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  Virgo Michael Jackson: A Brief Look at the King of Pop's Natal Chart & Astrology

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Author Topic:   Virgo Michael Jackson: A Brief Look at the King of Pop's Natal Chart & Astrology

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posted September 18, 2020 05:33 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Astrofiend     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Virgo Michael Jackson:

A Brief Look at the King of Pop's Natal Chart & Astrology

Reflecting on the song and music videos for Michael Jackson's 1995 They Don't Care about Us (Prison Version) and how relevant his message is today in the light of prison/police reform, and police brutality protests. This is song was a social message that spoke out against the prison industrial complex. A sleeper ironic song that was not ahead of its time but definitely ahead of the trend of social justice pandering by musicians to sell records. Looking into Michael Jacksonís songs led me into wanting to check out his natal chart.

I have looked at it several times over the years and I notice patterns. A stellium in Leo, a Virgo/Pisces axis opposition, and an abundance of heavy fixed energy. Breaking down his natal chart, I have decided to ignore the ascendant because majority of the time celebrity ascendants are not as reliable.

If you are interested Michael Jacksonís Ascendant is 10 Degrees Pisces and MC is 19 Degrees Sagittarius. I agree with this ascendant/MC and it fits for me, but you be your own judge. All that side below are his astrology placements.

Sun in 6 Degrees Virgo

Moon in 14 Degrees Pisces

Venus in 17 Degrees Leo

Mercury in 25 Degrees Leo (retrograde)

Mars in 22 Degrees Taurus

Jupiter in 28 Degrees Libra

Saturn in 19 Degree Sagittarius

Uranus in 13 Degrees Leo

Neptune in 2 Degrees Scorpio

Pluto in 2 Degrees Virgo

North Node in 24 Degrees Libra (retrograde)

Chiron in 19 Degrees Aquarius (retrograde)

Sun in Virgo opposite Moon in Pisces

Sun wide conjunct Pluto in Virgo

Michael has a Sun opposite Moon which means there are conflicts between his ego and emotions. His ego (Sun) operates in complete opposition with emotions & habits (moon). Virgo is discerning, Pisces is trusting. Virgo is organized and disciplined, and Pisces is disorganized and undisciplined. I think Virgo/Pisces is one of the hardest oppositions out there. Michael probably felt out of control emotionally but way able to balance himself out through his rational ego

A way to cope with his opposition is finding the commonality between the 2 different sides. As I stated several times before oppositions between signs is when signs go for what they want in the opposite way.

In this case both Virgo and Pisces energy meet in the fact both wants to help and heal others. Virgo helps and heals others through healthcare/diet/fitness routines/knowledge, their organizational/rational abilities, and their ability to discern and process information/data.

Pisces helps and heals others through their using their physical bodies as vessels, empathy/putting themselves in others shoesí, self-sacrifice, and through their neutral emotional vulnerability/sensitivity.

In Michael he uses the organized, disciplined, humbled, curious/mercurial Virgo side energy (ego) and his empathetic/emotional sponge side (emotions/habits) to heal others through his music and dancing.

To take it a notch further Michael Jackson has an enhanced Sun with Sun forming a conjunction with his Pluto in Virgo. Michaelís Sun is enhanced with personal power that transforms itself into collective power (Pluto). Pluto enhances his sun, making him very intense, focused, obsessive, focus on perfection and excellence.

He lives and breathes dancing, singing, and entertaining to the point where it unfortunately cost him his life. FYI I am not blaming him at all. I am just saying that he literally sacrifice his health for his craft and his fans. The perfectionist tendencies are amplified with Pluto.

Stellium in Leo

Venus conjunct Mercury & Uranus all in Leo.

Michaelís Leo stellium supports his Virgo Sun, Pisces Moon energy with healing and entertaining others. Michael took pride as an entertainer (Leo), rebelliously entertaining while breaking barriers with his talents (Uranus).

I feel apart of him enjoyed the fame and basked in because it allowed him to entertain people, forget his troubles, and bask in his own glory and legacy

He created trends and people either fans, stans, or casual listeners that admire and imitated him (Venus). People have copied his style, his singing, his dance moves and can never come in close to having his talent or his original artistry.

His Remember the Times video and being called the King of Pop is big Leo energy though his Sun conjunct Pluto in Virgo.

Michael Jacksonís talent gave him pride, an ego boost, and confidence which allowed him to be loved/admired (Venus), be a popular trendsetter and legend (Uranus), and communicate who he was through his words/music/image in Leo.

Mars in Taurus

Itís important to note Michael Jackson has Mars in Taurus (squaring his Leo stellium). I think his Mars in Taurus (trining his Sun/Pluto in Virgo) humbled, and grounded his energy. Mars in Taurus further pushed his vocal abilities and also focused his agile mutable/Virgo energy into something more solid and fixed.

If you also noticed in some of his dance movements there can be very primal, sensual and very sexual. Look at his In the Closet video with Naomi Campbell or his signature moves of grabbing his crotch, grunting, and saying hehe-ing. He has a weirdly attractive boyish androgynous sexual/sensual charm and aura to him.

Chiron in Aquarius trine North Node in Libra

Regardless of his talents, gifts, and popularity Michael battled his personal demons (some of which I wonít get into). He had a Plutonic transformation on the set of a Pepsi commercial where he was injured and suffered serious burns. This partially helped led to his life-long obsession with plastic surgery and transforming himself into someone unrecognizable.

Regardless Michael Jackson was also running from his childhood trauma, his Leo sun stage parent and abuser Joe Jackson that left a profound effect on his psyche and maturity.

Michael suffered from a sort of arrested development Peter Pan like PTSD trauma existence whose fame and talents couldnít out run.

Michael Jacksonís wounded healer, Chiron, is in Aquarius. He was able to heal and bring world together through his image/persona but still felt like an alien/outsider. He couldnít heal his own wounds through others. Michael Jacksonís Chiron in Aquarius was also trine his North Node in Libra.

North Node in Libra showed his destiny and life mission was via, relationships, partnerships (HELLO Jackson 5) and developing relationships with others for collective power. Michael was a child star who was in a music group with his siblings. His early career and breakout centered on his efforts he made with is siblings.

He hone his entertainment and showmanship abilities via the Jackson Five which is very North Node in Libra. Libra is a sign and energy that is better with others than alone. In Michaelís case his stellium in Leo (Venus, Mercury and Uranus) sextiled North Node in Libra so it supported his solo efforts which is very ideal for Leo energy and being centered stage/in the spotlight.

North Node in Libra trining Chiron in Aquarius mean he had the tools to use his destiny (North Node) in entertainment/partnerships/relationships with other people to heal himself (Chiron).

Overall I think most of his issues are not related solely on his Chiron but

1. The price of fame (overexposure/loneliness, no privacy/time, energy vampires/users/enablers, and living up to expectations/image/money making abilities).
2. The intensity of his Virgo energy and the sensitivity of Pisces energy aka Virgo/Pisces oppositions.

I donít think he wanted to disappoint or let anyone down himself included. He kept going, couldnít stop, and felt like he needed drugs to enhance his talents and keep up with his grueling life/career schedule. This is common for celebrities but not everyone can get away with it.

I think if he allowed himself to rest and not feel so obligated to everyone (big Virgo/Pisces energy) he couldíve got help. I noticed in Virgo/Pisces oppositions energy is that they can be everything for everyone else but they often suffer in silence and canít receive/ask for proper help. Virgo thinks it work its way out of help and just improve/be better. While Pisces feels it can love its way out of help by self-sacrificing itself and empathizing/loving harder. Thatís why I think Virgo/Pisces energy is one of the hardest oppositions out there.

Overall this is my interpretation of Michael Jacksonís Virgo and overall astrology energy.

I am blogger aka theastrofiend or @strofiend

I also make astrology flashcards. Please check out ASTROcard on Etsy.

Hereís my blog link:

I also have a Facebook page. If you like this blog and wanna follow me on Facebook search for Theastrofiend

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posted September 18, 2020 08:29 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for GalacticCoreExplosion     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
I don't know much about Michael Jackson, and I'm not certain one way or the other about the allegations against him.

All I know is that he died when I was hiking the Camino De Santiago in Spain, and shortly after I heard the news, I had a dream where I was in a white sportscar in which MJ was driving. I was in the backseat, and was surprised at the speed we were going--we were going quite fast. (So fast, it was a little unnerving).

I interpreted the dream to mean that whatever was off with his personality/body level or not, on a Soul level, he was actually quite a fast vibratory, rather mature/evolved being. White signifies purity and attunement to Source and pure Love, and going very fast means "fast vibratory" in my lexicon of symbols. Both symbols mutually support/reinforce each other. A "theme".

I'm not sure why I had the dream as I didn't particularly care that he had exited stage left and he was not a particular focus for me in general. Maybe guidance was hinting my life path has or will have some similarities. I'm certainly misunderstood quite a bit, quite often.

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posted September 18, 2020 09:34 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for athenegoddess     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
He was a child molester see asteroid child its conjunct his Mars I think. And his Mars is in Taurus.

He was also badly possessed too.

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posted September 20, 2020 12:26 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Belage     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
That was an excellent analysis, Astrofiend!

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