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Author Topic:   I don`t understand this fascination

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From: Germany
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posted August 07, 2006 02:13 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for darkdreamer     Edit/Delete Message

I have a synastry-question concerning a celebrity.
Well, I have developed a very strong fascination for an actor. Actually it has instantly been there, when I saw him in his first film, 13 years ago. But now this fascination has gotten a somehow “haunting” quality (for example having very mysterious, but strong dreams).
However, I thought I would find strong positive connections in the synastry, but all I found was those squares and oppositions. And I haven`t really found an explanation for this fascination towards him. Actually most of the interaspects are very hard.
We form a T-square between his Stellium of Sun, Mercury, Uranus in Virgo, my Stellium of Mars, Neptune, NN, AC in Sagittarius and my Jupiter (ruler of my 1st house) in Pisces.
Additionally my Saturn conjuncts his Moon-Mars-conjunction in Cancer (the conjunction between my Saturn and his Moon is exact).
And we have almost no soft aspects. The only truly harmonious aspects are the trines between his Sun, Mercury, Uranus in Virgo and my Venus in Capricorn.
His personal planets are all in Water and Earth (the elements I lack the most), and my personal Planets are in Fire and I have an airy Moon.
So, there is basically nothing good to say about this comparision. Nothing that would explain my fascination.
So I looked a bit further.

I found:
My Jupiter, ruler of my 1st house, conjuncts his DC (Orb: 3,5°; is this too wide?)
My Neptune and NN conjunct his IC
His SN conjuncts my Sun and Mercury
His Venus is solstice my Mars and AC (Orb: 1°)
His Sun-Moon-Midpoint solstice my Moon (Orb:0°06)
His Mars is opposite my Sun-Moon-Midpoint (Orb: 0°17)
His Mars conjuncts my Vertex (0°20)
His Mars conjuncts my Eros (0°49)

His Moon, Venus, Mars, Sun-Moon-Midpoint fall into my 8th house
His NN falls into my 7th house
His IC falls into my 1st house
My Sun, Mercury, Venus fall into his 4th house
My IC, Jupiter (ruler of 1st house) fall into his 7th house

My question is:
Why do I feel so fascinated by him? And why do I sense this familiarity?
I mean he is an actor, and I usually don`t feel so “connected” to an unknown person, I`ve only seen on the screen.
Can it be the house placements?
Or the fact, that he activates my Sun-Moon-Midpoint and Vertex?
Can it be the solstice between his Venus and my Mars?
Or do I overanalyse things, and those things (Houseplacements, Vertex, Sun-Moon-Midpoint, Solstice) aren`t important enough to include into the interpretation?

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Posts: 32
From: Germany
Registered: Aug 2006

posted August 09, 2006 08:47 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for darkdreamer     Edit/Delete Message
Well, noone seems to answer to this thread.

Is my question to boring and doesn`t interest anyone?
Or do you want to know the whole set of data?

He: 02/09/64 5:41 a.m. Beirut (Lebanon)
Me: 18/12/74 7:07 a.m. Viersen (Germany)

He: Me:

Sun: 09°41 Virgo in 12 25°56 Sag. in 1
Moon: 16°20 Cancer in 11 17°06 Aqu. in 2
Mercury:09°57 Virgo in 11 25°03 Sag. in 1
Venus: 23°54 Cancer in 11 06°07 Capr. in 1
Mars: 21°48 Cancer in 11 05°10 Sag. in
12/1 (2°before AC)
Jupiter:25°51 Taurus in 9 11°12° Pisces in 3
Saturn: 01°02 Pisces in 6 16°57 Cancer in 8
Uranus: 10°23 Virgo in 12 01°21 Scorpio in11
Neptune: 15°25 Scorpio in 3 09°56 Sag. in 1
Pluto: 13°49 Vir in 12 / 1 09°04 Libra in 10
AC: 14°53 Virgo 07°01 Sagittarius
MC: 13°28 Gemini 04°58 Libra
NN: 29°35 Gemini in 10 10°10 Sag in 1
Chiron: 16°46 Pisces in 7 20°02 Aries in 4
Vertex: 12°20 Aquarius in 5 21°28 Cancer in 8
Eros: 18°05 Virgo in 1 20°59 Cancer in 8


I. 14°53 Virgo 07°01 Sagittarius
2. 11°00 Libra 12°21 Capricorn
3. 11°00 Scorpio 26°59 Aquarius
IV. 13°28 Sagittarius 04°58 Aries
5. 16°05 Capricorn 01°35 Taurus
6. 16°54 Aquarius 21°03 Taurus
VII. 14°53 Pisces 07°01 Gemini
8. 11°00 Aries 12°21 Cancer
9. 11°00 Taurus 26°59 Leo
X. 13°28 Gemini 04°58 Libra
11. 16°05 Cancer 01°35 Scorpio
12. 16°54 Leo 21°03 Scorpio

Do you see anything here, which could explain, why I feel so fascinated?

And my second question is:
Do the Vertex and Eros have a meaning? And if yes, what weight do they have in synastry?

Thank you.

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sue g

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From: former land of the leprechaun
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posted August 09, 2006 09:59 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for sue g     Edit/Delete Message

I will just say I understand!!!

Recently I have gotten sort of interested in a singer who did years ago....Jeff Buckley.

As soon as I heard him sing and then saw his pics....WOW....i know him!!!

When I met an astrologer who also knew of him she says to me "of course you are in tune with him, he has the same Sun/Neptune conjunction as you do. He also has Scorp sun, jupiter and venus, as you do....he is the perfect mirror for you.

So I guess your thing is similar?

Yes I understand....perfectly....

Its a kindred spirit thing...either that or we are both off our heads....


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Posts: 32
From: Germany
Registered: Aug 2006

posted August 09, 2006 03:21 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for darkdreamer     Edit/Delete Message

thank you for your reply.
I`m glad you could understand and relate to it.
I don`t know the singer you`ve been talking about; but I can relate very well to the voice-thing. It`s almost ALWAYS the voice, I react instantly and most strongly to. And I`ve had my share of "crushes on singer", too.
Even though with this actor it`s different than those "small infatuations"; it feels like you described it, like I know him (how the hell should that be possible?), like he is a kindred spirit.
But I think in my case it`s even more complicated, because it`s not only that feeling of "knowing" him, but there`s also almost something like "fear". Well, fear may not be the right choice of word. Mmh, I`ve always avoided to watch "too many" movies with him, and certainly not on the big screen in the cinema. I was just reacting too intensely to him (and my Aquarius-moon didn`t like that; it is so "illogical", not easy to analyze); but the last film with him, I kind of "had" to see it, I was feeling a strong pull towards this film (I didn`t even know at that time that he was playing the lead).
However, what I want to say is, in your case, you can see the astrological connection between this singer and you.
Just in my case, I don`t find these connections.
He has this stellium of Sun, Mercury, Uranus and Pluto in Virgo and a stellium of Moon, Venus and Mars in Cancer, and I have Sun, Mercury, Mars, Neptune and Ascendant in Sagittarius and an unaspected Moon in Aquarius.
And I don`t think Virgo / Cancer and Sagittarius / Aquarius are connected to each other, at least definitely not as a mirror.
And that is what puzzles me such a lot; doesn`t astrology work in this case? Or what is there, that I can`t see at the moment?

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From: Cancer Sun, Virgo Moon, Aquarius Rising
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posted August 09, 2006 05:21 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Tigerlily     Edit/Delete Message
I know who you're talking about. I've always been drawn to him too. Maybe you knew him in a past life.

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From: The Ether
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posted August 09, 2006 05:37 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for hippichick     Edit/Delete Message

I know what you speak of. I have not had your exact experience, with a celebirty, that is, but we all know that there are certain people that we click more than others, just because they are famous does not mean the feeling is not real.

It is kind of like the proverbial "love at first sight" phenomena. Never meeting, never knowing an individual and upon first meeting, there is just that something.

I will leave the astrological interpretations to those more qualified than myself. I have done much contemplation on this phenomena and I offer two possible explanations.

Energy between 2 people, astrologically speaking, some energies just blend better than others.
Past lives, recognition is huge for something like this, I believe. Even if we never come into close, personal contact with an individual, we still recognize them, still feel all the feelings of the past lifetimes spent togehter!

Good luck with your query!


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Scorpionic Web

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From: Pennsylvania
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posted August 09, 2006 06:33 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Scorpionic Web     Edit/Delete Message
Wow, Jeff Buckley attracts SOOOOOO many females... I mean, there are plenty of attractive celebrities... just exactly what is it about Jeff Buckley?!?!

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Posts: 32
From: Germany
Registered: Aug 2006

posted August 12, 2006 06:30 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for darkdreamer     Edit/Delete Message
@ Tigerlily:
Yes, I thought that someone would recognize him, when I posted the birthdata.
And what you said about a past life makes sense to me. Since I`ve been opening up spiritually during the last year (I was always quite open, but during the last year so many "coincidences" happened, it was a real rollercoaster ride), it was probably a good time to face what I am feeling and trying to figure out the reason. A past life could very well be the reason.
I checked our synastry again; this time looking for "soulmate-connections", and I found:
My Saturn conjuncts his Moon, Venus, Mars, which fall into my 8th house
My Neptune squares his Sun and Mercury
His Neptune squares my Moon
My Sun and Mercury conjunct his Southern Node
His IC conjunct my Northern Node
His Venus and Mars conjunct my Vertex
His Moon conjuncts my Vertex / my Moon conjuncts his Vertex (even though it`s such a wide conjunction of 5°; maybe it`s too wide to count).
However, maybe the attraction and familiarity really comes from some kind of a recognition of my side; so it could well be that we`ve known each other in another life.

I`m relieved that you see it this way. It`s exactly what I feel, and I`ve always been told how silly I was, that something like this can`t happen or exist.
And truth be told, I have had other crushes, too; but except for onethey didn`t feel that "compelling".
And in that other case, I actually saw him “in the flesh”; I didn`t dare to approach him and speak to him, but at least we had eye-contact, so it always seemed a bit more “real” to me.
The fact that I didn`t approach this guy, was simple: When I saw him and heard his voice for the first time, I was scared to the core. I was like paralysed and at the same time I only wanted to run away. However, that is a different story.

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sue g

Posts: 5971
From: former land of the leprechaun
Registered: Sep 2004

posted August 12, 2006 06:44 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for sue g     Edit/Delete Message

For me its everything about him....initially his voice, the content of his lyrics, the feeling behind them...(he can sing over 3.5 octaves)!

Secondly he is a Scorpio so the mirror thing too....

And then when I saw his face.....look at the eyes....and the dark hair and the......mouth....W O W......

He haunts me....sort of a heathcliffe character from Wuthering Heights...dark and brooding....gorgeous.

Does that answer your question?

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The Virgin

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Registered: Jul 2006

posted August 17, 2006 11:40 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for The Virgin     Edit/Delete Message
Years ago I felt a special affinity with an actor but it wasn't a crush thing, it was more like a parental feeling even though he is many years older than me. He won an academy award one year and the sense of pride I felt for him was so over powering, I actually cried. He is a Cancer and ironically my son born many years later is also a Cancer.

Hmm, I think I'm going to see if I can find that actors chart.

Sun Virgo, moon Pisces, Libra rising,mercury venus 12th house all conjunct, Mars Leo.

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From: Tn. USA
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posted August 18, 2006 04:10 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Charlotte     Edit/Delete Message
In every instance -Every actor or singer that I've been drawn to sexually, Mars and Venus conjunct, trine or squared in synastry aspects. That old Mars Venus attraction, will get you every time.

May the angel of your higher s-elf, guide you always.

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posted August 22, 2006 12:09 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for GeminiLover75     Edit/Delete Message
Oh is this Keanu we're talking about? I love him... strange I feel that familiarity to him too!

As for Jeff Buckley, yes I felt very drawn to him when I first saw him on the TV. He seemed very mysterious, I didn't know he was a Scorpio though.

Strangely, the celebrities I have felt the strongest connection to and who had a big effect on my life, I was incredibly, amazingly fortunate to meet. This was two unconnected people at two unconnected times, but they were both Leo's. My midheaven is 29 degrees Leo which maybe has something to do with it?? What is strange is that they both got to know me indirectly before I met them, and they already 'knew' and liked me. Like the whole thing was fated. I still chat to them online. I was completely drawn to these people before I ever was in personal contact with them, like there was some unusual connection that would not rest until there was a real life meeting. Both meetings and hanging out with these people were very special and fated experiences! So, like has already been said, just because someone is a celebrity it doesn't mean the connections aren't real.

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posted August 22, 2006 10:44 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for MysticMelody     Edit/Delete Message
I read this last night before I went to sleep. I was going to reply that I have always been "in love with" an entire band, Metallica, since I was 17. I was also going to mention that I always say my movie star boyfriend is Jeff Goldblum, which might have to do with his Aquarian vibe and my Mars in Aqua. I was going to say that I have had dreams that he and I hug each other. I was too tired to post so I went to sleep.
I had a dream last night that Jason Newsted from Metallica approached me like I was a groupie, trying to get me backstage like a good rock star hehe and I was telling him to go find a real "groupie" etc when I suddenly realized THIS IS JASON NEWSTED! And I wrapped my arms around him and started telling him all of the things I always wished I could tell him and the other band members. When I told him that I wrote them a letter once and that I wished I still had it so I could give it to him right now, he leaned over and kissed me (and kissed me and kissed me) and then helped me pick up all of my things and we went to a hotel room with lots of our sleeping (possibly passed out) friends and ate popcorn and kissed, all very innocent like! hehe He walked me out to my car in the morning.
I am not kidding about any of this!

I was thinking this morning that I wonder why my mind picked Jason (a Cancer) to be in my dream, and then I remembered that darkdreamer said there were hard aspects between her and her famous attraction. Cancers are square to my Libra Sun and Cap Moon and AC. Also, he is on the show RockStar SuperNova that I have been watching every week, which I'm sure has a lot to do with it.

Anyway, my dream was really nice. It gave me peace and happiness.

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posted August 24, 2006 06:05 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for darkdreamer     Edit/Delete Message
Real life meetings,

I`ve had a smiliar experience, too. I had a major crush on someone, when I was 15. Well, back then I actually thought he was the love of my life. Hmm, he is not, but what remained, was that feeling of a strong connection between the two of us. It`s still there.
And 3 years ago I actually met him and dared to approach him. And it was the strangest feeling ever. We shook hands, and I had never felt such warmth and energy before. It was almost as if something of his energy had flown over to me. Strange, strange, but very pleasant feeling.
And maybe he has felt something, too, because when I went away, and turned back one last time (I wasn`t too sure all of this had been real), at the same time he also turned around and looked at me. It was like in those mushy movies. lol
So, yes, I know that there are some connections that are so strong that a meeting probably can`t be avoided.

However, I don`t really think that is the case with Keanu. After all, many many years ago his former band Dogstar had been giving a concert in the city, where I was studying and spending most of my evenings, but I never knew about him being in the same city until when he was gone again. That is fate, too. I guess.

Concerning the attraction I found out that we share some interesting midpoint-configuration. HIs Mars = my Sun / Moon and my AC and Mars = his Venus / Mars. And my MC = his Venus / PLuto (those are only the most important, there are many more).

Oh and dreams. I dreamt of Keanu, too. And it was the strangest dream ever.
It was in the night, after I had seen "The lake house". I was dreaming that it was night. It was pitchblack, but there was a circle faintly lightened. And in that circle there was Keanu. He looked at me, I looked at him and then I thought I would like to have a few words with him. So I went closer. But then I must have stepped across an invisible line, ,because suddenly all hell broke loose.
There was a gigantic explosion, fire everywhere, and I had been thrown backwards, into the dark again.
I awoke suddenly and was panting like a racehorse. I haven`t had nightmares for ages, but after this dream I couldn`t fall asleep again. Not because it was so horrible or felt like a real nightmare; it was more because I was absolutely startled by the vehemence of the explosion. It felt all much too real. And I don`t have a clue, what this dream wants to tell me.


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