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Author Topic:   Triggers for Change in a Chart

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The most common question regarding the various techniques of prediction is “What shall I look for in the chart to determine changes?”

There are many things that professional astrologers look for when they want a specific issue. However, there are issues that in a general way portend a change is in the air. One needs to look at the specific planets, their aspect, and their house placement to try to determine the actual events, and circumstances, and one must also know something about the person him/herself to know what is a realistic change.

The following are some general expected patterns that astrologers recognize as portents for the winds of change.

First of all, the Mother of all change is the the first Change Quotient as represented in Total Immersion astrology. Mother Moon starts you out, and as Ivy Goldstein Jacobson said, “Don’t be afraid, dear......this too shall change.”

Where the natal Moon is placed by house, and then by prediction tell the arena where change will happen most in the life played out before you. To do this you will need to list the points of significance: placement of the moon by progression, solar arc, regression, as well as solstice points which always show turning points in life. The solstice points included would be the Moon, Dark Moon Lilith, the Ascendant, Midheaven, and the Sun. Mark Arabic parts(if you have an accurate birth time), and planets and stars that fall on critical points. Generally these are times when a conjunction can intone a wind of change.

Major significators such as Saturn, or Power planets by Cosmodyne are also points of impact..

Look to see the placement of Moon natally by house. If angular, the changes that She times will be felt more because angular houses affect the 1st house by square. If Succeedent, the impact is less, but may more likely affect the stuff the native owns, since a Succeedent placement will impact second house issues more by square. If cadent, even less, but possibly more in the circle of friends around you either happening to them directly or bothering you due to things that happen to them.

Now.....the Moon covered to some extent, the following are other issues that must be covered:

a. The 11th house is the house of unforeseen circumstances. when a solar arc/secondary progressed planet enters this house, there may be a change in general circumstances, dependent on the characteristics of the planet involved:
1. Venus/Jupiter: bring some positive change than one might be looking for.
2. MOON: possibly major changes
3. Saturn & Mars: the ability to handle current change issues more effectively either by cutting out the non-essentials(Mars), or stabilizing the situation(Saturn)
4. Uranus: often unexpected gains of some kind since Uranus is the ruler of the 11th house
5. Neptune or Dark Moon Lilith may darken things a bit
6. Pluto arranges for help that you thought to be coming not to come, or throws additional hoops for you to jump through..

b. Assuming you know what the major planets in the chart are, when they make a conjunction with the natal or progressed Moon, there may be a change in the house involved. If Moon Lunation is involved, then a change might take place within the next two weeks up until the full moon. if it is an eclipse, then the impact might be seen again or at first when the transiting sun squares the eclipse sun in about 90 days.

c. Changes can happen when the natal Moon, the natal Sun, or the Natal Ascendant changes signs by solar arc/secondary progression. We are looking at broad general changes in life structure here.

d. Look at your natal planets or the planets of your conception chart. When they change direction by solar arc/secondary progression,, you may be looking at a change within the house involved.

e. Any impact on the first house affects the essential personality, and the ascendant. Any planet solar arc/secondary progressed moving into any angular house may show up as a change.

f. Any solar arc/secondary progressed planet that moves into a new house brings into the life a whole new department of life activities to add to the natal one.

g. Any natal solstice point making or receiving an aspect is often a turning point in affairs.

h. When a natal planet either goes out of bounds or returns in bounds by solar arc/secondary progression. Things of that planet, and the house where the planet is/was natally will either become more wild or more controlled.

i. The inconjunct aspect is in this writer’s mind stronger that the square. With a square, you see it coming some time ahead and can work on it, and you know what resources you are putting into the fray. With an inconjunct, it creeps up on you and you end up putting more money, time, and budget into it, than you figured for that time period, entailing a major reorganization to fix things. So if a solar arc/secondary progressed inconjuncts a natal one, you may find that you experience a sudden flat tire and things have to be fixed.

j. Keep an eye on your solar arc/secondary progressed ascendant. At each point of decanate change, the circumstance will modify a bit more into the sign involved.

k. Mutual Receptions in natal chart provide needed escape valves to difficult situations, but they also give special color to situations. Keep an eye on the solar arc/secondary progressed planets in their potential for new mutual receptions. When these take place you have additional house issues that may impact coloring the change in a way you didn’t expect.

l. In a natal chart any aspectual relation(and that includes solstice point connections, and parallels/contra parallels) shows the potential for surgery, an accident where a loss is involved. When this happens by solar arc/secondary progression, one is looking for another similar change where something of the house involved is either cut out or there is a surgery of some kind.

There are many more points of possible change delineated in many astrological volumes around.

But often the above is not enough for the earnest student. S/he really didn’t want to just know when the winds of change are around the corners, but more as to the difficult changes. These changes in 4th change astrology(not 5th) are usually described as TROUBLE. I think the 5th stage astrology term might be STRESS.

1. TROUBLE/STRESS, which ever you use, when MARS enters a house by solar arc/secondary progression there is always some agitation of the affairs. With a 15 year return, Mars second return brings friends, and a third often brings on a mid life crises in men.

A mutual reception for Mars makes things easier, as well as a good aspect to Saturn leading to the discipline Mars needs to deal with his temper.

2. Trouble/Stress may come about through eclipses, but usually they are nebulous in their effect. The second house rules the immediate future(in addition to your stuff). Eclipses by their nature take awhile to impact except in the case where it conjunct the cusp of the second house. In this case you will also have the other squared cusps in play: the 5th of children(real and metaphorical) and speculation, the 8th of taxes surgery, endings in your immediate circle, and the 11th of unforeseen circumstances.

3. Relationships and partnerships are always on the high interest level in clients. Look for a solar arc/secondary progressed planet or an eclipse conjuncting Natal Venus IF Venus is in the 1st or 7th house. If this scenario exists in the chart, you have a very strong potential for some kind of relationship difficulty.

4. A solar arc’s moon in the 29th degree of any sign will make her VOC for most of the year that follows. While to Moon is the progenitor of action, not so while VOC, unless impacted by something else. Done look for any sudden changes during this time. Now this is not trouble/stress per se. However, one expects a certain pattern of action from the Moon and if she tends to jump suddenly when conjuncted by something else it can be unexpected trouble/stress.

5. A common one that is sometimes overlooked is the transit of Mercury Rx. Usually now days this is considered computer problems. But its really more than that. it involved many changes of decisions involving promises and communication. Digital devices are susceptible to this as their commands are in little packets and are push back and forth. The effect for you will be by the house structure the RX took place(angular/Succeedent/or cadent).

6. If you have Uranus RX, then you will have to succumb to the circumstances and will be frustrated by them at its 21 year square returns.

7. Saturn can bring more than just discipline if certain circumstances exist natally. Since Saturn represents the skeleton of the body, it has the effect also of representing a skeleton in the closet. The closet is the house that is right after it on the 12th house side of the chart(looking to the right). Look to see if the ruler of that house is in an angular house. If so, then the skeleton will come out publicly. Any conjunction or opposition to it by Saturn by solar arc/secondary progression may bring a greater or lesser degree of publicity.

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good read

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I'm going to bookmark this one.

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