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  QUESTION...What does a grand kite in a composite chart mean?

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Author Topic:   QUESTION...What does a grand kite in a composite chart mean?
posted November 08, 2006 05:12 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
okay- here's the deal- me and my boyfriend have been dating for 7 monthsk, living together for one month- and i was just looking over our charts and i noticed a grand kite made up of venus trine jupiter and pluto- opposite neptune which is sextile jupiter and pluto- i'm just curious as to what this indicates, i haven't heard much about it. oh and if possible, could someone do a basic analysis of our charts... i just want to know if there's any major potential between us...THANKS!!!
here's the info...
me- 7/24/1986 4:03pm chicago, il
him- 3/26/1985 6:29am chicago, il


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posted November 11, 2006 05:30 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
PART 1 of your Question:
A composite chart is a combination of both charts (which are merged, using mathematics) and it's read in the same way as a normal natal chart.
Grand Trine/Kite
The kite configuration consists of a grand trine one of whose three planets is in opposition to a fourth, which sextiles the other two. This fourth planet serves as an avenue for the expression of the grand trine's creative potential in the outer world; and the configuration thus is conducive to greater success.
Since the most powerful aspects are the angular ones: 0, 90, 180
The opposition in a kite will dominate the effects of the trines.
With this question, you are well into chart interpretation territory, rather than "simple question, simple answer" territory. There are so many different things that can occur in astrology that they could not all be covered in books. So, what we do is learn to interpret from the unique chart.
However, upon reflection, I can offer a suggestion: the point of the kite is the planet where you can go for information about how to get out of an endless loop you're in with your partner. A grand trine offers a great deal in the way of harmony, talent and reward; but it can create cyclical patterns that are difficult to get out of. So the point of the kite -- a planet that's located exactly between two points of the trine -- is the place to look for information about how to get free of the cycle.
Study everything by house and sign placement, and house rulership! The house that the kite planet rules (based on the sign located on the cusp) will tell you a lot about the subject matter it represents.
The Kite configuration is an extension of the Grand Trine. There is a
fourth planet that opposes one of the three Trine planets. Kites will
always be in the same polarity, either masculine (Fire and Air) or
feminine (Earth and Water).
The influence of the Kite pattern is similar to Grand Trines with added motivation
and potential. The opposition is especially productive in spurring
individuals to utilize the opportunities and gifts offered up by the
Grand Trine. Oppositions, however, are not always the best at creating
actions without having another individual involved in the process. The
opposition influence is not self-sufficient but, instead is interaction
oriented, by nature. At its best, the Opposition provides a sense of
bearing and of spotlight. For the Kite configuration, the planet in the
Grand Trine that is being opposed becomes the focal point. Think of the
Trine as being a type of cross bow with the sextile aspect being the
bowstring. The arrow would be the opposition reaching across the chart,
from the sextiles to the tip of the Trines. The quiver end of the arrow
sets the stage, while the blade of the arrow guides the individual in
the direction for action. Check out the house and sign where the two
trines and the opposition meet up to develop a better understanding of
that focal point.
While the individual with a Grand Trine might generally have an easier
time in life, the individual may lack a sense of purpose, awareness or
perspective until they are made aware of the Grand Trines potentials.
On the other hand, The individual with the Kite is likely to sense that
there is something more, but may not be aware of how to tap into their
talents. Consistently finding the motivation for the best expression of
that Kite configuration may be the more difficult task for the

On to PART 2 of your Question:
You- 7/24/1986 4:03pm chicago, il
him- 3/26/1985 6:29am chicago, il

Over all.. you guys have an amazing ability to communicate your desires and needs to one another. I can say that there seems to be a deep attachement between you two, and no matter what happened/happens this will finish in a gloriously dramatic way. Always there for each-other...the bond is so strong
You two will have some major combustable arguments and fights. He will be more jealous than you and act more childish but on the flip-side he is much more spiritually aware and He will help you grow spiritually, oh yeah! Can we say Spiritual exploration... Problems arise when brutal honesty enters the picture... Long term- you guys will always be friends perhaps not marriage bound but a lifetime friendship can be SOooooo rewarding- um yeah, "special friend" benefits too. My Personal Advice: Explore Tantra with this man there are workshops/classes across the United States as well as Books, Videos, and Tapes available at any chain bookstore or holistic store. You will be pleasantly rewarded!
I hope this is beneficial to you
Your Friend in Spirit

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posted May 09, 2013 11:38 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for expressivelyme     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Wow, what an incredibly thorough and insightful interpretation! I wish I had you to interpret all the charts of everyone I know... You have a great, unique perspective in both parts of your answer. (:

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Welcome! Wow, you waited two years to post?

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posted January 11, 2014 03:07 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for mztiny     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
I have the same kite formation with a new guy, different planets/houses..can someone weight in for me please?

me- 06/09/72 11:06a Macon,GA
him - 01/07/72 5:30p Gaithersburg,MD

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mztiny, welcome to LINDALAND!!

I think it would be best to ask in Personal Readings about this. It would also help to post the charts. If you do not know how to, go here:

(2nd announcement)

Good luck!

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