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   Advice on my adopted abused dog

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Author Topic:   Advice on my adopted abused dog

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posted January 30, 2010 11:58 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for GypseeWind     Edit/Delete Message
Hi everyone;

I adopted an abused dog on Halloween.

He belonged to my FIL, who is a hunter. He bought the dog from some people where he lives in KY. Anyway, this dog is a full-bred AKC registered Brittany, which is a "bird dog" = hunting dog.

Anyway, when My FIL took him out on a few practice hunts before his big hunting trip in Iowa, he noticed that the dog was scared to death of birds, and loud noises. He tried a few more times, with no luck.

I guess he did a little investigative work and found out that the former owners were abusive to him. In fact, the poor guy has a visible scar across his nose, and my FIL was told they hit him with a belt.

So, he didn't want a pet, he wanted a hunting dog, and basically guilted me into taking him by saying, if I didn't he was taking him to the pound.

The first nights were rough, he cowered and basically slithered on the floor. He wouldn't eat unless I fed him by hand. I have another dog, and clearly the first dog is top dog, and the new dog, Jackyl, was intimidated to eat near my other dog.

So, now they get along fine, and they play, and it's all good there.

Thing is, Jackyl must of been so attention starved or something, he feels he must have it 24/7. If I am hugging my children, or my other dog, he either cries, or physically gets between us.

Also, he's grown so attached to me, that when visitors come around me that he doesn't know, he acts viscious, baring his teeth and growling really low.

I'm concerned because my daughter will be having a baby that I will be watching periodically. She's due in a month. When Jackyl sees me holding the baby, I worry he will jump up on him, or maybe snap at him.

He's never been housetrained, but he took to it rather well, since my other male showed him the ropes, but every now and then, he gets the urge to mark something.
If you leave, say, a suitcase on the floor, he may sniff it and mark it.

This is difficult, because, I don't know how to correctly discipline him without him thinking he's being abused.
He is so sensitive that when you crinkle like a potato chip bag, the noise sends him running for cover. Vacuuming the floors makes him literally disappear.

And one last thing on this lengthy post. I haven't neutered him because I thought of studding him out. Would this tempramental type of dog even, uhhh, perform with a female I wonder? I've never, ever, seen him get "excited" if you know what I mean, and find that odd, because my other dog does even when I come home from being out.

I feel awful that he is so damaged. OH, and since we are on LL, his birthday is Sept. 30, 2008, in Monticello, Ky.

Any thoughts of what I'm doing right or wrong would be greatly appreciated.

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posted January 31, 2010 05:57 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for pire     Edit/Delete Message
i dont know what u do right, or wrong for that matter but i read that dogs understand our tones, not our words, so when we want to tell them they did something wrong: it needs to be within 15 sec or they wont associate it with what they did, also you need to express it with your tone, not happy tone of voice, cause u can tell him he is an idiot but if you say it with a cool tone, he will understand he has behaved well, finally if u want to punish him properly, ignore him, cause dogs want attention, and it is when we ignore them that they feel punished; that way, no hitting necessary;
i dont have one yet but i want one and started reading about it, and that is what i have found to get them to listen to u without problem;

basically, dogs get not our words but our tone, to praise call him stupid but in a nice tone call him beautiful loudly and a bit threatening he just recognize our tone

nice tone: praise, play
heavy, angry tone: u are telling him u are upset
blatantly ignore him, like leaving him outside 10 min alone is real punishment, notice him and acknowledge him as much as possible to let him see the difference with when he will be punished

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posted January 31, 2010 09:00 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Dee     Edit/Delete Message
I got one of my dogs from a vet who used to take in strays. Sally was 2 years old and abused, she must have beem abused by a women because she was afraid of me and not my husband.. Anyway, when we had Sally for 6 years i became pregnant and was worried about how she would be with my baby. I had 4 other dogs also. I Love my dogs but i wouldn't leave them alone with a baby even though i know they would never hurt one.

So just give the doggie a lot of Love and watch her reaction when the baby is over at your house. Maby get her a special toy. If she gives you the willies just try to keep her in a seperate room when the baby is there. hope this helps

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posted February 01, 2010 08:48 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Randall     Edit/Delete Message

"I have found a desire within myself that no experience in this world can satisfy; the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world." -C.S. Lewis

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posted February 02, 2010 10:18 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for GypseeWind     Edit/Delete Message
Thanks for responding guys, I'de forgotten I posted this!

Well, Dee, it sounds like your dog came around with time, so that is a good omen.

Pire, yes, I understand what you said about tone. He doesn't like men at all, I think because their voices are deeper and gruffer and also because it was a man that abused him.

But, you will see when you get yours, that dogs DO learn words, they really do!

My other dog, the shih-tzu, is so very smart, we have to spell certain words, because if he hears them, he knows what they mean.
He also knows I'm going out about an hour before I really go, and he starts pacing and crying.

Amazing and wonderful creatures, dogs are, I have never, and will never live without one. Mans best friend for sure.

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