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  Does anyone here read coffee cups?

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Author Topic:   Does anyone here read coffee cups?
posted May 11, 2007 08:01 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

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posted May 11, 2007 08:37 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
I bought a cup a few months ago from Kim Allen - I've used it a couple of times with coffee. I can use tea leaves if I want - haven't done so yet. It's pretty cool. Are you thinking of purchasing one?

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posted May 11, 2007 08:51 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
No, I was wondering how does it work, I mean, I can see how with cards you get the meaning from what it shows up, but with cups what do you see? how do you see? i have a little lady that reads me with just any type of white cup, but when I asked her how she does it she says it just happens.
And, I just don't get it.

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posted May 12, 2007 10:49 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
well???? any more input on the subject? anyone? hello, hello???? is this working????

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posted May 12, 2007 08:20 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

How to read a Coffee Cup

1- Prepare coffee: one heaped tea spoon, to every coffee cup measure of water

2- Stir in a wish, then boil twice!

3- Scoop froth into cup, then pour coffee

4- Sip at leasure

5- Cover cup with saucer, thumb on top, shake then flip over

6- Leave to drain on saucer

Sendin' love your way,
your friend in spirit

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posted May 12, 2007 08:24 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

7- Drain excess over tissue paper, before you start scrying

8- Write down impressions you receive, starting from cup handle scrying clockwise

9- Scry clockwise, until you finish back at cup handle

10- In some traditions, coffee residue in saucer is drained& read

Sendin' love your way,
your friend in spirit

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posted May 12, 2007 08:24 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

11- Seal with a thumbprint wish at bottom of cup

12- Improvise - read cappuccino & espresso cups too!

You will of course need to prepare your coffee in such a way that there are grounds to read. Use grounded, powdery soft Turkish or Greek Coffee for best results.(the only difference between the two is the type of coffee beans and degree of roasting, the former is a darker roast, the latter a blonde, or lighter roast). Cafeterier, or percolators coffee is too course to form legible patterns. By the way, the residue from a cappuccino or espresso will work just as well.

·Enjoy your coffee while relaxing, and ask yourself: "What do I need to know about my present situation?" or “ What will be the important changes in my life in the near future?”

·Now, take out a piece of paper and pen, and in a stream-of-consciousness style, begin jotting down your thoughts as you casually meditate on the shapes you see there. Above all, don't edit yourself.

·Write what pops into your mind. If the first thing has nothing to do with the coffee, jot it down anyway. For example, if laundry is the first thing that pops into your mind - whatever it may be, write it down; however, continue to stare at your cup as if you were lying face up on your lawn (if you are fortunate enough to have one) staring at the clouds above.

·Try not to read what you are writing; rather keep you eyes on the grounds in your cup. It does not matter if your writing is illegible at this point.

·Observe the thought, jot it down, and let it pass, moving onward to whatever comes next as you continue to stare at the cup.

·Continue writing for at least ten minutes-enough for you to enter the first stages of a meditative state, both by the exercise of looking at one thing and by the rhythmic pattern of your free association and the motion of your hand upon the paper. If your mind keeps wandering back to your laundry- let it.

·You don’t need to read every cluster of grounds or patterns in your cup. Interpret only what speaks to you.

·There is no right or wrong here. Each of your interpretations is "correct." You really do have all the answers within you. Trust yourself.

·Write the date down, and go back to your notes in few days, you will begin to notice happenings taking place and understand what each symbol or pattern mean according to your own dictionary.

·Symbols convey messages; focus on the message rather than the symbol. With practice, you will develop your own dictionary. (A camel would probably mean nothing to a Russian reader who would probably see a bear!)


Rings: A deal completed, a proposal, and engagement.

Circles with a dot inside: Desire for children will be fulfilled.

Fire Works: Quarrels, unpleasant personal problems.

Squares: New home.

Lines: Journey, a project. If lines are clear, they will go smoothly.

Candle: A wish fulfilled, help from above. Fulfil your promise.

Mounted horseman: A new man, good news, engagement.

Cat: Moody person (white is good, black, be weary).

Cross: Victory over an ordeal.

Ladder: Social advancement, promotion, change.

Open window: Lucky Break.

Fire: Careful of electrical wiring.

Peacock: Splendour, luxury, something you will be proud of.

Butterfly: Flirting.

Fish: Money- specific sum- depending on size of fish!

Bird: Good piece of news.

Rat: Robbery, theft. (If there is a dot inside, stolen item will be returned.)

Sendin' love your way,
your friend in spirit

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posted May 12, 2007 08:44 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Nam, after careful searching I did find this cool thing...

Sometimes you want to peek into the future and you just don't have a gypsy tea leaf reader around. I understand. These Tea Leaf Reading Tea Cups get you started, without an expert.

Inside the cup, It shows you what the different regions of the cup mean, and the saucer has a starter dictionary of symbols and their significance. So, when you have a few lazy and curious moments, swirl your dregs, turn the cup over onto the saucer, and begin to imagine things to come.

Great for entertaining groups small and large, and as a gift for anyone with a fanciful or credulous streak!

7-oz. cup measures 3" high, sits on a saucer whose diameter is 5.75"

The price is $34 and can be ordered at this site:

Seems that this could be very useful to a beginner?
Kinda' pricey, but- very cool

Sendin' love your way,
your friend in spirit

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posted May 12, 2007 08:56 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for SunChild     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Well... I don't know if I do it the 'normal' way...or use a particular method or style.

When I used to drink espresso coffe I would see the grains left in the bottom. Sometimes they would be formed in such a way I could see an image, face, number, letter, scenery or symbol. From that I would get an impression...usually it would be very synchronistic with the events happening in my own life.

I didn't read other people's that much though.

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posted May 12, 2007 08:59 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
That was very informative, but according to my little girl she sees images.Does anyone else have experience anything like it?

I might try myself what you said above just to see what happens, how my girl does it is, we make the coffee then I take a sip make sur all walls get some of the coffee and then through it away , then we put it on the stove up side down (the cup) and let it dry, once is dry she reads it, i also think she said looking at the rim , helf to the back is the past , and the front is the present, but don't quote me on this because I don't remember very well.

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posted May 12, 2007 09:00 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Sorry, Sunchild, I just saw your post.
I am glad you say you saw images!! I don't want to think that my little girl is a fake or anything like that, besides some of teh stuff she has told me has come true, but the most important ones haven't

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Sag Asc.

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posted May 14, 2007 12:37 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
lol - sorry about that, i'm usually off on the weekends. yourfriendinspirit told the gist of how to read it. the cup i have has different things labeled inside like a picture of a heart, an ankh, airplane, money symbol, medical bag, etc. my cup and saucer was about $12. i do not know how to read shapes and my eyes don't immediately see an image - otherwise, i wouldn't count on the pictures as much as i do. it's a lot of fun though. NAM, that's cool your little girl can see images and there is a woman you know who can take any cup and do it (without any pictures, etc. inside) - she can see images also. SunChild, you take notice also - that's really cool guys! that's really cool Nam and Sunchild!

it's funny - you know what I just thought of? On the matrix when the oracle was talking to Neo, she offered him a cookie. Much like that whole scenario - whether you like what the cup says or not, you always have a fresh cup of coffee to sip on afterwards.

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posted May 15, 2007 01:05 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Here are some alternate findings at Ebay that seem reasonably priced...

Sendin' love your way,
your friend in spirit

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posted May 15, 2007 01:16 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
As well as a list of more common definitions of images found:

ACORN - a very strong and fortunate symbol indicating happiness and contentment; at the top = financial success; at the bottom = good health.
AIRCRAFT - journey; travel.
ALLIGATOR or CROCODILE -- beware of false friendship lurking in your professional life.
ANCHOR - at top = stability, constancy in love or business; at bottom or broken = instability, inconstancy; can also symbolize an unpleasant situation or burden you should sail away from.
ANGEL - good news; protection.
ANT -- hard work or busy phase will end productively.
APPLE - life; creative or artistic achievement; abundance.
ARCH -- positive opening or opportunity (look to nearby symbols for added meaning).
ARM -- pointing up = new directions; down = you need to motivate yourself; horizontal = help others or receive help from others.
ARROW - up = good direction, yes; down = wrong direction, no; horizontal = no change. Note where pointing.
AXE - you have the power to overcome difficulties.
BABY - new life; possible pregnancy; small worries.
BOUQUET - romantic interest; validation for your work or talents.
BAG - a trap; if open = escape.
BALL - desire to travel.
BALLOON - busy social life; inability to settle down if near handle.
BARREL - abundance in laughter.
BASKET - harvest, abundance; material gain; possibly a new baby.
BAT (the animal) - a productive busy phase.
BAT or CLUB - situation calling for alert caution.
BEACON or LIGHTHOUSE - situation calling for your leadership and/or inspiration.
BEAR - a grouchy and difficult person; strength, courage and endurance; if teddy bear = children or childhood.
BED - sleep on it before establishing a close love or business relationship
BEE - fruitful hard work.
BEETLE - renewal; progress; need for foresight.
BELL - unexpected good news in love or business; call to attention
BICYCLE - individuality; choose your own path.
BIRD - good news or message; standing bird = delay; flying bird = good news; good news coming soon; flock of birds = profound or exciting news; goose= successful financial venture; peacock = pride and display; eagle = power and transcendence; crow/raven = ill omen, warning, time to relax; parrot = beware of idle gossip; chicken/hen = happy homelife and childhood comfort; dove = peace and love; owl = wisdom, knowledge and learning; rooster = a boastful person or wake up and seize the moment; swan = romance or someone graceful and beautiful; vulture = lay low and beware of enemies; swallow = love and new beginnings.
BOAT - worthwhile journey; your ship is coming in.
BONES - situation calling for innerstrength and spiritual fortitude.
BOWL - invitations, money or generosity .
BOOK - if open = an answer to a question; if closed a question to be investigated.
BOTTLE - explosive atmosphere requiring caution; do not overindulge.
BOW - fortunate symbol meaning gift or celebration of achievement.
BOX - you are about to receive a gift.
BREAD (loaf) - nourishment; care for your health.
BRIDGE - a life-changing event or person. Look for nearby symbols.
BROOM - new home; new era in your life.
BRUSH - need for improvements and/or beautification.
BUBBLES - floating on surface of tea or coffee means money coming.
BUGS - distractions; fractured concentration; need for relaxed focus
BUSH - an obstacle to new opportunities; branches signify choices.
BUTTERFLY - overdue happiness.
CAKE - a wish fulfilled; celebration.
CAMEL - you will overcome burden and pressure to reach oasis.
CANDLE -there will be light upon an uncertain path; help from friends.
CAR - if clear = travel; if broken = mechanical trouble.
CARPETS - true friends and happy social engagements.
CASTLE - expand your horizons; open up a little.
CAT - deceit; an untrustworthy friend.
CHAIN - if well-formed = fortunate undertaking or serious commitment; if broken = trouble, disruption.
CHAIR - a guest or new addition to the family.
CASTLE - expand your horizons
CHILD - new idea; family.
CIGAR - a new friend or business relationship.
CIRCLE - unbroken = success, completion; broken (like letter 'c')= a temporary offer will come, tentative offers without fruition.
CLOCK - warning against procrastination.
CLOUDS - small and fluffy = happy optimism; thick and dark = gloom; sadness.
CLOVER (four leaf)-- good luck that you have worked hard to attain.
COFFEE POT OR TEA POT - a special visitor is coming, probably not romantic.
COIN - a lump sum of money is coming your way.
COMB - improve your self appearance.
COMET - brink of pivotal change or dramatic event in your life.
COW - abundance; prosperity; physical or creative fertility.
CRAB - admonition to be more direct or someone born under the zodiac sign Cancer.
CROSS - if like a 'T' = hard won success and happiness; if like a solid 'X' = warning (look for meaning with nearby symbols); if like a broken 'X' = obstacles and losses are ahead.
CROWN - honor and recognition for your talents.
CUP - be patient, this is not a time to assert yourself.
CUSHIONS OR PILLOWS - comfort; admonition against laziness and procrastination.
DAGGER - caution against sharp words or revealing personal information
DAISY - new love.
DASHES or DOTS - many short trips which may cause wasted time.
DEER - a shy, timid person; you should be more assertive to overcome shyness.
DIAMOND - gift or other surprise windfall coming you way.
DICE - destiny and change, go with the flow.
DISH - interpret as a circle unless containing food; contains food = domestic comfort.
DOG - good friend; if at bottom friend needs help; if barking, untrustworthy friend; or, someone born in Chinese Zodiac dog year.
DONKEY - stubborness and stamina.
DOOR - be aware of opportunities.
DRAGON - scheming or flashy person; or, someone born in Chinese Zodiac dragon year.
DROPS - tears or sadness.
DRUM - a change; a call to action.
DUCK - devoted mate; money.
EAR - you will benefit from something you hear.
EGG - if whole = new life, successful new beginning; if cracked/broken = failed plans or financial problems which can be overcome by action.
ELEPHANT - be patient, you will be supported with kindness.
ENVELOPE - you will receive a long awaited letter or important paperwork.
EXCLAMATION MARK - pay attention; beware of impulsive actions.
EYE - a protective symbol; insight into a long standing problem.
FACE - look for nearby initials for identity of face; if near the rim or handle it is a warning against too much introspection; if facing another symbol indicates importance of that symbol.
FAN - a flirtation.
FEATHER - need for concentration.
FENCE - temporary and self-imposed limitations.
FINGER - emphasizes whatever symbol it is pointing; up = caution; down = stop.
FIRE - passion; hot emotion; sexual desire.
FISH - sharing of knowledge; a teacher; a person born under the Zodiac sign of Pisces (especially if there are two fish).
FLAG - danger, look to nearby symbols for added meaning.
FLEUR DE LYS or LILY - femininity; a loving woman.
FLOWER - praise and compliments are coming your way.
FLY - an annoying person.
FOOT - movement in love, career or location.
FORK - get advice from trusted friends before deciding.
FORKED LINE - a decision to be made.
FOUNTAIN - overflowing happiness.
FOX - a cunning person may be trying to trick you.
FRUIT - prosperity, fertility.
FROG - fertility; abundance; a disguised handsome/beautiful lover.
GATE - be aware of opportunities around you.
GLASS - celebrations, parties, social events.
GLOBE - long distance travel.
GOAT - your persistence will pay off, but take some time to recreate; or, a person born under the sign of Capricorn.
GRAPES - abundance and epicurean enjoyment.
GRASSHOPPER - summer delights.
GUN - danger; a bully.
HAMMER - an attempted persuasion.
HAND - if open = karma or destiny; if closed means an argument; look for added meaning where the hand is pointing.
HARE - unlike the shorter eared rabbit, the long eared hare represents something important brewing in your destiny in love or travel.
HARP - love; romance.
HAT - you will experience a change in roles; or business success.
HEART - love, friendship, romance.
HILLS - small challenges which will leave you improved.
HORSE - if galloping means good news; if just the head means a lover
HORSESHOE - good luck; very positive especially for travel.
HOURGLASS - a warning to be punctual.
HOUSE - comfort and home.
ICEBERG - danger.
INSECT - distractions; fractured concentration; need for relaxed focus
IVY - this is not a good time to be too independent; trust friends to help you.
JEWELS - material success; you will receive a valuable gift.
KANGAROO - travel; a journey.
KETTLE - a special visitor is coming, probably not romantic.
KITE - your wish will be granted.
KNIFE - caution against sharp words or revealing personal information.
LADDER - promotion; an improvement in your business life.
LAMP - at the top means a feast; at the side means secrets revealed; at the bottom
means postponement
LEAF - the turning over of a new leaf; inevitable changes with the passage of time.
LETTER - you will receive a long awaited letter or important paperwork.
LIGHTENING - startling events; sudden insights.
LINES - journey on a road; if straight = progress; if wavy = uncertain path; if many = many short trips.
LION - male lion represents a powerful contact or important man; the lioness represents a strong family; or, may represent a person born under the zodiac sign of Leo.
LOCK - there are obstacles in your way.
LOOP - if well-formed = fortunate undertaking or serious commitment; if broken = trouble, disruption.
MAN - a visitor of either gender; if near handle = someone close to you.
MASK - a secret to be kept.
MOUNTAIN - a difficult, but possible, goal.
MOUSE - be cautious of credit deals.
MUSHROOM - rapid growth, success or fertility.
NAIL - an unfair assault.
NECKLACE - complete = personal relationship stability; broken = instability in a personal relationship.
NEEDLE - painful repair.
OAK - long life characterized by good health.
OCTOPUS - warning.
OYSTER - passion and desire.
PALM TREE - wealth; beach vacation.
PARASOL - protection from harm or loss.
PIG - a greedy or jealous person.
PISTOL - warning of danger.
PURSE - money.
QUESTION MARK - reconsider your plans; be aware of an important question you should ask yourself.
RABBIT - fertility in family or business; someone born in the Chinese Zodiac year of the rabbit.
RAINBOW - your wish will come true; similar to an arch, it links represents the path between today and your destiny.
RAKE - you are at a crossroad and your destiny is determined by hard work.
RECTANGLE OR SQUARE - you will face a challenge or difficulty (look to nearby symbols, especially symbols within the shape, for added meaning.
RING - represents marriage but usually interpreted as a circle; unbroken = success, completion; broken (like letter 'c')= a temporary offer will come, tentative offers without fruition.
ROSE - new romance; deepening of love.
RUG - go with your instincts in distinguishing from a rectangle or square; represents joyful social events and true friendship.
SAW - something should be removed.
SCALE - a legal matter; if balanced = justice will prevail; if unbalanced = unjust result; a person born under the zodiac sign of Libra.
SCISSORS - it may be time to remove yourself from a situation or relationship.
SHEEP - a calm and peaceful person; an admonition to control impulses.
SHELL - you will find a simple treasure.
SHIP - worthwhile journey; your ship is coming in.
SHOE - you are on the correct path; be wary of advice to change.
SNAKE - someone who does not deserve your trust.
SPIDER - a small reward or win.
SPIDER WEB - potent symbol of fate; beware of traps.
SPOON - you will be comforted by someone's generosity.
STAR - success, recognition and praise.
STAIR - your position will improve.
SUN - a new beginning.
SWORD - caution against sharp words or revealing personal information.
TABLE - a happy social interlude.
TENT - travel may help you foster your spiritual health.
THIMBLE - focus on fostering your home life.
TORNADO OR WHIRLWIND - prepare for turbulent weather.
TORTOISE OR TURTLE - lasting success through slow, determined and patient efforts.
TOWER - risk of disappointment.
TREE - alone = family, roots, heritage; leafless = family conflict; many leaves = family contentment; group of trees = family unity; evergreen = enduring relationships; palm = wealth or beach vacation.
TRIANGLE - you are involved in a three way relationship; if wedge shaped = one person is getting in the way of your relationship with the other person.
UMBRELLA - protection from harm or loss.
URN - be aware of the distinction between material and spiritual success.
VASE - a secret being kept from you; be aware of the distinction between material and spiritual success.
VIOLIN - allow your feelings to surface.
VOLCANO - there is an obstruction in your life that must be dealt with before it explodes.
WAGON - childhood; simple pleasures.
WASP - danger of small harm.
WATERFALL - wealth and prosperity.
WHEEL - events outside your control will change the direction of your life.
WINGS - do not box yourself in or limit yourself unnecessarily.
WOLF - you will be challenged or betrayed by someone.
YOKE - domination or control you should not allow.
ZEBRA - be more flexible and adventurous in your travel plans.

Sendin' love your way,
your friend in spirit

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posted March 12, 2013 07:51 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for quinnlycanastro     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
I read the dregs of my latte ....seriously. It was one of my daughters that started it off by saying she could see a dolphin in hers and now I check it every time. You certainly don't need to go to the extremes of preparing certain cups or anything ~ just see what the froth leaves behind.

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