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From: Douglas, AZ USA
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posted March 31, 2009 09:10 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Philbird2     Edit/Delete Message
This seems pretty urgent, so if anyone is good at dream analysis....To be honest, when he told me this my hair stood up!

A friend had a very vivid dream and I got a scary impression.
He was running away from something and had his daughter with him. Then he was in some sort of institution/hosp. His daughter no longer with him at the time.

The docs, were drugging him. He was struggling, trying to run away etc, but they kept catching him and giving him more drugs to keep him from running away.

The drugs started wearing off and he found himself in a sort of community room. He spots his 5 year old daughter. She was sitting on the floor and having a conversation with a woman. My friend walks up to them and says to the woman "What's your name?" The woman turns and says "I Love you!" (very lovingly) He said "What are you doing here?" (like he recognized her)
At this point he had calmed down and saw his daughter was safe. He described the woman saying she had long hair, like his wife, but he couldn't see a face. It was a blur. Then an old flame he had in college walks by, he did recognize her. The dream ends....he said when he woke up, he was at peace.
I thought this may be a precognative dream of his wifes death, but didn't say anything. Anyone else have a take on this?
I would appreciate it.

From our conversation, I think he may be thinking the same thing. His wife is not ill, she is however a nurse and does work in a hospital.

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posted March 31, 2009 03:02 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Quinnie     Edit/Delete Message
It's very normal in dreams to not see faces and it doesn't hold much meaning. I wouldn't panic about that.. Mostly we dream in black and white and to focus in on something (like a face) will not produce an image but a blur like you described.
It could be significant of something else but not death.

We perceive faces in dreams but to actually look at something... the focus is not there. It's not sight, it's perception.
To me it sounds like your friend may be going through something and he doesn't realise how much his wife understands and may actually relate to what he is going through (psychologically).
His old flame may represent a new passion for his wife about to take hold also, or that she holds thekey to something psychologically.

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posted March 31, 2009 03:05 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Chryseis     Edit/Delete Message
I would say it is to do with his circulatory system. For some reason his blood has a better composition and is healthier now.

He's had some kind of a shock at some stage and it has affected his regard for himself and how he thinks his wife thinks of him. I think he may have developed a slight irregularity in his conduction and this is to do with stress.

What this irregularity is about is that he has been really trying to hang on to ideals with how he think he should have handled things and what he thinks he needs to do to get things sorted out. So yeah, I feel its vocational/financial and his livelihood is under question. He's a really great guy and cares about his responsibilities and significant others.

My suggestion - encourage him to have a health check, just anyway. Take the doctor's advice. Then the big one, self-acceptance despite what his wife is saying, and despite what he thinks he should be doing. He needs to look on this time as a hiatus in which he can give some long overdue constructive nurturing to himself rather than placing himself on a contstantly intense guilt/failure trip. He's always been there for everyone else even as a little boy. He has a backlog of a great dam of emotion and he needs to ease some of this pressure instead of trying to hold it.

So yeah, I'm picturing running, walking/running a dog,blended nutritious drinks, and working seriously at a hobby. Treat this hobby as a mini profession - don't worry about its viability.

And to get over the financial mumbo/jumbo. Sit down and have a very slow cuddly conversation with the wife, sob, tell her how miserable he is about how things have gone and how he's going to try just accepting the situation, (big sigh and letting it all go/out). Do house hubby things - so yeah cooking, washing etc, and I think annoying stuff like(well, it would be annoying to me) - yeah stuff like, massaging shoulders, father confessor for the wife "tell me all about it, ra, ra, ra...", also maybe volunteering to take a neighbour/friend's dog for a walk when he
walks his, getting to know the locals more on shopping jaunts, that kind of thing.

good luck

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Posts: 28
From: Douglas, AZ USA
Registered: Mar 2009

posted March 31, 2009 06:41 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Philbird2     Edit/Delete Message
Thank You for your posts, I really appreciate it! Really!

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