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  Hi Moonshadow:)

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Author Topic:   Hi Moonshadow:)

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posted July 04, 2002 12:34 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Cat     Edit/Delete Message
Hi Moonshadw
I was thinking about what you posted and thought from what you say that you'd benefit from having a deeper understanding of your own natal chart.....

"As you will see from my chart I am not really that "watery". I am actually just wanting to know why I am looking for this outside verification that leads me to looking for attention".

Yes you don't have a lot of water but you do have your Sun and Moon there. You have no earth.

Here's something for you to think about...

You have an Aquarius Ascendant so Aquarius is on the 1st House cusp in your natal chart:
The face you show the world is a unique and eclectic version of your sun sign with Aquarius Rising. You'll have an unusual personality that others may have a hard time understanding. You tend to feel most comfortable in a diverse group of people who possess certain qualities and assets that you find appealing and can be distinctly uncomfortable in traditional or staunch social settings. You generally have a large circle of friends but are more of a loner than a joiner. You enjoy the fringe and do your best work while observing. You don't mind being in the spotlight momentarily but your changing interests will usually push you along quickly. Your persona is likely to attract the offbeat and unusual personality types. Others feel comfortable living in their differences around you. Your acceptance of people’s values and their truths at face value sets you apart from the crowd. You're genuinely friendly and warm when you feel comfortable in a situation.

Leo on the 7th House Cusp
For all your independence and lack of possessiveness with your outer personality you do like to be the boss with your intimate companions. You thrive under a feeling of security and are unrestrained in giving your appreciation to the close partners in your life. There tends to be a distinct polarity as you learn to balance your rising sign and your descendent in the people that you grow attached to with them being either forceful and dominate (because the Aquarius rising accepted their values and roles) or being too easily submissive and mouldable. You do require a certain strength in a partner in order to feel your most secure within your intimacy as well as with your role in the greater world. Close connections that can make you feel connected and understood make your outer persona all the more free to develop as a unique and independent presence which serves as a progressive role model for friends and less personal associates.

So the 7th house in a chart rules relationships. Leo is your 7th house ruler. Leo is ruled by the Sun. The Sun likes to shine. In addition to this your have your natal Venus in Leo in your 7th house.

Venus in Leo
If Venus is in Leo in your chart it suggests a behaviour that is theatrical, with a good deal of personal and social pride. Venus in Leo is warm-hearted and fun loving, a natural showman with a need for self-expression. There is an innate need to be in the spotlight and centre of attention. You have much physical and emotional magnetism that attracts romantic interest easily. You thrive on these attractions and what they mean to your ego. Romance helps you maintain a high opinion of yourself. You are happiest when you are in love and when bestowing your gift of romance on a lucky admirer. Glamour, excitement and charm mark your courtship endeavours. You are lavish with your attentions, presents, and with yourself. The Venus Leo in love is sincere and whole-hearted. You are one of the most romantic and ardent of lovers. This is an outgoing and affectionate position for Venus, as you truly love life and romantic drama. You can be very loyal to those whom you think worthy of your affections, but you expect strong affections in return. Despite all the fun and show, you are an extremely stable and loyal partner. You are basically a one-love person because your pride is so wrapped up in your relationships. If there is a break in a serious relationship, it will most likely be a very hard and bitter one. While you are innately faithful in love, you are not one to discourage or ignore other admirers. You love to be noticed and admired. You enjoy attracting romantic interest, though you have no interest or desire to follow through on these idle flirtations.

OK now Venus in the 7th House
This placement normally shows social abilities, and usually, a happy marriage. Most relationships are harmonious and friendly. Marriage and friends are very important to you, and you contribute more than your part toward the success of relationships. Marriage usually produces prosperity.

Now you also have Saturn in Gemini in your 5th house. Saturn is what we fear, it can restrict us. The 5th house rules romance, children, creativy.

Ok so...
Saturn positioned in the fifth house is associated with the romantic nature, creativeness and offspring. This placement denotes that you are person who finds it hard to just relax and enjoy yourself. Romances are serious business for you, but they can produce more pain than pleasure. Your romantic partners are likely to be older than you. Obligation is attached to your romances. The rearing of offspring may be difficult for you in various ways. Financial speculations will be entered with caution to avoid losses. Personal self-expression reflects a serious tone, and you find your best outlets in business management and politics. If you have creative talents, this placement will make it very difficult for you to express them or will delay the time when you become recognised for your talents.

You have a Cancer Sun/Scorpio Moon combination.
The combination of the Sun in Cancer and the Moon in Scorpio produces a forceful and temperamental personality. Your emotions are so near the surface that it takes more than the ordinary amount of understanding to reach you. You are intense and somewhat dramatic in your actions. Though not necessarily the life of the party, you do have a certain magnetic appeal and commanding demeanour. This draws people to you in the political, educational, or social arena of life. You are not so popular as you are impelling. When your feelings stay out of your way, there is no limit to what you can accomplish. But when the sensitive side of your nature does come into play, you can be equally destructive. You can show extremes of concentration on a purpose and a very dedicated devotion to duty. You are never the type to be unkind or mean. You have a deep sense of protectiveness, most for your family or for those friends to whom you are particularly close. You are not the idealist, but rather are attracted to the practical dollars and cents issues and personal worldly ambitions. The romantic side of your nature is ardent, demonstrative and lavish in affections, but apt to be extremely jealous if given a cause. Defensive behaviour is strongly marked in your nature, and you seem to have your feelers out for threatening vibrations almost all the time.

Well that's just a few things for you to be thinking about. Hope you're having a good Independence Day

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posted July 05, 2002 03:08 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for moonshadow     Edit/Delete Message
Hi Cat

Thanks so much for spending the time looking at my chart. It makes a lot of sense. I do enjoy romantic attention and this gives me a sense of pride (venus) but at the same time it is associated with guilt(saturn). Although as you say I would never follow through with it, I still feel as though I am doing something wrong. My husband is quite set in his ways a lot of the time and frowns apon flitatious behaviour. But then again I might be projecting? A lot of my friends are in serious relationships and the are quite flitatious and everyone seems fine with it. I sometimes don't trust myself though. This might be a personal power issue I need to work through as I am sometimes more dependant than I would like.

I am actually seriously busy with my astrology studies but it is sometimes difficult to be objective about yourself.

Thanks gain and lots of love.


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Posts: 3307
From: England
Registered: Jan 2002

posted July 05, 2002 08:07 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Cat     Edit/Delete Message
Hi Moonshadow
Yes it is difficult to be objective about yourself. Hey I'm pleased to see that you've registered for the Astrology Course

You said...
"My husband is quite set in his ways a lot of the time and frowns apon flitatious behaviour".

Well, you know, his Saturn sextiles your Venus. So maybe that's what you're feeling. BUT in saying that this is a great aspect to have in your charts!
It's one of the strongest indicators of permanent love and endurability in marriage You both feel a sense of responsibility to each other.


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