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  When it's time to let go?

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Author Topic:   When it's time to let go?

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posted October 15, 2007 02:22 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for scorpluv     Edit/Delete Message
Hey Guys,

It's been a really long time since I've posted last but I have some serious issues that have been popping up lately. Over the weekend I celebrated with a couple of girlfriends my friends birthday... To make a long story short, the birthday girl brought along some friends and I brought a friend of mine... Well, apparently my friend and her friends didn't exactly see eye to eye and got into a fist fight... The fight escalated so bad that we almost were arrested... Now, I have several people upset at me for bringing my friend, saying she was the one that started the fight... In actually it was not my friend but the other girls that started the whole thing.. My question is, dispite my best efforts my friend continues to think in an immature way, though she is 25 years old and my other friends are truly judgmental people that had less than savory things to say about my friend... Unfortunately I am stuck in the middle of these fiasco and none of it is my fault nor the birthday girls fault... but obviously everyone is upset at us... What should I do? My instinct is to cut everyone out but I've known them all for so long... Can anyone look at my chart to see if there are some changes up ahead as far as friendships go? Lately I've just had the feeling that all the people I considered friends aren't exactly what I thought they were... I NEED HELP!!!

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posted October 16, 2007 03:02 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for PaidVacation     Edit/Delete Message
This sounds like a natal chart issue. Your instinct is to quit and start over when relationships get tough. You need to establish some boundaries and express your expectations to your friends. You'll probably have to accept that people are going to be mad at you about the incident and possibly what you expect of them. Relationships are work. Cultivate integrity by sticking to your principles.

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posted October 16, 2007 06:32 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for purple_scorp     Edit/Delete Message
Hi scorpluv,

I haven't been here for ages either, and for some reason, your post caught my eye.

I am not expert enough to give you a natal interpretation, and I don't know you at all - but as I said, this post caught my eye. I did pull an Tao Oracle (I-Ching) card asking what you needed to do about the situation with your friends.

I drew 28 - Excess. The keywords for this card are: stress, overload, exhaustion, obsessiveness, gluttony, burdens, worries, the breaking point.

The artwork on the card depicts a person who is on their knees, literally crawling with a very-pained look on their face. They are carrying a pile of rocks (with some bricks in between the cracks - thrown in for good measure).

But there is hope, for floating just above the topmost rock is a white feather!

Obviously, you are the person with the boulders on your shoulders! What does the feather represent???? I think in this case, your spirit (inner guide) but are you listening to it?

Let me quote some text from the accompanying book: "Undoubtedly, somewhere along the way you have chosen to ignore your own limitations. Waking up to the reality now can be disturbing. Up to this point you might have adopted a grin-and-bear-it attitude. But now, like it or not, the situation needs to be changed."

Isn't the Universe great - it places the necessary events in our path so that we can deal with deap-seated issues.

The message of the card is to reground and take responsibility for how you think and how you act.

Again from the text......"The key to learning the lessons that lie within a situation of Excess is to look in the mirror with unwavering honesty. There is no need for confessions, blame, or shame - and by not attempting to save face, the artificial facade crumbles and all that is extraneous falls away."

What is your friend's behaviour here to teach you? Is it projecting something of yoursElf that you perhaps don't admire?

I see that this is a friendship(s) that you should consider cutting for it causes you nothing but burden.

I think that your doubt has been brewing for some time, and this latest incident was perhaps just a timely event that brought the situation to the forefront.

Think back.....I'm sure there have been other situations that you've not been too pleased with but have overlooked them.

Well, this time, you are at the breaking point. Nothing can be the same from here.

White feathers to me, always indicate a sign from the other side. Is it possible you have someone around you (a spirit) that is giving you guidance but you are not listening?

Perhaps take a moment to meditate (or just take some quiet time, alone). Listen to your heart. Write a list of pros and cons of the friendship if you have to.

We each have the answers we need, inside of us.

If you choose to continue to carry those rocks, you need a strategy to help, or your back will certainly break.

Sorry, this post has gone around in circles a bit. I hope that some small part of it resonates for you.

with love

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