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Author Topic:   Love, Solar Return Style?

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posted September 08, 2009 09:35 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for downtomars     Edit/Delete Message
I have posted many times that I am “not looking for love” and “not interested in dating right now” and that I am “focused on school and a career”. Well, while looking up career stuff in my solar return chart I noticed that I had a few lovey-dovey like things that stood out like:

1) s. AC conj n. Venus – It is a wide conjunction (orb7) but hmm, will I look pretty(-ier, lol)? Actually that means that my s. AC is conjunct n. DC as well, is it that year? I’ll find out, I have 10 Ύ months to find out!
2) s. Venus conj n. Mars – orb 3 - not too bad. So would this be like Venus joining Mars in my 5th temporarily, for the year? Venus and Mars in the 5th sounds promising…
3) s. Mars conj n. Juno – orb 1 - whoa. That is pretty cool. Cool because Juno and Mars are both in my 5th natally but not conjunct.
4) s. Psyche conj n. Psyche – orb 3 – a Psyche return year. Psyche is in my 1st house natally and in my 7th in my solar return chart. Psyche = soul love? “Soul seeking completion” is what I have read…hmm…

Then, I started looking up love and sex asteroids like a mad woman and found this stuff:

1) s. Lust conj n. Psyche – orb 7 – it is wide but, hey, why not?
2) s. Lust conj n. AC – orb 3 – Lust is in my solar 7th
3) s. Valentine conj n. Sun – orb 1 – Valentine is in my solar 1st conj Sun in natal 7th
4) s. Valentine conj n. Mercury – orb 0
5) s. Valentine conj n. Karma – orb 0
6) s. Valentine conj n. Destinn - exact
7) s. Venus conj n. Lovejoy – orb 2
8) s. Lovejoy conj n. Sun – orb 1 – Lovejoy is in my solar 1st conj Sun in natal 7th
9) s. Lovejoy conj n. Mercury – orb 0
10) s. Lovejoy conj s. Valentine – orb 3 - in my solar 1st house conj natal 7th
11) s. Kama conj n. Moon – orb 4
12) s. Jupiter conj n. Kama – orb 3 - Jupiter is in my solar 8th, lots of good sex???
13) s. Union conj n. Saturn – orb 2
14) s. Union conj n. NN – orb 0
15) s. Union conj n. Vertex – orb 7
16) s. Union conj n. Union – orb 4
17) s. Saturn conj n. Union – orb 4
18) s. Venus conj. n. Nike - orb 0 - Triumphant in love?
19) s. Charis conj. n. Juno - orb 1
20) s. Ceres conj. n. Angel - orb 3
21) s. Lovas conj. n. NN - orb 4
22) s. Lovas conj. n. Vertex - orb 2
23) s. Lovas conj. n. Lilith - orb 1
24) s. Lova conj. n. Sun - orb 1
25) s. Lova conj. n. Mercury - orb 2
26) s. Lova conj. n. Destinn - orb 2

Here are some crazy ones:

1) s. Lick conj n. Jupiter – orb 0 – aww yeah, just as I suspected, lol (see: s. Jupiter conj n. Kama)
2) s. Venus conj n. Lick – orb 0 – this is getting too funny!
3) s. Child conj n. Child – orb 1 - …not so funny (maybe a little, lol) Guess I have to be careful - I won’t have too much fun! Uh-oh, and my Solar return Moon is in the 5th! Aahhh!

I compared this to other years and found that there aren’t as many love related conjunctions anywhere. Am I just imagining things or does this seem like it will be a “love year”?

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posted September 18, 2009 12:23 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for MsCandeh     Edit/Delete Message

I'm no good at interpreting but I will give you my thoughts on Psyche cj Psyche.

I think... in synastry ... this is a very good connection to have (soul seeking completion).

In transits however.. it may be that you turn inwards and do some soul-searching .. towards your own soul healing/completion... does that make sense?

I only say this because I also have sPsyche cj nPsyche within 1 degree, but am going through a major inward soul-thing at the moment, that people around me are left speechless by some of the err.. soulful things that are coming out of my mouth

I think we must be around the same age??

Also, what's the significance of Lova, Lovas - do they mean love? If I find any more love/sex asteroids I am going to go insane! astrodienst can't handle all the asteroid names I'm charting up (yes I have crashed Internet Explorer ... but this was a crappy computer to start off with)

Venus cj your ascendant could be that you are projecting out your love, interests, beauty. It could mean that you attract love and beauty into your life as well.

Venus and Mars are always hot .. again with this being a year-long influence transit.. and in the 5th.. AND with child cj child (LOL) .. use protection

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posted September 19, 2009 11:14 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for downtomars     Edit/Delete Message
Thank you for your interpretations Ms Candeh!

I turned 30 this year, is that a Psyche return year? Maybe we have discovered a new phenomemon - The Psyche Return. You are right though - I think that Psyche conjunct Eros might show more of a love with another more than Psyche conjunct Psyche would.

The Child/Child thing is scary. I will be safe! Lova and Lovas are two of the many love asteroids I have learned about on LindaLand. Actually, I learned about all of the asteroids on LindaLand. Here is my list of "Love Asteroids" and their interpretations. I actually credit the interpretations to the people on this site: Raymond (Glaucus), IQ, Lara, Vesta and I know there are more of you who have defined these asteroids. Claim your interpretation for these listed here:

447 – Valentine – one-on-one relationships of any kind and the urge to form and maintain them
11911 – Angel
37452 – Spirit – Spiritual connections
55555 – DNA – genetics or DNA or things pertaining to them; one's unique identity
3811 – Karma – karmic connections
6583 – Destinn
1247 – Memoria
2101 – Adonis
390 – Alma – the mother
103 - Hera – Greek counterpart of Juno
77 - Frigga – Norse counterpart of Juno
42 - Isis – Egyptian archetypal wife and mother.
76 - Freia – Venus' Norse counterpart
7088 – Ishtar - Venus' Babylonian counterpart
672 - Astarte – Venus' Assyrian counterpart
1487 - Boda – Spanish word meaning "wedding"
4386 - Lust
4950 - House – living together
1585 - Union
306 - Unitas – latin for United
868 - Lova
73511 - Lovas
61342 - Lovejoy
74 – Galatea - object of one's affection
1387 - Kama - Indian god of sexual desire
1 - Ceres – Mother, nuturing, feeding emotional and physical needs. Taking care of each other
3 - Juno – Commited and bonded relationships, marriage, legal ties and protection of rights within the relationship. The external qualities in a woman that are appealing enough to a man to make him propose.
4 - Vesta – Devotion and dedication to beliefs, tantric sex and passion for ritual. Sex as spiritual transformation.
16 - Psyche – Perseverance of love, connection of a psychic nature, awakening of intuition, soul seeking completion.
80 - Sappho – Sexual attraction, deep appreciation of self an others, poetic, artistic, refined and cultured. Very passionate.
433 - Eros – Erotic love, sexual or creative revelation that brings two people together to form a lasting transformation.
763 - Cupido – The look of love, aware of image, being tantalized by the reflection, seeing is exciting or foreboding. Shoots the arrows of initiating love.
1221 - Amor – Love as felt idealisically, romanticize in pure and unconditional thought, not necessarily sexual.
1388 - Aphrodite – Impulsive love and attraction, love inspired by fated events, animosity turning to magnetism, charisma.
1943 - Anteros – The brother of Eros, love returned, or love avenged. The answer to love's longing, a place to finally meet.
2101 - Adonis – Spell bound love, sexual magnetism, the desire to arouse, please and fulfill the beloved. Potent tie.
4450 - Pan – Seductive and earthy sensuality, creative, wily, and likely to instill "panic" to produce change or contact. Pan in Gemini would be verbally seductive, very playful, very light.
193 – Ambrosia – will help you know what would make you want to be immortal, or what would make you elevate yourself to immortal levels
268 - Adorea – where one is adored or receives recognition, if afflicted may indicate false or negative recognition. The name means Glory.
307 – Nike – where we feel triumphant or victorious
627 – Charis – shows where and how one experiences delight; Grace, charisma

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