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  My Saturn Conjunct Pluto/DC experience

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Author Topic:   My Saturn Conjunct Pluto/DC experience

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posted November 07, 2012 11:23 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for jzlee     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

Has anyone experience the Saturn Conjunct Pluto on the Descendant with weird, yet accurate results according to the web & text interpretations? It would be great to hear from you..

I wanted to share my experience the last few weeks as Im certainly feeling like Im at the end of a tornado that is only beginning to subside

During my Saturn Conjunct Pluto:
The boss at work (whom i work with 1:1) informed me he was leaving for overseas for a while and I would be in charge. I began to stress and worry about the level of responsibility that would be left under my control and began to worry. In the week leading up to his departure I received a lovely 5 inches of 2nd degree burns from tea - yes hot tea whilst at work. Also, on the same day I felt so tired and a little depressed driving home, I had a car accident.

The following few days I found myself in tears (quietly) with the MD telling me off how i handle things & how I jump to conclusions and need to learn how to prioritize and take things 1 at a time (oh so very Arian of me). I admitted I wasn't feeling like myself and perhaps needed some "mental help" etc - Following the 3 days of depressive thoughts I began to accept my limitations for what they were (was CURSING saturn under my breath reminding myself that "this too shall pass"). I reminded myself that much of the stress was relating to a combination of new job, responsibility with my boyfriend and his family & outdated acquaintances I began losing interest in (that I was canceling plans with). I woke up one day and simply cancelled all my plans with friends; told them i wasnt in a good place at all and needed some space and time as there was a lot going on with family & work.

However, despite the negative outcome, at the same time my boyfriend and I shared our 6 months and have been growing steadily closer. (He was experiencing Saturn conjunct his Ascendant the last few months and with Saturn opposing my ascendant now we are mirroring each other - since our Ascendants are in opposition).

Now, as I sit in the last week of the Saturn/Pluto conjunction I can see that the time leading up to the transit was pretty rough and now just after its peak - the after effects including: A) I am in charge at work for another week (and there is A LOT going wrong), but doing my best to keep everyone informed of changes taking place with other workers, B) The guy whos car I hit sent his insurance claim (it was only a matter of time), and
C) I feel fantastic. Truly, like everyone else, Ive had some SHOCKING transits, and some amazingly fulfilling ones.

This transit of Saturn Conjunct my natal Pluto/DC has made me more aware of my effect on others, that crying over spilt milk wont get you anywhere, and that basically sh*t happens, but you have to set an example to others, AND put yourself first. Some things you simply have to let go of in order to grow as a person. I don't feel like Im missing out as my Saturn enters my 7th, I feel that from the 6th... It is me, myself and I in charge of this life and getting my sh*t together and taking charge and responsibility of myself and being honest with myself and others is the only way forward. They don't call Pluto the "rebirth" planet for nothing; Im certainly feeling like a wave has washed over me, beaten me down, yet now things are much clearer. Acceptance (and not just saying you accept something) is a powerful feeling.

In regard to my boyfriend and his Saturn traveling right over his ascendant.. the poor love, he's re-evaluating everything and everyone! He's not interested in what he was 6 months ago; its like he has been given a huge reality check from circumstances around him about the way the world works and now is trying to get himself back together slowly with the realization of who he really is and what he can control. AKA he is being forced to grow up.

He freaked out a little when I told him earlier in the year it would be a tough transit for him, however reminded him that there is always good and bad transits happening at once, so with his intense Pluto & Venus sextile transit also occurring at the moment he is at least feeling the power of love :-)

Anyhow, if anyone has any experiences with Saturn on the DC please share - mine is almost exact and besides telling people to leave me alone for a while, an insurance claim & becoming more serious with the BF, I would LOVE to hear of others experiences.

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posted November 13, 2012 12:36 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for astrofan123     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Saturn transit my H6 I got a new job I had been looking for a job for months. Also during this transit I got a new bf. The relationship picked up fast that we actually made plans to marry within the first mths knowing each other. I also had new suitors, probably that's why the bf wanted to marry soon. I was all excited and moved ahead with wedding plan.
But it didn't happen. During Saturn conjunct my Dsc (2-3 deg orb) somehow things went downhill with me and bf. He had trust issue, I didn't do anything wrong. Fights and then wedding plan cancelled. I was heartbroken, my health went downhill I eventually lost my job. During this time I became closer to one of my friends, who is now my husband.
Saturn transit H7. He proposed. I accepted. Twelve years married now. He was and still is my best friend. But what I gained in friendship and marriage, I lost in family. When Saturn retro in H7, I lost my dad to cancer. It was devastating, but I know he is no longer in pain and he already approved my wedding before his death.
I was 25 when I married. Some astrology websites said not to marry before Saturn return (age 28-29) but I never had much problem with Saturn transit or difficult aspect (square, opposite, return) in my marriage. maybe because my Saturn is in my H9. that's usually where I have most challenge: philosophy, religion, spirituality. when it squares/opposites my Sun it's usually added responsibility and/or just health issues come up.
H9 is also said 2nd marriage. I don't know that one yet LOL but so far general astrology interpretation is almost accurate.

Saturn conjunct Pluto I remember just more work and stress from delays (the people I worked with were busy blocking me instead of working with me) I did my best all I could. The customer was happy and they also knew what really happened, so good thing overall.
Saturn opposite Pluto I graduated and got my first job. Either was first job or just the people I worked with/for, it was horrible. They accused me of stealing. I proved them wrong and another staff also knew, but they didn't care. So I got the message, and quit after getting enough savings. I'm going to watch this transit for sure.

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posted November 15, 2012 10:36 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for jzlee     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Thank you for your reply Scorpio Rising - Funny I had a feeling **scorpio type** would reply :-)

Wow, you certainly had Saturn "strip away" things for you, yet at the same time they say that Saturn takes away what no longer is required and yet will always leave a gift - and a 12 year marriage is a beautiful gift!

I've read numerous articles about the saturn return also, however I believe the "don't marry prior to your return" applies for those with Saturn in their 7th house.

I have this placement and sure enough when I was 21 I felt the need to leave my partner of 2.5 years as I knew deep down we would not be happy together; I had too much "growing and seeing the world & exploring" to do, and well, the reality check hit - many couples aren't getting hitched as early as they used to due to the same reasons.

Its a no brainer for Saturn in the 7th house people. It either won't work, or you will be unhappy in what your trying to keep, or events will come up and your Marriage will be delayed/terminated by external forces. However I have read up on other people whom have been in happy Marriages since prior to their return also, but these people as you said have some harsh aspects in their chart. My philosophical moon in Saggi always looked at the bright side though, we cant control what will happen to us (to a certain degree...highly controversial topic haha). My Saturn is widely opposite mars in Taurus... LOVELY existence right there...the want of Taurus in all its luxury opposite the deep controlling responsibility towards others... its a juggling act each and everyday.

Sorry to hear about your family loss, and glad your father approved prior to your marriage - at least this meant you have been able to live your marriage with the contentment of knowing he was happy for you both...seems a lovely blessing to have.

Ergh indeed the wonderful Saturn squares and oppositions... sometimes I think I should just circle the dates for when I know ill be calling in sick for work haha. The worst was the breakeup with my ex during "Saturn Opposite Sun".... I had no doubt he was the one and was ignoring the warning signs... I preyed the transit wouldn't apply to my love life yet alas - he showed his true alcoholic violent behavior one night and all my brain was saying was "imagine you had a child - get out now - he won't change". I did, i got sick from emotional stress and was in bed for a 2 weeks. &?>% Saturn! My gift at the end? New awareness of how I let things go too long before saying anything.. Result? Putting my foot down with my current partner and as a result bringing more awareness of how we both operate in a real partnership & has brought us closer:-)

Your Saturn opposite pluto experience seemed pretty rough. Hope you left knowing that obviously that sort of environment a) was not meant for you, and b) For heavens sake, wouldn't have been healthy for anyone to enter into! I have family members who do this - the "projectors" who accuse others of everything yet are the ones doing "dodgy" things behind everyones back. They have a LOT of oppositions going for them & I feel sorry for them. My Saturn opp Mars is bad enough when it comes to "balancing" responsibility vs driven pleasures that is Taurus Mars

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