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  Anne Ortelee's Weekly Weather - April 19, 2010

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Author Topic:   Anne Ortelee's Weekly Weather - April 19, 2010
venus in gemini

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Weekly Weather April 19 2010

Last week’s column Limbo imagery was quite literal with cancelled flights and thousands of people grounded, waiting for exploding volcano dust to settle so they could move on to their desired destinations. I even kept hearing the television and radio announcers using the word “limbo” ~ in a slightly different way than my Catholic upbringing but just as poignant and powerful. More of the same limbo this week as Saturn and Uranus build to their fourth opposition of 5 fights on the evening of April 26. We are betwixt and between ~ neither solid on the ground or flying free. Saturn in Earth says pay attention, be serious and lets solve the problems here while Uranus in Pisces refuses to settle down or stop exploding or creating chaos in his wake

Now maybe you weren’t stuck in an airport waiting for volcano dust to settle but the energy of the back and forth, limbo place is taking place in your late Virgo and Pisces houses. That area of your life is very unsettled and needs you to work on figuring out how to handle it.

Remember the purpose that the two giants who are fighting in the heavens are attempting to accomplish is to get you to restructure the things that need to change to be able to build NEW structures so that you can have a firm footing AND simultaneously you are to release or let go of the things that no longer serve you or your life’s next direction. Stuff isn’t supposed to be 100% resolved yet. However, it IS moving forward. The vision is becoming clearer and steps are finally being taken in the right direction. Even if you are stuck waiting for volcano dust to settle, you can be working on that Saturn in Virgo area of your life.

Mercury is retrograde and RULES Saturn in Virgo, who is also retrograde. That means we have a cosmic double negative which acts as a weird kind of positive energy. So the news you receive, even if it is news that you personally consider to be “bad” news, is ACTUALLY “good” news in a “bad” news dress. You just don’t know HOW it is good news yet. You keep noticing the bad news dress.

It, perhaps, is not what you WANTED as news. It is kind of good for your soul and not so fun for your ego news. Or maybe it is news that you can’t do something you wanted to do so instead you move towards a new destination that actually fits your path better. Think of yourself saying in a while, “In hindsight, it SEEMED like bad news, but it turned out okay, even great once I moved on.” The road was blocked so you took another road and got to the next chapter of your life.

The fourth Saturn Uranus opposition brings back into your life the stories from November 4, 2008, February 6, 2009, and September 14, 2009. In the two weeks or so before each of these dates, you adjusted your life to a changing (Uranus) reality (Saturn). Now you enter the next phase. Saturn is retrograde and Uranus is direct so the OLD structure is the one that is being questioned while the agent of change, Uranus is winning and appearing to move forward. Remember we still have one more opposition to go after the one this week. On July 26, when Saturn is moving forward while Uranus is moving backwards and both are on the world axis announcing the formal version of their changes into our lives.

One of the things that happens when Saturn is retrograde in Virgo is he brings our (bad) old habits back into our lives and makes us conscious of them. We are faced with the challenge or question of how much, exactly, we are willing to change and evolve our routines, rituals and habits. Sometimes the answer is Not So Much. Let’s say we are addicted to relationship drama. And Voila, the universe sends a prime candidate for relationship drama our way. You are wildly attracted and yet can already see the writing on the wall that this candidate has relationship drama written all over his forehead! What to do? Forward? Or press the Pause and think about it for a bit button. He sure does remind you of your ex with that withholding Scorpio energy of his. Hmmm.

Other times, the answer is crystal clear ~ YES! We WANT to change but seem to keep falling in the same old taking care of hole over and over again. Here the situation is a bit trickier ~ Virgo likes to take care of the other person. However, IF you do that, you don’t have time or space or energy to do what YOU want to do for your future. Here the question is what do YOU need FOR YOU, not the other guy or gal. Put THAT first. Do that. Or figure out how to get someone to do that for you so you are freed up to do what you need to do for you.

Saturn in Virgo makes us look at our habits, rituals and routines with new eyes. Conjure up your early memories of why you do the things you do the way you do them. Look at your memories. Do not face the past with yearning or regret. Face the past with the understanding that the memories contain the truths of your life that you need to face. If you face the truths of your life, you will have a chance at salvation. If you face the truths of your life, you will have a chance to change your future. If you understand your past, you will see how it created where you are now.

Uranus in Pisces moving through the last bits of Pisces is ending an 84 year cycle of the zodiac. We are the end part of how we undo ourselves or fail to see the blind spot in our chart. Uranus is shaking that vision of ours up as he stirs the last bits of Pisces into a cosmic riptide that is carrying us forward to a new cycle. You don’t fight a riptide by trying to swim against it and struggle helplessly towards shore. You swim sideways to escape a rip tide. You flow and float along with a riptide until it dies down once it gets away from shore. You wave your arms and hope the lifeguard notices you are out kind of deep. Watch for riptides this week.

Venus is exceptionally active this week, moving through the late degrees of Taurus and aspecting just about everything in the heavens. Venus is leading the pack of planets and moving us along toward what we desire as she dances through Taurus, her favorite sign. Last week’s Finger of God with Neptune and Chiron sextile to the Sun in Aries with the Apex of Saturn in Virgo peaks and begins to separate. Venus dances through and aspects the planets in the Finger of God as well as kissing Uranus, Jupiter, Mars, Ceres and the Nodes of Destiny. You need to SAY WHAT YOU WANT AND DESIRE this week. I don’t care WHO you say it to. I want you saying it out loud and very proudly and as often as you can. With Venus making aspects to all these planets, ONE of them (if not more) are going to hear her and get the Goddess of Love and Desire what she wants. That means You will get what You want, provided you ask for it! Venus also changes signs this week and enters the flirty, fun, playful energy of Gemini.

Chiron enters Pisces this week where he’ll spend the next 9 years of his and our lives. Chiron’s energy will shift from not feeling or knowing where exactly his tribe or community is (Aquarius) to a more profound sense of being an orphan, yet inter and inner connected with all life. Pisces needs to work for and with the needy, downtrodden and despairing knowing if THEY heal, the world heals. I’ll write more on this once the Uranus/Saturn opposition calms down. So many aspects, so little time!

Finally, Sun enters Taurus and moves into the fixed energy of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere. As the Sun moves through the early degrees of the earth, he aspects a number of planets, including making a trine to Pluto in Capricorn. That trine of Sun to Pluto offers us a glimpse of our inner power and how solid our strength core is. Our core sustains us through all the craziness in the world around us. It gets reaffirmed this week by the connection of the Solar energy to the Lord of the Underworld. We get how strong and connected we really are. And we also get to see how magnificent volcanoes are as the underworld erupts into the upper world and creates both new and changed lands.

Monday the Finger of God peaks and begins to separate so your path should be clearer after the confusion of last week. Live in the moment today. Moon in Gemini has many aspects last night so dreams are busy all night and profound intuitions upon awakening. Moon in Cancer all Monday and Tuesday has a lovely closing sextile to Saturn so you can get a great deal accomplished these next two days.

Tuesday finds the soul wound a bit active. Yes it hurts but the pain is needed to move to the next place you are going. Chin up. Chest out. Head back. Eyes clear. Smile on your face. Forward. Sun moves into Taurus and becomes more grounded and solid. Stability starts to move into the picture a bit more replacing all the roller coaster rides of the last few weeks. People are more in the mood to commit. Chiron enters Pisces so we start a new 9 year journey of the soul wound. We finish up the journey we’ve been on since February of 2005 to find our tribe. We’ve found them. Now we have to build a life or dream a future with them as we move into the inner and interconnected place of Pisces. More on this Chiron in Pisces energy later after the Saturn Uranus energy calms down a bit. Chiron is going to go back for a bit of time into Aquarius for a YES THIS IS MY TRIBE wrap up from July 20 to next February 8, 2011 so we are only getting a sneak preview of the upcoming nine year Pisces journey between now and July 20. Chiron DOES like being in the sign of soothing and watery healing though so it will be much more pleasant time!

Wednesday finds the world full of interesting news. News about finishes, endings, divorces, separations, completions, overs and outs, combined with I am done and out of here! Moon in Leo makes for some puffy and proud speeches, separations and departures. Expect great exit speeches combined with door slamming. It IS time to move on. Uranus says it is time to find a new home or place to park your stuff. Or it is time for them to find a new place to park THEIR stuff. Either way, pull the trigger on the situation and say what you want. Remember Venus is all over this week! So get your Venus talking about what SHE wants. She’s crystal clear and has great ideas.

Thursday find Venus quite productive in the afternoon so things should go your way. Venus finds her dream comes true and in a rather nice way! Venus also has an aspect of brilliance on the steps she needs to take going forward and she is talking to Mars about how to get there. Desire and the ability to get it are cooperating today and tomorrow, so be clear and precise. Moon in Leo is creative, proud and very productive. Be VERY clear about what your dream is today. What, EXACTLY, DO you want? Say it to anyone who will listen.

Friday finds the Moon in Leo in the morning and she moves into Virgo in the afternoon ~ time to put the creative to work in a practical manner. Note again your dreams upon awakening and try to follow up on the suggestions in them. There is a partnership energy that wants to take place today. Venus is SUPER busy today. She squares Neptune so her illusions and delusions are now seen clearly. You wouldn’t be where you are without having had that delusion or illusion~ thank it for inspiring you. And Move FORWARD! Venus has an aspect of brilliance to the creative forces inside and outside of her. Again thank those creative forces that got you to where you are today. Again, move FORWARD with gratitude in your heart. Jupiter says there are many more creative ideas where THOSE came from ~ you are just getting started. Venus is sextile to Uranus as he approaches his opposition with Saturn next week so she’s creating and singing and happy. Venus is feeling quite productive as she forms a trine to Saturn so the list of things you need to do literally flies out of your hands, gets accomplished and moves into the finished pile. I get the image of Mary Poppins cleaning up the Nursery and singing a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down. Watch for your spoon full of sugar. Venus is super activated and wants to deliver all sorts of good things to you! Venus is so ready to move forward and create your future. Are you getting clearer about what your dreams are?

Saturn’s day finds Moon in Virgo offering a great whoosh of energy towards accomplishing all the things on your to-do list. Venus is dancing with Pluto and very happy to get the beauty into being. Great day for planting the garden and clearing out the cubbies, closets and spaces that need freshening up. Sun’s trine to Ceres encourages you to nurture your self with practical ideas and gifts. Perhaps some veggies or greens in that garden of yours? Venus has a stressed aspect with the North Node of Destiny so make sure to note who you meet today and what they mean to you.

Sunday rocks and rolls. Literally. We can have more earth quakes. The tension building between Saturn and Uranus is enormous. Sun has a brilliant idea or insight about your habits, routines and rituals so listen to your inner guidance and take note of it. Venus enters Gemini and becomes very playful after all her hard work of the week. She’s laughing and joyful ~ simply full of fun, giggles and good times for the next few weeks. Let her shine. You can have a disturbing dream or learn a bit more about your wounds. Appreciate the information. Mercury brings you a series of different dreams ~ make sure to write them down upon awakening and if you are guided by the dreams or some one suggested you take action, do so today. Moon in Virgo and Libra today both have solid and competent closing aspects suggesting you follow up on your ideas. Sun trines Pluto today so we find forward motion is very solid and supported. Partnerships are a bit stressed but still solid and strong so no worries. Clearer start and finish boundaries need to be established to make it work for all parties. If anything, it is too much of a good thing! And good things are often FUN things!

Mundane: Last week, Jay Leno resumed first place in the Late Night wars as Conan O’Brian found a new home on TBS. Conan‘s new show made someone else’s show move back to midnight ~ a position Conan was unwilling to accept at NBC. What a difference a ½ hour makes when you are the giver not the receiver!

Regarding the upcoming economic collapse, can we talk volcanoes? I am forecasting that the current volcano should stop erupting by April 26 when the Saturn Uranus oppositions completes. Air flights will resume and be back to “normal” once Mercury goes direct around May 11th.

However that means the eruptions taking place on June 6 to 8 will be enormous!

Probably that is when Katya, the sister volcano in Iceland, blows her top!

If the above pattern holds with the current volcano, in late May to early June, Katya should explode. Jupiter and Uranus join in fire Aries June 6 to 8 ~ symbolizing big fire explosions. The eruptions take place and the skies will be full of dust until July 26, when the next and final Saturn Uranus opposition takes place on the world axis.

As we live in SUCH an interconnected world with scattered distribution networks, just in time inventories, super lean margins and virtually NO wiggle room for any crisis to interrupt us, a major volcano that disrupts the world air traffic and international trade for 7 or 8 weeks, could definitely be the stimulating cause of the forecasted economic collapse in early August.

Iceland WAS the first country to go bankrupt and collapse when Pluto went into Capricorn. Now as the cosmic cross forms, Iceland’s erupting and magnificent volcanoes will spread the collapse energy around the globe in a stunning cosmic dance. Or, perhaps the volcanoes will continue to blow their stacks until Pluto goes direct in September. If so, we might be looking at a longer, more drawn out scenario. Too big to fail? Ha! Try stopping an erupting volcano! Get your money out of the risky parts of the stock market.

As we and earth moves more into alignment with the Galactic center, perfecting in December 2012, with our 26,000 year polar alignment with the Black hole “Sun” of our Sun, we can expect more and more volcanoes and earthquakes. Earth’s crust is alive and dancing over a molten core of magma. The crust of earth feels the magnetic pull of the Galactic center and kicks up her heels yet again! Forward we go!

Don’t you just love astrology?

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Thanks VIG

I think this deserves a *bump*

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Bump. I meant to read this properly last week.. today has brought me one little surprise (not good, and I'm confused).

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