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Author Topic:   Name asteroid meanings
posted January 29, 2008 06:07 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Since there has been so much interest in name asteroids here lately, I thought we'd get our input on what we think they MEAN in astrology. I'm not sure how much research has been done about this so if there is something good out there point me in the right direction...

Since the significance of our names and the asteroids is based on the idea of words having their own energy/vibration..isn't that sort of the same idea as numerology (names broken down into numbers)? It shows the "life essence" so could name asteroids be comparable to the Sun sign? Maybe the ASC? It identifies with the ego...

In synastry would a name steroid aspect be like aspecting the sun or asc?

Capricorn sun / Scorpio rising / Sagittarius moon

No man is free who is not master of himself.

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posted January 29, 2008 06:20 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Glaucus     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
The Significance of Asteroids

by Jacob Schwartz

Ida and Her Moon. NASA/JPL

The thousands of named asteroids signals a revolution that will bring astrologers into the new millennium of enlightenment. The discovery of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto symbolized the transition from the Medieval Ages into the Industrial and Technological eras which broke down time/space barriers. Today's revolution, says Demetra George in her foreword to Jacob Schwartz's Asteroid Name Encyclopedia, resonating to the vibrations of the Age of Aquarius, is that of Information.

Information of all kinds is racing along electronic superhighways at lightning speed, crashing through the corporate frontier, breaking down barriers that segment multi-national empires such as computer and telephone companies, cable systems, film studios, and media conglomerates. Our challenge is how to adapt so we receive, understand, integrate and act upon this vast explosion of information without being overwhelmed and incapacitated. The consideration of the asteroids, all 5000 of them with names so far, can lead astrologers to developing a language that will address, in very specific ways, how this information explosion is impacting and forever changing the evolving psyche of humanity.

Astrology wasn't always so complicated. Our professional ancestors learned their craft in a world described by only seven planets. Saturn, the farthest planet then seen with the naked eye symbolize the limits of what we could perceive. But then William and Caroline Herschel discovered Uranus in 1781 and the ancient cosmology based upon seven sacred planets, seven chakras, seven musical notes, the seven days of the week, etc. was shattered. From a metaphysical perspective a planet represents an aspect of consciousness. The naming of a new planet reflects a simultaneous activation of a consciousness in the human psyche.

Uranus spoke to an awareness that each person had a right to be free and equal. This awareness led people all over the world to revolt against oppressors to obtain their freedom. Similar social changes occurred with the discoveries of Neptune and Pluto. Neptune was discovered when anesthetics, nursing, homeopathy and medical healing became more systematic. Pluto correlated to the economic depression, a world war, and the discovery of nuclear energy promising to transform humanity in a process of alchemical evolution. The timing and naming of newly discovered planets is synchronistic with new eras in history, and new responses by individuals who change society and are changed by it. The astrological language, with the naming of asteroids two centuries ago, grew to recognize and explain the parts of personality that were new to human drama. They carried the awareness that was necessary for people to enter and participate in a new era.

New Year's Eve of 1800 marked the sighting of Ceres, the first asteroid. Soon after, more asteroids were found and named after other goddesses of ancient mythology: Pallas, Vesta and Juno. By the end of the 19th century, more than 400 asteroids were known. And a century later, over 14,000 asteroid orbits have been computed and over 5000 have been named not only after mythological gods and goddesses like Bacchus, Apollo, Hera, Artemis but also places like California and Ohio, Toronto and Tucson, historical persons like Kleopatra and Copernicus, Bach and Bernstein, and things like Beer and Bus, Universitas and United Nations, and people names like Diana and Donna, Anna and Arthur, James and Johanna. The vast majority of asteroids are orbiting around the Sun between Mars and Jupiter, although a few come close to Venus and Earth, with an impact 65 million years ago of one credited with the extinction of dinosaurs upon the Earth. An asteroid about the size of a city block approached Earth in 1994 within half the distance of the Moon, closer than any other potentially destructive space object. A near collision with another asteroid is expected in the 22nd century. Many scientists now agree that the mysterious 1908 explosion over Tonguska, Siberia, flattening hundreds of square miles of land, resulted from an asteroid exploding just before impact with Earth.

Ephemerides were not available for asteroids until the late 20th century, so studying the implications of asteroids was not possible for almost two centuries after the discovery of Ceres. The vast majority of astrologers did not know they existed, or those who knew about them said they were "cosmic gravel," not real planets, unimportant, insignificant; the ten regular planets were enough. And those who might have considered using four new points like the four largest asteroids Ceres, Juno, Pallas and Vesta, plus the comet Chiron were shocked with the realization that it didn't stop with those, but there were thousands of them. At the very moment skater Nancy Kerrigan was attacked by Shane Stant in her dressing room in Detroit, 6 January 1994, 2:20 p.m., asteroid Tanya was conjunct lord of the underworld Pluto on the descendent, asteroid Harding was on the eastern horizon, and asteroid Shane formed a perfect triangle on the nadir of the chart.

Asteroids point to an evolutionary breakthrough for humanity. If we accept the premise that the naming of new planetary bodies correlates with new centers of consciousness within us, then suddenly there are thousands of new centers of consciousness lighting up in the cosmos and in our minds. If we are on the precipice of a quantum leap of consciousness where a greater proportion of the brain will be utilized, then the awareness of asteroid relevance can stimulate those newly utilized brain cells. Is asteroid symbolism the next step in our evolution? Are the thousands of asteroid names in our language assisting us to communicate the new response we all must develop to cope with the vast changes in technology, communication, and the information age now upon us?

Peter, Paul and Mary first performed as a singing group in the summer of 1961. The asteroids Peter (#1716), Paul (3525) and Mary (#2779) were also together then too, in the theatrical sign of Leo. When Fidel Castro established the first Marxist government in the Americas, the asteroid Karl Marx (#2807) was conjunct the asteroid America (#916). The asteroids Adolphine (#608) and Germania (#241), discovered at the beginning of the 20th century, have almost the same orbit around the Sun and conjunctions are rare, but long; well, they were traveling together both in longitude and declination throughout the twenty-year period when Adolf Hitler was in power in Germany, separating in the summer of 1945, when the Third Reich collapsed!

While there's no asteroid named O J, there is a like sounding asteroid Oja (#5080), and asteroids for each of the characters in the murder trial where O J Simpson (#4788) was prosecuted for murdering Nicole (#1343) Brown (#1643) and Ron (Ronan, #4024) Goldman. When Brown was born, asteroids Nicole and Oja were conjunct at 0 and 6 degrees of Leo opposite the asteroid Oja in O J's chart at 2 degrees of Aquarius, and conjunct Oja at the time of the murder at 8 degrees Aquarius, opposite the Moon at 7 degrees Leo!

Since astronomers have done so well in choosing names for Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, can their unintentional expertise in channeling appropriate names extend to the thousand of asteroids they name? Sometimes the names are chosen seemingly whimsically to honor colleagues, family members, familiar places, ideas, and even cats and dogs and birds as well as historical figures. Currently names are chosen by a board of astronomers meeting regularly at the Smithsonian Astrophysics Department at Harvard University. Astronomers generally do not connect what's in the cosmos with experiences on Earth. Naming asteroids is perhaps the only time an astronomer relates what's up there to what's down here on Earth. Asteroids thus can form a bridge between the astronomical and astrological communities!

Since the names work so well, could it be that the asteroid carries its own name? A name can be reduced to a number, and that number carries the vibration of a specific wave pattern. Our astrological knowledge of aspects and harmonics, which is based on the vibrational patterns of numbers, confirms that certain aspect series resonate with one another, and that planets in resonant aspects interact with each other. These interactive vibrational forces draw energies into connection. Perhaps the physical properties of the asteroid: its name, apparent shape, chemical composition, spectroscope, orbit carries a vibrational frequency, or sound, which the discoverer unconsciously connects with a name.

So few astronomers understand astrology or the archetypal power of names. Is their seeming arbitrary naming the factor in creating the vibration? Or is the vibration already there, waiting to be acknowledged, and so strong that the asteroid itself dictates its name to the astronomer via the circuitry of the unconscious mind that links one to the holographic mysteries of the universe?

Asteroids add real people and real places to our lives and our horoscopes. Connecting them with planets, zodiacal signs and houses, and with each other, produces patterns of relationships describing the persons and places in our life. The asteroids bearing names relevant to your life become your asteroids because the collected names of people and places in your life carry a unique expression of your identity no less meaningful than your birth data.

Because they are so small and so abundant, asteroids can focus upon explicit relationships between people, places and things; they simply identify the name of the who, the name of the place, the name of the what, and when these names connect.

Most of the important whos, wheres, and whats in your life have a body in space with the same name. In the vast majority of instances, the names were decided upon and approved by professional scientists, usually individual astronomers or astrophysicists, or sometimes committees of them. The sounds of names ascribed by these astronomers carry a cycle of meaning relating to events and experiences far beyond the meaning intended by the scientists who named them.

What is a name? A name is a collection of sounds, of letters, of phonemes which gives someone or something an identity. In a mysterious and profound way not fully understood, it appears as though whatever energy motivated the namer to name the asteroid carries an energy through times before the asteroid was discovered, and thereafter. That same energy motivated parents to name their children and motivates humans in establishing relationships or when they change their names. How very common it is for people to establish friendships with several persons sharing the same name. And how common it is to hear people say I never did get along well with people named .... Asteroids can explain why.

The name of the asteroid simply formalizes the energy pattern in a mysterious and profound relevance. The name now has a cycle, it travels through signs and houses, the name now has aspects with planets, nodes and points. Suddenly the horoscope blossoms with people, places and things by name! And these names now have cosmic interactions with each other! Relating the cosmos to specific people, to specific places, is what the wholeness of geocosmic astrology is really about. The difference here is that instead of using a horoscope with only abstract planetary symbols, we now relate the cosmos with the name.

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posted January 29, 2008 06:36 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Love     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
I can tell you about my own chart and how it relates to my personal name asteroid. I am a Cancer Sun and Venus and my name asteroid, although not conjunct with my Sun/Venus is still in Cancer. It's in the 3rd house, conjuncting Ceres, Psyche and Pars Fortuna. To me, its placement defines who I am in a lot of ways.

I have a degree in psychology and criminology and I'm currently studying to be a psychotherapist. One of the most important things to me is communication. My job will essentially be about communication, nurturing and people's psyches.

The thing is, I'm choosing my career based on what makes me tick on an individual level so those asteroids are truly indicative of my life and my passions. They don't define it completely, but they are very accurate.

In addition to the conjunctions, there are other aspects which are notable: Amor (which is also my last name, but in english)is sextile and Valentine is trine.

Amor also conjuncts both my Moon and Jupiter in the 12th House which I think echoes what I've already mentioned.

So, yeah, I think name asteroids are truly fascinating.

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posted January 30, 2008 06:35 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
I would like to share with you one my strange experiance with name asteroids.
I met a girl through the phone contact, in very strange way, it just seemed to be "by chance" but here is what I find after looked to my and her chart:

Her name asteroid in my chart conjuncts her Eros (0.16 deg orb) and Uranus (0.51 orb) just on her 3rd house cusp. (a phone!)
All that is squared with her Mercury and opposed by her Jupiter and Chiron.
My Moon conjuncts her Mercury and squares her Uranus-Eros conjunction as well as her Chiron.
And about our other synastry, more then wonderful - her Venus on her Ascndant conjuncts my Mars and Vesta and is close to my Venus, and her Mars trines my Venus.
We had few nice talks but she was afraid to give me her phone number and we ended our contacts.

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posted January 30, 2008 06:57 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Marina     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
"Marina" asteroid is in the same sign with my Sun (Gemini).
Some people say that "Marina" does not suit me and prefer calling me "Margo". It's funny that Margo asteroid is in my 1st house natally

Sun in Gemini
AC in Leo
Moon in Pisces

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posted January 30, 2008 12:06 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Peri     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
but what describes Marina best is asteroid Beer which happens to be conjunct her Sun

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posted January 31, 2008 02:01 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for jane     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
I have my name asteroid conjunct Venus in my 3rd house. Artistic communication is the name of the game for me, so I'd say that fits extremely well. It joins Venus in making trines to Mars, Jupiter, and Chiron. Maybe having my name there contributes to how significant that grand trine has felt for me, like a main part of my identity.

As far as synastry goes, rather than interaspects, what I notice most often is how significantly placed each person's name is in each other's natal chart.

The 3 men I've been in love with all have last names that are first names, which makes it very convenient with name asteroids. Looking at where their last names fall in my natal chart...
--"W" has his last name exactly trine my Venus.
-- My SO and "R" both have their last names exactly conjunct my natal SN and Eros.
--With "R," in his natal chart my name asteroid exactly trines his NN.
--With all of them, either their last name asteroid in my natal or my name asteroid in their natal forms an exact conjunction or opposition with Saturn, Pluto, or a Node. !!!

Silly thought, but now I'm wondering if their last names were their first names in a past life when I knew them before. I do often call my SO by a nickname for his last name.

I always check out name asteroids when I do synastry for friends and am disappointed if the name doesn't have an asteroid. They're consistently powerfully placed.

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posted January 31, 2008 04:25 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Marina     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

oh don't envy my Beer asteroid

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posted January 31, 2008 08:53 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

those are astonishing connections.
And definitely karmic, with all that Saturn-Pluto, Node action.
It also seems to emphasize the importance of conjunctions and oppositions even more.

I decided to have a look at a synastry again. NOt with a man this time, but with my best friend (we`ve known each other for abou 17 or 18 years; don`t remember exactly).

I looked at my name asteroid, her first and second name and also at amicitia (latin for friendship), amici (latin for friends) and philia (friendship in Greek).

In my own chart:

My name asteroid falls into Taurus in my 5th house, square Moon, sextile Saturn and sextile Juno (all those aspects are exact).

Amicitia is in Leo in 8th house square Uranus in 11.
Philia is in Taurus in 5th house conjunct my name asteroid and sextiles Saturn and Juno and squares Moon.
Amici is in Libra in 9th house, close to the MC.

Friendship has always been a very important part of my life; actually this is the role I have been playing most of my life, "the friend". I guess I`m good at it. (Philia conjunct my name)
Often my friends have been Libra, or had important Libra-placements, and talking with my friends often involves discussions about the purpose of life, what one wants to do with his or her life, which can include job-talk, but is not limited to it.
But I´vbe also had some bad experiences with friends, which had much to do with unpredictable, unreliable behaviour and me feeling let down, without having seen the warning sign before. (Amicitia square Uranus?)

My best friend`s name asteroid falls into Scorpio in my 11th house, sextile my Venus and trine my chartruler, Jupiter.
Her other name asteroid falls into Pisces in my 3rd house, sextile Venus, square Mars / ASC and conjunct Jupiter.

She comes very watery across, at least to me. Scorpio / Pisces fits her way to behave in several ways, even though her Libra-stellium is very apparent, too. However, with Pluto conjunct Mercury, Venus and Mars annd opposite Moon, she does inded have many plutonic traits.
Her name asteroids falling into my 11th house and 3rd house are very fitting as well. It`s amazing, we still talk at least 3 or 4 times a week, and if we call, the talk usually takes at least an hour. You can do the maths, how many hours we talked over the last 18 years. lol

In her Chart her name is in Taurus in 11th house trine her Sun.
Her second name is in Cancer conjunct her ASC and squares Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Pluto.

Amicitia is in Capricorn exactly conjunct her DSC and opposite her name.
She always said that the perfect partnership for her is based on friendship and loyalty rather than romantic passion. Well, her husband has a Sun/ ASC-conjunction in Capricorn exactly falling onto her DSC and Amicitia.

Philia is in Libra in 5th house conjunct her Venus, Mars and Pluto. She is a very demanding friend, actually. She gives a lot, but it`s all or nothing for her in every area of life. Also, she has made friends mostly when she was learning a music-instrument and playing (that is how we met) or when she was having her dancing-group (she trained those girls, and many of them became friends, at least for a certain time).

Amici is in Sagittarius in 6th house. That is probably how I fit in there, having a Sagittarius-stellium in her 6th house.
And at university we were a perfect working team, accomplishing so much more together, than each of us could have done on her own.

My name asteroid falls into Virgo in her 4th house.
It is on the exact midpoint of her IC in Virgo and her Virgo-Sun and also trines her Amicitia.
HEr Virgo-Sun is unaspected, and she often said that through talking with me she got to know herself much better.

Also, interesting to note I always tried to keep my distance, because I didn`t really want to commit to a friendship so totally, but after a rough start it was her who was holding on to me, and it was also her who was sure, that our friendship would last a very long time. I wasn`t so sure about that at that time, due to some bad experiences with friends, but 18 years tell me, she might have been right. lol

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posted January 31, 2008 09:03 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

The synastry is also very interesting:

- my name in my chart is closely conjunct her name in her chart

- her name in her chart is conjunct my Philia

- her second name in her chart is opposite my Venus

- her name in my chart widely conjuncts her NN, sextiles her Amicitia, trines her second name in her chart, trines her ASC and trines her MC

- her second name in my chart trine her NN, trines her second name in her chart, trines her ASC and conjuncts her MC

- my name in her chart opposes my chartruler, squares my NN

And for the friendship asteroids:

My Philia:
trine my name in her chart
widely conjunct her name in her chart

My Amici:
trine her Jupiter

Her Amicitia:
widely conjunct my Venus
square my Pluto
sextile my Jupiter
sextile her name in my chart

Her Philia:
widely conjunct my Pluto

Her Amici:
conjunct my Sun / Mercury


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posted February 04, 2018 09:16 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for arcturus90     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Originally posted by astrobee:
I would like to share with you one my strange experiance with name asteroids.
I met a girl through the phone contact, in very strange way, it just seemed to be "by chance" but here is what I find after looked to my and her chart:

Her name asteroid in my chart conjuncts her Eros (0.16 deg orb) and Uranus (0.51 orb) just on her 3rd house cusp. (a phone!)
All that is squared with her Mercury and opposed by her Jupiter and Chiron.
My Moon conjuncts her Mercury and squares her Uranus-Eros conjunction as well as her Chiron.
And about our other synastry, more then wonderful - her Venus on her Ascndant conjuncts my Mars and Vesta and is close to my Venus, and her Mars trines my Venus.
We had few nice talks but she was afraid to give me her phone number and we ended our contacts.

Lol ! and you asked for her date and hour of birth just during one talk ? lol. If I ask for this to people, they think it's weird.
But yeah why not, Uranus is unexpected things that are happening, so an unexpected phone call, unexpected conversation (3rd house)...

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posted February 10, 2018 05:55 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Randall     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Moving to Asteroid Astrology.

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