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Author Topic:   What Celebrities Are Saying...

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... About Vegetarianism and Veganism

I find it unacceptable that violence
is the basis of some of our food habits.

~ His Holiness The Dalai Lama

"The animals of the world exist for their own reasons. They were not made for humans any more than black people were made for whites or women for men."
~ Alice Walker

"If you love animals, obviously it doesn't make sense to hurt them. I always looked at animals and thought they were very much like children and they looked to us always to help them and save them and protect them."
~ Morrissey

"I went vegetarian when I was 17. When it occurred to me that I could live without killing animals I wondered what on earth I had been thinking of for the last 17 years. I question any parent who brings their child up thinking that this act of unnecessary violence should become a part of their life."
~ Chrissie Hynde

“I am a very strict vegetarian. … I just really, really love animals and I act on my values. … I am really against cruelty [to] animals.”
~ Natalie Portman

“I am a vegetarian because I realize that even little chickens suffer pain and fear, experience a range of feelings and emotions, and are as intelligent as mammals, including dogs, cats, and even some primates. .. If anyone wants to save the planet, all they have to do is just stop eating meat. ... It's staggering when you think about it. Vegetarianism takes care of so many things in one shot: ecology, famine, cruelty.”
~ Sir Paul McCartney

“I just never really liked meat. I had a really tough time even eating chicken. I would start imagining what I was eating and the life of the animals and all that kind of stuff.”
~ Tobey Maguire

“I don’t eat meat or any other animal products... because they’re unhealthy and they’re the product of a violent and inhumane industry.”
~ Casey Affleck

"If you could feel or see the suffering you wouldn't think twice. Give back life. Don't eat meat."
~ Kim Basinger

“Life is full of choices, and many years ago, I chose to become a vegetarian, and it was one of the best choices I’ve ever made.”
~ Forest Whitaker

“Chickens raised for food today are... covered in excrement, they’re diseased, and they’re drugged up with all sorts of toxins that you are ingesting if you eat chickens. One recent study found that chicken flesh in this country has four times as much arsenic—yes, arsenic, the poison (which is used in the drugs the chickens are given)— as any other meat. ... I have been a vegan for many years.”
~ Russell Simmons

“So-called farms today treat animals like so many boxes in a warehouse, chopping off beaks and tails and genitals with no
painkillers at all, inflicting third-degree burns repeatedly by branding cows, ripping out the teeth of pigs, and just a horrible catalog of abuses that, if done to dogs or cats, would be illegal on grounds of animal cruelty.”
~ James Cromwell

“Every time we sit down to eat, we make a choice: Please choose vegetarianism. Do it for… animals. Do it for the environment and do it for your health.”
~ Alec Baldwin

"I think and speak clearer since I cut the dairy out. I can breathe better and perform at a better rate, and my voice is clearer. I can explore different things with my voice that I couldn't do because of my meat and dairy ingestion. I am proud and blessed to be a vegetarian, everything became clear."
~ Common

“Chickens, pigs, and other animals? They are interesting individuals with personalities and intelligence. What people need to understand is that if they’re eating animals, they are promoting cruelty to animals.
~ Pamela Anderson

“Since I’ve gone vegetarian, my body has never felt better and my taste buds have been opened up to a whole new world. It’s one of the most rewarding choices I’ve ever made and I invite you to join me in living a healthy, cruelty-free lifestyle.”
~ Alicia Silverstone

"Intellectually, human beings and animals may be different, but it's pretty obvious that animals have a rich emotional life and that they feel joy and pain. It's easy to forget the connection between a hamburger and the cow it came from. But I forced myself to acknowledge the fact that every time I ate a hamburger, a cow had ceased to breathe and moo and walk around."
~ Moby

"I'm picky when it comes to food - as long as there's no meat in it."
~ Orlando Bloom

"I love to cook. Very healthy eating... Nothing that had to die."
~ Shania Twain

"I have been vegetarian for 15 years or more."
~ Sir Ian McKellen

"I try to stick to a vegan diet - heavy on fruit, vegetables, tofu, and other soy products."
~ Clint Eastwood

"I gave up meat when I was twelve ... One day I was cutting up a chicken for my mom, and I hit a tumour with the knife. There was [pus] and blood all over the place. That was enough for me."
~ Josh Hartnett

"I came home one morning and saw an actress on TV who was talking about how a lot of fast food companies fix chicken, for example. They showed how the chicken would be coming around like on an assembly line, and when they get to each place, this thing would cut the heads off and something else would do something else to them. One of my sons who usually cooks for me came over the next morning to make me some bacon and eggs, and I couldn't eat it. And from that time on that's been my protest - I haven't eaten any meat since."
~ B.B. King

"What made me go vegetarian? I was always sick when I ate meat. When I went vegetarian, I immediately felt better and looked healthier. I was at first concerned about not getting everything I needed from my diet, I worried about getting sick all the time, but the exact opposite happened to me. I never looked back, it was never a problem straight off. Becoming a vegetarian was one of the first decisions I made to not be part of this system. I don't want to be part of this system. The only way you ever make a difference is when you personally do something."
~ Thom Yorke

“[M]y best year of track competition was the first year I ate a vegan diet.”
~ Carl Lewis, “Olympian of the Century"

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I very much resonate with this one:

"If you could feel or see the suffering you wouldn't think twice. Give back life. Don't eat meat."
~ Kim Basinger

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posted October 06, 2009 01:40 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Valus     Edit/Delete Message

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