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posted April 09, 2008 11:23 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Thorshammer     Edit/Delete Message
This was written with beginning replying to pictures that Angel of Hope posted in Linda's life and spiraled off into another part of a numerology book. I just thought to pay homage to Linda again by showing how great she was with numbers and people.

Lol. Wow they got that picture really big...I couldnít blow it up from the year book...thats a good pull. Look at the Aries! Lol

You know from a numerology point, I am sure this is part of the mystery, she was sooooooo into numerology, Michael has said it over and over, and we talk about this, many of you that bought books, you might have seen numbers inside the pages, or on book marks...she was ALWAYS doing numbers as Bibi also said Linda did Crystal's numbers and that was the MAIN reason of working together, she was mad for numbers, respectfully! Lol

It truly works.

You want to know something really CRAZY...I MEAN REALLY CRAZY? When I was telling Michael this...about her name born, married to bill and so on...Michael said Linda DID NOT know about numerology that far back!!!!! So it was playing a part in her life before she came from slumber! THEN, when she did it all, the past, the birth dates, her name, Billís name, thatís when she KNEW Chaldean was correct. I mean when you do your life and its right there, you can't denyÖyou just cant, its impossible!

What sucks is, this was right under my nose Looking for other things, I missed this completely.

The first time I read about 4 and 8 and she said it was heavy, but if you wanted you could live with it, I thought she said the most ODD thing...? Why would you at first tell someone its fatalistic but then say..."well if you would like to live with it, go ahead?" when I read that my ears were twitching and burning and I should have known. Of course back then we didn't have as much info and we didn't have this web site to fall back on. The Internet did a lot.

Look at "ALL" the childrenís names in numerology, that sallyís real name is a 2 also...bills real name with middle name comes to a 1, but thatís not the name Linda printed to us, so thatís what I used What was planted out there.

And I am sure Linda set her familyís names up to have a letter to it or so...Numerology is the way!

In my studies in numerology, I have always noticed that if you are a 8 or 4, it usually starts with a parent and it falls down unknowingly, until someone learns numbers and then makes the decision to change the karma.

Linda's dads name was an 8 and he passed the fate to her, thatís my opinion from past readings of others, including my family also.

In my second book I show just how powerful these numbers are and how they control you even when you try to get away, its a loop de will always come back...somewhere, somehow.

Lets take Dionne Warwick,
YFIS discovered (before me) that Dionne Warwick had said the worse advice she had ever been given was by Linda Goodman. That Advice was to add a E to the end of her name making it WARWICKE.

Now isn't that odd?

Linda has written that you should not have the number 4, but DEFINATELY NOT the number 8 and thatís what Dionne's new name came out to...a 8! Why would you be told to avoid it, but a master numerologist tells you to change your name to come out to that number...why the heck would she do that?

Of the time that Dionne held that name she said that her life was upside down and she removed the small e.

Lets look deeper. I think that if you tell someone that they should change their name and it comes to a 8 or 4, you better be disciplined to the sort if you are to handle this number, obviously Dionne wasn't!

Ok, in the time that Dionne's name was added with a small e, it was four years. So four years she kept it and then finally changed it, I wonder if she even caught that it was a 4...?

Now the question is, what MIGHT Linda had seen? What would possess her to tell this woman to take on that vibration UNLESS she thought Dionne Warwick"e" could handle it...?


Dionne Warwick is known for working with two people who basically made her career skyrocket, these two people cannot be known in the music industry with out either. If you say one name, they will say the other: Batman and Robin.

Actually they are Burt Bacharach and Hal David.

Since they are both together, do there names together or do them apart...but they come to the number...8, is that really a surprise? I am sure Linda knew this.

Now it gets better.

Dionne Warwick was contracted with the record company scepter records, later she decided to go to Warner bros, who at the time gave her the largest recording contract ever to a female. Scepter would later go bankrupt because of losing Warwick.

Now she goes to Warner Bros, the same time Linda told her to add the e and guess what...WARNER BROS. comes to what vibration...damn Skippy, the 8 vibration.


Now this is where it all goes crazy and later unfair. I mean unfair that Dionne would blame Linda for the hectic things going on in her life.

This is from Wikipedia:

Following her signing with Warner, with Bacharach and David as writers and producers Dionne returned to A&R Studios in late 1971 to begin recording her first album for the new label, the self-titled album Dionne (not to be confused with her later Arista debut album) in January of 1972. The album peaked at #57 on the Billboard Hot 100 Album Chart. In 1972, Burt Bacharach and Hal David scored and wrote the tunes for the motion picture "Lost Horizon." The film was panned by the critics, and in the fallout from the film, the songwriting duo decided to terminate their working relationship. The breakup left Dionne devoid of their services as her producers and songwriters. Dionne was contractually obligated to fulfill her contract with Warner without Bacharach and David and she would team with a variety of producers during her tenure with the label.
Dionne Warwick's "Dionne", her Warner Brothers Records release from 1972 was reissued in 2005
Dionne Warwick's "Dionne", her Warner Brothers Records release from 1972 was reissued in 2005

Faced with the prospect of being sued by Warner Brothers due to the breakup of Bacharach/David and their failure to honor their contract with Dionne, she filed a $5.5 million lawsuit against her former partners for breach of contract. The suit was settled out of court in 1979 for $5 million including the rights to all Warwick recordings produced by Bacharach and David.

Warwick, for years an aficionado of psychic phenomena, was advised by famed astrologist Linda Goodman in 1971 to add a small "e" to her last name, making Warwick "WARWICKe" for good luck and to recognize her married name and her spouse, actor and drummer William " Bill" Elliott. Goodman convinced Warwick that the extra small "e" would add a vibration needed to balance her last name and bring her even more good fortune in her marriage and her professional life. The extra "e", according to Dionne "was the worst thing I could have done in retrospect, and in 1975 I finally got rid of that damn "e" and became "Dionne Warwick" again."

now David and Bacharach got in a fight, broke up, left Warner brother, they were the other part of the vibration, the 8 that Linda saw, the vibration that with WARNER BROS vibration would have made them all rich and power over any other performer.

Wikipedia mentions that Dionne Warwick was on a role:

Warwick was named the Best selling Female Vocalist in the Cash Box Magazine Poll in 1964, with six chart hits in that year.[citation needed] Cash Box also named her the Top Female Vocalist in 1969, 1970 and 1971. In the 1967 Cash Box Poll, she was second only to Petula Clark, and in 1968's poll second only to Aretha Franklin. Playboy Magazine's influential Music Poll of 1970 named her the Top Female Vocalist [citation needed]. In 1969, Harvard's Hasty Pudding Society named her Woman of the Year.[citation needed]

I mean she was rocking away. Now this is where the vibration of 8 come into play, the test.

She sued her past partners for 5.5 million for breach of contract in 1979 (1+9+7+9=26=8), that suing angered them and also upset the whole Warner bros union, that anger off set it all for her. well I cant say they were sued in 1979, I just know thatís when it said the suit was settled and it comes to the 26, and you guys know what 26 says don't you? well go read it...I donít want to type it all out! lol.

Just kidding:


This compound number vibrates, in a strange way, to a unique kind power, based on compassion and unselfishness, with the ability to help others, but not always the self. 26 is full of contradictions. It warns of dangers, disappointments, and failure, especially regarding the ambitions, brought about through BAD ADVICE, associations with others, and unhappy partnerships of all kinds. If 26 is the compound key number of the name, it might be best to change the name to achieve a more fortunate influence. If 26 is the birth number, and therefore cannot be altered, the person is counseled to avoid partnerships and pursue the career alone, not heeding even the well-intentioned advice of others, but follow only the personal hunches and intuition-although these should be carefully examined for flaws before acting on them. 26 people should begin at once to stabilize the income, to save money, and not to behave in an extravagant manner or invest in other people's ideas. Invest in your won future, be generous with others, especially those in need, but also build a solid foundation for the future of yourself. If your name is a 26, or if you were born on the 26th day of the month, you should read carefully the section about the numbers 4 and 8 at the end of this chapter. (2 plus 6 equals 8,so 26=8) It's most important advice for you-or for anyone you know whose name is 4 or 8, or who was born on the 8th day of the month-or any date that reduces to 4 or 8, such as the 13th, 17th, 22nd, 26th, or 31.


Maybe something could have been resolved instead of suing, I don't know, I just know how 8 reacts to negativity and things associated with it, even when a person protects themselves.

So it wasn't Linda's fault that the e in her name offset her, it was she who did not pay attention to the instructions with the name. Remember it says that Linda told her to change the name to bring her balance in her last name and fortune in her marriage and career...BUT good fortune comes with how you react with others too. You cant be negative and angry and expect fortune to come your way.

I know some of you are saying, "well she got 5 million out of her suit..."

I say do you know anything about Dionne after wards...? Well, do you?

She divorced her husband in 1975, four years after she changed her name and it wasn't the name change, this was their second marriage, second try at happiness. She would go on to later say that because she was the breadwinner it affected him, thus bringing a second divorce.

She was busted in 2002 (another 4) with possession of Marijuana.

She was listed in 2007 with 249 others as delinquent on taxes. She was listed with a tax delinquency of $2,665,305.83 in personal income tax and a tax lien was filed July 24, 1997. (Change the numbers around...its 1979, 26 ending in 8 again!)

So Dionne has had a big contact with 8 in a bad way because of negative things, NOT because Linda told her to change her name with a e, it was Dionneís destiny to be a 8 anyway...yes it was...wanna bet?

Did you know that Dionne Warwickís real name was Dionne Warrick? The record company misspelled her name leaving out a R on the album cover! Talk about fate. She decided to stick with the new name of WARWICK. So she was suppose to be a 8 anyway, did Linda know this?

The saddest part of this all is Dionne's long time friend and manager HENRY CARR (whoís name is a 8 also) was quoted in Wikipedia:

Warwick's longtime friend and tour manager Henry Carr acknowledged in a 2002 (another 4) Biography Channel interview that "when Dionne was going through an airport and a child recognized her as 'that psychic lady on TV' Dionne was crushed and said she had worked too hard as an entertainer to become known as "the psychic lady".

Can you imagine...all that fame, all the stardom, so big that she should be like Elvis where any kid who sees would know who she is, but instead someone notices her and remembers her as "the psychic lady"

On a funny note, since psychic and astrology are always somehow put together...I had to think of Linda and I bet any amount of money, when the kid called her that...I am sure Dionne thought of Linda too! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Dionne Warwick is a great performer, but My teacher is greater.

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Posts: 1072
From: salt lake city, utah, USA
Registered: Nov 2004

posted April 12, 2008 11:45 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Thorshammer     Edit/Delete Message
Just another piece of the puzzle for you. Dionne warwick was Dionne Warrick, but the record companies changed that name, not her. so they CHANGED her vibration, just like we did with Linda's birth Date, by saying it was the 9th.

Now later Linda told Dionne to add a small [b]e[b], this time it was DIonne who accepte it with her own contractual agreement with her-SELF to accept it. First the record company pressed the misspelled name that she took on, then she Pressed her new name linda gave her, which was her choice finally, and probably the right choice with care, but then she changed it again, back to the misspelled name. I am saying that even though the company misspelled her name, Her Higher self still acknowledged the real name, until she changed it with linda's help and even then, since it was first Warrick, changed to warwick and then a [e] added to it, she still came to a 8. the loop. first name had two r's, one was taken away and replaced with a W, then she added the e to it.

so you must fully accept to yoursELF that new name. This is why sometimes when ENtertainers get married, women mostly, they don't take on their husbands name (unless it can change the vibration to a MORE fortunate vibration or higher,since no number is unfortnuate really...just harder to work with)they stick with that vibration they had.

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