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  An Event Chart through Davidson Composite!!!

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Author Topic:   An Event Chart through Davidson Composite!!!

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posted August 14, 2005 06:11 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for alanabelle86     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
So I've decided to actually try the Davidson Composite Chart thing (through and break it down for an Event that happened. Hows it sounding? The interpretations..that is. Anyones input would be nice...

It's a chart from the first day I started dating a guy I met at school.

Sun in Scorpio 6
Moon in Sag 6
Mercury in Libra 5
Venus in Scorpio 6
Mars in Sagittarius 6
Jupiter in Sagittarius 7
Saturn in Pisces 11
Uranus in Capricorn 9
Neptune in Capricorn 8
Pluto in Scorpio 6

Ascendant in Gemini

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posted August 14, 2005 06:12 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for alanabelle86     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
The Ascendant is in Gemini (siblings, neighbors). It's ruler, Mercury (communication, thinking) is in the 5th house (romance) and is part of a Libra(partnerships, marriage) stellium (focal point of horoscope).

+++breakdown: I was a neighbor (Ascendant in Gemini) to him at school(3rd house). Romance and fun (5th house) and the desire for a partner(Libra stellium) must have been strongly on my mind (Mercury). I was beginning to tire(Sagittarius) of the same old school work (end of 6th house) routine, and felt pretty secure (Moon) about goofing off and having a little fun (5th house) so I decided to let go and try to intiate some new relationships (7th house).

Venus(love) is in Scorpio(power) and forms a tight conjunction(strong, unbreakable alliance) with it's ruler Pluto(MORE power & control) in the 6th house(work).

+++breakdown: The true nature (Sun) of the relationship (Venus) was going to be a deep, powerful, and all-consuming (Sun in Scorpio) one for sure. With the Venus(relationship) conjunction to Pluto (more power, and MORE extremes), the true feeling of soft attraction (Venus) was suppressed by Pluto's magnetic attraction and force. I met him (venus/social) at school (Ascendant) where I was sent to work(6th house) SOLELY on academics.

Pluto (power, control, extremes etc) is also conjunct Mars(action) in Sagittarius(higher education, moral ideas) in the 6th house(work, death of friends). The Moon is in Sagittarius and completes a stellium with Jupiter (expansion, morals) and Mars (action).

+++breakdown: There is a lot of defensive action taking place here with the Pluto and Mars conjunction. It's as if they've formed a powerful alliance that would cause me to fight(Mars) to the death(Pluto) for what I believe in (Sagittarius). The Sagittarian stellium is expressed in this aspect through my actively defensive (Mars)and strong emotions (Moon) towards the development of new and greater ideas (Jupiter). However, it's shown here through Pluto (death) in my 6th house (loss of friends) that I may have end up fighting alone (Scorpio) and taking much criticism (6th house) for my beliefs (Sagittarius). The friends (11th house) in this case seem to display themselves (7th house) as if they were against me all along (Pisces in the 11th house). While I grew as a person (Jupiter in Sag) some of my best friends wouldn't dare tread behind. Thus, causing fights (Mars) and permanent (Pluto in Scorpio) loss of friendships (6th house) all because I decided to expand (Jupiter) my horizons and devote myself to falling in love (Moon/Venus) with a guy from a background entirely different from his (Sagittarius).

While Saturn(public eye, loss, depression/disgrace) also sat in the 11th house(friends) in Pisces (loss, suffering, hidden enemies), Uranus (sudden changes) is in Capricorn (reputation) in 9th house. Neptune (incapability of being understood, escapism, alcohol, drugs) is in Capricorn (consistency, reputation) in the 8th house (affairs of the lover, fear, loss, regeneration) and forms a close conjunction(strong bonding energy) with Uranus (changes) in 9th house (high education).


Aries (action) on the 12th house cusp (suffering and losses)
Aquarius (sudden changes) on the 10th house cusp (reputation)
Pisces (hidden enemies) on the 11th house cusp (friends)
Libra (open enemies) on the 6th cusp (death of friends, school/work)
Sagittarius (expansion) on the 7th house cusp (relationships)
Capricorn (reputation) on the 8th house cusp (decay)

hows it sound so far??

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[scorpio stellium in the 1st]

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posted August 15, 2005 11:24 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Randall     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

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