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  Venus aspects in synastry???

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Author Topic:   Venus aspects in synastry???

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posted September 05, 2006 12:40 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for OzMeg222     Edit/Delete Message
I know this has been covered somewhere but I can't really remember what was said about it.

I think someone said the person whose venus aspects the other persons planet is more attracted? I'm not sure if that was it but the guy I'm on/off with and I have lots of venus contacts between our charts.

His to mine:-
venus trine moon
venus square mars
venus sextile jupiter
venus trine saturn
venus trine neptune
venus opposed pluto
venus sextile ascendant
venus conjunct MC
venus trine descendant

Mine to his:-
venus conjunct sun
venus square uranus
venus trine pluto
venus square chiron
venus opposed ascendant
venus conjunct descendant

I think I read somewhere that having a lot of mutual aspects was a good sign. How many is a lot?

The venus thing makes me curious though because I seem to be the one more attracted, however he is the one who always makes contact when I leave it for a while.

We're extremely dysfunctional.

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posted September 05, 2006 12:49 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for and     Edit/Delete Message
looks good! nice synastry, you wanna place the birthdates? venus is usually the one more attracted, maybe you feel more attracted because your venus *TRINES* his pluto instead of *OPPOSITE* like his venus is to yours, theres more friction in his attraction...its just as intense, but it you have to realize his attraction isnt the same as yours...

the makes me think of rainbows and butterflies...;p

I think the dysfunctional part comes in because your venus squares his uranus...he is uranus in the relationship...the closer you get to him, the farther he runs...he needs freedom...uranus is ruled by aquarius...and aquarius are very freedom loving...

then you got your saturn trining his venus, meaning youre the responsible one, you take this relationship serious, you are the glue that keeps it together, you make him feel so secure in the way you love/care/etc him, maybe thats why his uranus/pluto synastry between you is so obvious....

for this to work, you have to be really in love, you guys have challenges, but you also have a lot of strengths....whats are your signs out of curiousity?

if you have anymore questions, lemme know

good luck...

"WHATEVER the soul longs for, WILL be attained by the spirit"

"Love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation"

-Khalil Gibran

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posted September 05, 2006 01:06 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for OzMeg222     Edit/Delete Message
Both pisces sun and leo moons.

We're both kinda shy too which doesn't help.

Its interesting what you mentioned about the space thing. He seems to freak out when we start to get really close and can actually be quite rude although he admits he hates being that way, which in turn frustrates me and makes me be mean.
I then stay right away from him thinking ok he's seriously not into me, but sure enough he comes back. Its really frustrating.

He's really too young for me I think anyway, maybe if we meet again in 10 years time it'll be different. Not pinning any hopes on it though!

Right now I'm staying away again.

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posted September 05, 2006 01:08 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for OzMeg222     Edit/Delete Message
22/2/1978 4.10pm melbourne aus

5/3/1985 7pm melbourne aus

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posted September 05, 2006 01:11 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for and     Edit/Delete Message

Meg's Moon conjunct Him's Moon:

Your emotional styles are compatible, allowing you both to feel you can be yourselves. Even the
way you experience "down time" is in harmony, so you can rejuvenate in each other's presence.
You speak the same emotional language and likely feel that you "get" each other at a deep level.

Meg's Mars square Him's Mars:

This is one of the red flags to watch out for in comparing charts. Your energies tend to conflict,
particularly if either of you attempts to correct the other's actions. This is a passionate aspect,
which is wonderful in certain arenas, but can also lead to passionate arguments. You can only be at
ease with each other to the degree that you can accept the differences in how you both go about
doing things. Otherwise, there tends to be conflict over everything. Learning to avoid expressing
yourself to each other when your solar plexus is tight would help immensely. When your solar
plexus is tight, your partner hears whatever you are saying as a punch. Harness the power, and
great things can be accomplished with your combined energy; otherwise, petty arguments and
disagreements rule the day.

Meg's Saturn square Him's Saturn:

This aspect is a red flag in comparison astrology. This is a set-up for disappointment if you don't
allow for the differences. The effect is most noticeable in how you both handle each other's "bad
day" scenarios. When one of you is having a bad day and is venting insecurities and problems, and
the other person offers what seems to be good and caring advice, it often offends the person with
the security issues, and the other person gets upset over not being appreciated for having offered
help . . . the set-up for disappointment. To avoid this scenario, learn this one rule: On these bad
days when your partner is expressing concerns, learn to listen more and talk less. You eventually
learn that your best ideas are not well received anyway, so work on patience and silent emotional
support and you'll avoid unnecessary grief.

Meg's Ascendant square Him's Ascendant:

Your attitudes about approaching most everything conflict with each other. To have a healthy
relationship, you both are forced to stretch your acceptance of these differences to offset the
tendency to get irritated with each other.

Him's Sun conjunct Meg's Venus:

This is one of the sweet ties in relationship astrology, leading to natural affection and simply
enjoying being in each other's company. If it's not a romantic relationship, the arts and cultural
opportunities are a few of a multitude of ways to share and enjoy life with each other. The natural
magnetic flow of attraction that exists between the two of you makes it easier to overlook each
other's shortcomings.

Meg's Sun trine Him's Pluto:

The relationship feels safe, as feelings of threat drop away when you are together. You are there
for each other when destiny calls to lend strength. You help each other stay on track with your
higher purpose in life.

Him's Sun trine Meg's Mars:

You are able to work and play well together, because the way you do things doesn't get in each
other's way. You rarely have a conflict of wills and readily resolve issues when they arise. You
naturally empower each other's courage and your passions flow well together.

Him's Sun trine Meg's Uranus:

You encourage and support each other's uniqueness and individuality and put very few restraints
and expectations on each other. This allows your relationship to continue to grow and evolve.

Meg's Sun sextile Him's Neptune:

There is a natural intuitive flow between the two of you that is quite comfortable. You can be
drawn to understand the subtle realms together through meditation and spiritual practices. You
empower each other's faith in listening to the "still quiet voice within."

Meg's Sun square Him's Saturn:

Meg feels the hammer of Him's disapproval always close at hand. Him gets irritated with Meg's
lack of responsibility. Projections abound between the two of you, and the wise person sees the
very qualities you dislike in each other as projections of unclaimed parts of your own character. It
takes character strength to deal successfully with this one; otherwise Meg can feel disapproved of
and Him feels unappreciated.

Him's Sun square Meg's Neptune:

It is not likely that you see each other clearly. Neptune is the blind spot, and when challenging the
Sun, you can lead each other into illusions. Meg sees qualities that may, or may not, be in Him.
Him can look at Meg as being totally ungrounded in reality.

Meg's Sun square Him's Chiron:

Your natural instincts for helping each other through wounding times can be off target. Try not to
judge each other's wounds and, instead, see what you can do to offer support, even if your ways
of dealing with wounds are radically different.

Him's Moon conjunct Meg's Saturn:

Him feels the pressure of Meg's expectations and judgments, and thus is extremely sensitive to
Meg's approval and disapproval. If handled wisely, this creates a strong sense of responsibility that
binds the two of you together. If not handled wisely, Him feels unsafe in emotional expression, and
close interaction can be blocked.

Meg's Moon trine Him's Venus:

You can feel very natural and comfortable in each other's presence, making time spent together
enjoyable. You support and even take delight in each other's emotional responses to life. You can
become interested in the arts and socializing together.

Meg's Moon trine Him's Mars:

Meg feels safe and protected by Him's strength. Him feels emotionally supported in choices of
action. You rarely trigger each other's defenses.

Meg's Moon trine Him's Uranus:

This is an aspect that encourages evolutionary growth on both your parts. Meg feels encouraged
and supported for breaking out of old emotional patterns, and Him feels emotionally supported for
pursuing an authentic path of individuality.

Him's Moon trine Meg's Neptune:

An empathic rapport between the two of you is likely. Meg helps Him rise above petty issues, and
Him helps Meg stay in touch with personal feelings.

Him's Moon opposition Meg's Mercury:

Communication over emotional issues is difficult. Him reads meaning into Meg's words that wasn't
intended. Meg has difficulty understanding Him's emotional needs. Rational arguments over
emotional issues are likely. Words often don't help in clearing up misunderstandings; try silence . . .
look into each other's eyes, silently communicate your intent to get through the issue, hold each
other . . . it works.

Meg's Moon square Him's Saturn:

This tie is usually considered unfavorable for emotional relationships, unless Him is mindful of the
excessive sensitivity Meg has to any disapproval. Meg's needs are judged as weak by Him and
tend to go unmet.

Him's Moon square Meg's Uranus:

Him tends to feel threatened by Meg's independence and need for freedom, while Meg feels
encumbered by Him's emotional needs.

Meg's Moon square Him's North Node:

Your relationship could be characterized as "one step forward, two steps back," as you
periodically pull each other into past emotional patterns, and can feel threatened by each other's

Meg's Mercury trine Him's Pluto:

This tie is favorable for pursuing mental activities together, and you feel safe with each other in
taking conversations to a deep, intimate level. You likely feel comfortable revealing personal
secrets to each other.

Him's Mercury trine Meg's Mars:

This tie is favorable for motivating you both to act on ideas. You rarely trigger each other's
defenses in communications, and can even work through difficult moments together without feeling
threatened by each other.

Meg's Mercury square Him's Saturn:

This aspect creates a challenge in maintaining easy, flowing communication with each other,
because Meg feels intimidated by Him's judgments. This fear of disapproval restricts the natural
flow of conversation. There is a tendency to bring out each other's pessimistic and negative
attitudes. This can be compensated for, but there would have to be a rule: No criticizing each
other. Otherwise, this combination is a tough one.

Him's Mercury square Meg's Jupiter:

Your learning styles are different enough that it makes it difficult to carry out intellectual projects
together without getting exasperated with each other. Meg is interested in growth that doesn't
interest Him. Him can seem narrow-minded and picky to Meg. Give space for your different
learning styles and interests to avoid conflict.

Him's Mercury square Meg's Ascendant:

Misunderstandings are not uncommon with this aspect, as you both tend to misinterpret each
other's attempts at communication. Avoid this potential for misunderstanding by double-checking
important communications with each other.

Meg's Mercury square Him's Chiron:

You likely have different opinions and views concerning health issues. It is not easy to accept each
other's help, because your views about what would be helpful differ. Try not to convince each
other of the right way toward health and healing, and instead, acknowledge and allow for the
differences to help avoid difficulties.

Meg's Venus trine Him's Pluto:

The current of sexual magnetism between the two of you runs deep. You both heal effectively from
wounding times together, giving your relationship strong regenerative abilities. Money and financial
dealings with each other are also favored.

Him's Venus trine Meg's Saturn:

This aspect adds stability to your relationship because you have the patience and commitment it
takes to work through the rough spots. You complement each other's lives, as Him brings out
Meg's personal side, and Meg helps Him keeps it together in the world.

Him's Venus trine Meg's Neptune:

This aspect brings a refined energy into your relationship, and you become sensitive to the subtle
realms of your energy with each other. A peaceful feeling flows between the two of you, and you
can enjoy the arts, music, and spiritual activities together.

Him's Venus opposition Meg's Pluto:

Karmic patterns of manipulating each other in love, either through guilt or intimidation, must be
dealt with in your relationship. Strong passion can exist between the two of you, but intimacy will
elude you until you are both able to let go of control and surrender to the relationship.

Meg's Venus opposition Him's Ascendant:

Your values and sensitivities to beauty clash with one another. Him's natural style of presentation is
a turn-off for Meg Meg can seem uptight to Him.

Him's Venus square Meg's Mars:

There is a magnetic spark between you, without a doubt, but it is sometimes rough and has an
edge. This is good for passion, but is volatile because so many of your values about male/female
roles in a relationship clash.

Meg's Mars trine Him's Saturn:

This aspect is excellent for working on difficult projects together, or anything that requires patience
and determination. This gives strength and backbone to the relationship, allowing you to get
through the difficult times without falling apart.

Him's Mars trine Meg's Neptune:

This combination is excellent for romance as it brings the best of imagination into your passion. You
can inspire each other creatively in all types of ways, and the danger of the blind spot with Neptune
is minimized.

Him's Mars sextile Meg's Jupiter:

You bring out a confident and positive attitude in each other, allowing you to work and play well
together. You also travel well together and encourage each other to take part in the opportunities
life has to offer.

Him's Mars sextile Meg's Ascendant:

Your energies flow well together, making it easy to work or play together. You rarely trigger each
other's defenses, allowing you feel safe with each other. Knowing you can count on each other's
support in any conflict gives you courage.

Meg's Mars sextile Him's North Node:

You keep each other current with the times and on track with your soul growth. You give each
other courage to move forward, away from the path of least resistance and toward growth.

Him's Mars opposition Meg's Pluto:

You are being tested with the right use of power in this relationship, and power conflicts erupt with
the slightest provocation on either of your parts. Taking martial arts training together would be a
good metaphor of your test. With this training you would learn that your power comes from staying
in your center, and not getting pulled into anger. This is no small trick in your relationship because
of the hair-trigger reactions you both have to conflict issues when either of you tries to change the
other in any way. You can bring out each other's shadow issues, and need to be willing to question
your motives in any plans you come up with together.

Him's Jupiter trine Meg's North Node:

You provide strong support for each other's spiritual growth and can actively pursue spiritual
studies together. Travel together can be related to your spiritual quest, and it will not be difficult to
find a path that is growth-oriented for both of you.

Meg's Jupiter opposition Him's Neptune:

You encourage each other into blind spots and plans based on false optimism. With this aspect, it
is always best to think things all the way through before heading off on a fantasy. You can
encourage indulgent behavior in each other, and this could be trouble if either of you has problems
with escapism or addictions.

Him's Jupiter square Meg's Chiron:

Your beliefs and philosophical views clash with each other concerning health and healing issues.
Although not with malicious indent, Him can encourage directions that hinder, rather than help,
Meg's healing process.

Meg's Saturn trine Him's Neptune:

This aspect allows the two of you to handle worldly responsibilities with a sense of grace. Meg
helps bring form and structure to Him's vision, and Him inspires Meg to bring vision into Meg's
career. You can work well together in creative and spiritual pursuits with this combination.

Meg's Saturn square Him's North Node:

You have a difficult time supporting each other's chosen path for soul growth. Until you develop
respect for the differences in your paths toward soul growth, you tend to pull each other down
more than build each other up.

Meg's Saturn square Him's Chiron:

You tend to undermine each other's attempts to move beyond old wounds. You may make
judgments about each other's insecurities and fears, exacerbating the problem, rather than helping.
Be aware that advice you give is not likely to be well received; it is best to talk less and listen more
to each other's fears and insecurities.

Him's Uranus conjunct Meg's Neptune:

There is a creative flow between Him's intuition and Meg's ability to image. This sets up a favorable
flow of spiritual guidance that comes to the two of you spontaneously through coincidences and
sudden knowing.

Him's Uranus sextile Meg's Pluto:

You support each other's big picture view of what you stand for in life. You can be creative allies in
supporting each other's efforts at transforming society through social action, or transforming
yourselves through deep spiritual work.

Meg's Uranus sextile Him's Ascendant:

You encourage and support each other's uniqueness and individuality by giving each other
permission to be just who you are without pretension. You support each other's path of awakening
and evolution by encouraging each other to stay in an attitude of discovery.

Him's Uranus opposition Meg's Ascendant:

This destabilizing aspect will keep your relationship from becoming stagnant, if nothing else. Meg
feels uncomfortable with, and even threatened by, the way Him expresses individuality and
independence. Him constantly hammers at Meg's conventionality.

Meg's Uranus opposition Him's North Node:

You carry the past-life karma of Meg having been a liberating, but unpredictable, influence in Him's
past life. It is as if the two of you had a life-altering fling that awakened parts of you that had been
dormant, and then Meg disappeared or moved on. This makes Him feel excited and uneasy

Him's Neptune trine Meg's Chiron:

You two have an intuitive awareness of the role of imagination in healing. You can work with each
other in the subtlest realms of spiritual and vibrational healing. You intuitively understand the power
of prayer in healing work with each other.

Meg's Neptune square Him's Ascendant:

A lack of clarity between the two of you can cloud the relationship. You likely misinterpret each
other, and difficulties arise over illusions that one or both of you have about each other and the
relationship. Honesty is essential, even if conflict erupts; better to deal with the issues and stay clear
than to pretend there aren't any issues and remain in illusion.

Him's Neptune square Meg's North Node:

You are working through karmic patterns of deception and the tendency to lead each other down
paths that ultimately lead to disillusionment. It is important for both of you to compensate for this
potential blind spot in your relationship by checking within your own heart of hearts for clarity
before following each other's lead.

Him's Pluto opposition Meg's Chiron:

With this aspect, it is as if you know secrets about each other that could be quite wounding if
publicly revealed. You are being tested with the right use of this power to wound each other. Will
you hold each other hostage with these secrets? Or will you pass the test and be able to be trusted
with each other's vulnerable secrets?

Meg's North Node trine Him's Chiron:

You can out bring out the best in each other because you support life paths that are healing and
growth-oriented for both of you.

"WHATEVER the soul longs for, WILL be attained by the spirit"

"Love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation"

-Khalil Gibran

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posted September 05, 2006 01:49 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for OzMeg222     Edit/Delete Message
Oh gee my brain is in overload.

Explains a lot actually and I laughed in a lot of places with just how accurate it is!

Thank you so much for posting that!

I absolutely adore this guy although i can never tell if he's truly keen or not its like he keeps changing his mind.

Do you have any sort of opinion about our synastry? There seems to be some very negative stuff in there but a lot of positive too.

A lot I can learn from too, I'll admit that!

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posted September 05, 2006 03:02 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for and     Edit/Delete Message
I personally like the synastry between you two....theres the bad and the good, theres a good balance, it looks interesting, and you probably equally feel the same way about each other but express it differently....having venus/pluto aspects mutually is always nice...enjoy that part the most...

he is quite young, and men dont grow up for a longgggg time....but that doesnt mean dont go for it...

im glad you enjoyed it,
and good luck once again...

"WHATEVER the soul longs for, WILL be attained by the spirit"

"Love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation"

-Khalil Gibran

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posted September 05, 2006 04:22 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for OzMeg222     Edit/Delete Message
Oh I know all about that! My ex was (and still is) such an immature pain in the bum. This guy actually seems like a grown up most of the time.

He has more of a problem with the age gap than I do, although I really struggled with it at first. He'd kinda liked me from afar before we actually spoke but thought I was only a year older than him as he grew up with one of my friends and thought I was her age. Lol

I'm leaving it all in the hands of fate now, but its nice to know if we do end up together properly we have nice synastry.


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