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Author Topic:   Lucid dreaming 💜

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posted March 30, 2018 04:11 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for paisleyutopia2     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Greetings !
Can anyone please advise me on how to have more lucid dreams ? I have them about my dad, who I was very close to that passed away; but Iíd like to give earnest effort to trying to meet him & communicate more in my dreams. Thank you so very much !

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posted March 30, 2018 07:37 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for mirage29     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Hi Paisleyutopia2
(Welcome back)

I'm so very sorry you lost your Father.
Were you present? {{ }}
Is this around the anniversary time?

You say you have already had some lucid dreams with him.

Please describe what your experience was?
How many times has this happened?

When did he pass?
How old are you now?

What do 'you' mean by lucid?

Lots of questions.. *smile*
Teachers/writers define 'lucid dreams' in different ways, sometimes ascribing different meanings to what 'being lucid' is. I want to know what you have been exposed to already.

Have a great weekend,
Happy Easter

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posted March 30, 2018 09:26 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for paisleyutopia2     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Hi mirage,
Thank you for your response, your offer of condolences, your welcome, & your loving kindness.
Iíll try to answer your questions.

I wasnít present when my dad passed, but my dog, Zen is credited with letting me know of his departure. That, is a long, detailed story. He was in hospice care, so I knew he wouldnít be here much longer. He suffered for a really long time though. He got sick in 2010, & I kept incorrectly saying his birthday was a day before (March 27), but itís actually the 28th & I never got that wrong; except the year he first died. We actually celebrated it on the 27th as a joke, & he passed away that next day.
My mom had him resuscitated. Twice. They were married 56 years. He was her moral compass; another long story.

He passsed April 12. She passed September 27. 2014.
Iím 48, Iíll be 49 in December.

I described my dream here, to my brotha, Ra (& Ayelet), in 2014. That dream was a response to a request to let me know he was alright. That was a pact we had.

Although he appeared differently in my dream, I was having it, & it felt like I was awake. I actually thought I had gotten out of bed, but I hadnít. I felt like he was standing beside my bed. The room smelled like him, I felt comforted. There was music playing in the dream; 2 spirituals & he was riding a raft on the ocean, (& I was looking down from the sky at him) with a huge black bird on his chest; the dream ended when he took the bird by the wings & flew towards me with it. I woke up when I thought he touched my face. I woke up reluctantly, because I didnít want it to end. I just started smiling, because I felt so close to him. Everything felt real. It was beautiful.

The 2nd dream was a question. I wanted to know where I should take a vacation, so I asked the question silently before bed.

This time, it was brief; but same sensations, I ďfeltĒ him, then I asked him, dad, where should I go ? He smiled, & laughed a little as he said, ďgo to Frisco baby, go to Frisco !Ē I woke up & did a google flight search, for cheaper tickets, & booked the flight & hotel the next day.

It was an incredible trip, I met up with a friend that moved to Oakland, that I hadnít seen in awhile. Iím so grateful that I could get tickets. Iím sooo thankful I could go !

But, I do want more of a connection. I would be happy if he could ďvisitĒ more often. Thereís so much I miss about him. He was genuinely my best friend, & we survived a lot together. His life seemed cut short, because he didnít have any time to celebrate his retirement.

He always helped people. His job was to negotiate contracts & get peopleís jobs back. Heís missed by lots of people; so Iím not alone in that, but I am being his only child.

Those dreams brought me so much grace, because, heís keeping his word by being ďhereĒ sometimes with me.

I realize I sound selfish, but he was all I had & more of my elders & friends are passing away & ive never been good with death. I was glad when he passed, because he was under duress; heíd died twice, & was a vegetable. I still talked to him, played our favorite music, sang to him, but it was excruciating seeing him in that state.

Thereís a lot Iím not saying here, because itís too heavy to speak about. We endured abuse, & now, heís free. He couldíve enlisted & come back to help others. That wouldnít surprise me.

I just selfishly would be so very grateful to be closer to him somehow. To communicate with him. To listen to him. To learn from him. To seek comfort from & with him. To ask more pressing questions. To support him. & vice versa.

I really love, & miss him. 💜

Happy Easter to you too love.

Please donít judge me too harshly. I just really feel alone. The birthday & death anniversaries donít help much either.

Take good care, & thank you !

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posted March 31, 2018 02:50 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for mirage29     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

Thank you for everything you so openly shared. *Heart*

Yes, anniversaries can be very tough emotionally.... and I just send you warm hugs, and a Heart of Encouragement at this time.

*breathe* ...

You took on a lot of responsibility taking care of your dad (and mom). You did a wonderful job.

There are reports by revived coma patients that they 'heard' everything that was going on around them. (They hear the stories and news spoken to them, the music).
I put air-quotes around 'heard' ... because there are two ways of hearing (or using sense)-- through use of the body-organ, and, astral (in its own weird way).

Know that your Dad saw and felt the Love, and appreciated everything you did, everything you sacrificed for him.

Grief and emotional pain belongs to our side of existence in the body.... The 'sting' of death is ours-- It's the news of their passing (no matter HOW many years they lingered). We humanly miss them-- sorely and keenly at times.

And, it IS possible that they send us messages of comfort-- just little token things. Small coincidences. We could even sense them hovering at times, giving hunches and nudging?

Numbers, Letters of the alphabet. Birds. Feathers. Songs. Body senses. 'Impressions' of them, their personality, their presence. Their jokes? The way they used to say things.

Paisleyutopia, you are already sensitized and tuned-in, based upon the information you provided above about your dreams and experiences... You shared the kinds of Pings that allow you to identify 'him' associated from your shared-life.

Any time you see or hear or feel a sense on your skin, hear a certain song or artist, then, they are 'with' you-- living on in your memory.

Congratulations on your 'Frisco' excursion.

For example,
there are Angel numbers. ... Like, using "444" ....
Everytime you see 444, and say to yourself, "Oh!! I see '444'!!" -- then you (genericly, for all readers) have begun to 'sensitize' your conscious and subconscious mind...

You form an "association" with the cue---
e.g. "444"
that angels are there telling you 'You Are Loved,
that Pleasure is within/and/without you,
that You are being Loved, Guarded, and Guided in all your ways.

Anniversaries and birthdays, holidays

Those days in themselves are fertile times, as you 'hold space' with them in your memories. You are creating a container, and drawing through an associative bridge.

I think that is really extra-special and unique that you celebrated his birthday "on the wrong(?) day," ... then on the NEXT day, he passed... Wow!! *smile*

That was not a mistake.
That was a Beautiful way to celebrate his last and next 'birthday' INTO the spirit world.
Overlapping of two worlds.
Access Bridge.
Passageway, cosmic tunnel.

I think it was Linda Goodman who said that birth into THIS plane of existence is actually a death; when we pass BACK into the spirit world, we are welcomed back home, and re-born to the way we Completely are -- without the outside need of a nerve and sense-wired astro-suit. The world of intensity and 'senses'.

So, as you can see? You did the right thing! *smile*

When I went on my walk this morning, I was thinking about you, and thinking about the 'mechanics' you could use to 'lucid dream'.

You already have told me several 'clues' you can use.

First, there's the wanting and desire for it to happen. That desire begins to form a designated-space, in your imaginative-world, your sense-world.

Second, chose your sensory cues. Whatever works strongest in you.

JUST for example,
At night, whenever you see a street lamp, say to yourself 'light'! That cue acts as a bookmark to 'that moment'. Snaps your consciousness TO the very very present reality (which, in a lightning-moment, can also 'bridge' you to the inner/outer overlapping edge, between realityOUT/realityIN).

This CUE (whatever you choose) will be your "toggle" point-- Exercise it. It's a navigation. Will power.

There are 'liminal' spaces...
approached from (an inside) of two different states--
ASLEEP -- the point between falling asleep, and waking up.
AWAKE -- the moment between outer awareness, inner awareness.

Practicing to toggle on your 'cues'-- can train your subconscious to switch.
That's what I've seen 'lucidity' described as...

My story ---------
I had a very special {and secret} relationship with my Scorpio Grandmother after I had left home.
(Her Sun was located in my Scorpio 12th House -- unconscious mind, dream realms).

I was supposed to take a trip up north, with my husband and her NEW 'first' great-grandchild born-- a NEW generation. (I had been 'the first' of her own grandchildren, and the only female grandchild.)

At the last-minute we cancelled our trip (last week of May). She hadn't told anyone that she was seriously sick. She collapsed the third week in June, and 10 days later, died.

(I still grieve, telling this story. ty)
Today is her great-granddaughter's birthday (March 31).

At some point (can't remember when, but, I'm pretty sure I must have journaled it?), I had a week where I dreamed about her.

There were 3 dreams in a row?
The 3rd dream was the 'last time' I was 'with' her or felt her presence... till around a decade later.

IN the dream setting-- there began to come these very-small subtle heighten 'cues' in the dream.

Suddenly, I was 'aware' I had awakened IN the dream-- yet the setting was still there.

We stayed within the scene like the backdrop of a stage. (The kitchen, seeing a special window opened to outside, seeing the color on the wall, recalling the scent of the room, the early 1900's front wooden door with Beautiful window and sunlit light-yellow veranda {where she used to place the elegant floral arrangements I used to send her 'just because' -- not realizing that she was very 'allergic' to the lilies and other flowers in the bouquets -- but she'd receive them and set those up on top of a tall stool, so she could enjoy them}).

There was some kind of 'outerspace kind of blackness, not forboding or bad, forming a different backdrop or, like the containing-insides of a giant egg that her astral body was abiding, and spoke from in a way that was both telepathic and 'heard'.

Things had gone 'high definition' WITHIN that dreamscape... At this point, I real-ized a surreal direct-liminal real-life conversation with her.

She touched my body (in this realm).
She 'hugged' me (and, funny thing was, she was NOT a physically-demonstrative person in real-life).

I tuned attention to her and said,
"Memere! I can 'feel' you actually hugging me. Why is that?"
She responded ....
"Because 'you have bones'" ...
Then everything was gone. I woke up.

Her statement hung, imprinted and impressed in the astral airs, and HAUNTED me.

I looked at dream dictionaries.
'Bones' did NOT portend a 'good' thing...

And indeed.. ...
Sorrows soon entered my life-- waves and waves.

I think that was possibly her way of 'strengthening' me for what lay ahead on my journey.

Bones, bone-marrow.
The place that makes our DNA blood, our hemoglobin.
(She had died of pancreatic cancer, spreading to liver and lungs;
with SEVERE 'anemia' for the earliest onset of those days.)

Her birthday was Nov. 20.
She and I had 'our song'.

(I'm telling you this, as an example, okay ..)

I usually celebrate her birthday, and sometimes the anniversary of death (2.a.m., July 4th~~ very peaceful atmosphere and impression in the room, according to her roommate.)

I went to post "our" song to honor her... and after I posted it, while listening I happened to scroll down to read the yt notes ....

The notes "contained" her birth day.
click 'see more' and skim down the paragraphs to the First Release of this song in 1970.

(music) Merry Christmas, Darling (Karen Carpenter) [3:06]

Years ago too, my first PING from her, messaging that she was with me once more, I was sitting at our local bus station.
.. It was night time. It had rained a bit so the road surfaces shined with a gloss, and everything looked so Beautiful, lights reflected themselves.
.. I saw a bus come in and park itself in designated spot. The gold-orange-yellow light, small rectangular lighted-marquis indicated a 'bus number'. "20" ...
.. Things began to have that 'special quality', subtle, 'high definition' kind of Beauty.. Things "suspended themselves" and appeared surreal for a few minutes.

Her birthday was NOT on my mind at all...
but I felt the sense of being 'hugged' (like in the lucid experience).
That's when the 'realization' she was there hit me--
it was 'her birthday'.

There had been a long period between the time of my lucid-dream of her, and the 'time' she began being with me once-again, with her more liminal cues that she was 'present.'

I think she steps forward more, around her birthday-time.

I think it's when the transit of her birthday Sun (~26/27Scorp) {usually around Thanksgiving {special to her}, has entered my 12th House (22+Scorp),
and trine placements in my Cancer H8,
WHICH sextile my Moon in the 9th.
Her Sun forms a mini-trine in my chart.

See how to 'use' astrology with that?
IF you are into astrology, you could see if this kind of thing would apply to you?

Summing up here....

There are 'times' when certain veils between worlds are thinner-- more Interkosmic.

You could even probably predict some of those times, through your astrology?

Determine your personal-cues.

Start becoming more and more aware.

Blessings to you..... *Heart*

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posted March 31, 2018 03:33 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for mirage29     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Here's a song I thought of, regarding the black bird.

Black birds are spirit animals too.
I've done posts in this forum describing their meaning.

Many of the items you described can be researched for their individual symbolic meanings.

'BE-Loved' ...

Blessing to you,

on the Full Moon in Libra today.

(music) Blackbird (Paul McCartney, perf Sarah McLachlan) [2:21]

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posted March 31, 2018 04:26 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for paisleyutopia2     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Oh my goodness !!!!! Thank you so very much !! Youíve given me so much to think about !! I did my chart years ago, but Iíd need to do it again & enlist help in reading it. Iím a Sagittarius (12/20). My dad Aries (3/28). Iíll have to check my birth cert to see the time I was born.

I adore the Carpenters song & the story behind it is lovely 😊 ! I love good music. This song warmed my heart.

Thank you so very much for sharing your thoughts & your story about your grand. All of it touched me, & I
can relate to EVERYTHING you said !!

Happy birthday to your daughter today. I hope itís a special one for both of you ! 💜

Iíll try to practice some of the techniques you have mentioned here. Iím sooo excited to have met you
here ! You are a blessing 😘 ! I thank you for your loving kindness.

Peace, Positivity, & Blessings to you dear one !!!!!


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posted March 31, 2018 04:42 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for paisleyutopia2     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
& BTW, the song Blackbird is a Sunday kind of song to me. I love Paulís version, on the White Album. Itís my favorite.

I have a love affair with 🎶 🎼 music. I used to play the flute, & my favorite musician of all time is Prince. I love Bowie, Queen, Janelle Monae, Sting, Miles, Trane, Amel, Badu, Sade, Monk, Hiatus, Moonchild, Leanne La Havas, most everyone ! & Iím so grateful I can still catch good concerts from time to time.

Thank you again ☺️
This is for you love ->

Amel 🖤 ~ Bravebird
For everything !!

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posted March 31, 2018 05:07 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for paisleyutopia2     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
One more...

La Havas 💜 Leave Me No Room For Doubt

ď...please sleep softly....Ē
sweet dreams 🙂

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posted March 31, 2018 05:11 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for mirage29     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Bravebird ...
That song-pick was so Perfect!!!

Thank you, Paisleyutopia.


Oh my~~ the La Havas... {{*hug!*}}
Take good Care of that sensitive Heart of yours.
You ARE Loved, so much.

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posted March 31, 2018 07:45 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for paisleyutopia2     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Thank you so very much !
As are YOU !! 💜💜

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posted April 01, 2018 07:01 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Randall     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

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