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Author Topic:   What's your Draconic Sun, Moon, and ASC?
posted June 27, 2007 04:53 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
In his fourth book, Astrology: A Language of Life, Volume IV - Relationship Analysis, the author outlined
these four Zodiacs ( Natal, Draco, Heliocentric and Sidereal )and linked them with the karma of the space-time continuum as they pertain to
human relationships. His research found that when comparing the nativities of family members, there
were exact conjunctions between the Tropical Zodiac planets in one chart with the Draconic Zodiac
positions in the second chart. The premise here is that an ongoing soul contract exists between parents,
children and siblings who reincarnate into the same family system from lifetime to lifetime. This Zodiac is lunar based, thus relating to the karma of ancestral blood lines.
He also found in his research that when two souls end earthly relationships through either divorce or a
parting of the ways, significant links were found between the Tropical Zodiac angles in one horoscope
and the Sidereal Zodiac position of the planets in the second nativity. Because karma can only manifest
on the Cross of Matter where time and space intersect, and these two Zodiacs are either time based
(Tropical) or space based (Sidereal), the premise here is that a completion of karma between two souls
can be seen through the comparison of the charts of these two Zodiacs

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posted June 27, 2007 05:07 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
the above was qouted from an E-Book i have on the subject, ifrom experience i have seen very few Draco -Draco aspects in synastry, usually its just family.

like i said above , use the Draco Sun and Draco Moon interpretations for synastry

u can download the free version of ASTROWIN 3.57. they have a feature to calculate Draconic charts like the regular ones.also i was using this other link for asteroid and planetary positions, but its currently down.

otherwise , if u r in for number-crunching the formula is
natal planet - node
like i have my natal sun at 0 Cancer and node at 13 Cancer
my draco sun is :
90 + 360 - 103 = 347
my Draco sun is 17 Pisces

for House Cusps
my ASc is 16 Pisces - 103 (node)
Draco Asc. 3 Sag
so on........

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posted June 27, 2007 12:08 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

yes, I feel I`m on the right way. I feel really great at the moment, great as in peaceful with the inner knowledge that I`m guided and protected, and that everything that happens is meant to be, even though I don`t know what will happen or where it will lead me to. But I have the certain feeling that everything is as it`s supposed to be.
Just I`m puzzled, why did I dream of Joaquin Phoenix last night? I`m not complaining, just surprised. lol


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Venus De Milo

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From: the planet of love
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posted June 27, 2007 01:41 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Venus De Milo     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Venus De India... wow... that's fascinating, thank you. So you have rarely seen draco-to-draco synastry?

I swear, this stuff is doing my head in. This is why I tried to escape astrology for awhile (of course, I couldn't do it!). I had a real romantic ordeal last year, I know in my heart it's karmic, even without all the astrology, I would know it. We have pretty much every soul mate/karmic indicator that there is... and for that reason, when my heart was broken, I wanted to throw astrology out the window, never look at it again. Anyway, I have rambled enough on these forums about him and bored everyone to friggin' tears... I feel emotionally exhausted just thinking about him to be honest... but yes... we have several Draco-to-Draco aspects, Moom opposed Moon, Moon conjuct Sun, Moon conjunct Venus... it's friggin' nuts.

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posted June 27, 2007 04:38 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Hi !

My Draconic Information :

Gemini Sun, falls in my 7th house (natally I have Pisces Sun in 4th house)
Aquarius Ascendent, falls in my 3rd house (natally I have Saggitarius Ascendent)
Scorpio Moon, falls in my 12th house (natally I have Virgo Moon in 9th house)

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posted June 28, 2007 03:05 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Venusdemilo, u had these aspects with that Piscean Psycho ?
awwhell, okay, here is what i think, there is something u had to learn from, actually i think there was a huge Karmic lesson in this , maybe he did this to u, in a previous life and u still wished u could have him, that's why u had ur heart broken all over again, so u could learn to move on,
a lot of abuse victims have been abused in their previous lives, and to heal they go through it again. if what i write sounds thick, i suggest reading
" Through Time into Healing" - Dr. Brian Weiss.
any other book by him will also help u.

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Venus De Milo

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From: the planet of love
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posted June 28, 2007 04:22 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Venus De Milo     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Yes, him!!! Wow, you remember.

I can't trust him. It's interesting you say that he probably hurt me in another life, because I've always meditated on the fact that I've probably hurt him greatly in a past life and that's why he's so scared of me and runs the other way every time it comes to the crunch... So I've meditated on forgiving him for hurting me so much now, and meditated on him forgiving me for any past hurts and so we can both move on.

I've even come to a point where I can think about him and honestly hope he finds true love and his dreams come true and he becomes a famous actor. Last year, I was so bitter, I would never wish badly on someone, but I couldn't wish for good things for him either.

We have talked since then, so I think that helped a lot, but I have never let my guard down around him and I wouldn't call him a friend or anything like that. I don't wanna have lunch when he's in town, I don't wanna see his band, I don't want nothin!

I won't let him in again, he would have to somehow prove he was the person I thought he was, unequivocally... I just don't see how even if he is that person, how he could ever prove it to me.

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posted June 29, 2007 02:42 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
yes Venus, of course i remember him, that is the kind of guy u would call a " A Series of unfortunate Events" :biggrin:
but honestly, i think those rare Draco placements u have with him, must have helped u grow, to the extent u wish him well
Karma is very strange,but not stranger than us, that is why i recommended that Brian Weiss book, he has a lot of stuff right.
Being an Indian for us Karma is not what we believe in , it's what we KNOW.
when u wish for something for urself u get it, in this life or in next, maybe u really hurt huim in a previous life, and later wished truly, u had acted differently. We can never know :sigh:
but i do wish u Love

P.S. Read " Love is Real " - Brian Weiss.

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Venus De Milo

Posts: 267
From: the planet of love
Registered: Jul 2009

posted June 29, 2007 08:01 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Venus De Milo     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
I'll have a look at that book for sure Venus

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posted June 30, 2007 12:58 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Thanks for the recommendation...but unfortunately I don't have a computer and I'm right now using a Mac in a public area.

So I'm unable to do it as of now...but can someone else do it for me...please?

My Birth Info: August 10, 1979...5:22pm...Bronx, NY...

Thank you.

Hank Campbell
Far Rockaway, Queens, NY
*Sun: 8th House/Leo, Moon: 3rd House/Pisces, Venus: 8th House/Leo, Mars: 6th House/Cancer, Jupiter: 8th House/Leo, Saturn: 8th House/Virgo, ASC: Capricorn

"A gifted mind needs a gifted heart to sympathize others who are in vain."

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posted June 30, 2007 02:21 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
here is what i have for u,
Dr.Asc- 8 Leo.
Dr. moon- 17 Libra
Dr. Sun, Venus, Mercury ,Jupiter
at 8, 4, 23, 10 Pisces
Dr. Mars - 22 Cappy
Dr. Saturn- 4 Aries
Dr. Pluto- 7 Taurus
DR. M.c.- 3 Gemini
Dr. Uranus- 7 Gemini.
Dr. Neptune-8 Cancer

hope that's enough

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posted June 08, 2008 04:00 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

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Seeing Stars 7.21

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posted June 08, 2008 02:29 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Seeing Stars 7.21     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

Sun- Leo
Moon- Scorpio
Ascendant- Libra

the only difference between my Draconic and Progressed charts is the moon sign.. Pogressed moon in Cancer. Everything else is the same. and ideas about this?

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posted June 08, 2008 08:31 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Tigerlily     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
My Draconic Chart:

Dr Sun - 11'50 Leo (5th House)
Dr Moon - 0'39 Libra (7th House)
Dr ASC - 11'36 Pisces
Dr DSC - 11'36 Virgo
Dr MC - 24'23 Sagittarius
Dr IC - 24'43 Gemini
Dr Mercury - 13'12 Leo (6th House)
Dr Venus - 21'14 Virgo (7th House)
Dr Mars - 19'44 Leo (6th House)
Dr Jupiter - 22'42 Scorpio (8th House)
Dr Saturn - 16'06 Gemini (3rd House)
Dr Uranus - 1'16 Scorpio (8th House)
Dr Neptune - 24'43 Sagittarius (10th House)
Dr Pluto - 21'17 Libra (8th House)
Dr Chiron - 6'40 Taurus (2nd House)
Dr Vertex - 6'50 Libra (7th House)
Dr Part of Fortune - 22'47 Capricorn (11th House)
Dr Karma - 29'15 Gemini (4th House)

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posted June 08, 2008 09:15 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Draconic :

Sun in Sagittarius

Moon in Aries

Ascendant in Cancer

Natal :

Sun in Scorpio

Moon in Pisces

Ascendant in Taurus

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Inner depths
posted June 09, 2008 12:40 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
LOL....MY Draco Sun/Moon/Rising is ALMOST like my Progressed chart

Taurus Sun, Virgo Moon and Cancer Rising for Draco

Progressed - Taurus Sun, Scorp Moon and cancer rising

Natally - Aries Sun, Cancer Moon and Gemini Rising.....


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posted June 09, 2008 12:57 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Hi all..

Hmmm..lets see,

My natal
Sun - Gem
Moon - Aries
ASC - Cancer

My Draco
Sun - Sag
Moon - Libra
Asc - Cappy

It's just the opposite...every placement is just the opposite

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posted June 09, 2008 04:31 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for jane     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
I've noticed that the sun sign I've known the fewest of is Cancer. If Draconic charts are supposed to represent past lives, maybe I don't know Cancers b/c I've already lived as one and no longer need to learn the lessons of that sign.

Good grief, what the hell was I talking about? The good thing about reading an old dumb comment, is that to recognize it now as dumb means I've learned a thing or two. Maybe even three.

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Heart--Shaped Cross
posted June 09, 2008 05:37 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Draconic Sun, Moon, Asc
Taurus, Leo, Cancer

Draconic Chart

Natal Chart


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posted June 09, 2008 05:42 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Draconic Sun - Gemini (natal Virgo)
Draconic ASC - Gemini (natal Leo)
Draconic Moon - Cancer (natal Libra)

I'm SUPER GEMINI in Draconics, as my Drac. Sun is in the 1st decanate (3 deg) and my Draconic Mercury is also in Gemini :-)

My Draconic Mercury is in tight conjunction (0 orb) with my natal NN!

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posted June 09, 2008 08:21 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Black_Lily     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

Ascendant in Scorpio
Sun in Leo
Moon in Taurus


Ascendant in Virgo
Sun in Cancer
Moon in Pisces

Erm, not sure what to make of this. My Ascendant and Moon stay in opposite, that's the only link I see...

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posted June 09, 2008 08:40 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for jane     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
I think the most useful way to use our draconic chart is to overlay it with our tropical chart. The signs in our draconic chart have meaning, but what will be most revealing are the aspects our dr. planets make to our t. planets. The tropical shows our actual life on the material, physical level. Our personality and path. The draconic shows our deeper soul lessons and where in our life we're going to learn those lessons and express those parts of ourselves.

My dr.Venus is conjunct my t.MC in Leo. And I have several dr. planets that fall in my t. 5th house. I think that points to learning the lessons of those dr. planets through 5th house activities and career.

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posted November 07, 2010 04:22 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for teasel     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
I'm looking for information on draconic charts, and found this.

Going from memory:

Sun = 22 or 23*Leo (widely conjunct t. MC, trine Mercury, Ceres, Chiron & Sun in Aries.)
Chiron = 22*Leo

Mercury = 18*Leo (trine t. Mercury, conjunct MC.)

Mars = 1*Cancer (trine t. Mars, Uranus/ascendant - t. 8th house.)

Ascendant = 1*Pisces (conjunct my natal Mars, trine Uranus/ascendant.)

Moon/Venus = 28/29 Virgo. (Trine natal Moon/Venus/South Node- 11th house.)

D. Uranus = 29*Aquarius (4th house, square natal Moon, Venus, South Node and Vertex, conjunct D. ascendant and T. Mars, trine D. Mars)

I've forgotten where my D. Saturn is. d. Neptune moved to 10*Aries (5th house), I think - square T. Saturn, trine T. Neptune and Midheaven.

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posted November 08, 2010 12:01 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Lioness     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
MY sun/moon/mercury are in Libra
(my natal 7th/8th)
Mars is in Scoprio
Venus in Virgo
Asc in Taurus

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posted November 09, 2010 02:56 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for SmilingHeart     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
My draconic Sun is in scorpio (Natal virgo)/ Moon in Virgo ( natal cancer)/ ascendent in libra (natal virgo). I'm still trying to figure this draconic Chart out. I 'm also not sure of I can Identity with it. Sry my writing is all over the place (i'm writing on my phone)

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