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  The Astrology of Virgos in Black Liberation: Claudette Colvin: Teenage Civil Rights P

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Author Topic:   The Astrology of Virgos in Black Liberation: Claudette Colvin: Teenage Civil Rights P

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The Astrology of Virgos in Black Liberation: Claudette Colvin: Teenage Civil Rights Pioneer

Claudette Colvin was a young accidental activist who helped challenged Alabama’s bus segregation. Her actions (along with five others) and her testimony helped determine that bus segregation was illegal therefore unconstitutional in Alabama.

She refused to give up her seat and was arrested on March 2nd 1955, on a Birmingham, Alabama bus 9 months before Aquarius sun Rosa Parks famously did it. Claudette was 15 years old at the time. She was a model for early 1950s’ Civil Rights Movement era but her contributions were silenced and forgotten because she was deemed not respectable enough to be the face of the movement.

During this time period she was a poor dark skinned young unwed pregnant teen (who’s baby daddy was suspected to be a married white man) during a time where this was seen as a scandalous, a sin and degenerate character flaws. Note: times haven’t changed much since, except some teen moms are given reality shows to be exploited for fame.

Rosa Parks’s actions were strategic and her image and likeness being a light-skinned, mixed, older (42 years old) respectable timid colored woman was chosen and used by the NAACP to galvanize white and black populations into support of the black 1950s’ Civil Rights’ movement. Rosa Parks took Claudette’s (and others') role, glory, and became the defiant face as the struggle for Civil Rights.

FYI I understand and agree as to why the decision was made to choose Rosa Parks over Claudette. Claudette would have been scrutinized over the 1950s’ social politics of racism, colorism, ageism, sexism, and many other isms had she been selected as a face of the Civil Rights Movement.’ It would have also undermined the Civil Rights movement at the time. However now Claudette’s story deserves to be told.

All this aside I chose Claudette as a Virgo representation for my Astrology of Black Liberation series because her story is very interesting and shows the dual nature of Virgo.

The archetype of Virgo as I mentioned previously is one of a duel dichotomous Virgin/***** , Virgin Mary/Mary Magdalene, Saint/Sinner complex which is not just a trait of Virgo but also the other mutable signs.

Virgos are seen as this neat button up, orderly, subdued, calm, sign and energy. This is true but Virgos are also messy, wild, sexual, spiritual, and unruly sign and energy too. All the signs are complex and problematic but not all the signs are allowed to be seen as such. Scorpio is seen as just evil. Pisces is seen as just pure and angelic. Some signs aren’t allowed as much grace as others.

Claudette image was problematic but also interesting. All the things that made her problematic also made her iconic. All this aside let’s get into her astrology.

Below are her placements. Please note that her moon sign does changes to Gemini in the evening* I am just going to go with Taurus moon though Gemini moon can fit her too.

Claudette Colvin Astrology Details

September 5th 1939 Montgomery, Alabama.12 pm/birth time unknown.

Sun in 12 Degrees Virgo

Moon in 28 Degrees Taurus (moon changes to Gemini if you use a 9 pm evening birth time)

Mercury in 27 Degrees Leo

Venus in 12 Degrees Virgo

Mars in 25 Degrees Capricorn

Jupiter in 6 Aries (retrograde)

Saturn in 0 Taurus (retrograde)

Uranus in 21 Degrees Taurus (retrograde)

Neptune in 22 Degrees Virgo

Pluto in 2 Degrees Leo

North Node in 1 Degrees Scorpio

Chiron in 17 Degrees Cancer

As you can see Claudette had an Interesting mix of Earthy, mutable, cardinal, fixed, and firey energy.

Virgo stellium with Sun conjunct Venus & Neptune all in Virgo

Claudette had a Virgo stellium with Sun conjunct Venus & Neptune in all Virgo. This shows Claudette’s strong sense of idealism (Neptune) logical, knows right from wrong, have data/knowledge to back it up, radical ideals and ideas. She seems like that type to use what she learned in school and her wisdom against people that disrespect, abuse, or offend her. Watching her interviews you can see she has an agile quick mind and I am sure in her younger years she can argue with someone using logic and facts.

It also seems she possess a quiet confidence, a humble intelligence and charming being. I don’t see her as being an agitator but also don’t see her running from a challenge.

I think during this time (1955) it was a transition period in United States social politics. The NAACP was becoming more prominent and I am sure that after World War II population and economic boom, contributed to blacks wanting more of the “American Dream.” Black men fought for this country too during World War II but they went back to being treated as second class citizens after the war. I am sure during this time they were fed up. They gave their lives, some suffered from shell shock, while watching their white counterparts treated as heroes, benefiting from America’s new wealth with social programs like G.I Bill (to get free education) and cheap affordable housing in new Levittown inspired suburbs.

I think Claudette saw that change, and being a young at the time was influenced by the times, the injustices, had her own thoughts about how the world should be and acted on them without the jaded wisdom that the adults had.

Claudette's Virgo Neptunian idealism wasn't unrealistic and was definitely appropriate for the times.

Grand trine in Earth: Sun/Venus/Neptune in Virgo,

Moon/Saturn/Uranus in Taurus, and Mars in Capricorn.

Claudette had a Grand Trine in Earth. A grand trine is where all the signs of an element is represented a chart. In this case Claudette had all 3 Earth signs with Sun/Venus in Virgo, Moon/Saturn in Taurus and Mars in Capricorn.

This shows that she is very grounded, practical, and solid individual. She has a strong sense of self and her place in her world. Strong earthy types cannot be manipulated easily with words, emotions, or through actions

Moon widely conjunct Saturn and Uranus in Taurus

Watching an interview on YouTube she did with 1010 wins, she expressed that she didn’t think about the consequences. Remember she was 15 at the time she refused to give her seat and was arrested. During this time she could’ve been lynched or her home fire bombed. She wasn’t thinking about that she just saw injustice and was tired of being treated as a subhuman. She didn’t set out for activism, and to influence a movement. She was simply tired coming home from school and didn’t want to get up. The bus wasn’t crowded and the white woman wasn’t old or crippled. The white woman that demanded she get up was just purposefully being unreasonable and flexing her privilege.

I think what makes Claudette unique was in those moments she wasn’t going to be bullied or pushed around.

Claudette having Moon widely conjunct her Saturn and Uranus all in Taurus is very fitting. I can see Claudette having an inner quiet rebellious spirit with independent fixed emotions that isn’t easily convinced or swayed. She was tired (physically and emotionally) and she wasn’t getting let Jim Crow keep her from her rest. We all have those days when she are sick and tired of the “rules.” However in this situation these “rules” were ridiculous and wrong.

This also shows Claudette is stubborn as hell, headstrong, confident, hard-working with a strong constitution. Moon in Taurus is “exalted” so her emotions are seen as stable and appropriate. Taurus energy is notoriously tenacious and are do not get enough credit for. When a fixed moon (especially a Taurus moon!) emotions are strong enough, they will not budge or be flexible. There is no talking out, adapting, changing, or compromising. Especially when it backed by an equally rebellious and chaotic Uranus in Taurus and a disciplined, poised, and persistent Saturn in Taurus that kept her Uranus energy under control.

Mars in Capricorn opposite Chiron in Cancer

I think Mars in Capricorn plays an important role in her actions too. Mars is exalted in Capricorn. Mars in Capricorn energy keeps their head down and work hard. They aren’t passive aggressive or overtly emotional, they aren’t detached and argumentative, or quick to use violence and intimidation.

Mars in Capricorn literally doesn’t have time for all that ******** . Mars in Capricorn prides itself on showing self-discipline, and keeping calm in crazy or unfair situations. Mars in Capricorn is mature respectable energy.

It’s amazing because unlike the newspaper lies about the incident. Claudette didn’t argue, curse, or physically attacked the police officers. FYI I believe her side of the story. She was terrified of the officers and didn’t want to be raped or lynched. Teenagers were generally also different (more respectful to authority/elders) during this time (1950s”) than now (2020).

What makes her situation different is that she decided to fight her situation legally which was unusual at the time. She got a lawyer involved and sued (along with 5 other plaintiffs who had done the same and were arrested/punished for it). The federal court case was Browder vs Gayle that commenced on Aquarius season on February 1st 1956. It went up to the Supreme Court and on Gemini season on June 13th 1956 bus segregation was abolished and deemed unconstitutional.

It took intelligence, strength, and wisdom for her to go through the legal process and seek the guidance of those older than her.

This is big Mars in Capricorn BOSS ASS energy (getting the LAW/ENFORCERS involved). Going to the higher ups and fighting within the system, and winning.

It’s also important to note that Claudette’s Mars in Capricorn is opposite her Chiron in Cancer. Her actions (Mars) seemed to activate her wounded healer (Chiron in Cancer) which was linked to her literally being a young mother and her place in history being smudged out because of it.

It’s important to note she was not pregnant during the bus incident, but later became pregnant and gave birth a year later in March 1956.

She punished for her pregnancy: she was a poor unwed teen mom. Her image wasn’t respectable enough which led to fighting for years to be recognized and be respected for her actions.

Rosa Parks actions were directly inspired by her and others actions. This is not to take away from Rosa Parks and her legacy, which is great, powerful, inspiring, and deserving. Even Rosa Parks knew this and is quoted saying "If the white press got ahold of that information, they would have [had] a field day. They'd call her a bad girl, and her case wouldn't have a chance."

Claudette’s actions played a significant role that helped spark protest/change. Claudette’s youthful defiant spirit and bravery inspired grown educated and experienced adults much older than her into action. Her light, her actions were dimmed and she deserves her due.

I am saying that she deserved her just due NOT for clout or ego or contrived materialistic/monetary gains. Claudette Colvin deserved her just due because

1. her actions inspired the Montgomery bus boycott AND lead to the abolishment of bus discrimination and segregation.

2. She put herself in a vulnerable and unsafe position due to her bravery.

She had to flee her home and move up North to NYC (the Bronx specifically) in 1958. She left her home to save her life. This was a time again were blacks were being beaten, kidnapped from their homes and lynched, and/or their businesses, churches, and homes where being fire bombed for fighting back against racism. Her child could've been motherless due to the racist reactions to her activism.

It’s also important to note that she is 81 now and she later became a nurse. She used her Chiron in Cancer (and Virgo energy) to devote her life to caring for others which is just amazing and further shows her character and adaptability.

Mercury widely conjunct Pluto all in Leo & widely trine Jupiter in Aries

I think these set of placements is the icing on the cake for Claudette Colvin. Not only her youthful energy and idealistic outlook with her Sun conjunct Venus & Neptune in Virgo but also her Mercury widely conjunct Pluto all in Leo & widely trine Jupiter in Aries

Her Mercury widely conjunct Pluto all in Leo shows she was confident, proud, and thought of herself as more than who she was coded by society to be. Mercury in Leo values, loves, speaks and thinks highly of themselves. Especially with a wide conjunction with Pluto in Leo I don’t think she had an inferiority complex and she knew her mind and voice was her power and her gift.

Especially with Mercury widely trine Jupiter in Aries Claudette had an optimistic warrior attitude. I think this mentality kept her safe. Remember this was a time again were blacks were being beaten, kidnapped from their homes and lynched, and/or their businesses, churches, and homes where being fire bombed.

I have to keep stressing, repeating and emphasizing this because she was so young during this time and those were the potential consequences of her refusing to get up and legally fighting the system. DEATH. Look at Claudette's own perspective on her actions in this powerful quote, "History kept me stuck to my seat. I felt the hand of Harriet Tubman pushing down on one shoulder and Sojourner Truth pushing down on the other."

As a 15 year old during Jim Crow 1950s’ Claudette’s mind had to be strong, and rely on faith to carry herself through this time period. Her Mercury widely trine Jupiter in Aries shows this and I think greatly helped her.

Overall I think Claudette is a great example of Virgos in Black Liberation because her actions could be seen as passive but they were more than that. Virgo is a feminine Earth mutable sign. It’s receptive and passive. Passive isn’t a bad thing, it’s just a mode of action. Passive allows you to take in energy and ideas in a slower more intimate way.

Virgo energy is intelligent, curious, and mercurial and is always learning and improving. Claudette was young and she didn’t think fully about the consequences of her actions. But Claudette represented the youthful, ageless spirit of change, growth, and reform. Claudette’s active and strong passive defiance, her intelligence, practical grounded strength, and her ability to adapt is Virgo liberation energy.

I am blogger aka theastrofiend or @strofiend

I also make astrology flashcards. Please check out ASTROcard on Etsy.

Here’s my blog link:

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