especially if that abuse or neglect was just a "product of the times." Of course, often, it was much, much more.

Experiencing things as "the way things are"; Nessus as a background influence

Link to original

Nessus works much like a super-Chiron focused specifically on the dynamics of abuse. In all cases this abuse is psychological and in most it is not properly identified as what it is; rather, we experience it as "the way things are" and, more to the point, as the way WE are. But we are how we are because of the way we were treated when we were growing up.

Nessus, a centaur planet, can spill the beans on the abuse legacy we carry, both psychological and physical. It reveal the psychological dynamics of that abuse process, as well as telling us something about where it entered our reality (conjunct Mars, in the desire nature, for example; conjunct Saturn, as parental authority, and so on). Don't worry that you can't necessarily look up or interpret the meaning of the placement right away; just note its location and what it is doing (and welcome to the world of research astrology).
so basically i have a major transneptunian chartand these 3 chiron,pholus and nessus r my key to my soul away from that ******* saturn.

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posted February 20, 2007 04:10 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
okay now for the truth,
iq i told u that i have been thru a spiritual transformation, now make it a plutonin, hellish, i want to jump off a mountain, shoot me transformation.

what u read bout pholus and nessus should now come to light.
in the earlier post i said my tantric ideas r not of this life, they belong to a previos practice,
now read bout pholus
spine chilling isn't it?

to be honest my life,before i started worshipping shiv n shakti seems to hav been lived by someone else, i dont know that person, indeed i have collected pieces of my soul i had not incarnated with but only after
the incidents i stated in the earlier post.
indeed my neptune side was hidden from me until then!

also i have turned into a sun moon piscean, my draco side, that if u read the email means my soul's identity.

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posted February 20, 2007 04:28 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
my nessus at 28 can in 5 house.
iq u said u took 2 years to deprogram urself, well i took 2 seconds, honest combine chiron ,pholus and nessus in my trans nep chart and see why.
i have overcome the venus conjunct chiron yod involving neptune and pluto,read chiron inconjunct pluto ,its a bummer
now for the juice , the last 3 years were straight from hell.
i gave up my c.a . course, refused to get married to some marwair moneybag and worse said i am going to be an actress, that means kicking my family's reputation and breaking every single rotten rule of a 1000yr old culture,

turning into a shiv bhakt was by far the razziest, i was an athiest becoz my religion did not work for me, the jains forbid idol worship and rituals, so basically as of this day i am in no way a jain or a marwari( pholus! )
IQ can u analyse my chart to see if there is a scope as an actress?

on nessus saturn transit nessus brought emotional abuse in the family, my parents threatened to sever all ties if i did not marry a amrwari n give up my dream. u can imagine what it did to me!
i cries and cried for nights, it was a classA plutonic time.
now however we have reconciled but the healing has tuned me into my eighth house pluto that was suppressed by stupid jain, marwari conservatism.
everythng u read in the earlier posts bout ph and ne is the hits the bullseye!

i really need ur help on the sabians for chiron, pholus and nessus, do oblige on that and the other aspects mentioned,
desperately waiting.

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posted February 20, 2007 05:06 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
as on the true node sabian,
all the spiritaul turmoil mentioned above felt like i had been sucked into a blackhole with no light around,
then someone gave me a copy of 'autobiography of a yogi'. the GURU IS PARAMAHANSA YOGANANDA.
the book gave me hope ,i did not fight the transformation.i have on numerous occasions heard a voice whisper spiritual advice at 4 my sleep, i think its him.i joined his organization and am learning kroya yoga basics,
his home in calcutta, ashram in dakshineshwar, math in puri ,all fall in the north east, indeed i intend to visit someday.
but importantly he has steered my life in the direction of a new sunrise, my node path has unfolded!

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posted February 20, 2007 07:40 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Hmmmmm.... I have to look at every little detail here. There is danger in outright rebellion even if you know the Saturnian Control System is wrong. Wisdom is to compromise and seek your total freedom step by step. There is nothing wrong in being an actress but most girls in India who seek to become actresses get exploited by dirty old men (the dreaded casting couch!)
The option that is safe and will not be frowned upon by family is to be an actress of TV serials, like those "Kyunki Saas Bi Kabhi Bahu Thi" type soap operas and then move on to specialized character roles, TV Host and Compere type careers where there is neither exploitation nor disapproval.

If every human being went to the mountains for practicing yoga, the world would not function and the human experiment will be a failure. To balance even enlightenment, for every Parmahamsa Yogananda, we have a Jiddu Krishnamurti who stressed on only observation and contemplation of reality without having to break away from it.

More on this later, let us first totally re-analyze your chart and look at the future possibilities.

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posted February 23, 2007 05:44 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
(Note: this post is under construction)

Let us solve your chart thematically.
The primary spiritual themes for a native can be divided into the following:

1) Greco-Roman Mysteries
a) Asteroids
b) Centaurs
c) Planets
2) Egyptian Mysteries
3) Tantric/Kundalini
4) Anglo-Saxon Legends
5) Sumerian
6) Witchcraft
7) Viking
8) Simple English Names
9) Misc: Chinese/Hebrew/Arabic/Atlantis etc

1) Greco-Roman
a) PALLAS, MUSA (600), TELEPHUS 5264,
PSYCHE 16, HYPNOS 14827,
b) Chiron, Pholus, NESSUS 7066, ASBOLUS
c) Standard Planets, mainly Moon,
Neptune, True Nodes and Pluto

2) Egyptian:
SEKHMET 5381, PTAH 5011,
ISIS 42, OSIRIS 1923, HORUS 1924,
GIZA 5249, SPHINX 896,

3) Tantrik/Kundalini
SIVA 1170
KAALI 4227
SOMA 2815
NADA 4106

4) Anglo Saxon:
MERLIn 2598

5) Sumerian: SUMERIA 1970, ISHTAR 7088

6) Witchcraft and Magick:
CHAOS 19521, ORPHEUS 3361

7) Viking:
ODIN 3989, LOKE 4862, WALHALLA 1260,

8) English Words:
WISDOM 3402,
TALENT 33154,
ANGEL 11911,
SPIRIT 36452,
LUST 4386,
GOLD 4955,
SILVER 5325,

9) Misc: Chinese/Hebrew/Arabic etc
REIKI 5239,
QUMRAN 52301,
CASPAR 3956,
AMOR 1211

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posted February 23, 2007 06:31 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
yup, those aside, i would also like ur advice on my career. currently giving MBA exams, 1 month later plan to try as actress. i am pretty serious bout it.

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posted February 23, 2007 01:54 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Important Aspects

Camelot Theme:

LANCELOT in 24.5 Aqua sq CAMELOT 26 Taurus

trine MERLIN 29.5 Leo

Egyptian Theme:
ISIS 29.5 Sag sextile TUT 29.5 Libra
TUT conj Jupiter 0.1 Scorp

SEKHMET 9.1 Tau sextile SPHINX 10.00 Cancer
OSIRIS 7.5 Cap quincunx GIZA 7.5 Leo

NEPHTYS 20.5 Libra sextile ANUBIS 20.1 Leo

Tantrik Theme:
PARVATI 17.5 Sag sq SOMA 17.5 Pisces
Asc 15 Pis sextile NADA 15 Tau
NADA conj ATLANTIS 14.5 Tau
KAALI 29.5 Gem conj Sun
GANESA 26.5 Pis sextile Chiron 25.5 Tau
GANESA sq Neptune 25.5 Sag
GANESA sq Galactic Centre

MUSA 29.5 Gem conj Sun 0.1 Can (conj KAALI)
PALLAS 5.1 Libra sq Moon 3.5 Can
VESTA 24.5 Aqua sq Chiron/Venus in 25.5 Tau
VESTA trine Pluto 24.5 Libra
HYPNOS 14.5 Gem trine Saturn 15.1 Libra
HYPNOS quincunx ORPHEUS 15.5 Scorpio
FORTUNA 8.4 Aries trine MERC

PHOLUS 13 Aries trine REIKI 13 Leo
CHIRON conj VENUS 25.5 Tau
NESSUS 28.5 Cancer quincunx EXCALIBUR

Witchcraft + Viking
CHAOS 6.2 Tau conj WALPURGA 6.3 Tau conj WALHALLA 7.1 Tau trine HEKATE 8.1 Cap
HEKATE quincunx Merc 8.1 Gemini

INNANA conj PHOLUS 13.1 Aries
SUMERIA 18.1 Libra trine NEMESIS 19.1 Gemini
and trine GILGAMESH 16.5 Gem
LOKE 10.1 Aries opp Mars 9.1 Libra

General English
DISCOVERY 25.1 Cancer sq LUST 26.1 Pisces
DISCOVERY quincunx Neptune 25.1 Sag
DISCOVERY sq Pluto 24.1 Libra
COMPASSION 24.1 Aqua trine Pluto
GOLD 15.1 Virgo opp Asc
GOLD trine NADA 15 Tau
WISDOM 21.1 Gem sextile Angel 21.1 Aries
TALENT 0.1 Cap sextile Jupiter
and Opposed Sun/Kaali

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posted February 24, 2007 03:12 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
OMG, i just googled on the meaning of GALACTIC CENTRE n freaked out.
read this link thoroughly, its a new concept called GALACTIC ASTROLOGY.

If u hav read it a lot of my astrobabble in the mails bout physical body n emotional body n spirit body n integrating astrology into this suddenly makes sense.
I hav SPIRIT and NEPTUNE conjunct G.C.
VENUS conjunct CHIRON quincunx G.C.!!!

my head is still spinning, can u construct a G.C. NATAL CHART, from the info in the link , it does seem right to do so,i am not as technical as u are,make one 4 urself from the link n see if it makes sense.

some quotes on the g. c. that resonate in my mails and posts in this thread-

"the Galactic Center surges like a Roman candle of infrared energy. Emanations of infrared energy (IFR) blast down upon us and perform two primary functions on our awareness.

"First, IFR opens up the subconscious mind. This opening asks us to release and forget emotional trauma. Of course, this also means relinquishing your greatest emotional grievances. Perhaps this contributes largely to the popular metaphysical model of cellular reprogramming. Second, IFR blasts open the root chakra in the energy system. This chakra releases the old, regenerates our energy, and lifts us off our duffs with renewed inspiration and a sense of real progress."


"The Galactic Center acts like a satellite dish, directing divinely inspired information straight to the potentially receptive gray matter of our brains. If you believe in God, this might be the voice you hear. Regardless, within this connection you have the ability to pull down wild information which you would otherwise have no way of knowing.when an individual ignores this transpersonal link he can experience stress and confusion, but when the link is consciously utilized the individual can grasp information that they may seem to have no outward way of knowing."

"nother powerful article on the G.C., written by Paul O. Hewit, can be found at Paul feels that "it is probably the second strongest spot in any astrology chart, following the Sun. It is a stunning source of energy, motivation, and aspiration. The Galactic Center is the Sun of our Sun. It is the source of most of the gravitational energy present in our galaxy, and probably the source of most of the energy in any chart, transformed through our own Sun.""

well i told u i dont know the person who lived the last 23 years of my life!sucks does n't it?

fixing that venus-neptune-pluto yod seems to have connected me to my spirit in the G.C.!

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posted February 24, 2007 03:13 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
more on G.C. ASTROLOGY
here's an extract from the lats one

Ancient History and Your Chart

The present position of these three significant points release points for cosmic energy in the universe is:

The Galactic Center -- 26.01 degrees Saggitarius
Supergalactic Center -- 1.65 degrees Libra
The Midpoint -- 17.58 degrees Scorpio

Planets in your chart that form aspects with these centers, represent your relationship to the energies which emanate from them, and particularly relate to the onset and return points of their cycles at 0 degrees Capricorn and Cancer. Thus the events on the historical chart that relate to these positions may have special significance if you have aspects to them.
For example, if you had a Mars, Saturn T-square formed with the present position of the Galactic Center, that might signify that you may suffered a violent death or mishap during the 1st fall of Lemuria or the final fall of Atlantis.
Neptune trine to the Midpoint might mean that you developed great spiritual sensitivity, and paranormal ability (or musical talent) in the Shamballa, Gobi Desert mystery school of Sanat Kumara or with Jesus during the Golden Age of Atlantis.

Historical Chart

Galactic Center
0 d Cap 2,279 AD Near beginning of Aquarian Age
0 d Can 10,657 BC Final Fall of Atlantis
(beginning of the Age of Leo)
0 d Cap 23,593 BC Final rise of Atlantis
0 d Can 36,529 BC Jesus first appears on earth
0 d Cap 49,465 BC The first fall of Lemuria

Supergalactic Center
0 d Cap 8,341 AD A new cosmic age
0 d Can 4,595 BC A Chinese Golden Age (Yellow
0 d Cap 17,531 BC
0 d Can 30,467 BC The Great Flood, Final Fall of
Mu. Maitreya's Mystery
0 d Cap 43,403 BC
0 d Can 56,339 BC An early Golden Age on Mu?

i know u r jumping now , it gives ur asteroid itch a major zest, now u r head is spinning?
boy i need a cup of tea,
P.S.please what r the implications 4 my planets n asteroids in light of above

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posted February 24, 2007 03:30 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
i read in one other thread that u r going to research the asteroid actor in the charts of succcessfulactors,
well sice i am interested i checked the ephemeris, its CONJUNCT my MIDHEAVAN at 20.5 degreES SAG!!!!



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posted February 24, 2007 04:18 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Venus, I am very happy to see your enthusiasm but your "shakti" is spinning a bit out of control
Ground yourself a bit in brown color meditation, and let us objectively solve the pieces of your puzzle.

When Asteroid Actor is conjunct your MC, it means you will have a great career as an actress. Since it is in Sag, the acting has to be frank and honest, as in reality type TV shows or live acting. Drama, theatre and so forth. Filmi-Masala Bollywood is not going to be your cup of tea for the moment. Independnt films yes, bollywood NO. Period.

The GC is a great blessing for you. Dont forget that some very elite souls have taken birth in 21st June 1982. Prince William is one.

Spirit+Neptune in GC allows you to access the entire knowledge of the galaxy. I wrote some posts whihc showed every super achiever in this world having a direct GC link. Neil Armstrong, Steven Spielberg etc.

You have a lot of Kundalini-Shakti, you can attain miracles if you master its control.
Look at ISIS opp KAALI. The ultimate position for awarness of full feminine Shakti.

Look at MUSA or the 16 Muses in Greek Myth representing the fine arts. It is conjunct KAALI in 29.5 Gem and conjunct Sun. Fine Arts are your life force and your core personality.

DISCOVERY in 25.1 cancer is another well aspected atseorid for you. Its Sabian is
"Guests Are Reading In The Library Of A Luxurious Home". Knowledge is a foremost ally. Discovery quincunxes GC and Neptune and sextiles Chiron-Venus.

To be very frank, I have never seen a chart in so much detail and which has so much energy in it. I can only advise you to be very grounded and objective in every move you make. Look at your GANESA sq GC. Ganesa is the lord of the Muladhara Chakra. You must master your root chakra control because GANESA is also conjuct LUST. If your Kundalini goes out of control, it will cause uncontrollable lust and this is the downfall causing wound that PHOLUS represents in your Sabian.

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posted February 24, 2007 08:57 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
i want u 2 clarify something, actor sabian at 20.5sag is "a dog and a child wearing borrowed eyeglasses"
i think its acting, kind of but do u think there is any other meaning?

also what do u mean by bollywood id not 4 me
i dont intend 2 b a mallikka or a priyanka chopra playing idiotic bimbos in micro minis, i will only do what appeals to my artistic sensibility be it films or t.v. or drama,
so if it is a meaty role in a masala film that is honest can i do it?
like black, eklavya,etc, that r commercial but also honest.i dont intend to play a character that does not appeal to me. i also luv dancing but u punctured my dreams

also did u try the GALACTIC CHART, maybe u should start another thread on it, also try calculating mine, i am curious as to how these ideas came 12 me without any knowledge?
what do u think bout the current transits,
saturn tr vir( 7 house)
pluto tr natal sun and moon(opp) in M.C.??
do u think PLUTO tr natal M.C. can be good?
do post.

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posted February 28, 2007 03:02 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Yes, any meaty role is fine even in bollywood. Your role models should be Nandita Das, Shabana Azmi, Deepti Naval etc.
Dancing has to be either classical in the Meenakshi Seshadri mould or you should evolve a powerful style like how Shiamak Davar has done for the last decade.
"Jhatak Matak" Govinda filmi dances are a big no no.

The point is you should standout from the crowd with your Shakti used in the highest artistic sense.

I did make a Galactic Chart check. I have:

(All 1 degree orbs)
SIVA trine Midpoint of SGC and GC
Venus opp Midpoint (exact)
Jupiter quincunx Midpoint

You can get insights very fast because of your GC connection.

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posted February 22, 2008 11:18 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
ok this is an update for IQhunk and other asteroid questers

on 12 feb asteroid Fortuna was conjunct my MC which has natalasteroid Actor conjunct it.
asteroid Opportunity was conjunct my natal Karma

after months of delay and heartache my career in the media has finallky taken off
on the very same day as theses transits i received a call to audition as a sportscaster for the oncoming Indian Premier League .
i was like me
a chick who isnt into sports , a sportscaster ?????
and that too for ESPN .
anyway the audition went swell, i havent heard from them but i know that no one else had been selected either. they might take a celeb or ex- cricketer who knows.
i had only 3 days ago ,enrolled for a course in tv anchoring, acting and newscasting.
barely a week later my tutuor told me that a bouquet of television networks had contacted him and told him they would half the fee of his students in return that theses students audition for them to prove they deserve it.
i mean... wow, getting this scholarship means geeting a job, becoz the channels want more than anything to cash in on their Investments, in this case a student.
and to think i would have missed it if i had been 1 DAY LATE.
just yesterday the channels suggested i audition for a reality show on MTV , sports related.
itried looking up for some sports related Asteroids , given they are haunting me right now but couldnt find any.

Fingers crossed Friends, thouygh i have to thank Iqhunk, and every one else on this baord for seeing me thru the worst one year of my life.
if i have grown by leaps and bounds and surpassed all obstacles it is becoz of the spiritual vibe at Lindaland.

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posted February 22, 2008 11:56 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Taurus80     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Glad you are feeling better venusdeindia. It says a lot about the kind of person you are to have helped so many people in here last year when you weren't feeling well..

I really hope everything turns out great with your course


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posted February 23, 2008 01:42 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
aaawwwwww thanx taurus 80

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posted February 23, 2008 01:51 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
last year was one impending for lives........
pluto passing over my neptune conjunct G.C. which is quincunx my Venus conj Chiron in taurus led to every single wound present and past coming to light.

Pluto doesnt care whether or not u R ready or willing to heal or to look at ur depths into the painful, raw crevices of ur nature.
the process is painful past endurance for me and many others who are going thru pluto transits.
today pluto opposes my sun n moon.but now that i have released the past all i see in the future is LIGHT

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posted February 23, 2008 09:55 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

those are great news about your acting career taking such awesome shape. I hope it will all work out wonderfully for you.

You made me curious about the asteroid actor, and I looked it up, and I found it in very close connection to some planets of the actor I am haunted by and whom I met incidentally last year.

My actor is on 7°31 Taurus;
my PoM is on 7°55 Taurus,
his Karma is on 7°41 Taurus
(his Venus: 3°57 Taurus)

- this makes me grin, really.

and this conjunction is part of a Grand Trine or rather a Kite we share in the synastry.

my Isis: 8°33 Capricorn
my Osiris: 7°50Capricorn
my Venus: 6°07 Capricorn
my Spirit: 10°39 Capricorn
his Aura: 9°02 Capricorn

his Pluto: 7°56 Virgo

his Chiron: 8°51 Pisces
my name in his chart: 8°35 Pisces

ROFL - jip he is the actor of my heart.

But I really think this goes deeper than just that; sometimes I am even inclined to admit that I have thought once or twice, that we have met before, and maybe even in Atlantis.

I know I must sound totally delusional, but look at those connections with Atlantis:

my Atlantis trine his Mercury*
his Atlantis trine my Mercury

my Atlantis square his Chiron*
his Atlantis conjunct my Chiron

my Atlantis trine his Eros
his Atlantis square my Eros

and in the draconics:

my dr Atlatnis opposite his Angel
his dr Atlantis conjunct my Angel*

his dr Atlantis conjunct my Atlantis*

his Atlantis opposite my DNA
my dr Atlantis conjunct his dr DNA* *gulps*

his name in my chart is also sextile my Atlantis
and my name in his dr chart is opposite his Atlantis

Also, funny thing about DNA:

my DNA conjuncts my name in his dr Chart
his DNA widely opposes his name in my chart

my dr DNA conjuncts his name in my chart, also

Funny, he once used a pseydonym, and both, his real name and the pseudo are exactly conjunct in my chart!

his dr Atlantis conjunct my NN
his dr Atlantis conjunct my Neptune
his dr Atlantis conjunct my ASC*
my dr Atlantis conjunct his dr Hypnos*
(I mention it, because there is a Hypnos / Karma-dw in the tropical)
his dr Atlantis opposite my dr Moon*
his Atlantis conjunct my dr Venus

Oh and about the composite:

Atlantis widely conjunct Sun, probably too wide
Atlantis exactly conjunct Mercury
Atlantis trine NN

And c-Atlantis
conjuncts my Moon
trines my karma*

sextiles his Sun*
opposite his Hypnos
opposite his DNA
conjuncts his SN*
conjuncts his Pholus

What do you say about these?

To me it seems, that we may have known each other back in the days, some very long gone days.

Well, maybe it`s also interesting that his name in his chart is on 17° Scorpio, while my name in my chart is on 17° Taurus.


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posted February 23, 2008 10:39 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
DD u R hilarious

but seriously i think IQ said in a thread that Tom Hanks has actor conjunct his venus, and he mentioned some others.
i was new to the whole asteroid idea so when i found it exactly conjunct my MC , i suddenly turned believer.

but ur connections with him ..... dont know what to say man.overwhelming really.

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posted February 24, 2008 05:25 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
okay i was lookin at my transits and progresed charts given how my life has turned around. i mean its a good study right.
i have never looked at progressed astroids in natal or synastry.

heres thre deal

natal karma progressed to second house .........of MONEY

natal Foruna progresed to exactly conjunct natal Karma

natal Opportunity progressed to conjunct natl MC conjunct natal Asteroid Actor.

Natal Actor progressed to conjunct natal south node

okay i need a drink now

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