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  Just woke from a dream......panicky feelng.

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Author Topic:   Just woke from a dream......panicky feelng.

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posted August 02, 2017 05:02 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for ShadowLost     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
I just woke up from a dream. And I heard the sound of a train in the distance. I am still feeling uneasy.

The dream was our garage door was open and night and I was looking outside from the inside doorway. And all of a sudden there is a van. It was a silvery white color and kind of reminded me of a beach van. And the driver stopped at the end of our driveway and used something to like decode the garage door and proceeded to close it and it made me panic and shout for my husband but, I couldn't yell. My voice was hoarse or something and couldn't get louder than a speaking voice. It reminded me of laryngitis. The driver closed the garage door as he quickly drove off as I was desperately trying to pay attention to the van to try to be able to identify the van.
It was akin to the feeling I have had with a nightmare.
The sound of the train in real like was the honking of the van in my dream.

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posted August 02, 2017 11:00 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for mirage29     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Hi ShadowLost. Brrrr.. you described it so well!
I hope your nerves have settled...

For peace of mind, I would physically check to make sure home-security systems, locks, coding-devices, are in right working order.

Do you have any kind of 'alarm' button in your garage that you could smack and set off in an emergency-- something chilling that would attract attention of others, while hopefully setting a possible assailant running?

On that level-- I would wonder if this could be taken as a 'warning' dream, to make sure the portals of your home are secure.

Your 'inability to speak above a whisper'?
I had that actually happen to me. My husband and I had a ground-floor apartment one year. It was in the back of the building, facing a grove of trees and hedges. Had a secure remote feeling to it.
It was late evening. We were in the bedroom, beginning to take off our outfits from the soiree we had attended.
(I hadn't drawn the curtains yet.)
.. While we were talking to each other, there was (what I thought was) my husband's black silhouette reflecting behind him in the glass pane of our large window. -- UNTIL, my husband bent over to untie his shoe lace, and the black figure stayed standing up.
... I suddenly realized there was a peeping tom. I tried to call out my husband's name. All I could do was stutter, and barely raise my voice above a raspy harsh had whisper level. No matter how hard I pressed myself, I couldn't get the sound to come all the way full up and out.
.. Finally my husband looked at me. My mouth was still moving, as I pointed desperately to the shadow behind him--- Then this 6'5" well-built husband of mine came to grab me. I thought, oh good, he's "protecting me"?? NO. This giant man got behind me, using my tiny 5'4" frame as his body-shield for himself!!??? wha??????
.. The figure in the window ran off. We called the police. We found out there were other reports about this peeping tom in our 'hood. The peeper was found and arrested.

Voice-paralysis can happen when you are scared-panicked. You have to BREATHE!! LOL. Use air..

If you have a women's defense training office with your law enforce or YM/YWCA, why not inquire with them "how" to handle that, in an emergency. They might be able to give you good advice (for vocalizing if that were to occur). You'll remember what they said.

Back to your dream...
The man in the dream didn't steal anything.
Was he casing your place?

Again, for peace of mind, you might try to see if the police have had reports of any burglaries or thefts like yours recently... just for your peace. Even talk to the neighborhood-watch people in your neighborhood (if you're 'organized' with one of those). {{to make sure you're not having premonitions}} Easier to prevent crime by keeping an eye out for suspicious white beachy-looking vans.


In a spiritual way...
Maybe something like that could have happened, and a Benevolent agent made sure you DID have the security you needed, and they averted a breech for you?

Make sure to say a prayer of thanks?
Make sure to pray over your home and household.. in a Beautiful and Secure way.

IF you are spending a lot of time meditating?... Be sure to GROUND your self. Closing whatever 'openings' (portals in consciousness) that need to come into balance again?


In a psychological way? You might be clearing or needing to clear some fear about something that happened in your past, that you are being reminded of right now?

Have you spoken with your husband yet about this dream?



Was the train "retreating", or was it 'approaching' your locale?

Could be speaking about some kind of life change, or event, that transports you into a new way of being?

Either this may be something coming towards your life,
it's something that is recently just now finally leaving your life, and you're just processing the final drafts of it going bye-bye... Could be some residual anxiety you need to process...

Hope you have a nicer dream tonight.

Be Well ..
Stay Safe ..

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posted August 03, 2017 08:55 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Ayelet     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Hello ShadowLost,
Has anything lately made you feel unsafe? Trapped? Perhaps something has reminded you being in a situation where you feel so powerless that you literally lose your voice. Has anything scared you?

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posted August 04, 2017 08:47 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Randall     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Wishing you peaceful sleep tonight.

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