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Author Topic:   The Galactic Times - Dwarf Planet Guide

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More insights from Philip Sedgwick

Dwarf Planet Guide to Start the Decade ~ 08 January 2010

Last week I mentioned the discovery of the Kuiper Belt Object 2009 YE7, discovered in a sky search conducted in the southern hemisphere that grants access to regions of the sky previously unscanned for such objects. Mike Brown recently posted his initial thoughts about this body. Because of its brightness and inclination, he suspects it's smaller than one might originally expect and likely a fragment of the collision that knocked Haumea silly billions of years ago (one of Haumea's offspring). Time will tell if this speculation is correct and time will no doubt reveal more in the Kuiper Belt previously undetected because of the limits of geographic search position. If Brown's speculation is true, this body could take on a Hawaiian name being one of Haumea's children.

Also I mentioned last year (okay, only last week), I am developing a new theory of how to apply the potentially vast numbers of dwarf planets and named bodies in the Kuiper Belt. While not yet complete, here's where I am so far.

For just about seventy years we've been perplexed with the concept of what to do after successfully surviving a Pluto transit. After all, the implication is that like Gimel, one has passed through the proverbial eye of the needle, presumably conscious, enlightened and ready to deal out dharma. Since the discovery of Pluto and prior to awareness of the Kuiper Belt, only theoretical trans-Plutos existed - such as the Trans-Pluto developed in the late 1970's, in most computer software and now obsolete because of refinements to the orbit of Uranus in 1999.

Perhaps the Kuiper Belt acts as a membrane. Like a veil of spiritual awakening, it must be penetrated and passed through to be understood and actualized. Idle speculation and observation from a distance will not do the trick. Each of the dwarf planets, and to be safe, those bodies even close to being a dwarf planet, represent specific tools for developing and propagating spiritual consciousness. The dwarf planets offer up consciousness doctrines and protocols to which one must adhere to play in the vaster regions of the solar system and the deeper levels of consciousness. Perhaps this region is the gateway of galactic understanding. Those named bodies of "lesser" importance by virtue of size offer ceremonial superlatives to aid in the invocation of the evolutionary intended messages of the "planets." Regardless of their status as dwarf planet or solar system minor body, all the named Kuiper Belt bodies consciously contribute to the veil of consciousness that affects a person, horoscope, place or thing, whether given any credence or not.

So let's consider the multiple magical mantras rendered by the dwarf planets as prescribed by the signs they travel in 2010.

Ceres in Sagittarius - While not a Kuiper Belt body, to honor the implications of Eris, this recently redefined asteroid is a dwarf planet and a force with which one must reckon and cannot be ignored. With a lengthy retrograde era in 2010 in Sagittarius, Ceres ranges only between Sagittarius and Capricorn. Using the Sagittarius transit as the starting block, Ceres supports developing a comprehensive and comprehensible belief system that underscores all causes of pursuit. Pursuit of those things not fully grasped may bear consequences that exceed the caution, "be careful what you wish for." Says Ceres, if you claim it as a doctrine, be aware of all possible results and/or side effects.

Pluto-Charon in Capricorn - It's high time to recognize the nature of undeniable personal resourcefulness - the ultimate resources. Money, status and fame may come and go and come again. The true resources of one's being: creativity, consciousness and the will to make a dent in the way the world turns remain as personal attributes that can never be diminished.

Eris in Aries - Do your darndest to overcome obsessions with or addictions to status and success. Create your own sense of belonging and fit only into the peg(s) that perfectly accommodate(s) all your facets. If you need to, for a day, set the world on its ear when sorting out priorities that urge your soul to continue to unfold. Before you know it, you might need a new peg, and as long as you're not hooked on the present peg, Eris ensures evolution.

Sedna in Taurus - Two clear priorities emerge with Sedna's influence. First, ensure the physical necessities of life. Then you can proceed to cultivate inner clarity and soulful yearnings. Sedna knows that it is difficult to meditate, affirm or stay upbeat when life's mundane priorities pressure decision making.

Makemake in Virgo - Sure you have a carbon footprint, but you also have a consciousness footprint. Review the impact that your presence, energy and interactions leave behind. Improve anything that does not dignify the nature of your spirit and leave benefit in its wake.

Haumea in Libra - Cooperative ventures may abound. However, to enter a cooperative venture both parties must invest an abundance of ideas, development of those ideas and the will to persevere. As well each party must carry equal loading, albeit it in different areas. You can see the unactualized Haumea all over Internet posts. "I have an idea and want you to write it for me for free and if it scores we split the money." Haumea's influence seeks to end the rampant laziness inspired by the easy access of the Internet. Why study or research anything when you can find it - whether in a reliable source or not - on the Internet? Demands Haumea, do your diligence, then you can share.

Wait! There's More! If we look beyond the undisputedly accepted dwarf planets into the likely dwarf planets, we hear from five more Kuiper Belt contributors.

Orcus in Virgo - The letter of the law expands to the letter of the word. Only issue promises that are within your capability to deliver or within the realm of your intention to fulfill or within the scope of your consciousness. Staying true to one's word satisfies this underworld lord.

Varuna in Cancer - The Peter Principle, so popular a few decades ago, applies. If you rise to your level of incompetence, you'll experience a fall from grace and stature. Avoid the urge to work without a net, play outside your abilities or take chances on something that guarantees richness, fame or illumination. Stay within your capabilities - both regarding skill sets and range of consciousness - then you're good to go. Solid and steady, you easily navigate the seas of enlightenment.

Quaoar in Sagittarius - It's your job and duty to extract the essence of the Divine and make up new ideas. It's not a dog and pony show based upon sleight of hand; this is a song and dance routine that allows ideas circulating overhead to find a viable vehicle of execution and application. More ideas and consciousness please. While you're at it, get back with nature. Ceremonialize your life. When you get to the point that every life act is a ceremony, you've nailed it.

Ixion in Sagittarius - This one is too simple. When you get a second chance, do it right. When mercy appears in your life, be grateful and seize the moment. No more, "if I only knew then what I know now" laments. If in that wistful mindset, do the redo.

And even more insights can be obtained by considering the remainder of the named bodies in the Kuiper Belt.

Chaos in Gemini - Actually, there's order in chaos. Chaos in this context was the void that was that preceded the creation of all things. True to the sign of Gemini, here redirection of meaning seeks to restore original definitions instead of the bastardization of ideas and terms through repeated iterations. For instance, read ancient spiritual texts translated directly by scholars. Why read a distilled, agenda-laden version? Here again, there's plenty of room for original thought that explores "that's what it looks like here; what does it look like over there?" Follow the inspiration for clear, critical and original thinking and conclusions.

Rhadamanthus in Libra - Watch out for judgments rendered. This is the "judge not, lest ye be judged" pattern if there ever was one. Play particular attention to remaining receptive to laws and doctrines of unfamiliar or alien cultures if you're in one of those lands. Look for the logic of the rule instead of raising your hackles against what appears to be another limitation.

Huya in Scorpio - Pick good obsessions and ensure participation in those obsessions remains within non-addictive status. Writing can be an obsession and as most know, so can texting, social networking, substance use, thinking and emoting... better to stay within range where you effectively apply these "passions" for a useful outcome.

Deucalion in Scorpio - Before making your own proverbial bed, strive for impeccable clarity regarding what you really intend to create. The casting of stones intends to place the cornerstones of great fortresses - life's accomplishments and acquired consciousness. Try to wrap around the idea that every idea - whether applied or discarded - contains a life force that grows when fertilized by your efforts or even the efforts an unwitting passerby. Strive for clarity of intention and attention before setting a building block into a permanent position.

Logos in Virgo - Use words, symbols and icons that portray what you intend to convey. Words contain power. More, words that once meant one thing that have morphed over the years into a new connotation still contain centuries of standing waves of meaning that might supercede modern changes in denotation. For instance, peruse does not mean a quick scan as commonly intimated in today's usage. It actually describes a thorough and comprehensive reading.

Ceto in Scorpio - When confidence and modesty merge, a person can let the aura and personal energy do the talking. If you want to convince someone of your merit, do nothing other than let your inner light shine.

Typhon in Virgo - Can you assemble the 10,000 piece picture puzzle that life presents without throwing the pieces across the room in frustration? You can if you shift gears whenever shifting is required. When you tire of assembling the puzzle's border, shift to putting it together by color, then by pattern, and return to border assembly. If you need to do so, take a break. Stay in the flow. Blend the need to sort details with maintaining a clear and comprehensive big picture, favoring neither as the constant mode of viewing.

Teharonhiawako in Pisces - Apply the boundaries you expect others to respect for you to all your relations. Examine the tendency to pull back when obstacles lift and/or note any contradictions between claims of desiring closeness and space. When each desire has its time, no contradictions appear.

Borasisi in Pisces - What if everything you believed was wrong? What if you realized that your entire consciousness roots in a hoax? Borasisi is the Sun in a fictitious religion created by Kurt Vonnegut for his novel Cat's Cradle. The premise of the religion, Bokononism, is that it is true it is all made up of lies, but if one follows the precepts, a contented life can be lived. Time to cull beliefs for impeccable truths and say goodbye to dogma and consensus reality.

Altjira in Gemini - A foot in both worlds must be maintained. This is the dusk and dawn of consciousness where a grasp of the lightness of day and the darkness of night can be kept in perspective. Those with a foot in both realms walk about free of feeling forsaken. Relationship can be found with whomever and wherever, resulting in a sense of operating in "perfect place and time" at all times.

And with all the above, we did not consider the sure to be a dwarf planet "Snow White," or the very likely dwarf planet 2009YE7 and the probable dwarf planets 208996 and 202421. Before the deep solar system searches are done, we just might have more answers than questions.


"Nothing matters absolutely;
the truth is it only matters relatively"

- Eckhart Tolle

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Perhaps the Kuiper Belt acts as a membrane

Also this->

Chaos in Gemini (#19521 and currently at 10++) True to the sign of Gemini, here redirection of meaning seeks to restore original definitions instead of the bastardization of ideas and terms through repeated iterations. For instance, read ancient spiritual texts translated directly by scholars. Why read a distilled, agenda-laden version? Here again, there's plenty of room for original thought that explores "that's what it looks like here; what does it look like over there?" Follow the inspiration for clear, critical and original thinking and conclusions.

Non linear.

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