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  How do you do a complete sex-related reading??

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Author Topic:   How do you do a complete sex-related reading??

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posted October 23, 2006 12:44 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for GeminiLover75     Edit/Delete Message
I know about Mars and Venus, but how do you interpret a natal chart to get a complete picture of a person's sexuality - likes, dislikes, how to approach, etc?

For example, myself (I'm not shy, lol)! I have sun in Taurus, moon in Scorpio, Sag ascendant, Venus in Gemini, Mars in Pisces. My boyfriend has sun in Gemini, moon in Aries, Aries ascendant, Venus in Gemini, Mars in Aquarius. By these placements I know our basic natures and how this relates to sex. But what would give me a more detailed picture? I guess my problem is that I don't know how to approach him or what the best way is to initiate or even encourage... I usually leave it to him to be the initiator (suits me usually because I would rather be chased - haha)!

Should I post some charts?

Either way I'm not just interested in myself and his charts, I'd like to know how to interpret these things generally if anyone can help!

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posted October 23, 2006 03:33 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for OzMeg222     Edit/Delete Message
Oh yeah I'm interested in that too! Help us someone! Please?

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posted October 23, 2006 03:51 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for and     Edit/Delete Message
hmm, venus/mars are typical places to look, maybe look at the ruler of the 8th house...

lets say sagittarius was in your 8th house, look at jupiter, and its sign and house...

this is a shot in the dark of course, venus/mars and houses will always be the best bet...

eh, post your charts, that helps..

also, does free sex/love readings.

"WHATEVER the soul longs for, WILL be attained by the spirit"

"Love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation"

-Khalil Gibran

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posted October 23, 2006 04:14 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for GeminiLover75     Edit/Delete Message
Wow, thanks for pointing out the free reports! I just looked at the free reports for me and my boyfriend... very enlightening! I'd love to be able to see the full reports!


Ascendant in Sagittarius

For you, love is an opportunity for endless sport, mirth and enjoyment, to be taken in generous helpings and with gusto.

It is not the method or technique of loving that turns you on as much as the sheer joy of mutual participation with your partner.

Remember, you probably have much more stamina than most, so you may inadvertently wear your partner out with your abundant energy. Find out just what your lover likes and dislikes, so that you do not stray into forbidden territory unintentionally.

Sun in Taurus

You are a meat-and-potatoes person when it comes to loving, possessing both consistency and endurance.

You are very good-hearted and generous with your lover and will go to any length to lavish favors on your partner. In return, you expect great loyalty and consistency more than physical generosity, although you do prefer a physically demonstrative partner.

You would do well to choose a lover who is emotionally adaptable, for you are not one to give in very much.

The ideal partner for you would be someone who enjoys sexual variety, someone who can introduce you to new and exciting forms of lovemaking.

Unlike some others, you seldom fall into the trap of jealousy, for you value your lover's feelings about you more than technical chastity or faithfulness. For this reason, you are one of the most easy-going partners a person could have.

Sun in the Fifth House

For you, lovemaking is a positive and enjoyable form of recreation.

You do not sharply separate your love life from the rest of your pursuits, and much of the same pleasure you derive from sex you also get from other forms of recreation and social contact.

Your lover should be as much a free spirit as you, if you are to make the best use of your personal and sexual creativity. As long as you give yourself plenty of room, sex will always be a source of happiness and joy.

Moon in Scorpio

You are especially sharp at focusing on what is important in a situation, particularly in a long-term affair, and acting upon it accordingly.

This ability may be helpful in the long run, but it may cause you to miss some opportunities if you wait too long for a potential lover to open up to you.

Very likely you will choose a partner who takes life less seriously than you do, someone who will provide daily happiness and let you handle the larger problems.

In an ideal relationship, you may totally transcend your personality in sexual consummation, making it an almost religious experience.

Moon in the Eleventh House

You will be most attracted to a lover who has a good deal of class and breeding, and you do all you can to help the person you love become more successful in the world. Indeed, your own presence and style have this effect.

You have a certain ability to create social harmony among disparate people and can turn a lackluster gathering into a good party. It's fine that you enjoy such social occasions, but don't neglect those intimate moments alone with your lover.

You may renew relationships with old flames periodically throughout your life.

Venus in Gemini

You enjoy delicacy and finesse in love, and you treasure the touch of an experienced and thoughtful lover. The softer and more ethereal the physical quality of love, the more you respond to it.

However, you also appreciate being told how much you are loved. Not everyone can express loving feelings so fluently, however, so do not feel rejected if your lover is not verbally affectionate.

Love at its best is a happy, sometimes complicated game of constantly changing stimuli, but underlying it is a much simpler emotional base of mutual friendship and companionship.

Venus in the Sixth House

You appreciate well-crafted lovemaking, and you admire a lover who works at improving your relationship and refining the gentle art of love.

Although you and your partner should be equal within the relationship, equality is not necessarily your ideal in lovemaking itself. You may be particularly pleased by a lover who serves you or, on the other hand, one whom you serve and obey sexually.

Mars in Pisces

You have a particularly subtle form of active sexual expression that requires a rather sensitive lover in order to bring it out most fully.

You are capable of great self-sacrifice as an enjoyable outlet for tendencies that might be extreme in everyday life. Just remember where the bedroom ends, so that in other areas of the relationship you can be equals.

Your relationship will be most enjoyable when there is a high degree of unspoken understanding between you.

Mars in the Fourth House

You tend to be a careful and thoughtful lover who creates an all-encompassing sexual experience for your partner. You are able to transmit a certain intimacy and security through lovemaking that few others can achieve.

To enhance this quality, you should express your love in somewhat protected, familiar circumstances that complement your style.

Although your sexual technique is pretty fundamental, your manner of loving has considerable strength, and your partner can always depend on you in a pinch. You will be happiest with a lover who considers you a sort of parent figure, although to be just that would be unwise.


Ascendant in Aries

With this position you are likely to be quite aggressive in relationships. You tend to take the lead in exploring and developing the relationship.

Your main concern is to get to the essence, physical or emotional, of the affair. Physical foreplay is not so important to you, but you should try not to be impatient with your lover in this.

This position makes you stand out in a room full of people. But for a permanent partner, you should find someone who is quieter and more reticent in order to balance your dominant tendencies.

You are best suited to someone who will let you take the initiative.

Sun in Gemini

You have the potential for a broad variety of sexual experiences. This does not mean that you require a number of lovers to achieve happiness. It would be wise to choose a partner who enjoys experimentation or is willing to learn and to try whatever you dream up.

For you, sex is recreation more than a personal statement, and you need a partner with an equally lighthearted approach who will become involved with you in other ways as well.

It is unusually important to you that your lover be your friend, because sex alone is simply not enough. Your most fulfilling moments come when you are deeply in touch with your lover, and this does not happen in the bedroom alone.

Sun in the Second House

Your style of loving is very concrete, and you go out of your way to give your lover tangible evidence of your affections.

Similarly, the highest values you seek in a lover are faithfulness and loyalty, qualities you are most willing to demonstrate once you have chosen the person you feel is just right for you.

It takes you quite a while to really settle into a relationship. Once that is done, you are a model of steadfastness.

Whatever the twists and turns of fate, your perseverance can pull a relationship through its most difficult hours to achieve the goal you value most - a solid, enduring union of souls.

Moon in Aries

You are a highly responsive person who tends to make lightning decisions in matters of the heart.

With you, an affair does not usually build up gradually; it begins full force and continues with high-keyed intensity. Your lover may not have as much energy and may find your pace wearing after a time.

You have a special talent for keeping the spirit of an affair fresh.

A natural leader in love, you always have fresh and interesting ways to express yourself and your affections. Just be sure that your partner can keep up with your stride.

Moon in the Twelfth House

You must be careful not to be too hasty in responding to a lover, and always think twice before committing yourself outright about any matter. There are many times when it is better to spare your lover's feelings by not rushing in and telling the whole truth, even though you feel you should.

No matter what kind of affair you are in, it will take a good deal of soul searching to discover your lover's and your own true emotional motives. Hidden actions and attitudes have to be uncovered and sorted out, but the reward is a deep level of mutual self- understanding that few others achieve.

For you, a truly successful love relationship is one that is intensely uplifting, even cathartic.

Venus in Gemini

You enjoy delicacy and finesse in love, and you treasure the touch of an experienced and thoughtful lover. The softer and more ethereal the physical quality of love, the more you respond to it.

However, you also appreciate being told how much you are loved. Not everyone can express loving feelings so fluently, however, so do not feel rejected if your lover is not verbally affectionate.

Love at its best is a happy, sometimes complicated game of constantly changing stimuli, but underlying it is a much simpler emotional base of mutual friendship and companionship.

Venus in the Second House

You like being surrounded by fine objects of great value, and a sumptuous setting adds immensely to your enjoyment of lovemaking.

However, you are most comfortable in a relatively secure setting where you know you will not be disturbed. Too much spontaneity makes you somewhat uneasy and detracts from your enjoyment.

Although you may put particular value on a partner with a fine appearance and high social standing, do not forget that diamonds in the rough may be worth far more than polished gems, if you take the time to refine them.

Mars in Aquarius

Your style of expression is multifaceted, and you focus on exploring a number of forms of fulfillment rather than developing one particular area. Ideally, you should find a partner who wants to be as wide-ranging as you are, combining variety with truly satisfying intimacy.

You go out of your way to discover and fulfill all your lover's fantasies. But be sure to avoid jealous lovers, for you must remain free to express your personality, even if you do not choose to exercise that freedom.

Mars in the Tenth House

You will find that whether or not you seek it, your activities, both in and out of the bedroom, attract attention from others.

Your love affairs may have a strong effect on how you handle your career, and you may stand to benefit greatly from your love associations.

If your love life does become involved with your professional life, make sure the relationship promises to be lasting and enjoyable, because a breakup for emotional or sexual reasons could mean catastrophe for both of you in several areas.

On the other hand, you may be so preoccupied with your career that you have little time for personal intimacy. In that case it is best to schedule regular "breaks" to give yourself the chance for needed personal expression.

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posted October 23, 2006 04:17 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for and     Edit/Delete Message
yeah its pretty informative...

"WHATEVER the soul longs for, WILL be attained by the spirit"

"Love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation"

-Khalil Gibran

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posted October 23, 2006 05:15 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for GeminiLover75     Edit/Delete Message
Very accurate... thanks so much again for pointing it out!

I also just read somewhere that the eighth house can also indicate specific sexual tastes... I must look into that. hehe

Ok. Just looked... for him, how would I interpret Scorpio on the 8th house cusp, with Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Sagittarius in the 8th also? He has had a very wide range of experiences, no wonder with all that Jupiter going on... and he does like to try different things. Ok, makes sense...

And then for me, Cancer on the 8th house cusp, intercepted with Leo? No planets there. I'm at a loss... is it telling me I like boobs?

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posted October 23, 2006 08:20 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Azalaksh     Edit/Delete Message
GL75 ~

Find someone with the Magi software (I don't have it -- the following are from someone's synastry report) -- they say Juno is the planet of sexual relations..... here are a few example interps:

Linkage: ROM/R= +180. SEX/R= +190. CMPT/R= +160. SEXUAL ROMANCE LINKAGE. This is both a Sexual Linkage and a Romance Linkage. The overall attraction that this linkage creates is actually stronger than any Sexual Linkage because this linkage creates romantic attachment that the other Sexual Linkages do not.

Linkage: ROM/R= +100. SEX/R= +200. CMPT/R= +105. JUNO SUPER SEXUAL LINKAGE. ROMANTIC SUPER SEXUAL LINKAGE. THE GENNIFER FLOWERS/BILL CLINTON JUNO LINKAGE. Because Neptune forms this linkage with Juno, and Neptune rules anything that is long-term in nature, this is one of the few Juno Linkages that result in long-term attraction. The attraction is both sexual and romantic because Neptune is a Romance Planet. But like almost all Juno Linkages, this one creates illusions about the relationship and each other so this is not a good linkage to have unless you also have both Chiron Linkages and Jupiter Linkages. This is especially a problem since with this linkage, the illusions last a long time. Just ask Gennifer Flowers.

There are circumstances when this is actually a good linkage to have. If the two of you also have both Chiron and Jupiter Linkages, then this linkage can be helpful in fostering a long term union because the Jupiter and Chiron linkages create the love and loyalty, and this linkage helps you to keep the dreams and illusions a couple needs to get through the inevitable hard times and stay together. The only other linkage formed by Juno with this characteristic is the Chiron/Juno linkage.

Linkage: ROM/R= +65. SEX/R= +199. CMPT/R= +70. SEXUAL LINKAGE. This is one of the three Sexual Linkages. Each Sexual Linkage has its own hallmark. The distinct characteristic of this one is that it is the least romantic of the Sexual Linkages. This is the one that makes sex more like sex as opposed to making love. This is also the only Sexual Linkage that can burn out completely after an extended period of fabulous sex. The great sex of other Sexual Linkages can last decades while this linkage can fizzle out completely in a few years or less.

Linkage: ROM/R= +190. SEX/R= +300. CMPT/R= +155. LIFETIME PARTNERSHIP LINKAGE. ULTIMATE LONG-TERM SEXUAL LINKAGE. CHIRON LINKAGE. Normally, a linkage formed with Juno results in a Juno Linkage and creates attraction based on some kind of dream that is just an illusion about your relationship and each other. In other words, a Juno Linkage casts a Juno Spell over you. Fortunately, sooner or later during good transits, the Juno Spell can be broken and you wake up from the spell; when you do, the attraction you felt fizzles out and you want out of the relationship.

But this linkage is not that way.

This is not a Juno Linkage but this is a Chiron Linkage because Chiron overpowers Juno's bewitching power. Like most Juno Linkages, this Chiron Linkage does create sexual attraction and need, but unlike Juno Linkages, the attraction and need last a lifetime. You will feel like you are under a Juno Spell but it is different because this linkage comes with romantic attraction that also lasts a lifetime. For both these reasons, this is the one of the most powerful linkages at creating lifelong relationships.

Like Juno Linkages, this linkage also fosters mutual dreams and mutual illusions - but in this case, they just about never die, and therefore help the two of you to stay together even in the worst of times.

If the two of you also have other Chiron Linkages, and you are both each other's type, or not too far from it, then you could fall in love and the chances are very high you will have a very long-term relationship.

Even if you are not each other's type, the romantic and sexual attraction and the dreams and illusions this linkage produces can help the two of you to overlook problems as well as each other's shortcomings, and therefore you may still end up in love. However, this is just one single Chiron Linkage and it is not all the two of you need and unless you also have a Romantic Super Linkage or great Grand Trines, your relationship will be just about always a challenge - because relationships founded on Juno are always a challenge.

Linkage: ROM/R= +115. SEX/R= +300. CMPT/R= +50. ULTIMATE SUPER SEXUAL LINKAGE. JUNO SUPER LINKAGE. ORGASM LINKAGE. This Juno Linkage is found more often between two lovers than any other linkage. It creates the highest level of sexual attraction and NEED, and it also helps to create the conditions and circumstances necessary for intimate sexual contact to actually occur, whether the two of you are both single or even both married to someone else. This is one reason why Juno rules the AFFAIR.

The major shortcoming of this linkage is that it is a Juno Linkage and all Juno Linkages are deceptive and fleeting in nature - the sexual attraction and need created by this linkage will not last long. While it lasts, you are in lahlah land and all you dream about is having sex with this person; it is as if you are under a spell, and you are. You are under a JUNO SPELL. All Juno Linkages cast spells and all spells will be broken sooner or later. When this spell breaks, if you do not have other strong linkages with this person, you will wonder what you were doing and unless the two of you have Chiron or Vesta Linkages and other strong linkages, your relationship will fall apart.

Venus, Mars and Pluto, the three Sexual Planets, rule sexual ATTRACTION, but Juno rules SEXUAL RELATIONS. The sexual power of Juno Linkages is next to none. In fact, the sexual power of Juno Linkages is overwhelming.

Before Juno Linkages came along, the three Sexual Planets Venus, Mars and Pluto linked with each other to form Sexual Linkages and these linkages were the most powerful at creating sexual attraction. But when Juno entered our astrological lives, we learned that Juno immediately dominated everything in our lives related to sex and overpowered all of the three Sexual Planets. The three Sexual Planets are all rulers of Sexual Attraction. But Juno is the MATING PLANET; Juno is the SEXUAL SPELL PLANET. Juno is ruler of INTIMACY, SEXUAL INTERCOURSE, ORGASMS and the need for orgasms.

Juno represents having orgasms together.

The difference between Juno and the Sexual Planets can be explained this way:

The Sexual Planets are limited in their sexual power because they only rule sexual ATTRACTION. But attraction between two persons does not mean they will actually become lovers. Two persons can be sexually and romantically attracted to each other and yet never ever actually become lovers. Virtually everyone has had an experience where there was strong mutual attraction but intimacy never occurred. The reason was Sexual Aspects involving only the Sexual Planets but no Juno Linkages.

On the other hand, Juno not merely creates the strongest attraction, it also creates the SEXUAL NEED AND OVERWHELMING DESIRE to have sex with the person.

Juno has dominion over all forms of physical intimacy, including making love. Juno rules the actual sex act and having orgasms. For this reason, unless two persons have a Juno Linkage, they are unlikely to ever make love or have sex together, even if they have a ton of Sexual Linkages and Romance Linkages.

To put it another way:

Juno creates something that the three Sexual Planets do not. Juno creates sexual NEED and ATTACHMENT. It is one thing to be sexually attracted to someone, and it is a whole different condition to NEED someone sexually. Whereas Chiron creates emotional need such as needing someone's love, Juno represents sexual needs such as feeling sexually unfulfilled without being able to have sex with a person, and incessantly dreaming about the person in a sexual way. It is a Juno Spell. This can be good or bad depending on all the rest of the linkages and clashes the two of you form.

One final and important note: the attraction and need created by this linkage is often fleeting. Sometimes it lasts just one weekend (oh what a weekend it was). Whenever you have this Juno Linkage with anyone, you should always remember that Juno is ruler of the AFFAIR, and has nothing to do with true love. There cannot be love without Chiron Linkages.

Kinda makes you shiver, doesn't it??


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