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Author Topic:   Long complex nightmare

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posted January 27, 2017 12:39 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for chaania     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Hello its my first time posting in astral realms. I want to share and perhaps try to find out the meaning of a crazy dream i had last night.
For a year i did not have such a long, intense and deep dream/nightmare.
Enjoy this fked up nightmare.

It starts with me and my mom entering a room that doesnt have walls, instead there are huge bookshelves that reached the ceiling around. The shelves did not have books though.. they were filled with precious objects.
There was an old man around 50-60 years old, blonde and in a suit that owned all this wealth and was busy looking at some old big black CDS. My mom went to speak with him, and i remember her asking him how he is doing. He told my mom that he owns a music contest and the person that sends him the best CD with music wins. Remember this detail, the ending is weirdly tied to music too. While my mom spoke to him and left the room, i was admiring the objects. He had a lipstick collection, of hundreds of different colors and sizes in a bookshelf. I looked at them amazed, and he grabbed my back, looking at me from a side and he told me smiling: If you want anything, you can have it sweety. I said no thanks...because i dont wear lipstick, i like to be natural. He insisted, but he said that I do indeed have beautiful lips still smiling weirdly. Then he kissed me and i didnt even realize it.
Right in that moment, a small old blonde lady entered the room and saw him kissing me. She just turned around and left quickly. Must have been his wife. The man freaked out, pushed me away and started screaming. He yelled that he will kill himself because his wife saw what he did. I yelled back at him that i will kill myself first instead because i dont care about my life much anyway. I opened the only window from the room and i was getting ready to jump, but he grabbed me again hard still yelling. I yelled at him to calm down because i want to die. He yelled back at me that he wants to die too. Then he panicked and yelled that his wife might want to kill herself because she quickly left. He ran out of the room after her.
My mom entered the room. His wife told her that we kissed. Now my mom was yelling at me how could i dare to kiss him!! I yelled back at her that I DID NOT KISS HIM, he did!! She did not believe me. She was so angry that she called me crazy and ****** up and stupid. I broke in that moment and started crying because i was telling the truth and she was acting horrible. I went insane.

I woke up on the street. I was going to a psychologist that would help me with my traumas. I was broken. I took a bus and tried to talk with a person. But i knew i was not allowed to talk about the old rich guy or even talk about what truly happened because there were people in the city that spyed on me. I had to accept the lie and live with it. I was scared because i didnt know who spyed on me. I talked with that person, while 2 men in the bus were paying a little too much attention to our discussion. I said out loud angry : and there are retards recording everything i say or do. The two men smiled.

I woke up in a hotel bed with a brunette guy, long hair, dark eyes. He was keeping me captive, i knew it and i was scared. He got up, undressed and grabbed a knife. Then he simply told me: lets fuc.k. I complied, now fully awake and sitting in bed looking at him. He sat next to me with the knife, grabbed my foot and started making fine cuts on my ANKLE. I asked him why is he doing this and he said that he is discharging - releasing his issues. He kept cutting until he stopped, smiled at me and pushed me down to actually get it on with me. He couldnt do it. So he sat back next to me, gave me the knife and told me that its my turn. I didnt want to cut him. He said that its okay, i can make a tattoo on his body . I looked at his body and he had a huge tattoo with Satan starting from the chest to his hips. I was terrified and trembling. The rest of his body was filled with symbols. I wanted to tattoo a moon, but i actually couldnt find a free place on his skin. I kept searching. He got angry. Slapped me and i blacked out.

I woke up in a bed again. I knew i now was in a huge house in the middle of nowhere, still kidnapped by this man. He was slightly older with a different haircut. I had to pretend that i felt happy with him and that i loved him everyday. In reality, i was trying to find ways to escape. But it was impossible. I didnt even know the country or year. Looking out of the window, there were mountains around. Nothing else. I was forever trapped in this horrible place. I learned in time that he was an artist.
I kept waking up, and with every morning he got older. Time was passing and i wanted to kill myself. I couldnt. I had to serve him. He had a special place in his yard with brownish skeletons, some still had meat on bones. He would go outside every day and pour some kind of toxic dust on them.

Then i woke up backstage. With him. He was smiling proudly in a suit, next to me. There were two more women dressed like it was the oscars. HE WON A MUSIC AWARD and we had to go together on the stage to dance and sing, then leave back to my prison..
Went on stage. Faked all the smiles. He received an award. Then we both went down some stairs that were next to the crowd. He was in front of me, leading. I said that this is my time to escape, even if i die, at least i tried. I jumped from the stairs and fell in the crowd, i curled on the ground to hide so so so scared and afraid for my life. I froze and i just whispered help to others but they thought i was insane. I saw him angry, still going down the stairs so i ran as fast as i could out of the scene. Outside, there was a small train with two wagons. Blue and yellow. I ran screaming to take me away as quick as possible. Got in the train, doors closed and the train ran. I didnt even have money to pay the ride, but i knew i was happier starving in the middle of nowhere, BUT FREE.

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posted January 28, 2017 11:00 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for GeminiKarat     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

I will have a closer look at your dream on Monday.

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posted January 28, 2017 12:02 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Ayelet     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Maybe part of what this dream tells you is that you don't want success as defined by those around you, or by society, but you want to be in touch with your inner voice and do what's right for you. Also you may feel in real life like "you're being followed", like you have no real privacy, real freedom, and you need to escape, to cut loose, in order to achieve it.
Concerning the tattoo guy - do you have any fear of intimate connections in a way? Of a connection that is "permanent"?

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posted January 28, 2017 10:56 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Ra     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Hello chaania

Welcome to LindaLand and Astral Realms.

I will have to take a closer look in a couple of days as well. Looks like Ayelet has some good thoughts.

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posted January 30, 2017 07:52 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Ra     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
I am just going to get to the point.

Do you struggle with anxiety, depression, and/or paranoia?

Have you, or do you, cut yourself for release?

Were you abused physically and/or emotionally?

Are there problems with the relationship with your mother? What about your father?

The dream could suggest issues with “facing the music”. You wish to be “free” (especially mentally), but are being held captive by your own “demons”, likely rooted in traumatic past experience. The dream reflects certain energy movements within your subconscious, and perhaps a call to recognize and eventually “face the music”.

Does this make sense, or am I seeing this dream completely wrong?

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posted February 04, 2017 06:06 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for GeminiKarat     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
I am sorry for the late response. This dream was quite a challenge and I do not know whether my opinion fits.

Please read it as an opinion:
This dream indicates a major change in life(=no walls) in your communication(=music) and a serious setback with those messages(=someone else won the prize).

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posted February 05, 2017 11:45 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for mirage29     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Wow Chaania... (btw, How old are you?)

Overall... I recall having had these kinds of dreams when I was moving from adolescence to young adult.

There's just a 'shock'. A shock, a jolt. Making that individuation-- leaving mom's leads. Curiosity having led towards unseemly groups. Wanting to have sex, and being hungry that way (which is normal). Perhaps having participated in some drugs, and the street culture.... It entices you, AND, it's overwhelming to your sense and sensibilities. It's strong... feels out of control yet you manage it.

It's just some of the 'dark' that is out there-- that you may already have had a touch of experience with-- could be setting off alarms inside you, and your dream is trying to reflect that?

Wanting to be out and on your own, trying new things, is part of the normal developmental drive of making the break into being your own Individual. The taboo is very enticing, sensually and sexually. AND, there can be a terrible price to pay for it. Even some real-danger you are exposed to, as you feel you have to 'comply' and pretend you are a part of that scene (errrr, ~'raped?'), when the whole time, you are frightened for your safety, and having a psychic indigestion, a revulsion to the unsafe situation you find your self in.

Pay extra attention and care about the people you are starting to associate with. Don't let men (or women) push you into sexual experiences that you are just NOT comfortable with yet. It's okay to say NO. Too much. I'm not ready. etc. and be RESPECTED for it.

Some things/people/places... have an allure-- but can take you further than you are 'comfortable' to go (boundaries), with consequences that could be wrought with danger you turned a blind-eye to because of peer pressures... something you were not expecting they would present you with.


Were you also doing some rec.drugs... along with exposure to people or places, movies or videos, that flooded you too much? This can create a more shock reaction to the system. Opens you up. Makes your brain more vulnerable.

The 'cutting' thing?...
I realize that some peer-socialgroups do things like that as a peer-acceptance thing. NOT cool though. Don't go there. It's actually addictive, and you'll wreck your beautiful body for life. ... yeah, some people get tattoos to cover over their cutting.... but really, DON'T do it.

Cutting too, in dreams, is relatable to sex, and having sex relations. Lipstick. Kissing. Exploring the power of sexuality.... It's hot, alluring, and normal.... and can have unintended unwanted consequences. Stay SAFE. Don't be alone with people you are uncomfortable with. Surround self with friends you trust won't get you into harm, crime, legal problems.

You are curious about metaphysical, supernatural things?...

Funnel and divert your interests into 'safer' side of supernatural. There are spirits that can attach themselves to you.. that can cause the sensation of insanity. Back away from that, if you can do it gradually.

Some music can cause teens and young adults to want to do selfharm and suicidal behaviors. That is a side-effect to 'some' people. IF you are one of those who HAS the Beautiful Sensitivity inside you where you are "picking up" the subliminal messages in the words, or the instrumental beats?.. then please get away from it. Change the music. Insist that your friends and you do a different environment. Shift AWAY from that....

Maybe some times you'll be able to tolerate those messages, no sweat. But there ARE times (sometimes related to even astrology transits) WHERE you have become more OPEN to the effects, without adequate grounding or keeping self surrounded and secure in Light.

Sometimes there are PORTALS that open....
Stay away from the more-negative (satanic type) influences and groups or individuals DURING those times. Protect yourself by not exposing yourself to places or people or music or mind-altering drugs or motions, during those times. Take a BREAK.... Back off.

You'll be better later.... Then only if you want to, and feel SAFE doing it, gently dip your toe back in. .... But if you start to 'react' in a way that leads towards harm, violence, causing bad dreams even, or negative daydreams, then you'll know that you HAVE to put that aside 'for now'.

I'd also take 'hints' from the dream. If you 'see' men that fit those descriptions (in your environment), or encounter someone wearing that tattoo... , etc? Then BE careful, stay aware of your environment IN that time. Let these be *warning flags* for you, that tell you to 'wake up' and take note.

Find a way to funnel your sexual feelings into a direction where the energy is put to good use for you. That's the power of Eros. Eros is extremely Creative. Not JUST for sex. You can take some of that and use it physically (volunteer work, or work), use it artistically (COMPOSE music, practice honing skills on musical instruments), create art-graphic backgrounds for songs you'd like to have an ambience for. ..... Take that crazy-buzzy want-to-go-insane kind of forces in you and like a super-art-hero, ART it! PLAY it! CREATE something with it that will add Value to your life..... Write. Compose. Write a dramatic play that your friends and you can apply to a social-message, and go out and BE that message. Dance it! Put on dramas... (get paid for it?? LOL). Get yourselves KNOWN as a (creative) Group that does things that Make A Difference for others in society.

Adopt a Cause together. USE all that Eros/creative raw force, and harness that energy..... YOU can be a Force for Change... TAKE these things to Heart..... You can Change the World! ... You can HELP make this a Better and SAFER Feeling place. You and your friends can emotionally and psychologically support each other ... (Don't get yourselves all messed up on those psych drugs and side-effects.... THAT STUFF can MAKE some people want to kill themselves, even to cut. .... INSTEAD, make a pact, an agreement, with your friends group, that you will UPHOLD each other. BE there for each other. STAY safe. DO SAFE activities..... You do not need to embrace the dark satanic energy.

It's okay to dress in clothing that look cool.... just, stay away from the super-dark forces (for REAL) that some of these things advertise. (There IS a difference, and some of those symbols might attract people who might not be all-that-safe?)

Turn things around. Surround self with things that Inspire. Everyday, find Beauty in something small or big. Find and Focus on something Beautiful and let it fill your inside-being, your heart. Let it EXPAND you with its SAFE Light.

So! hahaha.... This is probably a LONG messy post? ... But I'm going to post without proofreading.


Chaania ... I really Hope you find ANY or ALL of these posts made in your thread helpful in some way?

You've got several approaches to study your dream....

The people here are Good People....
And we're Glad you're here.

Welcome to The ASTRAL REALMS.... woo woo!! (Laughing!)

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