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posted December 18, 2006 06:09 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Thorshammer     Edit/Delete Message
I’ve had to sit and ponder this for a couple of days. Much energy was surging through my soul and I didn’t want to do a Saggi thing, which is put a foot in my mouth, BUT I don’t have time to worry about the outcome…what’s meant to be said, will be said.

When I got an email from Randall asking to become the Moderator of Linda’s Life, I was really excited and scared at the same time. It’s a big responsibility to watch over something so HUGE as a person’s life. It becomes a task that needs to be nurtured, EVEN when the traffic isn’t as vast as other Forums; it’s still a wonderful thing.

Many of you don’t know, but at first I turned it down. I had a talk with someone (not a member of our community) who really can’t stand our place of meeting. I cannot judge her, for this is her opinion and I do respect it and talk to her many times when problems in my life would arise. So when she told me it was a good idea not to become Moderator, I took that advice.


I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t think, I just thought of Linda, Linda, Linda, and of course after talking to Lotus and Noreenz, I came to the realization that I was suppose to take this position. Of course I wrote Randall back and told him I did want the job and that my obvious arrogance had stopped me from taking it in the first place. At first I didn’t hear from him, in fact I never heard from him…I just saw a topic congratulating me on joining the squad…leave it to a cappi to be so

In the effect I THOUGHT I lost my close friend, I thought she was mad with me for taking the moderator job and I didn’t hear from her forever…since I took the job! The other day I contacted her on the event of this whole topic of “HAZELWOOD” and she like I was outraged. Though she thought that my telling NANNYK that putting it on the website was wrong because it was a copyright violation…to me there was more behind it than that.

After NANNYK posted the topic from Conscious Evolution on “THE BOOKS” I just lost my top…because there is more to this than meets the eye and I just had to take some action…. I am just saying right now, THE BATTLE IS ABOUT TO BEGIN.

For those of you that don’t frequent Linda’s life, that don’t know about Linda’s other books, like poetry and such, you probably won’t know what I am talking about. I have always found it so odd that a site about Linda Goodman with so many different forums…many people don’t know some of the most minor things about her. You hear all the time….” I didn’t know that…when did that happen? REALLY!” Sometimes it seems that it’s more of a playfield and less about what this woman talked about.

HAZELWOOD is about Linda’s theory that Abe Lincoln was her Great, Great Grandfather, that he had two children by a woman of royal family and that possibly his Wife Mary Todd might have shot him. You can go to this link, though It’s not the only one that talks about it.
Now, I think its great that these Manuscripts have all of a sudden just mysteriously POPPED up. That someone named NANNYK who just registered on our site this month and also another named O’IRISH registered the same month, both not knowing much about Linda, but NOW coming out and seeing the same thing on television and raving out and about it.

Don’t get me wrong NANNYK or O’IRISH, I am happy you saw the program and such, but I just don’t see this being all-coincident all of a sudden. Linda said…and I ALWAYS quote it, “OFTEN, THE INITIAL MANIFESTICATION OF YOUR QUEST IS A SERIES OF STRANGE “COINCIDENCES” WHICH ARE NOT COINCIDENTAL AT ALL….” Hence this talked about books and such, it doesn’t mean that you don’t see these “things” in everything.

NANNYK came to our site talking about the show she saw on HGTV, the one that talks about Linda “VANISHING” and leaving her house Intact…that is a lie, but we will get to that soon enough.

I just don’t see it as right, all of a sudden someone comes here asking about Linda, then stating that Linda sent a MANUSCRIPT, RESEARCH PAPERS and PHOTOS…. Ya know what…LINDA did not just give her things away to anyone so fast, This was something that she worked on for decades…something so big and dangerous….why would one go and just give these things to someone that they don’t know and are going to just trust to do research for them….Linda was said to go to the Library of Congress to do research for herself…why is she sending things to people when she was known to do this work herself.

Her library was vast….VAST!!!. In the list of books for sale by the book collector that bought her collection there were all kinds of books on Abe Lincoln…why would she have someone else doing research for her and such. It makes so sense and in my opinion is a lie.

Some may think that saying it’s a “LIE” is very harsh, but I have my reason and Proof and I will tell you at the end of this story.

NANNYK came here with the intent to learn more about a woman who told her much 14 years ago. Why would you get a manuscript and other dealings from one of the most famous authors of astrology and put it away for all this time…then you see her old house on television and you decided to go find it, and then find this website about her? I tell you this…there are people out there that Linda talked to and they remembered her from the get go, they Knew who she was…they didn’t just do research and put a manuscript, research papers and photos away for 14 years…

SHEAA OLEIN asked if it was copyright protected and NANNYK did not know. Then all of a sudden NANNYK finds CONSCIOUS EVOLUTION which surprisingly has a topic on this missing manuscript. SO I guess where all suppose to be star struck and just believe that all of this is coincidental…SORRY….it’s not. TIS NOT!
MARIA who is known as WRITEON in CONSCIOUS EVOLUTION wrote a bit on how she has been struggling with things and has come to the idea to write the biography of Linda….she said as of OCT 1st she came to this decision and is DEVOTING full time to this project.


I just find it so suspicious that NANNYK AND O’IRISH just show up registered here this month, and then NANNYK brings out of the blue a piece from CONSCIOUS EVOLUTION about MARIA stating that she is going to write a book on Linda’s life…and worse off…from people who knew Linda.

YOU CAN’T say that it doesn’t sound so suspicious, and the reason it’s suspicious is…no one has talked about it here. No one has mentioned the manuscript HAZELWOOD, but someone had to come in and register and bring it up so that the topic from CONSCIOUS EVOLUTION titled “ANOTHER FORTHCOMING BOOK THAT DIDN’T MAKE IT” could be seen here by all of us.

This was probably to stop or intimidate anyone from pursuing the same idea…someone who might have had the same information and was thinking of publishing works. I tell you this is all so wrong.

MARIA BARRON, I don’t know her, but I have never really had a good feel about her. The feeling is the same as I have about Crystal and even Greg. I am sorry I just haven’t felt anything wonderful. It started with the finding of the tapes in a drawer that was bought from Linda’s Estate. Inside the Drawer, it’s said was a tape of Linda reciting from the book Gooberz. Maria stated that she played one side of the tape and nothing was there, but turning it over, it revealed Linda reciting words from books.

On CONSCIOUS EVOLUTION, there is a page called “THE LOST LINDA GOODMAN TAPE” at the bottom of the page these words are pasted:

“This recording was discovered on an unmarked Cassette tape bearing no publishing or copyright information. It is shared on a purely non-commercial basis for educational purposes through the courtesy of Maria Barron, the tape’s current Owner.”

First NO ONE….NO ONE owns that tape. No one but Linda, No one but her FAMILY.
Two, Even though the unmarked tape bore no publishing or copyright information…it still is. It belonged to Linda and that’s copyrighted.

The tapes were samples that were made to prepare possibly for book on cassette. She didn’t want other people reading her work on tape. So she was practicing to do it herself. If anyone had tried to do some research and not just labeled them “UNMARKED CASSETTE TAPE BEARING NO PUBLISHING COPYRIGHT INFORMATION,” if someone had thought about these things instead of making sure that we all knew that the tape was passed on with courtesy and is NOW owned by another, if such blind notions were not grafted on the fact that these tapes were discovered and owned by another person…maybe someone would have figured out that there was more to it than that.

I find it amusing that this desk was bought and a tape was in a box, because there was suppose to be a tape of Sally reciting plays on a tape in the same desk. Perhaps there is more and people are just trying to hold onto things that belonged to Linda in hopes of having some kind of power of the “star struck” ones on both sites. Or maybe Linda erased it because she knew others might get a hold of Sally’s voice and go for profit.

Linda was human, just like a fellow Moderator said in a post…she was just human.

In the topic I wrote entitled “The Fax” I show that “this tape” was in fact copyrighted, since Linda speaks of making tapes to give to fans. Of course THE FAX was discovered after Maria found the tape, but it shows that TRUTH does speak eventually, even if no one knew that tape was copyrighted, there is no doubting it now.

I was talking to a friend tonight and we were discussing on how all these names came up.

First Maria states that as of OCT 1st she is devoting full time work to writing about Linda from people who don’t even want you to know who they are.

No one in LL knows of this…at least there is no post for it…THEN:

Someone comes and registers in DEC 2006 by the name of NANNYK, then Sheaa Olein says its posted on FFA (which I believe is just a TRUE coincidence…since Sheaa has posted over two thousand times), then O’IRISH shows up DEC 2006 talking the same thing and SCORPIO23 who registered in Mar 2004 pops up, though being a member since 2004 only registers as having one post….what is that about?

All sounds too fishy to me and seems like a set up to blind eyes to something new happening: ANOTHER PERSON TRYING TO MAKE MONEY OFF LINDA’S NAME AND NOT GIVING TO LINDA.

I remember when Randal said the statement about profit for writing a book on Linda, “ALL MY PORTION OF THE PROCEEDS (EVERY PENNY) WILL BE DONATED TO THE AMERICAN DIABETES ASSOCIATION”

I thought this was a great idea, but I thought…why can’t the money go toward Linda’s family who deserve it more than the ABA who didn’t know Linda and get money all the time…though it was a great thing for Randall to do. I was confused why her children and grand children shouldn’t profit first.

I think that this perception of Linda’s Children has gone well off base and maybe people have thought that things were WAAAAAY worse than they ever were.

They deserve it all, they are the true holders of Linda’s way, not Crystal or anyone else who bellows that they own something that belongs to Linda with out sharing it with everyone.

SHOULD MARIA WRITE A BOOK ABOUT LINDA…I SAY HE!! NO! But as someone said to me tonight…”people will always find the frailties of a person and profit from those instead of the good things they did in life.”

What does this really mean.

This year Maria answered a post from someone named CRAISY DAISY who just happened to ask about books that didn’t make it while Linda was alive…and then MARIA just happened to write that she is going to write a book on Linda…I just find that so odd, BUT I also remember this and its so funny that its at the top of the forum over there…

A YEAR AGO…OCT 24th 2005, Emily “LISTEN TO TREES” asked if anyone knew what had become of Linda’s children.

Well Maria was so good to answer for her.

I read this to a friend tonight and we broke it down completely…but I ask you again…do you want someone writing a piece on someone you love that writes things of this nature about them…someone that says “THIS IS WHAT I HAVE GATHERED FROM MANY, MANY PEOPLE WHO KNEW HER…”


I am posting the post from CONSCIOUS EVOLUTION AND IN BOLD writing I will post an explanation. And it ain’t no explanation from many, many, many people…

This was MARIA’S response to EMILYS QUESTION:

OK, I guess I finally will take a deep breath, blow it out and dive on in.

This is what I have gathered from many, many people who knew her. Linda was extremely difficult to get along with. Every friend who was ever a really good, close friend with her has a story of "the time I decided I was never going to speak to Linda again, ever." A few relented after Linda bombarded them with calls and letters and "please, please, please." Others stuck to their guns and wrote her off.

She could be extraordinarily generous, but she could also be a holy terror. She yelled a lot. She yelled mean, snotty things a lot. She also did other really odd and goofy things that would freak people out and embarass them. She demanded a lot of her friends and relations, and she was not very good at all at noticing when just a kind word from her, just a small gesture, would have been hugely appreciated in return.
First off, Linda was very good at saying a kind word to many a people. Linda did expect and demand a lot from friend, BUT this was because MOST PEOPLE WHO MADE PROMISES NEVER DELIVERED WHAT THEY SAID THEY WOULD…anyone would get upset with someone you trusted and they would say they were going to do something and they didn’t…wouldn’t you?

Her kids grew up with Sam while Linda went off to do her own thing. There are nicer ways to put that, but that's the unvarnished truth.

There Is only one way to put this and they are nicer…you see you need to know what your talking about before you write it down…before you quote QUACKS in a town that was a ghost town before the casino came, a town with people who were so close minded, that when they met a woman who would invite them into her house for dinner and then show them a video on St. Francis…they left thinking she was a QUACK, but she was more advanced than any of them…they never knew what she was instead they smiled at her and when she turned a corner, they called her crazy…and she knew…she knew and she still loved them all.

So many there say they knew her, but more talked behind her back than believed her…its so true….I know.

Maria said, “ the kids grew up with Sam while Linda went off to do her own thing...there are nicer ways to put that, but that’s the unvarnished truth”

My friend said tonight “there are two ways of telling a story…one is making the person seem like a monster and the other is telling the truth or the same story in a true sense.” When you read this story…you don’t see the Linda we know in her books…there are not two people….two personalities…there is only one!

Linda could not write in NY, she just couldn’t concentrate. She decided to go to Colorado to write…not to leave her family with her husband. When she got to the little quiet dead town of Cripple Creek, she saw the magic that it held. This led to her buying a place. Sam didn’t want to move to this little town of 300+, this man was a city boy, New Yorker. He knew that she needed to work...everyone knows that a writer can’t write if thier surroundings are not just. This is what happened.

Jill and Michael went to Cripple creek to stay with Linda. Jill didn’t like it so she went back to New York. Michael stayed with Linda for a while…even went to school there but it was difficult for them, Cripple Creek was not the easiest thing for a child, especially when you see people smiling at your mother but laughing behind her back…anyone would want to just take a bat to a person head.

So Linda did not leave her children with SAM…She did not Leave them in New york, it was a choice that the others made, they came with her, and they chose to go back. Linda loved her children to death!!! To death! Sally is the prime example…so why doesn’t anyone see that?

Sam loved his wife to death…so much that he let her go and write in an enviroment that SHE could gain strength and write her heart away. In Fact Linda never would have written those books with out Sam’s love…NOT AT ALL!!! She was a very strong woman and not many men can be with a woman with such high Standards…but he did, he knew what her love could do not only for her family, but for others also…for YOU AND ME!!!! YES…YOU AND ME!

That was the ultimate sacrifice and it was a good one. Nothing bad about that…nothing that is stated above as “the unvarnished truth”


Her last conversation with Sally was a very unpleasant one. Sally wanted Linda's help, and Linda not only wasn't moved to provide that help, she was unpleasant about it.

Of course Linda didn't want to believe that Sally died by suicide afterwards. But most people realistically find it easier to believe that Sally did indeed decide, as some young people having a tough time and feeling emotionally abandoned sometimes do, that she was never going to speak to or see her mother or anyone else again ... rather than that the CIA would pull a black-op on the daughter of an astrologer who was known for ideas out of left field.

Linda believed that Sally was still alive and I believe that Sally was still alive because her mother did! And that’s all that matters…not because of some theory, because SHE believed…she knew...and all this spider line stuff…well Linda discovered things after the “DEATH” or “DISAPEARANCE” that showed that this girl might be alive….even Linda’s children when confronted with things that Mother said…had to say…”WOW…WOW.”

Linda was a excellent researcher….she knew how to find info…she was utterly was Sam, c’mon…this woman did it all…and her children knew this and believed it.

The other kids accepted that Sally died.

How do you know the other kids believed their sister was dead…? You got to give a name of someone who told you this…otherwise its all hearsay….

When Linda lived in Cripple Creek, she would called New York and she would talk to Michael on the phone…he was a young boy at the time…and you know what she would do…she would read 20-30 pages of Peter Pan or Tolkien to her boy….and she would do this until he fell asleep…all the damn time!!!

So what is the “unvarnished” truth? You tell me…is it what I am telling you now…or what someone said “many, many, many of Linda’s friends” told her.

The question is this” Are these friends…FRIEND OR FOE?”

Linda would also hide from people. She would tell people straight to their faces, "Linda's not here; she's in New York," when she was, in fact, right there talking to them. She would pretend she was her own housekeeper instead. She would pull similar stunts even on close relatives. They would travel hundreds of miles or more to see her, and she would pretend she wasn't home. She would send a friend to the door to tell them she was in another state, or sometimes she would say things like, "OK, you can come in, but your friend / boyfriend / girlfriend has to stay outside." Even to her own kids. And they would say, "Fine," and leave with their friends.

Linda Goodman was a star, a huge celebrity. People magazine and others tried to make her look a certain way because of the need to sell a newspaper. Linda was the most wonderful woman, a mother to all of us.

Linda said, “astrology is like a weather forecast.” This meant when you watch the weather person…they say it might rain, but it just might not, it might fly by, its just a forecast, but you are in control, you just have to watch the sky.

When you are a celebrity and people are using your names in the wrong way…sometimes to make you seem like a quack, wouldn’t you protect yourself? Of course you would!! The world is a crazy place. Linda never played stunts like telling close relatives she wasn’t home…that’s so absurd…she would know they would know her…so why would one do that?

As far as sending friends to the door, her son would do this…but who are we to just walk up to a person’s door and ask to talk to them without calling? That would be rude.

The woman had much stress on her and you don’t know what dangerous people are marching to your door to talk to you about things they possibly might think is
against their GOD or religion…c’mon up your eyes and see!!!! SEE!!!

Linda NEVER told her children to leave their loved ones outside the door, but they could come in. That’s the biggest lie and absurd thing I or any of you could hear.

I know that one of her kids, who tried to do well by Linda, eventually told Linda's friend (who would place the calls to this grown-up child for Linda) "I appreciate that you help my mom, but please don't call me again until she has died."

It disturbs me that MARIA says “I KNOW” when she doesn’t know anything, but only words from others that are saying things to make themselves feel big, but most of what they say are lies and outrageous exaggerations about a woman they really never understood.

I am telling you that no one called Linda’s son and no son said anything to those words. Since Linda has two sons and the person talked about above would be the oldest one…this never happened, that was never said. It’s a total lie that someone told MARIA.

I know that another of her kids made it clear on the day of Linda's memorial, out loud and with no attempt to be secretive about it, that in this grown-up child's opinion, their mom was a nut.

THIS WAS SAID, BUT look at the way MARIA writes it…and I am sure she writes it in the manner it was told to some hick who had no notion of what it meant. Linda’s youngest son did say this, but not “with no attempt to be secretive about it” he was just saying it in a loving way.

I ask you this…have any of you EVER said, one of your sibling was nuts…or your dad for farting, or your best friend for smashing a beer can on his head….? When Michael said this, he mean it in that way about his mother, he meant it in the way one says about there loved ones in most loving and endearing way. WE HAVE ALL SAID SOMEONE WAS CRAZY and not meant it in the way MARIA’s CONTACT made it seem.

Michael loved his mother, in no way ever hated his mother or thought she was bunkers…he was just saying it in a way that his mother was VERY ECCENTRIC…out there, her ideas were pure, she was a fascinating writer and she cared about us all.

Of course, I'm not saying all her ideas were bunk. Not at all. Although, personally, I do think some of her ideas were half-baked and that if she'd spent longer time thinking some things through it would have been a good thing.

Half baked….Linda’s only goal was to help others, to enlighten others, there is nothing half baked about that. Linda’s books were to help others…to bring them together…LovE Signs...Sun sSigns…she wanted everyone to get along and love, love, love…did she not talk about love….HELLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

And obviously, as a writer addressing her readers, she was amazingly effective and pleasant. But in person, she could be a real pain.

To end this with saying “SHE COULD BE A REAL PAIN,” that makes me just want to scream and not buy any book Maria would right about my spiritual mother…the woman I think about as much as my mother and my grandma, the woman’s books who I see as I come in my house everyday…..

LINDA WAS THE MOST REAL PERSON THAT ANY OF US WILL EVER KNOW…EVER! you will never meet another person as enlightened as LINDA GOODMAN.

As someone told me tonight, ”If you can’t bring up something nice about a person, DON’T bring up nothing at all!!!” people write books all the time about celebrities and there is always some dirt to satisfy the publics taste buds or destruction of a persons reputation…IF MARIA really loved Linda the way she wants to write a book about her...WHY WOULD YOU EVEN PRINT SOMETHING LIKE THIS...WHY DIDN’T you just NOT TAKE A DEEP BREATH and BLOW OUT…WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU WERE DOING GOOD FOR LINDA for saying all these things that you don’t know are true…you’re taking a persons word for things that you don’t know are true, because you weren’t there, and you didn’t hear, see or touch Linda.


I see no love in your letter MARIA, just petty gossip about a woman who did nothing short of helping people all her life.

Linda was from the south and she was taught respect of another’s person life. This was the woman that wrote speeches for civil rights, but someone says she closed doors in people’s faces? She didn’t close doors in peoples faces….she would peep through the window and feel a persons vibe and know if she should talk to them or not. There is a story of a woman and her child coming to see Linda in the pouring rain and Linda talked to them and apologized for making them wait. THIS WAS A GREAT WOMAN.

I was told tonight that LINDA said, “THE CHART OF A SAINT IS UNREADABLE” I find it so funny and refreshing that so many try to wonder when she was born...BUT JUST LIKE THIS CASE…YOU CAN’T READ A SAINT’S CHART AND THIS WAS A SAINT!

P.S. I should probably also say that the same is probably also true of a fair number of creative, driven, famous people...

THIS last sentence isn’t going to save you for any of the things you said about her being so negative…

SO A YEAR AGO, YOU SAID THESE THINGS…AND NOW YOU TALK ABOUT WANTING TO WRITE A BOOK ABOUT HER, THAT PEOPLE HAVE GIVEN YOU THINGS AFTER KNOWING WHAT YOUR HEART IS DOING…I ask you Moderator of CONSCIOUS EVOLUTION…what people gave you this stuff and how long have you really had it and why haven’t you given it to her family?

Why haven’t you contacted her family…how can you write a biography on a woman when you haven’t talked to people who really knew this woman???

If you have had these things…these Manuscripts…why haven’t you given them to Her children…could it be because you Don’t want them to stop you from doing what you are going to do…?

Were you going to give them the profit that they deserve…where you going to give so that her grand kids can live off the truth that is theirs to hold and carry on…or were you just going to keep profits for yourself and shrug off the family because you were told they didn’t care about her at all.

I find it odd, that you have mention the two saying don’t contact him until his mom is dead, and the other saying she is NUTS, but you haven’t brought up anything….OR is it that those people are afraid of the scorn of a woman?

This is the thing…when Linda moved to CRIPPLE CREEK, it was small desolant, it was like a old western town were people could still if viable…wear six shooters if they could. When Linda came…she was way, way, way, way beyond what anyone up there knew of things Metaphysics…I am sure most of them didn’t even know about her book or who Saint Francis was. I can see them looking confused after dinner when she asked them to watch a video on this man who at one time was a WARMONGER turned Saint.

I am sure when they smiled at her and then stabbed her in the back with knives of laughter and she knew it, she didn’t care, because she was true to her s-elf.

Why is it no one has said that Linda TRULY believed in Metaphysics and Spirituality?


After reading all there is about HAZELWOOD and absorbing it, and seeing the TOTAL set up to show us that someone is going to work diligently to make a profit off of Linda’s life…I did the only thing I knew I needed to do….



Something that no one here has did, I know this because when I called him and told him who I was, what was going on…he was shocked, because in 12 years I AM THE FIRST…THE FIRST TO CONTACT HIM.

I actually found that so sad…that so many people have talked about how they love Linda, and the things she did, but most would sit around and listen to others come on this site speaking of meeting, talking, listening to Linda and other rumors about her without any proof.

I have known where Linda’s Son Michael was and others for years now. Of course knowing this was really no concern to me. Being a fan of Linda’s you must respect people in all situations, Plus I would never had disclosed information on here or any other site because of the VAMPIRES in waiting…and they are out there. They really are. I have no doubt that here on our site, there are people waiting in lay to tell others of things that are going on. And not contacting anyone was my decision, until I hear about this whole HAZELWOOD thing and people also stating that after a long time of battle, they have decided to do something they feel is necessary…whatever…

Its such a shame that people are so evil and instead of finding a way to make a living, they instead live off other peoples LOVE, LIFE, EXPERIENCE and MAGIC…That is so evil in its self.

I tell you this…after I read to Michael that topic on Conscious EVOLUTION…he was not happy, in fact I am sure you can figure out that most of the info I got above in BOLD Type is from my conversations with Linda’s Loyal and loving son.

Now you don’t see me stating that I got this info from any mysterious friend of Linda Goodman’s…who are afraid to say who they are because they are liars that were jealous of the most mystical and beautiful woman.

MICHAEL WAS PRETTY UPSET…VERY OUTRAGED that a fan of his mothers would even print such things without true proof. Like he said, “if you have nothing good to say about a person…why say anything at all?”


I knew that the time to stop those from making a buck off of Linda is now…we have to stop this…THIS IS WHY YOU ARE ALL HERE…BELIEVE IT OR NOT. YOU ARE NOT HERE TO “WHOA AND AHHHH” at what others say…YOU ARE TRUE SOLDIERS and you never let others put holes in the fabric of those you love.

Is it MARIA’s fault that others have told her lies? Of course it is…if she really loved Linda she would have tried to find family members and ask them if these words were real? It was her responsibility to find out the truth before telling other fans these things and making them have an impresson of a woman that deserved more than respect than what others are giving her.

Like Michael said:

Are you perfect-are you not guilty of saying things?
How many of us have said things to friends and later said differently to them? Who hasn’t said these things?

Linda raised her children so good. When Michael was a child he wanted to start a paper, the paper was called “THE GOOD NEWS,” he wanted to make a paper that told the GOOD NEWS of the WORLD and not one that is always telling the bad news…just like momma!

This woman read to her son all the time…from far away…she loved her children and they argued like children do with their parents, but saying, “call me when my mom is gone..” that’s a no no…a no no! She loved them to death and they loved her as they still do.

Michael was not a big reader as a child, this was pressure on a kid when both of your parents are readers and Totally intelligent, he was probably intimidated, but when you have parents like SAM and Linda…who make you feel loved…well he had the best of both words…HOW MANY OF YOU HAVE HAD YOUR PARENTS CALL YOU FROM ANOTHER STATE AND READ TO YOU UNTIL YOU DROP THE PHONE ON THE FLOOR…HOW MANY???

Michael said that his father “was the wind beneath Her wings”

Linda believed in Metaphysics and SPIRITUALITY…why didn’t that topic from last year mention that…why didn’t those people state those things to MARIA BARRON?

Linda was the sense that she was a genius around many blind people who didn’t really understand what the heck she was saying to them.

When I received things that belonged to Linda from the gent who bought her book collection, (many of those things that I have shared with many of you on here) all the people I contacted from things she left…NOT one person said she was any of the things that Maria’s contacts said…they all said she was the most interesting woman they have ever met…totally FASCINATING...of course these were people that lived outside Cripple Creek.

Once I told a co-worker that John Denver was one of the Planets greatest saviors. My co-worker said that once he had seen a magazine cartoon, John Denver was on top of a mountain with bottle cap glasses and a Eagle was sticking his talons into his eyes-the eagle depicted those in Colorado who were angry that John Denver’s music had brought more people to Denver than the residents wanted…and even then I thought about how idiotic and close minded people can be.

Michael Goodman was talking to me and he said that he sometimes liked to joke about this phrase…its called “THE GOODMAN CURSE”

This meant that anyone that messed with his family…they always got what came to them and of course this is called Karma.


So look at what happened to and look what happened to Greg…I truly believe in Karma…do you?

I tell you now…the fight has begun and any approach to write anything about these people’s mother will be dealt with in a court of law…Karma is coming back and all those that have done wrong will be dealt with. I promise you this. I put my Heart and LIFE on that statement…my hammer is going to help knock heads, because this is my calling and I LOVE IT.

I hope you all read this all the way through…and do know that for those that loved Linda Goodman with out greed being involved, Her son….who is a carbon copy of mom…he is thankful for this.

He also ask to leave him alone…let him be private and raise his love. Don’t worry you haven’t seen the last of the Goodman’s.

When we thought about this…really thought about it...we just wanted to thank NANNYK, O’IRISH, MARIA for bringing the fire to the forefront again….lol. With out you…well things might have been quiet and passed on without justice coming to the top.

Welcome to the fight of your life…it’s on!

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I think there's alot more to HazelWood..
that is hidden..still..unfinished

I Live in NH, now, again, grew up here..
every trip tp Canada, we would check out Our Dear Friend, "The Old Man of The Mountain"
on Profile Lake in LINCOLN, NH...
there's also LOST RIVER

I don't know this is a riddle in my brain
and then you have the Indian Head, and he's still there, for he holds the Old Ancient ways...

FreeMasons Tried, but their ego eventually got in the way of Ggod. ...

Thorshammer, didn't mean to hyjack your string, sometimes, I'm just spinning...
round and round
what goes up, must come down
Spinning wheel

0 and 0

X and X

In order to carry on a work, you must know..
Mastership. ...
The Truth shall be told...

We are fools to think we can do anything
until, we have Mastered OurSelves..
and we all need to help each other

holding onto information, keeping secrets
will no longer be tolerated...
it's in the Stars

and the Seeds

and the seeds have rooted in the Truth. ...

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and since the topic starts with Truth

it rhymes with Ruth, that's important you know...

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Sometimes, I wish this energy would slow, it's a force, Of LOve and Light...


the truth hurts...

so no lies,
then the truth cannot hurt you..
SEE. ...

LOts of LOve to You ALL... .

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Bearing Small Gifts

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posted January 03, 2007 10:01 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Bearing Small Gifts     Edit/Delete Message
Hello, dear people.

'Tis I, Maria Barron, Mary Barron, WriteOn, administrator of, and on this site, Bearing Small Gifts.

If you'll search out posts under my username on this site, you'll see why I chose Bearing Small Gifts for my username. I brought you the handwriting samples from Linda when people at this site asked for them, and I've presented a few other little things for all of us Linda fans, here and there, including the profile that Randall liked so well.

The profile is here:
Linda Goodman profile

The thread where Randall was so sweet in his compliments about it is here:
Linda Goodman's Date of Birth

The tape of Linda reading Gooberz, which I did indeed find in Linda's desk, is here:
Linda Reading Gooberz
It was no accident that I received the tape, and a number of other items. In fact, Randall's and Rainbow's communications facilitated it, and I told them that and thanked them in yet another thread you can find, that went on and on and on, in our, Linda Goodman Astrology, Linda's Life forum.

Your site and ours ( and share Linda's Star Notes, which are here:

If you don't want to take the time to search out my name for Linda's handwriting samples on this site, I can also direct you to those at CE, which are here:
Linda's Lovely Script

I wrote that profile for the original, and I have left it on our site, following Gregory's passing, just as chose originally to publish it, although I wasn't completely pleased with a bit of rearrangement and deletion done by someone at the company that commissioned the article from me (the original

I have also left Gregory's introduction to the tapes just as he wrote it, years ago.

Both my parents are professional non-fiction writers with strong backgrounds in journalism. I am a professional nonfiction writer with a strong background in journalism. Linda Goodman was a professional nonfiction writer with a background in journalism. I have been paid for literally thousands of pieces of writing. That is my profession.

Here is an article I wrote on the astrology of the Star of Bethlehem, which the National Catholic Reporter ran as a cover story, and which won the second place award for Best Feature Writing in a National Publication from the Catholic Press Association of the United States and Canada. There was a beautiful color cover picture with it in the print version. I was so tickled that I managed to get an astrology article into a Catholic-focused publication. (Note: It's an Independent Newsweekly, not owned or controlled by the church, but actually founded to bring an independent perspective to the faith.) Then, after being tickled about being published in that genre, I was really taken aback to receive the award. The piece was also republished in Catholic Digest. Here's a link to the online version of the original:
Star of Wonder
Sorry that it doesn't directly have to do with Linda, except that, like her, I started digging into theories about the chart of Jesus.

I do not think I know O'Irish or nannyk, although I would be happy to get to know them. I don't know whether I may know Trillian? But if I do, then I do not know her "as" Trillian, I only know that she has been kind to me when I have posted here. I am, admittedly, only guessing that she is a she. I do want, very much, to salute you, Trillian, in a Namaste sense, for your very principled discussion relative to this hub-bub. I am a huge fan of thoughtful, principled people who do not rush forward, spears and hammers in hand, in response to someone's perplexing and obvious attempt to try to provoke war between people or groups.

Namaste also to Acoustic God and others whose replies I didn't see when I first responded to this on O'Irish's thread on the Linda's Life forum. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and understanding!

Back in the day, we had a saying, "What if they gave a war and nobody came?"

Thorshammer, I don't believe I know you, and I'm quite sure from what I've managed to make out here of what you have written, that you don't know me. I'm not terribly mystified, but certainly saddened, that you've chosen to try to create ugliness among people in Linda's name, and that you have also chosen to try to create anger and pain in her family, in Linda's name.

I do not wish to offend you or anyone else, regardless of the offense you seem bent upon giving. For any offense I give, I am truly sorry.

Not only Michael, but also others of Linda's family and friends, are well acquainted with my partner in this biography project. I think perhaps, and I don't mean this as a "cut" against you, but simply a statement to someone who must be in a different profession than I am ... I think perhaps you may not totally understand the vast amount of time already spent and the vast amount of time yet to go, that must be put into the research process. I think you also may not understand that oftentimes it is best for factual writers to save direct interviewing of the sources who are the very nearest and dearest to the subject for a later, particular part of the process, for extremely good reasons.

Michael is a very good man. He knows more than you give him credit for.

I have no idea what you are trying to say regarding Hazelwood. Certainly everyone knows that Hazelwood is about Linda being a descendant of Lincoln! That's been common knowledge on the CE site for many years. Certainly I have known that for many years, and I have that manuscript along with all of Linda's other unpublished manuscripts.

Truly, this whole hub-bub is beyond silly, along with being sad and counter-productive to anyone genuinely interested in Linda Goodman and her work. Perhaps you would rather not have heard Linda reading Gooberz? Perhaps you would rather not have seen examples of her handwriting? Perhaps you would rather not know her true birthday, etc., which I was the first person ever to publish, after verifying it through her very own documents, as I noted on that birthdate thread, the link to which I posted above.

It was also I who found her high school, etc., which you then followed up on by getting yearbook pictures. You wouldn't have known where to look if I hadn't written that profile. So much of what you discuss on "your" Linda's Life forum comes from research I did. And now you'll bite the hand that feeds and pretend you did it on your own.

Perhaps I should be tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail for sharing those gifts? Or perhaps, although I am not a perfect soul, I have provided blessings, for those with eyes to see ... eyes unclouded by their own personal agendas.

Thanks for listening.

May love and light warm our hearts and minds,

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posted January 05, 2007 03:18 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Lialei     Edit/Delete Message
Maria, its nice to see you here,
although sorry its not under better circumstance.
You expressed yourself gracefully, as always.
Ive been perplexed by the acceleration and force of your campaign...and the timing.

Do you know that Rainbow was a close friend of Greg Ellisons? And also a friend of Maria? She holds Greg in high esteem, loves him dearly....he is the same Greg that her son mentioned in her prayer thread that has been visiting with her and telling her shell be ok. She would be very distressed if she were to see him being shed here in such an untrue and ugly light. I know if she were able, shed be the first here to defend his honor.

She, as I, and many others who knew him, thought the world of him and know that the things you are saying about him could never in any way have been true. He was/is a humble, honest, kind and gentle soul. A man of integrity and his word. A man who cared, sincerely passionately cared about people...non-judgementally, openly accepting and welcoming to everyone. And because he was a humble Virgo, would probably be blushing and self-effacing at such adulation. He was Genuine, sincere. He never would have even engaged the thought of taking advantage of another being.
All the same can be said of Maria.

I dont understand how you could come to such quickly condemning judgements of others characters without knowing them, and without much effort invested in researching. Or acknowledging the obvious kindnesses that were shown throughout time as something with consideration and compassion, they should be.

There has never been thought of animosity or divisions between sites. As Maria has shown in her links, she and Greg have always been openly sharing and thought of LindaLand as a sister site. And there are other sister sites as well, not just CE and LL. Theres a beautiful wide webring of people out there who are united by a common spiritual searching within themselves, and Universal Caring, with many posting simultaneously, or periodically meeting each other and crossing paths in hail-fellow-met wonderful ways on their journeys. When Greg died 2 years ago, all the sites joined (LL included) in tribute and prayer for him. It was a most touching moment and beautiful sight to behold. His loving presence reached distances that I never knew or realized before.

I dont know how many of you here at Linda Land realize how many sites out there have branched off of each other. When Greg passed, that feeling I felt then of a big warm extended family was so cool, I thought. So warming to the heart. The way theyre weaved together by unseen chords (as All in Oneness), yet distinct. The way people pass through, sharing and spiraling thoughts...learning together. Going away...coming together again. Some of you may know me as BlueDove (hello), for thats been my username at all the others, but here. Thorshammer, your love and passion for Linda is apparent, yet should it be about who loves and honors Linda most? Should it be a competition? We are all different, caring and honoring in our own ways, yet bonded in an unknown/unspoken way....that is the most meaningful. Why should we compare? Difference is beautiful....accepting is uniting.

All you need do is read to find what it is your seeking....with an open heart & mind, stilling yourself before judgement. It will not be the terrible vision you are envisioning. Its all there honestly on open pages. The kindness and generosity of spirit...the hope for the conscious evolution of a united world.

Maria has always been open about writing Lindas biography. Those of us at CE knew of it for years, its been no deceitful hushed secret. All you had to do was read the archives back there a bit to see. Or perhaps read back one or two pages in your own Lindas Life forum to see the kindnesses they have shown LL, bearing gifts....certainly not in the spirit of hoarding, but in the spirit of giving. Loving Lindas work and so, because they found joy, wanting others to experience it too.

I cant think of a better person to write Lindas biography than Maria. Shes a talented writer, shes spent much time and effort researching Lindas life. She is an honest and wise person...and very perceptive to the complexities of human nature. She especially wouldnt think of representing a one-dimensional image of such a unique and complex person such as Linda. Hopefully it would be real, as we all are. Would you consider your imperfections something shameful? I think theyre what make us beautiful. Were perfect just as we are, in our imperfections. We shouldnt shame our humanity, while only praising our divinity~~ or vice versa, we are both human and divine. We are One and All. Most beautiful in our delicate balance. Its amazing we can live here on this earth with the knowledge we are both human/divine, mortal/immortal. All of us should be awarded purple hearts for even finding a way of walking through the days with that knowledge on our shoulders.

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posted January 08, 2007 01:38 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Thorshammer     Edit/Delete Message
Maria, when you said, for any offense I give, I am truly sorry, is this your way of saying you were wrong for saying those things last year about linda? Because I dont know what you would be truly sorry for in any case.

I dont really care what your background is, it seems as if youre trying to impress us with you back ground, for what do your parents have to do with this subject? I really could care about those things respectively.

I want to know why you would release those words you stated last year about Linda attitude towards people without stating who told you those things. They are just hearsay and if you were really a good researcher you would have found the family and asked if those words were true, or you would have asked them info about there mother, instead you wrote things (that were negative a year ago) that hurt her family.

You say that not only Michael, but others of Lindas family and friends, are well acquainted with your partner in this biography project, but why dont they know you. Michael stated to me that he knows not you nor anyone else related to this project, nor that anyone was taking the time to write a biography on his mother, nor do his brother or sister. You have been working on this project for sometime, but you havent taken the time, nor has your partner to contact a major factor to the bookat least it should be a major piece. I can only wonder if once again you will find others to tell you quotes and misinterpretations of what her Children said

THIS IS THE BASIS OF IT ALL. You talked about her last year in no fashion that would show her as being HUMAN you basically just went off at the mouth about the bad things she did. I told Emily to find what she was looking for, being a curious soul, she ask many questions. She went to CE asking anyone what they knew of Linda and the children and you answered her in the most negative way. You basically said her children did not care about their mother when they did, you took words from peoples who obviously didnt give a care and you twisted some of those words to make it seem as if her children were badnow you want to write:

Michael is a very good man. He knows more than you give him credit for.

Well of course hes a good manHes very intelligent and he agree with me 100%. He agree that you were wrong and he wonders, why would someone that would speak that way about his mother, someone who says she loves his mouth, someone who could just look in the directory for his name, his brother, or sisterwhy wouldnt that person just contact he or them for answers instead of write things she didnt really know were true.

He also said, if youre going to write the book, no one can stop you, Crystal stole from his mother, why wouldnt anyone elseBUT WHY MARIA.WHY havent you contact ME

So I ask you, why havent you contacted the one person who spent more time with their mom than other siblings, why havent you gone to a clearly easy source of info, someone who sat and listened to his mothers conversation, talked to her about all kinds of things, whats up with that.

I am so happy you came here to discuss this Hub-BUB, because in all your writing, you havent stated why you responded to Emily (listen to trees) last year with those words and why you havent contacted her children.

My dear with all the research you have been doing, why havent you contacted the most important vessel for your book?

Could it be you were afraid they would freak out and try to stop you? Could it be you were afraid a piece of the profit would be taken away? I only ask these things, because if you havent contact her children, and I know you nor your partner have just seems that you are taking the same road as Crystal Bush did, at least thats what it seems like. Tell me if I am wrong?

You have written literally thousands of pieces, can you give me more than one piece, I would really like to see these other works you have done, please let me know if they are in the name Maria Baron, Mary Baron or some other namethough your writings have nothing to do with this subject.

Why havent you or your partner contacted Lindas children for info to be included in your book?

If you are saving the direct interviewing of the sources who are the very nearest and dearest to the subject for a later, particular part of the process, for extremely good reason-I ask you this, were you going to tell them that you printed that someone told you that one son said dont call me until my mother is dead and another one said that she was nuts? Maria if you are as good of a writer and researcher as you have stated, I dont see you telling these men that you wrote those things about their mother. No one in their right mind is going to just read your piece in CE and say, oh we understand that you quoted someone else that told you we said those things, yes go ahead and write about our motherwe understand.

This is the basis of this whole discussion. You or your partner, who ever that is, do you really think that topic would be pushed to the side. I dont think anyone wants anyone writing a bio on their family member when that person states things that are not true about the siblings. But you know what, you can discuss that with him when you see himIF you want to.

For anyone listening RIGHT NOWif you really want to SEE and HEAR and UNDERSTAND anything.all you need to do is read words already said.

Now last year you wrote in response to Emilys post on CE, she told me you responded and I went to read it. I was shocked that you would write those things and not put a single name down of who told you those things. Sure you said it was known that Michael said his mother was nuts, but the way you worded itit just came out with the intent that he didnt care about his mother, nor the older son pertaining to phone call about not calling him until she was dead. Now I read it and just let it go because I didnt really care what you had to say there, if you were going to bad mouth her and her children, what are you showing people in your site? Now you state you are working on a piece pertaining to Linda, but last year you were ranting about her bad sides, her children and the way she treated people. I dont think you said one good thing about her in that response, you just went on and on about her temper and such things, and you could have stopped and found out more reliable info on the matter before you responded to Emily. Of course this info was from people with no names, you stated that you were finally going to tell what you knewyou took your deep breath and wrote things as if there was some secret that we all didnt know about Lindas temper. The way you wrote it was to the affect of making one think it didnt matter about Linda nor her children

Maria as far as the yearbook pictures.I dont know what article you wrote on it, because I dont frequent CE, so I have no idea what you are talking aboutyou see unlike you I do my research and it would never come from anything that you have written, because you have shown that you are inaccurate in your writings.

You wrote those things about Linda and the boys, but you didnt even take the time to look them up in a directory and see if those things were truebut I DID. You have known those things for how long? You could have called Michael and asked what he meant by saying his mother was nuts, or you could have asked if his brother really stated for no one to call him until his mother passed on, you could have, but you didnt and there has to be a reason for that, but you of course wont tell us all what that reason isright?

No, I didnt get the yearbook info from anything with your name on it. I contacted one of Lindas classmates, and we all know that person is not you, because your not that old.

Maria if you go to this link and read the topic this dang picture you will see that the info wasnt from you, but from a contact who knew Linda, not from anything that you wrote ever. Through the discussion you will find LMB stating the person I spoke of that gave me the yearbook pictures grew up with Linda and worked with heryour not LMB tooare you? Then you would also be a moderator here and you didnt state that in the beginning of your intro here.

LMB stated: Thorshammer,
I know your contact; I contacted this person years ago and we are friends now. The yearbook picture is Linda, is Mary Alice Kemery. If some choose not to believe, all right, but I know the contact was a real friend and confidant of Linda's - both in high school and in her early days at the radio station.
love and light,
if you want to email me, you can at
i think that still works.

This contact is not you. I got nothing from you and I wouldnt get anything from you because I truly think your not dependable with info.

These are the emails that I and the person Linda went to school with. They took place on April 15, 2005, I have left initial for nameI mean anyone can go on the internet and find this person if they really wanted tono need to hide what I find. I bring great gifts (in my opinion) to my brothers and sisters, but before I bring them I make sure they are correct.

Emails between myself and J

Sorry to disappoint you, but I do not have much information re Linda or Sam. Sam was working as DJ at our station, and when Mary Alice started there, I introduced her to Sam. I was there only a short time afterwards and left for a job in television. I kept track of them for awhile, learned that they had both left the radio station, and were working in Pittsburgh where they later married.
I lost track then, and years later realized that she had become famous after writing "Sun Signs."
She was a lovely, intelligent lady, and a very capable employee. Glad you're keeping her memory alive.

Mr. S
Thank you very much for your response. Just Knowing that you worked with them and were apart of that wonderful work crew; for who would know that she would go on to write all those books and mention Sam also, making his name immortal in peoples minds all over the world!!!

Thank you for your kind words in response to my reply .
Actually, Kelly, I do know a little more about Linda than I told you before. I assume you're familiar with "Gooberz." On page 14, she says, "...then he would sit with me for awhile, as I ate to watch the windmill go round and round the one on top of the service station across the street." Here's a picture of that windmill service-station.
I must ask for your promise NOT to reveal to anyone where you get this information re Linda. You can post the stuff on your web-site....but do not make any mention of its origin. I do not want to get involved in what I know would be a overwhelming amount of e-mail, phone calls, etc....and I just do not want that. I assure you anything I give to you or say to you is true. May I ask if you are old enough to have seen Linda on TV, or read her books as they were published....or did you learn of her after you grew up?

Mr. See,
I wish that I had gotten that email from you earlier. I did post your first response to me on the page. But I have told the others that you do NOT want to be bothered with any kind of email what so ever, so You shouldnt get any. Its not my web site, but a site dedicated to Linda, I am just a member on there. I would not worry, they are a quiet bunch and very interesting. I dont know if you have heard, but there is a big controversy about Lindas birthdate, she never wanted to give it out, and many people have speculated over what it is. some want to know, and others would rather that no one know for the sake of Lindas say so.

I appreciate your efforts in getting my ID out of the post. Whatever I send, it will be through you, and it can be posted if you wish, but please do not reveal where you got it. I just don't want to deal with some who would try any way possible to get information from me regarding Linda, and I don't want to be bothered to that extent. You might like this photo. It's Linda's graduation picture from her yearbook (1943.) I enlarged it some, and it's a little grainy, but this is what she looked like when she was 17. I know she was born in Morgantown, but she would just not talk about birthdays. From Gooberz, I know it was in April, but the specific date is not really known. Her birth certificate is not on file in this county.
BTW, Her father was Robert Kemery and her mother was Annette. He drove a truck route for a local bakery. Linda was an only child.
That out of body experience you had is really fascinating. I listen to George Noory's "Coast to Coast" overnight....and am always so interested the stories of people who have experiences like that.

on the site I ran into trouble, no one beleives that the picture you gave me of linda at age 17 is really her. they're all comparing recent photos, still shots and such. What I see is a young girl, in the other pictures I see a woman, not a girl. so I am not going to argue with them, for I believe that your picture is true and worthy.
You see why I hesitate to get involved in this. Doesn't matter what you post, somebody's gonna claim you're lying. Maybe this will help. As you may, or may not know, the first eight cantos of "Gooberz" is all autobiographical. She names names of friends...most of them I also knew, and real places and real happenings. Since I had a "steady" girl all through hi-school, I did not run too much with her crowd then. I came into the picture later on, in the early 50's. But, that's another story. On page 48 of "Goobers," second paragraph from the top, she names six girls who were special friends. I've sent 4 pictures, taken from the yearbook. I did not include the entire page, but each has 3 rows of 3 pictures. The first is Mary Alice herself. She turned 18 in April, 1943, and the pictures for the yearbook were taken in Feb. and March, so she was 17. The two others have pictures of two of her friends mentioned. Carolyn Fay and Mary Jean Corbitt. The fourth is the fly-leaf from the yearbook. Am sending these in two groups, so the files will not take as long to load. I don't know what else to tell you. Of course, she was a girl then, but I can see the woman she became. Not sure too many others even WANT to.

Here are the other two pictures...of Carolyn Fay and the fly-leaf from her yearbook, where these pictures came from

I feel that I put you in a spot that I should not have, but I am so happy that you gave me that ammo of love. I say Ammo of love, because I think those guys needed a dose of reality. Linda was a beautiful woman (from the pictures that we see), those pictures are of coures Public Relations, the ones on the books.

I thank you for those very kind words. I hope the additional pictures I sent will clarify the situation...although I doubt it. None are so blind as those who WILL NOT see. Could you do me a favor? For the first few times, that "Yahoo Photo" address you sent me, that has the pictures came up...but now it shows it as being unavailable, and the window says to check with owner of file. Is there any way you can allow me access to those pictures? I don't know why it allowed me access at first, but now won't. I can't get any other window in that site to open. In any event, could you re-send that address. I moved the other one into my "favorites" file...and maybe that had something to do with why it won't open. Thanks.

so you see, I didnt get any info pertaining to anything you have ever wrote, though now I am curious to see what you are talking about since you havent posted a link for me to read like the other things you did above. And if you wrote a piece on linda and the yearbook did YOU put any pictures of her from the book on CE.?

Though talking to J I was still skeptically, I wanted the truth to be known, so I ordered the year book to make sure that those things said to me were true, the people and the contacts and I talked to some people in Morgantown who knew Linda, of course they all couldnt be lying, so all that was told to me was true.

So my Maria, I got nothing from you nor did I turn any story you wrote around called it mine. The year book find was so magical and not even connected to anything, I just wrote a very nice old man and asked him what he knew of Linda and Sam and he was nice enough to send me those shots of she and her friends.

I am laughing here, because if you did write anything pertaining to a year book where were the pictures?

Now my AGENDA: My agenda is to question anyone who one year talks crap about a person I truly care about. You, if anyone knows that Lindas words are pure, it shouldnt matter IF she was angry at people and shot out at themthere is a reason for everything and as michael stated, she didnt trust people, and people who said they would be there for her, people in Cripple Creek, they never came through, of course she would act a certain way toward those coming to her door.

You didnt even try to find out the truth, you just wrote to your hearts content what you had heardfrom unreliable sources. You started this a year ago with your words and now you come out saying youre writing a book on her.whats going to be in itthings about her faults?

My agenda is to try and stop anything that looks suspicious and ruthless in touching this womans name again in some crappy way. Crystals ways wont come again.not this way. You say that you didnt trust her, but your actions seem to be going the same way as hers.

Maria I havent written any books yet, and as far as I can see, from what you have written, neither have you. Of course if you did write a book, you would tell us all right? I meant under another name? You stated,

I think you also may not understand that oftentimes it is best for factual writers to save direct interviewing of the sources who are the very nearest and dearest to the subject for a later, particular part of the process, for extremely good reasons.

I dont know if thats so true. I see a woman that took another womans name and wrote a book and didnt even think to give proceeds or collaborate with her children about that book. She wrote the book with another person, had it published and THEN others from the Womans family found outwhen it was too late.

Is this not the same stance? The correct thing would have been to contact this womans siblings and said, I want to write a book about your mother, a honest book and I need your INPUT NOW (not after you have heard unreliable truths) to start this. If you had talked to Michael or any of the others, you would have gotten your solid foundationthen when others stated, one son said this or that, you would have had the info to say, no thats not true.

That is the way a writer does things. They notified the loved ones of their intentions and then they START on their journey not the other way.

Now its been brought up that a writer has the choice to give any proceeds to other family members for work done on a deceased loved one. I do agree with thatin some situations, but not in this one. Of course this is my opinion, you can write the book and keep everything for yourself, its not up to me or anyone to stop you, but we can state our say in what ever form we wantI only ask you thisdo you not think its a good gesture to do that?

Crystal did everything the opposite of Linda, many people say it was because she was a business womanBS, she was greedy and her grace fell hard, she was introduced to Greg by Kathleen Mcgowan and they got rid of her quickly by calling her a looney and such, but that so called Looney is the one still holding on to dreams and books here and more to come, I find that Karma so tickling and from Crystal to Greg to youI say shouldnt that weak root be broken off and started again to grow stronger?

I guess its just me and my ways, to try to find the truth out for the core and then give back to those that should have been given much in the beginning, but thats just me.

Thats my only agenda Maria Baron. I dont need to write Lindas bio to make a profit, there are things that she wrote about, things she kept alive from those before her that are so much precious, those are the things I would write about, not her.

Whatever the case I know I am right in my wordswhether you think I am throwing spears.I prefer hammers thoughI am. Anyone who really caredthey would do the same thing, and even though there are those here that think I should bury it, that its childish, there are more that think I shouldnt and if one of those is Linda Goodmans Childthats the best hammer I can throw at anyone.

Good luck with your book, I hope you find truths and not just unreliable words running backwards on the wind.


First Rainbow is my friend and not my mother, this is a place for discussions of Linda, whether they start fires that burn or kisses that melt, tis still about LINDA! LOL

I would think that Rainbow, knowing my heart whether it seem harsh toward maria, still knows its just my warrior side and If real explanations came out about last years topic of Who linda was and what her children really thought...I think Rainbow would see my point of let me have my say.

Please don't bring my sister into this, she isnt here to defend what you are saying she might think. She has my phone number and she will call me if she wants to say something or write it here. I love her forever, but if she wrote the same thing that maria did last you think i wouldnt' question her in the same fashion, ay I would.

lol. I laugh because this is who we are, to sit back and listen to subjects about writing books about Linda, full well knowing that others have said things that are totally not right pertaining to her "HUMAN side, thats just crackery. people say things about others to make themselves feel good, you just can't leave a dead persons other side alone, you just can't say "she was a great person," no not in this world, its got to be dirt mixed with water to sling as much mud as you can. do you think saying Linda had a temper and slammed doors in peoples faces, lied and said she wasn't there is going to do for anything?

this woman paid peoples mortgages, down payments on homes, gave money, appliances, courage, advice, long conversations of hope to people. why does one need to know these other things that were incorrect in the first place?

of I am coming at full acceleration, so many others don't. They sit and ponder, they wait to hear the "news" and "WOW" at it, and they never question a thing....never, never, never. People just wait to here the jabber, but they never question any of it.

As far as greg...may he rest in peace, if that's where he is. As I stated before, Greg was introduced to Crystal through Kathleen Mcgowan, when she questions things...they all called her a looney and other people did too, it surfaced over to hear where people would say, "that sounds like that crazy lady Kathleen that was in the other web site..." All rumors that were put upon a persons name by idiots. Now if greg was a good person why did he call a woman who introduced him to Crystal? Tell me that?

Don't get me wrong the guy was something else, when he was alive I read his work, but it didn't percieve to have anything to do with linda.

I also have read all the post Greg wrote here defending Crystal and throwing spears and hammers at others because of his loyalty to a person who shouldn't have had any loyalty string with anyone, the proof is in the words..go read them. perhaps your Greg was a different one than the one I have read here. I dont know,he's dead and he can't defend himself in this world..perhaps if we all meet again, he'll have his chance, but I bet Linda is kicking his A$$ somewhere high up there. just my opinion.

I don't deny there was ever a talk about Maria writing a biography about linda, Randall has talked about it here too, my point is...get your facts straight before you start writing to others about things you have heard, and why not just go straight to the source of those that know MORE than others, those that came from her womb.

IF anyone doesn't see the complexity of all this and how it just doesn't fit...I am just saddened.

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Bearing Small Gifts

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posted January 11, 2007 09:59 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Bearing Small Gifts     Edit/Delete Message

Thank you, as always, for your incomparable heart and keen mind. {{{{{{}}}}}}

Thank you, also, to all thoughtful knowflakes.


Now, to Mr. Randy See, who prefers his hammer...

You asked me in your response to tell you if you were wrong. Yes sir, you are wrong about item after item after item, ad infinitum.

Among your nearly unanimous inaccuracies are your completely unanimous inaccuracies about who said and did what. You have attributed the wrong instances to the wrong people in all of your (perhaps deliberate) attempts to misinterpret and assign names to the events I described on the thread at that you identify as the basis of it all.

I stand by the truth of each of the events as *I* originally described them, and I deny any truth to your misinterpretations of them. Each of these events was directly witnessed and participated in by my partner in the project. Who she is would not be hard to figure out. They weigh upon her heart, as she cares for everyone involved. On the other hand, she has had many years of experience in many family situations, including her own. She understands. And family pathos are really quite beautiful, as Lialei suggests in speaking about humanity in general. Certainly some of the most beautiful and moving understandings I carry about my own wonderful family come out of such difficulties. It's that paradox: why glad rhymes with sad.

You sell the beauty of human interaction short when you label those revelations as "negative." Remember, I did not write them for you. I wrote them for Listens to Trees, and I believed she would understand and still believe so.

However, George Harrison, whom I greatly admire for his compassionate search, used to say that sometimes in some contexts it is better to say nothing because people certainly and absolutely can be offended by the truth. And I am truly sorry that I have offended.

Isn't it funny how in one of the emails that you posted an excerpt of, someone told you that no matter what you post, someone will say you're lying? I guess, in terms of my own experience, that makes you "someone." Congratulations.

Listens to Trees was so sincere in asking a question that had been asked and left unanswered many, many times, that I felt moved to reveal some of what I know to be true, and it is not hearsay.

I will not get into more of this with you, Randy See. You are not Michael. I have been in communication with Michael, and my partner in this project has been in communication with Michael many times.

You remind me of one of Paul's songs for the Beatles, a song that George described as one that people would either immediately love or immediately hate. I always thought it was pretty twisted, but some of the rhymes are delightful in their own ways. And when Paul described the subject of the song as someone who just keeps on hammering regardless, heh... Now I think I get it.

So your hammering continues, and I find myself embarassed for you and feeling sorry for the people who've been subjected to your thread screaming in caps across every forum. I'll ask them to forgive me now, for replying to each of your posts, and then I'll Let It Be.


Maxwell's Silver Hammer
by Paul McCartney

Joan was quizzical;
Studied metaphysical
Science in the home,
Late nights all alone with a test tube, oh-oh-oh-oh.

Maxwell Edison,
Majoring in medicine,
Calls her on the phone,
"Can I take you out to the pictures, Jo-oa-oa-oan?"

But as she's getting ready to go,
A knock comes on the door,
Bang-bang! Maxwell's silver hammer
Came down upon her head,
Bang-Bang! Maxwell's silver hammer
Made sure that she was dead.

Back in school again,
Maxwell plays the fool again,
Teacher gets annoyed,
Wishing to avoid and unpleasant sce-e-e-ene,

She tells Max to stay
When the class has gone away,
So he waits behind
Writing 50 times "I must not be so-oh-oh-oh."

But when she turns her back on the boy,
He creeps up from behind,
Bang-bang! Maxwell's silver hammer
Came down upon her head,
Bang-bang! Maxwell's silver hammer
Made sure that she was dead.

P.C. Thirty-one
Said, "We got a dirty one."
Maxwell stands alone
Painting testimonial pictures, oh-oh-oh-oh.

Rose and Valerie,
Screaming from the gallery,
Say he must go free (Maxwell must go free),
The judge does not agree and he tells them so-oh-oh-oh.

But as the words are leaving his lips,
A noise comes from behind,
Bang-bang! Maxwell's silver hammer
Came down upon his head,
Bang-bang! Maxwell's silver hammer
Made sure that he was dead.

Silver hammer...

Choose life

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