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Author Topic:   Leo Woman / Gemini Man

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Hi everyone! I'm glad to be new aboard this ship. I love reading the threads and have learned much so far!

First.. the specifics on my question:

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From: fayetteville, ar usa
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just a bump.. hoping for some insight

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Leo's Chiron conjunct Gemini's Chiron:

You are naturally empathic toward each other's deep sensitivities and support each other's efforts
toward healing.

Leo's Sun trine Gemini's Jupiter:

You encourage a positive outlook on life together and there is no end to the number of
growth-oriented activities that you could enjoy together. You both feel confident that it is safe to
trust each other. Shared experiences with travel, education, and philosophical pursuits are favored.

Gemini's Sun trine Leo's Uranus:

You encourage and support each other's uniqueness and individuality and put very few restraints
and expectations on each other. This allows your relationship to continue to grow and evolve.

Gemini's Sun trine Leo's Ascendant:

You enjoy and support each other's outlook on life, making it enjoyable to spend time together.
Your personalities mix well.

Leo's Sun trine Gemini's Chiron:

You have natural empathy and support for each other's wounds, and in this gentleness, there is a

Leo's Sun square Gemini's North Node:

The relationship goes through periods where growth seems to be stalled and you pull each other
into past patterns. Are you going to support each other's growth, or hold each other to the past?

Leo's Moon conjunct Gemini's Mars:

This is a hot, passionate, and volatile combination. Leo can feel picked on and badgered by
Gemini. Gemini can have angry eruptions over Leo's emotional responses. If you can handle the
heat, passion and intensity are assured.

Leo's Moon trine Gemini's Venus:

You can feel very natural and comfortable in each other's presence, making time spent together
enjoyable. You support and even take delight in each other's emotional responses to life. You can
become interested in the arts and socializing together.

Leo's Moon trine Gemini's Neptune:

An empathic rapport between the two of you is likely. Gemini helps Leo rise above petty issues,
and Leo helps Gemini stay in touch with personal feelings.

Gemini's Moon trine Leo's Uranus:

This is an aspect that encourages evolutionary growth on both your parts. Gemini feels encouraged
and supported for breaking out of old emotional patterns, and Leo feels emotionally supported for
pursuing an authentic path of individuality.

Leo's Moon trine Gemini's North Node:

You both naturally support each other's soul growth. You feel familiar and comfortable with each

Gemini's Moon sextile Leo's Chiron:

A natural empathy and sensitivity exists between the two of you over wounds that you experienced
in the past. You support each other's emotional healing from these wounds and nurture each other's
compassion for others.

Leo's Moon opposition Gemini's Pluto:

Leo can feel threatened, unsafe, and powerless to withstand Gemini's will. A healthy relationship
can develop only if Gemini can remain conscious of the potential misuse of this power of
intimidation. Otherwise, the potential for unhealthy psychological patterns to develop between the
two of you is strong.

Leo's Mercury conjunct Gemini's Venus:

This creates a stimulating spark in your exchanges as you both enjoy each other's personality. Leo
communicates in a way that Gemini enjoys, and thus friendship and romance are favored. Creative
outlets are also favored, although any relationship and any activity would benefit from this delightful

Leo's Mercury trine Gemini's Mars:

This tie is favorable for motivating you both to act on ideas. You rarely trigger each other's
defenses in communications, and can even work through difficult moments together without feeling
threatened by each other.

Leo's Mercury trine Gemini's Neptune:

You have a highly intuitive rapport with each other. This supports your communication, allowing
you get the subtle nuances. You help each other rise above petty issues and can encourage each
other's interests in spirituality and the arts.

Gemini's Mercury trine Leo's Uranus:

You two are excellent at looking at issues from a fresh perspective and coming up with innovative
ideas for dealing with situations. Your communications stay lively as you encourage a "discovery"
attitude in each other. The ideas that you come up with together most often have relevance and
application in your lives.

Leo's Mercury sextile Gemini's Pluto:

This tie is favorable for pursuing mental activities together, and you feel safe with each other in
taking conversations to a deep, intimate level. You likely feel comfortable revealing personal
secrets to each other.

Gemini's Mercury sextile Leo's Chiron:

You support each other's interests in alternative healing, and provide each other with insights into
the significance of your past wounds.

Leo's Mercury square Gemini's Ascendant:

Misunderstandings are not uncommon with this aspect, as you both tend to misinterpret each
other's attempts at communication. Avoid this potential for misunderstanding by double-checking
important communications with each other.

Gemini's Venus trine Leo's Neptune:

This aspect brings a refined energy into your relationship, and you become sensitive to the subtle
realms of your energy with each other. A peaceful feeling flows between the two of you, and you
can enjoy the arts, music, and spiritual activities together.

Gemini's Venus sextile Leo's Pluto:

The current of sexual magnetism between the two of you runs deep. You both heal effectively from
wounding times together, giving your relationship strong regenerative abilities. Money and financial
dealings with each other are also favored.

Leo's Venus sextile Gemini's North Node:

Your values and tastes are in harmony with one another, and you are naturally attracted to activities
that lead to mutual soul growth.

Gemini's Venus opposition Leo's Jupiter:

It is not always easy to find ways to socialize together. What one of you considers a
growth-oriented activity, the other might not value at all. When you do get together, there is the risk
of encouraging each other's excessive behavior.

Gemini's Venus square Leo's Mars:

There is a magnetic spark between you, without a doubt, but it is sometimes rough and has an
edge. This is good for passion, but is volatile because so many of your values about male/female
roles in a relationship clash.

Leo's Mars conjunct Gemini's Chiron:

Leo provides Gemini with great motivation to get beyond old wounds, but not much sympathy.
Gemini can alternately feel the courage to move toward healing from Leo, and at other times, can
feel defenseless in stopping Leo from aggravating old wounds.

Leo's Mars opposition Gemini's Uranus:

This is another aspect that requires skill to avoid the danger. Wild, unexpected conflicts can rise up
between the two of you like spring thunderstorms, so you have to be careful not to set each other
off. You can encourage reckless behavior in each other unless you learn to handle these surges of
intense energy that flare up between the two of you.

Leo's Mars opposition Gemini's Ascendant:

Conflicts erupt when Gemini feels picked on or badgered by Leo Conversely, Leo becomes
irritated by Gemini's approach to situations.

Gemini's Jupiter conjunct Leo's Chiron:

You learn from your relationship how important a person's philosophy and beliefs are in terms of
the creating and healing of wounds. Through this firsthand experience, you may be drawn to
teaching others how to liberate their relationships by changing their beliefs.

Leo's Jupiter trine Gemini's Pluto:

You can support and take part in mutual interests in travel, education, philosophy, and mysticism.
You encourage each other to reach for goals that benefit society as well as yourselves.

Gemini's Jupiter opposition Leo's Uranus:

Although this combination promotes a great deal of excitement, you too easily encourage each
other into rash and even reckless behavior. There is an unfounded feeling of luck that encourages
risk taking that can be disastrous. Arguments can flair up over political and religious issues that you
are not likely to see eye to eye on.

Gemini's Jupiter opposition Leo's Ascendant:

Many disagreements can erupt because your basic beliefs about so many life issues are at odds
with each other. These arguments aren't so hot as to be threatening, with Jupiter involved, but Leo
can experience Gemini 's beliefs about education, religion, and politics to be way off base.

Leo's Saturn trine Gemini's Uranus:

This combination is favorable for working together to fulfill responsibilities of any kind. Gemini
encourages Leo to be innovative in career considerations, while Leo helps ground Gemini's ideas.

Leo's Saturn trine Gemini's Ascendant:

This is a stabilizing aspect for all relationships. Leo is patient with Gemini and can be a source of
guidance without being heavy-handed. Gemini helps Leo stay focused on manifesting ambitions and
goals. This combination is excellent for being able to work through the difficult times together on
any type of commitment.

Leo's Saturn square Gemini's Pluto:

With this aspect, there can be a deep mistrust of each other that will have to be addressed before
the relationship can proceed. Leo resents Gemini's way of taking control of power. Gemini feels
Leo is attempting to sabotage situations by resistance. Until you work through these issues of
mistrust, the threatening feelings you both have may sabotage your attempts to have a healthy

Gemini's Saturn square Leo's Uranus:

There is tension from Gemini wanting to maintain the status quo and Leo wanting change. Gemini
feels Leo is a loose cannon and disruptive to what is going on. Leo becomes frustrated by Gemini's
narrow thinking.

Gemini's Saturn square Leo's Ascendant:

Leo feels disempowered by Gemini 's disapproval. You can both feel disrespected for what you
stand for. The relationship feels strained unless you overcome your judgments of each other.

Gemini's Saturn square Leo's Chiron:

You tend to undermine each other's attempts to move beyond old wounds. You may make
judgments about each other's insecurities and fears, exacerbating the problem, rather than helping.
Be aware that advice you give is not likely to be well received; it is best to talk less and listen more
to each other's fears and insecurities.

Leo's Uranus opposition Gemini's Chiron:

Here, we have two rebels with two different causes. An example would be two people who both
rebelled against traditional health care and found their own, but different, alternative paths. Until
you can honor these differences, the tendency to look at each other's path as eccentric at best, and
as having little merit, will certainly be felt as challenging.

Leo's Neptune conjunct Gemini's North Node:

This combination is extremely favorable for mutual spiritual and soul growth. When Leo is on track
with the highest expression of Leo's spirituality, this is perfectly aligned with Gemini's path for soul
growth. Deep interest in mysticism, spirituality, and the transcendent states of consciousness is
likely. If neither of you is focusing on your own spiritual growth, this manifests as leading each other
down illusionary paths.

Leo's Neptune sextile Gemini's Pluto:

Your interactions with each other invariably help you both rise above the petty, lower currents of
reality. If you attempt to meditate together, you will feel as if you are being lifted up on unseen

Gemini's Neptune sextile Leo's Ascendant:

This is a favorable aspect that allows Gemini to help Leo rise above petty issues, and Leo to help
Gemini follow spiritual and creative vision. Involvements in the arts and spiritual activity together
are highly favored.

Gemini's Pluto conjunct Leo's Ascendant:

This is a powerful and transformative combination that, if used wisely, can help you both shed what
you are not, and become what you are meant to be. Gemini 's will has a tremendous impact and
influence on Leo's outlook on life. The low road would lead to manipulative behavior by Gemini
with this influence.

Leo's Pluto sextile Gemini's North Node:

Your relationship constantly brings you back to the high road of your individual soul paths. You
support each other's deep work and draw hidden strength to stay open to transformational work.
There is a feeling that you are part of the same soul family, a deeply supportive and strangely
familiar tie.

Gemini's Pluto square Leo's North Node:

A karmic pattern of mistrust must be faced to avoid the undermining influence of this aspect. If
issues of mistrust exist, put them on the table and clear the issues before proceeding. Overcome the
tendency to let these issues putrefy beneath the surface, which can breed all types of ill feelings.

Gemini's Ascendant sextile Leo's North Node:

This allows for an easy, growth-oriented approach to life together. Your natural pursuits and
interests support each other's soul growth.

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From: fayetteville, ar usa
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posted October 13, 2006 11:38 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for juliuh     Edit/Delete Message
Oh wow! Thank you so much

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