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Welcome Apollo,

Now I take it your a man? is that right? You are a very attractive person, sex appeal stands out.

You're in the process of finishing up some heavy karmic lessions, (transitting Saturn conjunct your Sun) its almost over, when it finally leaves and lets up there will have been significant changes made during the last 2-3 years, you're quite a different person now. The changes you've aquired were your lessons.
(Jeanne Avery)

The symbol of Sagittarius is the Centaur, half man and half horse. The human half is shooting arrows into the sky, aiming for the stars. The symbology accurately describes the Sagittarian personality, for the native with this ascendant is a goal-seeking individual. He can have his feet firmly planted on the ground, but he must have constant challenges and goals to stimulate him. He exudes such a positive, enthusiastic, philosophical outlook that his strongest statement can be: 'Oh, well, everything will turn out okay'. This can appear to be somewhat of a Pollyanna attitude, but it is absolutely essential for the Sagittarian personality to adopt it in order to deal with life. He is comfortable with a positive and happy outlook, even if the facts are quite contrary.

Jupiter is the ruler of this sign. Jupiter is called the 'greater benefic'. It is the luckiest planet in the zodiac, describing optimism, good humor, a happy-go-lucky manner. It manifests in a philosophical attitude and a strong religious nature. Sagittarius is a Fire sign, indicating great enthusiasm, and is mutable, indicating adaptability. The Sagittarius rising most of all wants to experience life. He has great curiosity about the workings of the universe, and is terrified of being trapped in an existence where he is limited. He cannot stand shackles of any kind. He may hesitate to settle into a particular lifestyle, preferring to have freedom to peer into the way others choose to live.

The person with this ascendant can either look like the girl or guy next door, or have an elegant, almost 'horsey' look with long, thin face and high forehead. He has a habit of tossing his head around as if he had a mane. The person usually gives the appearance of wealth and ease of living, since Jupiter is the planet that describes abundance, elegance, wealth, and extravagance. The circumstances of life may not always be what the appearance indicates. One with this optimistic outlook on life may have excellent taste, leaning toward the classic, yet simple. Casual elegance characterizes the look he adopts. He is a nature lover and can be awed by a beautiful sunset. His curiosity is insatiable... his appetites may follow suit.

Since the ascendant indicates the easiest personality trait to express and can be a façade or cover-up, this easygoing optimist may hide his troubles behind a mask of breezy humor. He will never let you know if something is sa problem or that he has worries, as the last things he needs is someone else expressing concern for his welfare. His survival has to do with the assumption that good things are just around the corner. He can't stand to worry about himself, so he can't stand to have worry expressed by others. If he lets down enough to reveal his troubles, he will do so with a chuckle and humorous twist to his tale. He sees everything in a funny light, which enables him to handle difficulty. Laughter is his balm for burdens.

Nothing gets him down for long, although disappointment is very difficult to handle. He naturally encounters a lot of that due to his penchant for seeing the bright side. He may not appear to deal with what others call 'reality', as that implies a negative view. He hates being around someone who is pessimistic or overly emotional, as that pulls him down to a level of inactivity, and paralysis can set in when he is disappointed or let down. Survival ahs to do with activity and enthusiasm. Any grim view spells doom and disaster. He simply cannot deal with a negative outlook at all. A philosophical outlook enables him to survive.

He may tend to promise more than he can deliver and sometimes appear superficially glib and uncaring. He tends to overschedule his time and energy, be unrealistically hopeful and expectant where he should be wary. He may elicit 'implied' promises from others and become overly enthusiastic over matters destined to be disappointing. He is deeply sincere, always means well, and tends to assume that others adopt the same attitude. He may expect otehrs to behave according to his standards and expectations without seeing the real intentions. He may exaggerate unintentionally. He eventually must learn to set high goals and continue his optimistic course of action while incorporating realism and facts into the overall consideration of a matter.

Consider that symbol again. The Sagittarius rising may have his head in the clouds, but he must have all four feet on the ground. The greatest lesson for one with this ascendant is that of balance between his own inspiration and world of ideas, and the practical application of inspired goals. If he gets too far ahead of himself, he feels defeated, yet he always needs to see into the future. He must have a goal or plan off on the horizon while he is working on current projects. He may scatter his energies in so many directions that he never accomplishes anything, or may never hit a goal squarely on target because of constant overestimation of everything.

The relationship of Jupiter to other planets in the chart indicates the true picture of good fortune and good 'luck'. If he has an especially well-aspected Jupiter, it appears he has almost divine protection. He accomplishes everything with apparent ease. He easily steers around disappointments. He takes careful aim at a goal, never loses sight of it, and sets out with practical methods to attain that goal. When he is determined to accomplish something, his optimism is especially contagious. He naturally attracts fortunate circumstances enabling him to get whatever he sets out to get. He can sell anyone anything.

But if Jupiter is badly aspected, or retrograde at birth, he is let down all the time. He may be afriad to set goals for fear of disappointment. He will continue to be disenchanted until he learns the lesson of applied practicality. He tends to put all his eggs in one basket. If his project is bypassed or rejected, the disappointment can paralyze him. He may ahve to learn how to set many projects in motion, knowing that some of them will work out and some will not. He then has many challenges and goals and can diversify his enthusiasm. With a practical approach to his projects and high goals, he learns that challenge is his primary motivation in life.

The Sagittarius rising is born with a sense of awe at the workings of the universe. He may be religious in the traditional sense or 'tuned in' on a philosophical level. He is a lover of nature and the natural order of things. He may tune in to his basic spiritual nature by taking long walks in the woods instead of sitting in a church; but his feelings about a beautiful sunset over the water or falling stars over a beach can make his heart swell to the bursting point. His sense of the spiritual side of life is connected to the life force in a leaf or flower as well as the breathing life force of people and animals. He can encourage others to see things in the light of the spirit through his eternal optimism. His ability to superimpose his ideals onto practical everyday matters enables him to be truly free, noble, and unfettered.

He naturally loves people and animals. The magnanimous, generous part of him has a hard time saying 'no'. He may not know any limitations. Holidays are wonderful times of celebrations, as he loves to share his good fortune with anyone who responds to his invitation. He is thrilled by inviting people who may have no place to go to his holiday feast. He collects 'strays' whether those strays are people or animals. He can always make room for one more; he can't stand the thought of anyone going hungry. He reacts strongly to people in need, but can sometimes devote himself to losing causes. His generosity may not have a discriminating quality, but he expresses great nobility of heart.

Honesty is something that is an inborn trait. He would never steal anything, and is therefor extremely trusting of others. He is wiling to give the shirt off his back if it is needed. Next to Cancer rising, he can be the biggest rescuer in the zodiac. In terms of Transactional Analysis, the rescue triangle describes the eternal triangle lived by one with this rising sign. The rescuer rescues the victim, who turns persecutor and persecutes the rescuer. After one with Sagittarius rising has been through this process over and over again, he finally learns to help people to help themselves by teaching them rather than rescuing them.

By channeling energy in a positive manner, he becomes a truly inspired teacher. A sense of optimism keeps him from seeing the ugliness in his search for a better and truer way of life. He accomplishes monumental tasks by seeing life in a philosophical, humorous way. He must continue his own learning process throughout his life, for he will become paralyzed without a challenge or goal. If he feels that his freedom to investigate and explore is threatened, he experiences terror. He is not motivated by competition, but a good race can be a wonderful motivation. He actually wants to constantly outdistance himself, getting bored with routine experiences. When he has thoroughly mastered something he must go on to new activity.

It is difficult for one with this rising sign to understand man's inhumanity to man. He assumes that everyone will love each other. He can be exceptionally disappointed when his friends dislike each other. It can sadden him to see intolerance of any kind. He may become quite vehement in expressing his feelings about how people should feel. He cannot stand any mistreatment of children or animals. He is quite convincing when he expects someone to take care as much as he does. It is hard to show disinterest in the face of his enthusiasm. He may not be able to tolerate apathy on the part of others. He loses sight of ugliness in his search for a better and truer way of life. He simply overlooks any sordid part of existence.

The native with this ascendant may reach the pinnacle of several successful careers in his life. The minute he has thoroughly mastered something, it is no longer a challenge. He can be like the donkey with the carrot in front of his nose; he wants things that are just out of reach.

The exceptional need for a challenge can cause difficulty in personal relationships until he learns what to look for in another person. He is often attrated to the very worst kind of person for him, simply because he can't resist someone who is out of reach. If a person is about to get away, the lure may be too much to resist. He is only interested in someone who intrigues him. Although he looks for quick intelligence in another person, he can mistake a quick wit and a fast talker for the true intellectual companion he wants. Once he conquers that possibly flighty, insincere person, he can become quickly disenchanted. It takes a most stimulating, unusual person to hold his interest for a long period of time. It is particularly important for one with this ascendant to know what he needs in relationships before he is committed. He can be terribly unhappy with the wrong person, because he cannot tolerate a situation that is limiting. He'll give you the shirt off his back, but he'll never get over the hurt of being used. Naturally, he can be taken advantage of by many unethical people because of his trusting, open personality. He loves to be generous and doesn't need many thanks - but he needs to find worthy recipients.

The only way to 'capture' the person with this cheerful personality is to constantly tell him he's free to do anything he wants to do. If he thinks someone has plans that don't include him, his curiosity may get the best of him. He won't be able to resist checking out the situation to be sure he isn't missing anything terrific. He's intrigued by what makes people tick. He enjoys the study of human nature almost as much as nature itself. He is a natural explorer, loving to go into uncharted territory.

Truth-telling is such a part of his nature that he may overstep the bounds and be brutally frank. He can sometimes have 'foot-in-mouth' disease. He may never realize he's wounded someone with the bluntness of his comments, so he may not try to rectify the mistake when he's said or done something less than tactful. He can infuriate others by never explaining his actions; he just expects that they should undestand his motivation. He feels friendship means overlooking any action to understand that his good heart lies behind it. He expects philosophical behavior on the part of others as well. Without so much as a backward glance, he'll leave even a long-time friend or loved one if any limitations or restrictions are put on a relationship. But as long as he's given free rein, his loyalty to a friend is forever. He rarely loses anyone from his life. Somehow he is forgiven even unforgivable behavior at times. He loves to dance, yet sometimes stumbles over his own two feet. He does everything with wild abandon and can outlast almost everyone around.

Since the ascendant describes the early decisions about survival, the person with Sagittarius rising needs new horizons to motivate him. He must find his own ways to be excited about the daily, humdrum tasks of living. He has a hard time focusing on tasks at hand unless he can create some kind of unusual excitement in the process, which is the fuel he eneds for energy. He can appear scattered, undirected, and impractical, yet he accomplishes more than most in his own philosophical kind of way. He may want to go around in circles, staying in a bit of a rut for fear that if he does everything too soon, he will run out of exciting things to do. He wants to save many experiences for later; he wants to come up with new 'firsts' all through his life.

The Sagittarius rising will be young and fresh all his life. He will never adopt a jaded outlook, unless he was born with a badly aspected Jupiter in the natal chart. (If that is the case, he will never react to the challenges that another person with this ascendant will take up as a natural course of events. His fear of disappointment is the paralyzing agent that prevents him from seeing his goals clearly.) The willingness to conquer any situation keeps him from static conditions. He will share everything positive in his own experience with anyone else in order to illustrate the invincible nature of man. He possesses the fiery wings of an angel and carries the bow of promise with him everywhere.

Gemini rules the seventh house of partnership when Sagittarius is on the rise. The seventh house indicates the kind of person one is attracted to in partnership areas, whether business or personal. It describes the quality of the relationship and the inner dynamics of co-operative effort. The ruler of Gemini is Mercury, the planet ruling intellect, speech, thought, ideas, and 'adult' programming. The individual with Sagittarius on the ascendant is primarily attracted to intelligence in partnership situations. Good mental rapport is essential.

Romance begins under fifth house aspects. With Mars ruling the fifth house, sexual energy may be the first link to the relationship, yet with marriage, the quality of the association takes on a different tone. Good communication is essential for a harmonious marriage. Since the Sagittarian ascendant needs constant challenges, he looks for someone so stimulating that he will never be bored. The Gemini personality is also in need of constant excitement, so the relationship will never be dull if there is mutual agreement and mutual understanding. When rapport exists, the two personalities seem to spark each other, yet the possibility exists that Sagittarius rising is attracted to individuals unattainable or not worth the effort in the long run.

Aspects to Mercury describe the kinds of marriage possibilities for Sagittarius rising. If Mercury is well aspected in the chart, he finds a partner who is intelligent, funny, and quick-witted. The Gemini quality is airy, sometimes skittish, but always lots of fun. The Geminian gets close to a situation, then pulls away to obtain more objectivity. Sagittarius rising can be seduced by this type of mentality, as he reacts to a challenge. He may never be able to pin this type of individual down dompletely, and is therefore constantly on his toes. Since one with Sagittarius rising doesn't want anything that is too easy, as long as the relationship is full of fun and stimualtion, he is filling his needs.

The problem may come when Sagittarius reacts to a challenge and discovers he has chased a losing cause. If Mercury is not well aspected in the chart, he can be attracted to someone who appears to be intelligent but may only have surface wit and verbal agility. The object of attraction may be critical, argumentative, or just a fast talker. He may actually have a 'dual' personality. Mental frustrations would be hard to take if Sagittarius discovered lack of communication in a marriage or business partnership, or discovered unfaithfulness on the part of the mate, for the Gemini personality can be fickle as well. Sometimes the person with Sagittarius rising tends to be attracted to two people at the same time. Choice may be difficult if Mercury is not positive in the chart.

The Pollyanna, optimistic attitude of Sagittarius rising subconsciously avoids associations with anyone practical. He can't stand to be bogged down by analysis of a situation or too many discussions. He is motivated by enthusiasm and is paralyzed by squelchers. In business or personal situations, the Sagittarius personality must be the salesman or goal seeker, while the partner tends to details, facts, and an analysis of the situation at hand. If Mercury is positive in the chart, the ability to have healthy discussions and reach conclusions seems likely. If not, there can be difficulty in clarification and reaching agreements.

Mercury describes the adult ego state in Transactional Analysis. The adult ego state can analyze, collect data, and clearly state opinions. If children are given permission to speak their minds, the possibility of developing a strong ability to communicate is likely. With good Mercury aspects in the natal chart, Sagittarius rising is attracted to someone who has those abilities. If not, the resulting frustration in relationships is mentally wearing. Arguments can ensue, or misunderstanding in areas of communication or discussion.

When the optimistic, outgoing Sagittarian personality understands what he really needs in a relationship, he looks for the kind of active person who is full of ideas, and busy and productive enough in his own life so that he allows the Sagittarius person lots of room to grow and expand. Freedom to explore interesting new facets of life and people promotes survival for this person.

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