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  Anne Ortelee - Full Moon November 2, 2009

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Author Topic:   Anne Ortelee - Full Moon November 2, 2009
venus in gemini

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Full Moon November 2, 2009
2:14 pm EST
11:14 am PST
10:30 Scorpio Sun and Taurus Moon

The Full Moon on November 2 is a challenging see-saw configuration with Pluto riding as an outlier, high in the chart. Based on the way the aspects set up, there are three separate sections to Full Moon's energy ~ 1) good and dreamy, 2) action packed and 3) quite difficult/ challenging.

Good and Dreamy is the Taurus Full Moon, ruled by Venus, which lights up the heaven. Venus, ruler of the lunation, aspects a number of planets ~ Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron by trine, Uranus by inconjunct, sextiles Vesta, semi-sextiles Juno and squares the Nodes of Destiny.

Good and Dreamy Venus asks you to follow your dreams and desires on this lunation. Venus rules Saturn now and for most of the next three years until October of 2012. To do your Saturn, all you have to do is do what you love and desire. How cool is that? The more you do what you love and desire, the happier your Saturn will be. We'll be watching the changes of Venus to see what she is looking for at any given part of Saturn's journey through Libra. Right now, she's in Libra so she's looking for balance and harmony in relationship. She's trying to strike a fair deal between all parties. She wants connections that are harmonious where no one is the servant or slave of another, doing things that don't want to do to please the other person.

Good and Dreamy Parts of the Moon encourage you to pay extreme attention to any dreams that come in ~ day or night dreams. Pay attention to other people's dreams too. You may be able to help them make their dream come true. Or at least point them on the path to figure it out. Even if you don't know quite how to make the dreams happen, move toward them. Open up to Wonder ~ I wonder how this dream could happen? And allow the universe a moment or two to help you get there. Good and Dreamy Part wants you to make adjustments and live in the moment when something unusual, different or strange happens. Go with the flow on it and see what you see. Let the structure change and be a bit more free. Good and Dreamy Part wants to beautify your life and home. Allow it to happen. Encourage it to take place ~ buy the flowers, spring for paint, reorganize your closets, or light the candles. Partner with pleasure and desire.

The Good and Dreamy Part also squares the Nodes of Destiny. That means you are at a choice point. You can continue same old, same old. Or you can change. It is your choice. They are probably not going to change (but they might on the Full Moon). You can change. You don't have to throw everything out to change either! It isn't an all or nothing kind of change. It is a change that involves doing more of what you love and less of what you don't love. If you don't love it, don't go there! You have a choice of whether you are going to go there or not. You are expending a lot of energy going there that is completely NOT getting you moving toward your dream. Maybe that is because it feels SAFER to go where it is familiar rather than towards what is not familiar? The Good and Dreamy Part can get you to change so you are moving toward YOUR dream, not theirs, for YOU. Saturn in Libra wants you to partner with what you love. It is about changing to get you to where you want to go. What is your dream?

The Action Packed Part is found with Mars, ruler of the Sun in the lunation, who argues with the both of lights and Mercury. Mars in Leo wants what he wants and is willing to work hard to get it, although he might need praise and adoration along the way. The lights are split ~ lunations do that. One side, Taurus Moon, says be born, be alive, be security, safety and same old, the other side, Sun in Scorpio, says transform, delve deeply and perhaps even die to get to the new life. Argh! What to do?

Well do both! Some part of your life has to die or transform to make room for a new part to be born that will bring another type of security and safety. Again, you don't have to throw out your WHOLE life. Just the part that needs to go on the compost pile. The compost pile is going to get nice and hot and cause all sorts of decay to the old leaves or old parts of your life that you throw on it. Then, in a while, the delicious dirt that comes OUT of the compost pile will help all the NEW things in your life to grow. So compost what needs to be compost ~ and we aren't talking just leaves here!

Use the action packed to pick what you want to keep and get rid of what you want to discard. Taurus Moon wants it beautiful, gorgeous and to grow. Scorpio Sun says the end is near, accounting is due, transformation is upon us. You can do both with Mars squaring them. Separate out what the keeps versus the not keeps are. Mercury in Scorpio offers wise counsel even as he encourages you to release what you no longer need.

By declination, Neptune links up with Sun and Mercury, uniting Venus and Mars through a shared dream. So the taking Action packed part of the lunation can talk to the Good and Dreamy part. The two different sets of the lunation can work together to move you toward what you want. Let Mars in Leo get the word from Sun and Mercury about Venus' desires. He can do that as he helps clear out or create the new environment. As long as he KNOWS it is coming, he can keep it in his plans and the back of his mind as he moves forward.

The Quite difficult/ Challenging part of the Lunation takes place with Pluto in a balancing closing square duet to Saturn. Saturn and Pluto are talking to none of the other planets. They are in a duet and talking only to each other. Saturn is still on the world axis, at 0 Libra, after his recent entry into Venus' sign of Libra. Saturn is talking to no one but Pluto. Pluto is talking to no one but Saturn. It is kind of like when your boss and his boss are having a closed door conversation. Or when you were a kid and the adults were having a conversation that stopped when you came into the room. Serious faces. Grunting noises. Mumbling. Ears against the door hoping to hear what is going on. Knowing that the adults being so serious probably doesn't bode well for what ever is on the agenda.

You can feel the energy of change lurking below the surface. You can't do anything about it. The square perfects, part one of three pushes for change and evolution, on November 15. However, the energy of the square is building. You know it will be challenging and perhaps difficult with all the somber faces before you. Or perhaps you know where the square is taking place already ~ what the difficult thing will be. Perhaps you are one of the adults in the room with the somber face. It is okay. This is a needed and necessary change in your life. You can do it. It will take time but the moment is now. The psychological readiness is at hand. You are able to do it. You will be fine on the other side, even if it is difficult for you to go through. Saturn and Pluto aren't 100% ready to let you into their inner circle yet ~ they will soon enough.

Your job is to focus on the things you can change. Change there. You job is to understand the things you can't change. Let those things be. No more wasting your time trying to change something that doesn't want to change. Be wise. Know the difference. Change where you can. Do what you love. Love the things you can't change as part of your life that shows you where you can't change or control things.

As usual, the Sabian images support the choices we face on the lunation. The Scorpio Sun images is A drowning man is being rescued. The Taurus Moon image is A woman sprinkling long rows of flowers. Water the areas you want to grow. Rescue the drowning part of you and pull it to shore. Wait to hear what Saturn and Pluto have to say in a few weeks. Life is full of changes.

Lynda Hill's interpretation of the Sabian Image for the Scorpio Sun is A DROWNING MAN IS BEING RESCUED

Commentary: 'A Drowning Man is Being Rescued' is a symbol of difficulties, relief, rescue and resuscitation. The 'Drowning Man' often indicates someone who's fallen into something that is out of his or her control and out of their depth. They can feel like they're being overpowered by their inability to cope with life. This can manifest on any level, emotionally, physically or spiritually. Here, he is shown as 'Being Rescued', and help is, or soon will be, nearby.

Oracle: Often we feel like we are suffocated by our marriage, job, friendships, life path, etc., or through the lack of these things. Although this Symbol speaks of a 'Rescuing', and this may indeed be at hand, sometimes it's essential that we admit to the fact that we are losing control or 'Drowning' before a 'Rescue' can even begin to take place. People will often lend a hand and spontaneously arrive on the scene to help others out, but they need to know the depths of the situation that's occurring. As the 'Man' in this Symbol is 'Being Rescued' it shows that the 'Drowning' has been noticed and that 'Rescue' or relief is imminent. People may indeed turn up to help out or this may be a more lonely passage, with you having to rely on yourself. However, continuing to struggle on alone may not solve anything - indeed, struggling can make things worse. This Symbol can also point to co-dependent types of relationships where there is a continual need to be available, to be on hand, and to be reliable. This can be a tiring responsibility for the 'Rescuer' as well as for the 'Drowning' person. A true 'Rescue' is often found when we look after our own needs, even if it entails a hand-up from someone else along the way. Concentrate on the shore, even if it feels as though it's miles away from you. Reconnect with what's possible and real, earth yourself and know that help is at hand, even if it's your higher self that is performing the 'Rescue'. Soon you'll be able to "breathe" easily again.

Keywords: Resuscitation. Regaining one's breath. Finding life renewed. Asthma, bronchitis, breathing difficulties. Finding help in moments of crisis. Needing a hand. Being rescued. Salvation on any level. Ventilators. Breathing equipment. Oxygen. Dependence. Last minute reprieves.

The Caution: Panicking in order to draw help rather than learning how to cope. Constantly finding reasons for losing control of situations. Getting into deep water on a regular basis.

The salvation of the world consists in the salvation of the individual soul. C.G. Jung

Each man's task is his life preserver. George B. Emerson

The drowning man will clutch at a straw. Proverb

Anxiety is love's greatest killer. It makes one feel as you might when a drowning person holds on to you. You want to save him, but you know he will strangle you in his panic. Anais Nin

You don't drown by falling in the water; you drown by staying there. Edwin Louis Cole

If a man is destined to drown, he will drown even in a spoonful of water. Yiddish Proverb

As long as you keep a person down, some part of you has to be down there to hold him down, so it means you cannot soar as you otherwise might. Marian Anderson

Nobody heard him, the dead man, but still he lay moaning: I was much further out than you thought, and not waving but drowning. Stevie Smith

Drowning problems in an ocean of information is not the same as solving them. Ray E. Brown

Lynda Hill's interpretation of the Sabian Image for the Taurus Moon is A WOMAN SPRINKLING LONG ROWS OF FLOWERS

Commentary: 'A Woman Sprinkling Long Rows of Flowers' is a lovely picture of the rewards that come from tending a garden and being responsive to its needs. This can take perseverance and be hard work as there are weeds or other unwanted elements to keep an eye out for. Tending to the 'Flowers' gives the 'Woman' time to pause for a moment and breathe in the beauty of nature and her place in it. She can relax into nature and enjoy the moment as a lot of the hard work is finished; her garden has now come into bloom.

Oracle: This Symbol often speaks of the need to take time to nurture the physical self. Along with smaller, less able things that need care, your body needs water, sustenance and nourishment, too. Drinking plenty of water and nourishing yourself with good food is part of this. Hence there may be a need to pay attention to what your body is telling you. Sometimes the mind needs to take a rest, and the body needs to be allowed to come to bloom and bask a little in the sunlight. Now is the time to enjoy the fruits of one's work. Also, looking after younger and smaller things so they may grow to maturity and fullness brings its own type of reward. This might require patience and a determination to work at something. Keeping an eye on things that you are responsible for will ensure that they don't dry out and fade away ahead of, or before, their time. Weeding out undesirable factors will be a necessary part of this process. As the 'Woman is Sprinkling Long Rows of Flowers', she needs to be mindful not to miss the ends of the flowerbeds. Taking time out to actually water the garden may bring some wonderful realizations to your life. As fairies and nature spirits are said to live in gardens, meditating whilst 'Sprinkling' the garden, or pot plants, may bring nourishing insights to the question that brought you to the Oracle.

Keywords: Having patience and care. Nurturing and fertilizing creativity. External evidence of internal beauty. Looking after small details to reap treasures later. The Tree of Life. Stopping to smell the roses. Paying attention to detail. Flower essences. Sprinkling love and sustenance. Watering and fertilizing. Tending the soil. Care and love.

The Caution: Giving superficial attention just to keep up appearances. Neglect of things once they're established. Giving up on projects half way through. Dehydration and neglect. Droughts or energy, love or feeling. Neglecting things in favor of other priorities.

Cultivate more joy by arranging your life so that more joy will be likely. George Witkin

Flowers always make people better, happier and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine to the soul. Luther Burbank

Would that the little flowers were born to live, conscious of half the pleasure, which they give. Longfellow

Cultivate peace first in the garden of your heart by removing the weeds of lust, hatred, greed, selfishness, and jealousy. Then only those who come in contact with you will be benefited by your vibrations of peace and harmony. Sivananda

By cultivating the beautiful we scatter the seeds of heavenly flowers, as by doing good we cultivate those that belong to humanity. Vernon Howard

For the benefit of the flowers, we water the thorns, too. Egyptian Proverb

Some of the sweetest berries grow among the sharpest thorns. Gaelic Proverb

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that's exactly square my Lunar Nodes in 10'30 Aquarius in 6th and 12th houses with Sun in my 3rd house and Moon in my 9th house


not sure what that means


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