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  Part III - Lesson 10: Mercury in the Signs

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Author Topic:   Part III - Lesson 10: Mercury in the Signs
posted April 18, 2003 04:46 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
In determining the meanings of a planet in a sign, or house for that matter, you consider first the meaning associated with the planet and blend it into the meaning of the appropriate Sign or House. We have already talked about what Mercury means; primarily their manner of thinking and interacting within their environment. The following takes that meaning and applies it to the first six Signs in the zodiac.

Mercury in Aries – While this Sign location confers a sharp and original mind, it also brings an impulsiveness, or sometime rash style to Mercury’s manner of communicating and interrelating. The Aries Mercury loves to debate, in fact, thrives on it. Without constant stimulation, the Aries Mercury gets easily bored and restless. In Aries Mercury’s interaction with their environment, they tend to be impulsive as well. Thery love creating new ideas or pioneering new paths of discovery. They have little patience for any opposition to their point of view, being somewhat egotistic. Their actions are usually fast and to the point, but not always well thought out. They make great improvisers, being very quick-witted on their feet, but they don’t have the patience to dig deeply into any subject.

Mercury in Taurus – The Taurus Mercury is almost the opposite of the Aries Mercury, never rushing to judgment, but preferring to think things out completely. Their key words are steady, patient, and practicality, in thought and actions. They lack the originality of the Aries Mercury, but make up for it in a good helping of good old common sense. In their interactions with their environment, they are known for their steady and practical approach to their profession, particularly in their financial dealings. Unfortunately, they not only take a great deal of time to develop their ideas, once finished, they hold to them against all attacks. They are not very open to appeals from others with differing opinions. They are very dependable and reliable in their interactions with others, and tend to be very conservative in nature and dress. They are often leaders in their communities and professions.

Mercury in Gemini – The Gemini Mercury combines the quick thinking intellect of the Aries with the dogged pursuit of the Taurus. Mercury is at home in Gemini and as such produces a clear logical thinking and the ability to clearly communicate their ideas. The Gemini Mercury approaches everything in an impersonal way, with no agenda other than to expand the unquenchable thirst for more knowledge. They interact extremely well with others, because they have such a wide sphere of knowledge, at least on a surface level. They have the ability to write and speak very well. Their major problems are their sensitive nervous system, leading to increased stress, and their inability to shut out external stimulation. Because they arrive at their ideas impartially, when they receive new and different input, they may change their whole outlook.

Mercury in Cancer – Mercury in Cancer takes on an intuitive slant instead of the logical slant expressed by the Gemini Mercury. They learn more through their own experiences than from books or others. They are extremely creative, particularly if they allow their intuition and senses to provide endless possibilities. Since many of their decisions are made based on their subjective emotions and intuitions, they are not susceptible to being convinced that they may be wrong by logic or rational arguments. They tend to take anything said to them or around them very personally, and do not easily forgive a suspected slight. They are wonderful listeners, and others will gravitate towards them for comfort. The problem being is that ythey tend to soak up the emotions of those they comfort, and can easily become overburden by the negativism and emotions of others. They, more than any other Mercury sign, have their thinking patterns regulated by deep-seated emotional patterns, many of which are rooted within their subconscious. Therefore ythey find it very hard to be objective about anything that has meaning for them.

Mercury in Leo – Mercury in Leo produces a strong will and a purposeful approach towards life. The Mercury Leo is able to see the big picture in a complex situation, but is usually not very good at the little details. Thankfully, their thinking generally has a very human component to it that attracts others to their cause, providing them with someone to take care of the details. Their charisma and leadership ability usually place them out in front of activities that they engage in. They are natural actors, and are often found in that profession. They can suffer from misplaced mental pride and arrogance that is often uncalled for by circumstances. They are often mentally lazy, and rely on their subordinates to generate the ideas that they then champion. When they do adopt an idea as their own, they have the ability to provide the leadership to get it accepted by others.

Mercury in Virgo – Mercury in Virgo produces a mind that is sharp, logical, and impersonal. They learn quickly, and accept no less than perfection from themselves in their profession. The Virgo Mercury will often seek a number degrees and certifications that allow him or her to become the resident expert in just about anything they put their mind too. No detail is too small for them to gather into their knowledge base in order to increase their understanding of a situation. In their communications they are generally eloquent in delivery and scope. Their problems come in their interaction with others in their life. They tend to be shy and withdrawn from others, preferring their thoughts and studies to interacting personally with others. Once they do engage with someone on a intimate level, they can be charming and even funny at times. They are just the opposite of the Leo Mercury, in that they have problems seeing the larger picture, because they are so caught up in the details.

Mercury in Libra – Mercury in Libra produces a rational and well-balanced mind able to see both sides of any question. The later quality tends to make others think that you are indecisive, because you don’t usually come down strongly on one side or the other. The truth is that they understand innately that there are few black and white situations in life; that life is made up of shades of gray. They have an avid interest in how others think and behave, often leading to professions in human relations or psychology. They generally get along well with others, because they genuinely like to listen to others and are honest in their feedback. The only types that they don’t interact well with are those people who are crude or antagonistic towards them. In that case they back away and try to avoid them. They believe completely in justice, and are willing to help when they perceive an injustice being done to someone, or some group.

Mercury in Scorpio – Scorpio Mercury’s produces deep and insightful minds, which seek to investigate and solve complex problems. They are highly attuned to their intuition. They are very good at digging out secrets and getting to the bottom of other’s behaviors. In their interactions with others they tend to be very subjective in their reactions. They tend to have a strong self-image and a well developed sixth sense. They say exactly what they think, and aren’t concerned with the reactions of others. If they can’t express themselves fully, they say nothing or use sarcasm and biting wit to get their point across in their communications with others. They have the ability to know the unseen weaknesses and strengths of others, and sometimes use these insights to control them. Because of their highly emotional approach, they are often prejudiced in their views.

Mercury in Sagittarius – In Sagittarius, Mercury indicates an independent, roving, and versatile mind. Sagittarius Mercury’s are always seeking to learn more, particularly in subjects that have a larger meaning in life such as philosophy, psychology, foreign cultures, and religion. They tend to see the larger picture quickly, but often fail to see the details. While they cherish and seek to expand their knowledge, they tend to stay within the traditional or socially accepted areas of education. They are not so much interested in facts as they are to the motivations behind the facts. In their interactions, they tend to say whatever is on their mind, totally unconcerned with facts or reality. As children they are often chatterboxes, talking to anyone who will set still and listen to them. They have a tendency to embellish on the truth if it makes for a better story. They never tire of learning and will spend their whole life studying and sharing knowledge.

Mercury in Capricorn – Mercury in Capricorn produces a mind that is clear, ambitious, disciplined, practical and well organized. They are at times rigid and narrow-minded, and always conservative. They have the ability to manifest their ideas in practical ways; to them everything must be practical to be of any value. They are not quick learners, but once they grasp a concept, they never forget it. They believe completely in education as a means to achieve their goals in life; which to them involves material gains. They feel insecure in their mental abilities and work hard to educate them self in their field of interest. In their interactions with others, they are conservative and not particularly outgoing. They tend towards moodiness and sulking, and need to develop a more optimistic outlook in life, particularly if they have their sun in Capricorn too.

Mercury in Aquarius – The Aquarius Mercury has a keen independent, original, witty, and open mind; able to deal with abstract ideas as well as facts. They are truthful, unbiased, objective, resourceful, and an excellent judge of character. They often are self-educated, preferring to learn through self-study and their wonderful bursts of insight. They are rebels in their thinking, and they enjoying shaking up the establishment by completely disregarding current thinking in their area of interest. They have little or no respect for tradition, history, or current beliefs. Their mind is hyper-active, always cranking out new ideas and insights. In their interactions they tend to judge others by what they know or do, not who they are or their status. They believe strongly in equality and fair play and are often engaged in working for others in need. They are talkative, as long as others will listen, and are fluent in their writing and speech.

Mercury in Pisces – Mercury in Pisces produce thinking that is very receptive to their emotional environment. They are extremely sensitive to other’s emotional states, and should avoid negative environments that will only pull them down. More than any other Mercury Sign, the Pisces Mercury is ruled by their emotions and reactions to their environment. They have vivid imaginations, and often learn through osmosis, more than formal education. They are natural artist, because of their ability to see and fill vibrations in the environment that others are unaware of. They are dreamers more than doers, unless they channel their intuition and sensitivity into artistic endeavors where they can express what they are feeling and perceiving. In their interactions with others, they are often shy and retiring, preferring to keep their thoughts to themselves. They are the most naïve and trusting of the Mercury Signs, often leading to their being used by others to for their own purposes.

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Mercury in Virgo here
And yes...that's me to a "T"
Hmm is that just an English saying? If it is, then I mean it fits me how Merc in Virgo am I

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posted April 19, 2003 05:17 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
That's a very apt description of Merc in Pisces, Lanny, at least as far as I'm concerned.
I'm not sure if I could be more naive (but that works out; I've noticed that I get better results with people that way) or influence-able (is that a word? 'tis now...) by my environment ("The feeling here's bad; gotta go..." or I'll get a headache or upset stomach if there's tension or anger in the air).

Cat - Nopers - that's used on both sides of the pond. Dunno about Australia, though...where's onena dem Aussies when you need 'em?

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posted April 21, 2003 06:55 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Mercury Gemini here.
I can find myself in the text above (thanx so much) if it was not for my Mercury Squaring my Ascendant in Virgo. I often (most of the time) find frustration when I need to tell it like it is (chaotic very much só plus my Neptune is in my 3rd house) and often people get me wrong....só wrong and they leave me confused. There is a lot in my head and it is all so clear and só many frikkin' sides to something....
But then again I am finding lot's of happy times with my Merc (and it's conjunction to my MC and Trining my Moon). Lot's of fortunate Mercurial things in my life and at work! I love speaking and acting with it (accents, stories, teaching etc..)! Yep I can also be very witty in a conversation.
I also play a lot with language with my boyfriend. He is a Gem and we speak the stars from the sky, in accents and all kind of funny new words! Yiháá!
Hey my name is not Mercy for nothing!

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posted April 21, 2003 03:50 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

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posted April 22, 2003 11:41 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Merc Virgo me! And I must say that's the way I work. Very detailed in things I like, but I can be quite a scatterbrain in things I don't.

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posted April 26, 2003 12:46 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
merc in gemini:
>>>Their major problems are their sensitive nervous system... their inability to shut out external stimulation- wow this is soo true!!
>>>Because they arrive at their ideas impartially, when they receive new and different input, they may change their whole outlook.-- my scorpio wants to kill me for this! i dont do this for everything, just very significant areas of interest --if i discover a particularly intruiging piece of information, it can very well change my whole outlook on the issue

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posted April 27, 2003 06:56 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
I have Mercury in Capricorn but it's in the 12th house and I constantly find myself in internal dialogues trying to rationalize things that can't be rationalized. Form and structure do not work well with a 12th House placement.

On the otherhand maybe it gives me some stability. Maybe if it was in a water or air sign I would be even more "out there" than I already am. Haha!


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posted May 28, 2003 10:40 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

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Merc in Aquarius...

Yay I`ve made it this far


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posted June 20, 2003 01:43 PM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Merc in gemini/7th house, likes to argue and be right. Merc trine to Uranus, sextile moon, sextile saturn (gives good business sense) opposite ascendant and mars, square pluto, jupiter and midheaven in virgo. I have learned to listen.


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the better the chase, the better the reward

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