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  Part III - Lesson 12: Aspects to Mercury Pt 3

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Author Topic:   Part III - Lesson 12: Aspects to Mercury Pt 3
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Conjunct – The mix of mental sharpness and dexterity of Mercury coupled with the sudden insights and originality of Uranus produces mental genius and originality. They have lightning fast minds with the ability to gain insight through intuitive flashes and in some cases have mental telepathy abilities. They have the ability to tie in with the divine mind of the universe. There is generally a high interest in anything to do with cutting edge technology. While they have the ability to take in large amounts of data, they are able to discriminate between the chaff and the wheat. They are independent thinkers, and will not accept ideas, just because their popular. They must prove their theories to themselves before they will accept the results. They are the original “thinker out of the Box”.

Sextile – Here Uranus and Mercury merge to bring about a quick, intuitive, inventive mind together with a good memory. They are alert, curious, and well-read on many subjects. They have an easy and clever way with words making them good teachers because, they are willing to share their knowledge with others who are interested. They are very progressive in their thinking and inventive in their ideas. Their minds are constantly in motion, thinking for themselves in a very independent manner. Logical reasoning goes on in the subconscious mind and solutions come to them in a flash.

Square – Uranus’s energy coupled with Mercury’s energies produces an original mind but subject to a nervous disposition. They are usually considered “Way out there” by others, because their thinking is eccentric at best, and impractical at worse. They seldom take the trouble to research their ideas and usually end up proposing some harebrained scheme. They are not usually opened to ideas or advice from others. They change their minds with the blowing of the wind, but won’t allow anyone else to change it for them. They usually alienate others eventually because of their tactlessness, really dumb ideas, and intellectual conceit. They often consider themselves true visionaries and geniuses, which of course couldn’t be further from the truth. They usually carry around a very large chip on their shoulder.

Trine – this mix of energies confers a special mental ability that is tied into their intuitive capabilities. They are generally humanitarian in their outlook. New areas of thought or investigation are appealing to them. They often receive sudden intuitive insights that they can apply to their work. In involved in areas of interest their work can verge on genius, however they can completely ignore other areas they have no interest in. They rarely make superficial statements because their mind does not dwell on trite matters. They make good astrologers because they can understand its occult principles with scientific precision. They are not bound by tradition or the past, and they arrive at their positions independently. Electronic technology often has something to do with their profession.

Oppose – the two planetary energies mix in this aspect to produce eccentric opinions. They are inconsistent in their thinking, and very stubborn in maintaining their own ideas. They often change their mind, for no obvious reason, but will die before they will allow someone else to change their minds. They are somewhat blunt and tactless in their speech and communications. They can be very conceited and arrogant, and thus have very few friends. They consider themselves brilliant, while at the best, others consider them eccentric. They do not work well in groups, because others aren’t likely to accept their ideas without some discussion.

Conjunct – Mercury’s mental abilities coupled with Neptune’s higher level of consciousness produces a vivid imagination and an awareness of their own unconscious mind. They will be involved in some manner with the occult, mysticism, psychic phenomena or psychology. They may even publish their work in these subjects. They have the ability to be a channel for higher consciousness if other aspects in their charts don’t interfere with it. Telepathy and prophetic capabilities are not uncommon with this aspect. They are dreamers of the highest magnitude, and if other aspects indicate it, they can be great visionaries. If either of the two planets is badly aspected however, they can become lost in their visions, lose touch with reality, and have no useable results from their efforts.

Sextile – Here the two planet’s energies merge to produce intuitive insight and a fertile imagination. Their conscious reasoning ability and unconscious are in harmony and attuned providing great insights. They have keen perceptions bordering on clairvoyant capabilities. They have the ability to sense the thoughts and motives of others making them good strategist. Many are writers or photographers where they can allow their imagination full reign and scope. They seldom accept anything at face value, preferring to check out everything themselves.

Square – In this aspect the two planetary energies produce absentmindedness, mental disorganization and often unreliability. The unconscious mind tends to run things at times, which seldom works out very well in life. They can not be trusted to keep secrets, they just tend to let things slip out without realizing it. They have difficulty communicating with others, because they tend to communicate in abstract or mystical concepts, beyond others ability to easily understand. Their imagination often gets in the way of their logical thinking.

Trine – this aspect mix of Mercury and Neptunian energies confers an intuitive mind with the capacity to tune into and read the thoughts of others. They have highly developed visualization abilities allowing them to mentally see any object or process within their minds. They make really good fiction writers, because of their vivid imagination. They also, with certain other aspects, may have artistic and musical talents. They are generally gentile in their behavior, and generally avoid harsh conditions. Their ability to impress their ideas on others minds through mental means, allows them not to have to openly confront others.

Oppose – The mix of Neptune and Mercury energies produce a high degree of sensitivity to other’s thoughts and motivations. They may not be aware of this ability, but may use it to outmaneuver their opponents, thinking that they are just smarter than the others.

Conjunct – the mix of the two planetary energies produce a penetrating and resourceful mind. They are able to search out areas of interest and get to the bottom of any mysteries. They are more concerned with seeking out truth than they are what that truth means. They have no agenda for their efforts other than to learn the truth. The have the ability to understand the energies at play in a given situation and comprehend the forces behind change. They make natural detectives and investigators. They are often interested in the occult and the working of the energies within nature.

Sextile – Pluto’s energy coupled with the keen intellect allow these people to see through illusions and understand the energy and causes behind the outward structure of things. They are powerful and effective speakers or writers with the ability to probe deeply in any field of interest. Their comprehension is so deep that they are able to derive more meaning from their experiences than others do.

Square – This mix of the two planetary energies takes the “tell it like it is” mentally of the Mercury Mars Square and cranks it up several notches. Early on in their life, they learn to keep their opinions to their self, due to family and social confrontations that they have experienced. They generally become secretive, and plot their moves carefully before they make them. They have strong willpower, but usually use it for inappropriate and harmful purposes. They often try to force their ideas on others.

Trine – this aspect of the two energies produce a mind that is capable of understanding reality in terms of the interplay of energy. They often work in the science of physics in some extent. They have powerful willpower and powers of concentration that they can use intelligently in their endeavors. This allows them if they choose, to probe the depth of little known or unknown matter. This aspect is often in the charts of investigators, detectives, and those involved in research.

Oppose – this mix of Mercury and Pluto energies may cause mental tension in that they often get involved in secret and potentially dangerous situations. Government researchers requiring clearances often have this aspect. They often are abrupt and harsh in their interactions with others. When challenged, they become emotionally and intellectually arrogant, as if their credibility is being questioned.

North Node
Conjunct – Mercury’s ability to communicate their ideas, coupled with the North Nodes connection to current cultural beliefs and behaviors makes them very good salespeople and spokespeople. They are generally considered hip by others, and as such popular. They always seem to know and take advantage of the latest fad. Their mental abilities are considerate, and they not only take advantage of current trends, but introduce new and original ideas into society.

Sextile – the merging of these two planetary energies gives the ability to plan and communicate in a harmonious manner in line with the prevailing cultural standards. They understand intrinsically the trends and traditions of their society allowing them to gain social acceptance of their ideas.

Square – this aspect indicates a conflict between social attitudes and values and their manner of expression themselves. Their lack of ability to express themselves clearly and with tact leads to disagreements. They often face social disapproval for their inappropriate outbursts,

Trine – provides skills in understanding prevailing social attitudes, trends, and institutions allowing them to interface effortlessly and successfully within the culture. Favors those who work in mass communications.

Oppose – this aspect produces a condition in which their ideas are either behind or ahead of their time. They have mental originality and independence. They are not handicapped by the culture they live in, but are able to develop or find original ideas to solve current problems. They may not have popular support for their approach; they may be eventually proven correct. There is a tendency to be irritated by the lack of support and to feel mentally alone.

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Mercury Sextile Venus 2°30
The mixture of the energies of Mercury and Venus produce grace and skill in the presentation of their ideas, be by speech, writing or some other medium. There are also artistic abilities indicated by this aspect. They are able to communicate in a manner that allows other to agree with them more easily. Their demeanor is calm, pleasant, and their voice reflects a pleasing quality. They often have very pleasant voices, and sing in their church, organizations, or become singers on their own.

Mercury Trine Ascendant 4°11
Mercury’s mental energy mixes well with their self-expression producing excellent mental keenness and sensory perception. They are able to express themselves fluently and bring others around to there way of thinking. They make outstanding PR people and diplomats. They have excellent communication abilities within their relationships and professions. Their high intellect makes them good scholars and researchers.

Ah-ha! A little help for my poor natal MercRx...

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I have a lot of difficulty with my sun-mercury-neptune conjunction (20-21-24' Sag respectively, 10th, 11th and 11th houses). I can't tell what emotions are real and what are not. I make things up, I convince myself of things that aren't true. I manufacture thoughts from somewhere in my brain to decieve myself. Any moments of clarity I have, I overanalyze to death until I no longer recognize them. Phew.

any suggestions?

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posted June 19, 2003 08:40 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
I have a Sun Neptune conjunction my self. Other factors, such as aspects in your chart may have an influence on this tendency. If you will email me your birthdata, at, I will take a look and get back to you.


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