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Author Topic:   AstroScope: Capricorn Jamaican Dance-hall Artist Vybz Kartel ......

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AstroScope: Capricorn Jamaican Dance-hall Artist Vybz Kartel Helping to Set Music Trends Abroad

Originally Published:
Thursday, January 12, 2017

For those who don't know what Dancehall is or who Vybz Kartel is, I'll explain. Dancehall is a genre of dance music from Jamaica. Vybz (pronounced Vibes) Kartel is a Dancehall artist from Jamaica. Yes there are other genres of music and musicians in Jamaica other than reggae and Bob Marley (no shade though, Bob is like everything). Dancehall is the hip hop of the Carribean complete with its own sound, beats (known as riddims) and dances (like Daggering, Raging Bull, Dutty Whine, Willy Bouncing, etc.) I can blow your mind and talk about other Jamaican music genres like ska and rocksteady too but nope. Anyway if you notice a trend in pop music (a la Justin Bieber and Major Lazer) as of late. There is a Caribbean sound to pop music (among many other sounds).

Blame artists from the Caribbean (not exclusivity Jamaica btw). Soca (another genre of Caribbean music from Trinidad and Tobago) should also be included. Anyway before this gets boring and too run-on sentency Vybz Kartel is one of the culprits to blame for this surge in Caribbean style pop music (known as Caribbean House music). Since it's Capricorn season I wanna show you the influence power of Capricorn and bountiless ambition of one Capricorn artist. Vybz Kartel.

Vybz Kartel aka Adidja Azim Palmer

He doesn't have an astrotheme profile but a Wikipedia page. He's from Portmore, Jamaica. He's internationally known for his collaboration with Major Lazer, "Pon de Floor". He also known for his song "Clarks," and has collaborated with Jay Z, MIA, Rihanna, etc. Fifth Harmony also covered one of his songs (Gon' Get Better) on their latest album. I ran a natal chart for him. He was born on January 7th 1976, Kingston, JA. His Wikipedia page linked here.

Sun in Capricorn

Of course since it's Capricorn season, so Vybz Kartel has his Sun in Capricorn which makes him an ambitious, hard worker. Even now, with Vybz Kartel in jail for life on a murder charge, he is still recording and putting out new music and music videos. He is a regarded and revered international crossover artist that is helping put the Jamaican dancehall sound to the world stage.

Moon in Pisces

Vybz Kartel is sensitive, impressionable, & creative. He shares his moon sign with Michael Jackson, Prince, MLK Jr., Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Kim K, Kanye West, etc. This is an artistic placement. Changeable, versatile emotions makes for good music. Since Moon in Pisces is soo sensitive the music will be relatable and definitely for the people.

Venus & Neptune in Sagittarius

Vybz Kartel has Venus and Neptune in Sagittarius. This means that he's a freedom loving risk taker who loves a challenge. In relationships he likes independence and independent, fun loving women (Venus). His tastes and interests are wild and crazy. He doesn't like to tied down and that can be related to his music (Venus) and his sense of fantasy (Neptune). Check out his big summer 16 song, Fever.

Mercury in Aquarius
Vybz Kartel has Mercury in Aquarius. Mercury in Aquarius are inventive, creative, and unique communicators. As an artist his music can be a bit vulgar and crass. There is also a rebellious and anti-tradition aspect to this placement and to Vybz Kartel's music. He is an individualist and his music shows this. He enjoys to communicate.

Mars in Gemini
Vybz Kartel has Mars in Gemini. This placement is a jack of all trades, master of none placement. Plenty of energy, interests, and sexual stamina. Most if not all of his songs have some element of sex involved. He literally can't go a song without saying "mi cocky" and "***** ." Mars in Gemini are the not so secret freaks in the sheets placement of the zodiac.

Uranus and North Node in Scorpio

Vybz Kartel has Uranus in Scorpio. Uranus is all about rebellion. In Scorpio, Uranus rebel with secrets, control, power, and intensity. Other than the sexual element in his music (very Scorpionic), Vybz Kartel rebels through his "Kartel" "Gully" connections and associations. Vybz has had a hard life and along the way he has met, befriended and pledges loyalty to the darker, troubled, criminals and oftentimes low lifes of his environment. Scorpio is a stubborn/strong-willed placement. It would be hard for him to break free from these associations and he would probably feel the need to keep them around in order to feel free and authentic.
Vybz also has North Node in Scorpio, which means he was destined to live a Plutonian life path. Being wrapped up with a murder charge and life in prison is quite Plutonian.

Saturn in Leo

Vybz Kartel considers himself the King of Dancehall. He has Saturn in Leo. Along with Venus and Neptune in Sagittarius. He is proud, sometimes boastful but ever so charming. One fact about Leo that no one rarely talks about is that, they are secretly hard-workers. They take pride in everything that they do. Saturn in Leo shows restrictions, boundaries, and responsibilities in the Leo hemisphere. Aka pride, confidence. As a Capricorn Vybz Kartel is prone to lack of confidence, insecurity and being a stickler for rules. Saturn in Leo is a bit like that too.

BUT his other fire placements, especially his Sagittarius placements helps him overcome the repression and seriousness of his Capricorn Sun and Saturn in Leo. It allows him to feel confident and be prideful in what he does but also controlling this confidence/pride and not letting it get to his head (most of the time anyway, Venus in Sagittarius/Fire Grand Trine is quite a showman with a HUGE EGO).

Jupiter in Aries
Vybz Kartel has Jupiter in Aries. This makes him confident and independent in his beliefs and faith systems. There is a warrior like aggressive energy to his beliefs and faith and is willing to fight (or kill) for his beliefs. Proud; he is probably willing to yell it from the roof tops without caring who knows or disagrees.

Pluto in Libra

Vybz Kartel has Pluto in Libra. Pluto in Libra is all about the destruction and transformation of relationships. One of the main themes and goals for the Pluto in Libra generation is to be transformed by relationships, to stop being codependent on others, and to be true to yourself despite the opinions of others. Vybz Kartel is in prison in life. Murder charges. Bad influences. Hanging out with the wrong people even after fame and becoming rich (aka the Chris Brown syndrome). His Pluto in Libra brings his chart all in and together. He's motivated and fueled by relationships and connections (as his generation is).

Vybz Kartel has both a Grand Air Trine (Pluto in Libra, Mars in Gemini and Aquarius mercury).
& a Grand Fire Trine (Jupiter in Aries, Saturn in Leo, and Venus/Neptune in Sagittarius.

These grand trines both shows he has excellent communication skills and has energy, stamina, and confidence.

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