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Author Topic:   Weird ghost stuff

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posted February 10, 2022 05:38 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Loveher     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Someone at my apartments building got shot and killed and I think his ghost is around
I had similar experiences as a teen where I have seen and felt ghosts presence

Weird things that have been happening
1- shower turn on and off by itself
2- lights turn off and on by themselves
3- i was even at work and boxes moved by themselves multiple times
4- sometimes i feel a presence around me

I know it seems crazy but I canít explain those things. If its really his spirit how to get him to leave me alone

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posted February 10, 2022 08:19 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for GalacticCoreExplosionV2     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Some people take some time before they move onto the purely nonphysical levels of existence. But if he is stuck, stuck (which is possible since he died in trauma), then ask Guidance to help you move him on to where he belongs.

After you ask for help from guidance, have a calm, out loud discussion with your newly free of the body friend, and gently lead him into the awareness that his body was killed shortly ago, and he is no longer really in the earth. Tell him to look for the Light and/or any relatives or friends that he cared about that have passed over.

It may take a couple to a few times of this explaining. He is confused, disoriented, and still thinks he is in the earth and connected to a body, and yet doesn't understand why nobody is "paying attention" to him, which is why he is causing a fuss (trying to get noticed, like, "somebody PLEASE pay attention to me!").

I say gently, because you don't want to be super blunt and be like, "hey, you got shot and now are dead!" That could be too much of a shock and may make him retreat into his delusionary perceptions. But instead be like, "hey have you noticed that most people aren't responding to you for some reason. Have you considered there might be a reason for that?" and then after having a dialogue for a bit and getting him to think more deeply about his situation, then you can say something like, "from my perspective, your body recently died, and you're hanging on to the earth because it was a traumatic event for you, but everything is ok, because clearly you can see that you are still very much 'alive' though not connected to a human body anymore." And that's when you cue your guidance and ask him to look for the Light and/or loved ones.

The problem with all this is that guidance has a very hard time being perceived by these stuck folks. It is because guidance is so fast vibratory in nature, and these stuck souls are still resonating so strongly in the slow vibratory, earthly-physical energies, and literally can't perceive the very fast vibratory guides/helpers who are trying to help them move on to where they belong.

Because we are still connected to bodies, even if we are "old souls" and unusually fast vibratory within (some of us humans are guides/helpers incarnated into human bodies), we have more of a vibratory resonation with these stuck souls who easily/automatically perceive the physical.

Have compassion for him--he is suffering. If you look at him as a bother or with fear, you'll have a hard time helping him to move on to where he truly belongs.

I've partaken in both conscious retrievals, and also have had a number of dream remembrances of doing same. This is a big part of my deeper spiritual work/service, and a big part of why I am even here connected to a body again. Guidance is desperately in need of helpers "on the inside" helping them out with this service work. Guidance's motto is One for all, and all for One i.e. the Oneness of the Whole, and helping all the parts of the Whole become aware of that Oneness.

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