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Author Topic:   Oceanic Dreams

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posted December 01, 2004 06:08 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for lalalinda     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Hi Oceanic Dreams,

This will be your thread, or the one I will respond back to you on. Go ahead and respond from the thread we're working on but don't forget to check here

Your Jupiter is Retrograde and went direct 4 days later on October 3rd. When a planet is stationary retrograde or direct it means its slowing down or picking up speed.(respectively)

(Martin Schulman)

Jupiter, the great beneficient giver, is symbolized by the Crescent of Soul rising vertically from the Western arm of the Cross of Matter. When matter and Soul combine harmoniously, each is able to fulfill the other. It is interesting to note that the Western arm of the Cross is highly significant as the West always symbolizes maturity of that which has grown out of its birth in the East. In the normal symbol, the Cross of matter appears east of the Crescent of Soul. Thus, what the individual has materialized early in life forms his wisdom later on.

For the Retrograde Jupiter, the inverted symbol shows the Crescent of Soul in the East transporting the Cross of matter to the West. Thus, what the individual knows within his Soul early in this life (and as a result of past incarnations) is always what gives birth to what he experiences in matter later on. This can make the Retrograde experience a highly spiritual journey if the individual chooses to use it to its best potential. There is a type of incorruptible insistence on truth in the Retrograde Jupiter as it does not depend so much on the changes in matter that often sway the meanings of so many other planetary configurations. The individual is free to experience himself on a more pure level than if his truth depended upon his material existence.

At the same time, thie configuration causes conflict with the outer world, as idealism takes precedence over practicality. A natural affinity for Jupiter's pure truth creates a distaste for the mundane everyday experiences of life.

The individual with Retrograde Jupiter is a living truth unto himself. His ideas about right and wrong, the morality of the world he travels in, and the fairness of other people's opinions have little effect on what he feels inside. In a powerful attempt to be righteous, this person develops his own unique set of standards. Usually, these are coming from past personal experiences early in this life as well as from other incarnations, and do not necessarily reflect mass consciousness, as much as they do the individual's privately formed conception of the universe.

He is highly conscious of different places and how much they are similar to each other. At the same time, he is conscious of different levels in his ways of thinking. Always a student of the mind, he seeks to experience an abundant richness within himself which he hopes will eventually equal the possibilities that are available to him in the outer world. Often this causes him much discontent, manifesting itself as an inner restlessness. He likes to get on with things, grasping the essence of an idea and relating to its importance rather than the details necessary to put that idea into practice.

If well aspected, he can be strongly motivated, but has to guard against trying to do too many things at the same time.

Basically, he is a free spirit. And, while he will conform to the ideals of society which are helpful to him, he struggles constantly to maintain his sense of individuality.

Some with this position have great wisdom, amounting almost to a prophetic ability. Quiet, unless spoken to, they can in a few words sum up the essence of a long, involved, detailed projects, which would enmesh others in a multitude of trivia.

As much as the individual is capable of being conscious of it, his intrinsic self-honesty is one of his most important identifiable characteristics. If poorly aspected, the Retrograde Jupiter can cause a person to hold grudges from past incarnations. In these cases, a long past desire to get even becomes reprojected onto new people in the present. Fortunately, this is the exception rather than the rule; for the Retrograde Jupiter affords the individual an opportunity to see himself through his higher mind. When he does this, some of his personal self-involvement gives way to a higher and more impersonal understanding. The development of richness in the inner being ultimately takes precedence over the desire to acquire riches in the outer world.

The Karma in the Retrograde Jupiter always deals with introspection through the higher mind. The individual must be able to justify himself to himself in order to feel that he is truly worthy of the respect and honor that Jupiter promises.

In some former incarnation, there had to be a high regard for some religious or spiritual principle which the individual has violated. In the current life he feels even more determined to restate the value of this principle in his mind.

He has to guard against being judgemental of others, as he sees an outer world vibrating to rules he cannot fathom. Still, he must have patience with others, if he expects them to listen to the expression of his inner truths.

On another level, there is a tremendous amount of déja-vu experiences inherent in the Retrograde Jupiter. Times and places from the past all blend into a continuous present, such that at any given moment or in any given place, the individual is in touch with generalizing that time or place into all like times and places he has experienced. Thus, his consciousness expands through these two dimensions simultaneously, and often without limitation. He does not know how to bind his mind totally inward to a fine point focus. Instead, he absorbs the symbols of his thoughts from his environment, ultimately to learn that anywhere is home, and any time is now! The more these outer symbols represent the truths he learned in a former life, the more comfortable he becomes.

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Sheaa Olein
posted December 09, 2004 06:32 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

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Posts: 2153
From: nevada
Registered: Apr 2009

posted February 09, 2005 01:07 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for lalalinda     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Hi Oceanic Dreams,
With your Venus so heavily aspected this shows that your 2nd house (Taures) and 7th house (libra) are pretty active in your chart, well you little money maker you
Here we see a quiet confidence in your own self-worth.

(Isabel Hickey)

Venus is very unhappy in the sign of Virgo. The person who has Venus in the sign of its fall has to learn to be loving. It is the signature of one who has been unloving and superficial in past lifetimes; one who has not learned that when criticism comes in the door, Love departs. Makes an excellent housewife, but needs warmth and lovingness to make a home. Cold and critical; and needs many good aspects to warm her up. Fastidiousness and purity are strong, but does not relate to others easily. Conventions stand guard over the emotions; but 'don't let the tail wag the dog'. Inclined to put off marriage because they see so many imperfections. Harmonious in their work if Venus is unafflicted. Benefit through employees. Strong desire to serve.

Venus in the 6th house
(Stephanie Camilleri)

These people love to work, and work at love. Frequently, a romantic attraction tempts them into a job situation, or they are attracted to a field of endeavor more by the practitioners than by the work itself. Throughout life they are prone to on-the-job romances, and may marry someone they meet on the job. They may become involved in the theater, films, photography, modelling, magazines, or any of the so-called glamour industries (advertising, TV, radio, etc.).

They will rarely last long on a job they don't like, and will soon find the kind of work that makes them happy. They ars capable of giving their all to a job they do like, and frequently do not get the recognition they deserve since seeing the job well done is their primary interest. The only danger here is that they do not always examine the long-term or overall effects of their efforts.

This Venus is a difficult position for romance; and most with Venus here will have at least one major heartbreak in their lives. Sometimes their workaholic attitude is a substitute for the true love they think they cannot attract, a means of getting the praise and response they think they can't get from lovers.(The closer Venus is to the descendant, the less likely this is to be an issue.)

They may be very attractive, but unfortunately never as attractive as they'd like to be. If there are bad aspects to the Moon, they may have skin trouble or difficulties with the endocrine or lymph systems, all of it emotional in origin. Anyone with a sixth-house Venus needs some kind of daily physical regimen to stay healthy mentally, physically, and emotionally. Usually, though, they are quite health-minded and take good care of their bodies.

This is a good placement for a doctor or a nurse, or anyone working in the health care sector. It's also good for musicians, or athletes, those who must drive themselves towards perfect performance through a daily practice of skills.

Venus conjunct Mars
(Robert Pelletier)

Venus conjunct Mars shows that you have a strong desire nature which you need to express at all times. You may prefer to satisfy your desires through relationships, but you are willing to satisfy them through other alternatives, so that you don't have to endure frustration. These alternatives include artistic endeavors or social functions that can prove very rewarding to you in themselves and may additionally provide you with opportunities to meet persons with whom you can identify and relate. Your emotional warmth and generous nature attract people to you, but you may not be aware that you communicate physical suggestions both to groups and to individuals. Your intentions may be easily misunderstood because of this, and you will experience some difficulties, which will force you to bring your defences into play.

In your eagerness to make social contact, you tend to be indiscriminate about the kinds of people with whom you associate. Generlly the aggressor in relationships with the opposite sex, you may be resented for being 'pushy'. But your aggressiveness increases your chances of success in meeting competition, because you don't give up without making every attempt to demonstrate your abilities. This planetary pairing does not of itself signify a specific professional interest, but you will gain attention for your determination to be given the same opportunities as others. You would probably work best in a job that requires you to meet and deal with the public. Working alone or without contact with the public and co-workers would deprive you of the fulfillment you need and would probably lead to boredom. You are too much of a 'live wire' to be happy away from the busyness and crises of close human encounter.

You are attracted to individuals who are active, aggressive, and amorous, but they must not try to exercise control over you. You consider yourself a free person and will not tolerate anyone who tries to restrict you. You don't make concessions without a lot of thought, although you expect the other person to compromise. You demand a great deal from the person you love, and may make demands that are difficult to comply with. Because of your 'love 'em and leave 'em' attitude, many potential mates will look elsewhere when seeking a binding relationship.

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