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  Leno: Interpretations may not be what you think!

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Author Topic:   Leno: Interpretations may not be what you think!

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posted July 30, 2015 03:40 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for ikja     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Since joining the forum late last year, I have been guilty of getting readings about the same person or things. When I first broke up with my ex (or when that situation was rather new), I used to receive readings and be devastated when they came back negative or suggested that we wouldn't rekindle our relationship. This did upset me and I used to always wonder whether lenormand could predict the future accurately. Now, I know people always say that freewill plays a part in readings and that reading are only valid for a short while... But hardly anyone says that their interpretation of the cards may be incorrect and that the same cards may still describe the future, but in a completely different way than the reader imagines.

I wanted to demonstrate and reiterate the fact that readers are not fool proof. Just because you get a bad reading, it doesn't mean that it is the end of the world. Be open and ready for the various manifestation of various cards.

So, I had a thing with a guy that I work with and recently I've been asking about him because I feel like there is some unfinished business (outside of Venus Retrograde). The last time I saw him, I felt great and was laughing and smiling and therefore, I anticipated the next time I would see him.

I asked: What will happen between X and I tomorrow?

When I interpreted the cards, it appeared that we would perhaps have a discussion in a "comfortable" location for both of us (perhaps our office) and that perhaps there may be sexual undertones or talk about the way he behaves and other women. Bearing in mind that we are not talking, I was a little nervous.

By the end of the day, I realise that these cards were describing the circumstances in which I was going to see him. When I walked past him that day, he was having a conversation/discussion about an argumentative woman who lived on an estate that he had an interest in.


Again, the next day I asked: What will happen between X and I when I see him today.


initially, I believed that there would be a sudden journey that we would both have to go on, which would bring us together and perhaps make way for a new, more innocent start.

In face, what actually happened was that I didn't see him at all and he was away from the office - he has been for the last few days and I suspect that it's because something has happened to his child and he has had to make a journey in relation to that. Although he hasn't told me, he doesn't miss work for anything and his child needing him makes sense in relation to the cards.

Essentially, what I'm trying to say is... EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED! Leno cards are not always accurate and/or life may play out in a different way than you have interpreted. Have faith in that!

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posted July 30, 2015 03:52 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Ceridwen     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
I find that Leno in particular can be VERY literal at times.

I remember that I once pulled CLOUDS for the experience of an evening, and was worrying about confusion, unclarity between a person and me (which also was true, but that is beside the point. lol).
Instead it was raining cats and dogs.
Very often it is raining when I pull CLOUDS.

Or jsut with the very first pull I did, I was having COFFIN + HOUSE + CROSS

I was on a trip, and worried about if things would be okay at home, well at least until I walked into the library of an abbey, and almost bumped into a big coffin/ sacrophagus and mummy being placed there. LOL

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posted July 30, 2015 03:59 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Orange     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
well, it depends how good of a reader you are, and of course, it's difficult to interpret your own spreads because you are emotionally invested. Not to mention, pulling your own cards can result in pulling the cards you wish, or something like that

when I read the cards that you pulled without looking at the result, my first thought was - another woman, sexual attraction

the second spread I read it as - sudden departure, going away all of a sudden.

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posted July 30, 2015 04:27 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for LeeLoo2014     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
I like your idea a lot, Ikja, for this thread

I agree with Orange, your interpretation is permeated with your desire and your emotional investment, which happens when we draw for ourselves, especially with emotional matters.

There's also another problem here. They are too open, the questions, in the sense that IMO first you need to identify if anything happens at all. This happens for instance when people ask about feelings. Most people ask: what are his feelings for me? However this poses a problem, at least to me, because the first thing to know is if the other person has any romantic feelings at all, so I always ask this first.

Doing a spread for feelings for someone who is your ex or current bf, and for your neighbor for instance are totally different things IMO and the cards can be very misleading.

I would have probably asked first: will anything happen between me and X tomorrow? and then the detail spread.

With Leno, and Tarot, with cards in general, at least this is my approach, you get to the matter step by step rather than using a chunk spread, for more accuracy.
Of course, this is just my input on your thread.

I would have seen : fighting with/about another woman and/or a house, or sexual attraction between him and another woman for the first


unexpected trip because of a child or in an automobile etc.
if you determined whether anything happens between you two first, it would have been a trip between you two, maybe, as alternative

ahh, ok the same as orange

I totally agree with you, Leno is tricky tricky

I have some cool examples too:

whip book tower

I thought about meeting/seeing an unknown or former college pal clubs man in town

instead, I had a fight about my credit card (book is the card, and book tower the bank here)

clover tower for a yes on an exam

instead, it only depicted a phone call: my clover has two bugs with trumpets on it

The ineffable charm of Leno

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