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  Planet, Sun Signs, and House Descriptions

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Author Topic:   Planet, Sun Signs, and House Descriptions

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From Astrologer, Beverley Rostant:

Planetary Definitions

Sun- Authority, officials, life force, health, success, men, prominent people, superiors, employers, executives, illumination, power, ego, persons worthy of trust, men ages thirty five to forty five.

Moon- Mother, women in general, the public moods, fluctuations, changes, feelings, receptivity, liquids, fugitives, runaways, short trips, removals, lost objects, things connected to liquids or the sea.

Mercury- Writing, communication, transport, books, letters, messages, questions, buying and selling, contracts, bargaining, trips, travels, neighbors, literary or intellectual activity, young people, students, office workers, secretaries, salespersons, trades persons.

Venus- Love, gifts, money, harmony, alliances, relationships, marriage, values, resources, movable goods, lost objects, social affairs, young women, wife, pleasures, the arts, luxury items.

Mars- Sex, war, aggression, energy, haste, combat, butchers, surgeons, cuts, assertiveness, leadership, weapons, fire, iron, accidents, quarrels, danger, injury, men ages twenty-five to thirty-five.

Jupiter-Expansion, good fortune, luck, higher education, abundance, long journeys, prophecy, gambling, success, professionals, the wealthy, lawyers, judges, horses, foreigners, middle aged men.

Saturn- Obstacles, limitations, loss, restrictions, gravity, falls, seriousness, hardness, delays, aging, old people, debts, poverty, real estate, construction, time, inertia, austerity, tribulations, karma, death, loneliness, solitary people, plumbers, the father.

Uranus- Breaks, accidents, separations, divorce, surprises, awakening, electricity, the New Age, strikes, Asudden unpredictable, violent or fateful events@.

Neptune-Dissolution, confusion, absentmindedness, spirituality, lack of clarity, for, undoing, drugs, alcohol, deception, poetry, illusion, unreality, mysticism, seclusion.

Pluto- Powerful forces, sexuality, penetration, the underworld, rebirth, transformation, transition, the unconscious, death, ejection.

Part OF Fortune (a point not a planet)- Money, income, possessions, lost objects, good luck, substance, treasure.

Sun in Aries

Do it now and ask questions later, for you are a born leader, always first and never afraid to go it alone. A pioneering spirit, who seems to know exactly what you want out of life and how to get there. Your sense of mission makes for impulsive, sometimes rash (but always brave) actions. Your motto is: Don't think about it, let's get the show on the road. Bold, courageous and resourceful. You are a survivor.

Sun in Taurus

Here is great patience, able to respond to the world and to build upon what is already there and happening. You are willing to listen to others, take cues, and then reflect and build upon that information with a singularity of purpose. Others find you gentle, steady, and, for the most part, kind, but you are the most stubborn sign in the Zodiac. You take things in and provide an environment to bring them forth. You make "fertile" your field and have the strength to endure while others give up, in this you often win while others fail. A ready ear.

Sun in Gemini

You love to investigate, search, and explore, you love new ideas. You are also very communicative by any means: talking, writing, broadcasting... even by car. Always going beyond conventions into whatever's new, exciting, and spicy, you are happy when caught up in the variety and complexity of life. You tend to use the rational, intellectual mind to explore and understand your personal world. You are always seeking the answer to the question: Why?

Sun in Cancer

You are a very sensitive person who can depend on feelings and intuition to get around in life. Possessing good common sense, you are always very practical and down to earth mothering and protective to all. Security is very important, you need a place or a state of mind you can call your own. You also love cooking, growing things, and music. Ruled by the Moon you are often seen as moody, as the Moon changes signs.

Sun in Leo

You are outgoing, overflowing, and very generous. Always the leader, if not the center of any group, you seldom fail to exhibit strong emotions. You are proud of yourself and of your accomplishments, and you demand loyalty. Dramatic and just plain happy to be here, you are warm of heart, gregarious, outspoken, and independent. You seek to succeed and make an impact in every situation.

Sun in Virgo

You are nothing if not compassionate. Interested in serving others, you worry about their welfare. You like to take care of everything, and are always redeeming, salvaging, and restoring. You believe in conservation in all things. You find yourself through response and service to others, to life. You equal Geminis in mental quickness. You like to do your job efficiently and well, and are happiest when engaged in something that benefits society at large. Duty means a lot to you.

Sun in Libra

Your keyword is responsibility the ability to respond. You are able to find yourself in others, in relationships, rather than alone a mirror or clear pool. You can be peaceful, calm, and undisturbed. A genius at bringing out others getting them to do things, you are a born strategist. You are usually a team player though, and enjoy debate, but not argument. You use diplomacy and intelligence to get what you want.

Sun in Scorpio

You know how to say "No!" and to go without, if need be. Intense and sometimes driven, you are able to cut through to the heart of things. You are seldom interested in refinement. You can be very magnetic, even wild at times, and have a sense of power and an instinct for survival. Moody, passionate and strong willed. You arenít afraid of anything, and have an endurance that allows you to overcome any opposition you encounter.

Sun in Sagittarius

You are a truth seeker, who sees the larger picture as opposed to the smaller details. You are always outspoken and canít understand why others are not as candid. You are a mentally oriented sign where logic reigns supreme. You believe everything or one should have a right to live free. You chaff at any restriction. Your friendliness and versatility win you many friends.

Sun in Capricorn

You have clear vision and can see what to do. Happy when in control, you enjoy managing anything practical. You feel the need to rule whatever area you occupy, be it your home, work or business. Not too emotional, you are objective, businesslike, and reliable disciplined. To you, life is a serious business and you are a great provider, always far sighted. You are social, or public oriented. Practical. You may succeed in a slow, steady rise through the world.

Sun in Aquarius

You are open minded and democratic, enthusiastic, and have a definite sense of mission. Above all, you are progressive, and enjoy putting into practice that which is good for all. An original thinker, often eccentric, who prize individuality and freedom above all else. You have the ability to think in unique ways, but once your mind is made up, nothing can convince you to change it. Your altruism could appear as coolness. At home with different cultures, peoples, and lands, you love to work with (and in) groups. You donít usually become emotionally involved with the causes you promote.

Sun in Pisces

You are long suffering and able to take a lot for the sake of your beliefs and ideals. In this sense, you are very future oriented. You need to explore your world through your emotions, and you feel things so deeply that you become a psychic sponge. You are intuitive and at home with the psyche and psychological, a sense of the mystic too. You are able to carry ideas and dreams into reality, to make the spirit matter. You need time alone though, so that you can detach from the emotions of the people around you, and center yourself.

House Definitions

1st house- Self, health, length of life, physical description of the person, the body, the head, appearance, disposition, personality, new arrivals, beginnings, accidents, personal interests, initiative, efforts to get ahead.

2nd house- Substance, resources, movable goods, lost objects, money, income you make yourself, values, personal worth, possessions, potential wealth or poverty, self esteem.

3rd house- Communications, news, siblings, neighbors, neighborhood, elementary education, close kin or relations, cousins, visits, short trips, cars, roads, studies, writing, letters, messages, teachers, mail carriers, reports, rumors, gossip.

4th house- Father, home, family, domestic issues, end of the matter, buried treasure, foundations, security, land, real estate, buildings, non-movable goods, houses, farms, wells, mines, resources of the earth, ancestry, old age, elders, the grave(ending).

5th house- Children, creative self-expression, hobbies, speculation, gambling, lotto, risk-taking, excitement, contests, recreation, fun, recreational sex, love affairs, romance, pregnancy, pleasure, feasts, entertainment, the fathers movable goods.

6th house- Illness, sickness, tedious jobs, detailed work, coworkers, pets, small animals (up to the size of a goat), servants, employees, services, appliances, paternal aunts and uncles, lodgers, tenants, everyday duties, Food, hygiene, healing and healers.

7th house- the mate, partner, spouse, significant other, a person with whom you have dealings but whose region is not specified by another house, opponent, competitor, open enemy, rival, personal counselor or advisor, thief, run away, fugitive, sibling=s children, marriage, partnerships, divorce.

8th house- Death, procreative sex, surgery, injury, transformation, rebirth, restructuring, other peoples money, other peoples movable goods, psychoanalysis, the occult, penetration, probing, refuse, taxes, debts, mortgages, loans, money owed to you, insurance, joint money, wills, gifts from others, legacies, estate of the deceased, investigation, the personal unconscious.

9th house- Long distance travel or interests, foreign countries and people, in-laws, higher education, lecturing, religion, clergy, the church, philosophy, prophecy, forecasting, publishing, broadcasting, advertising, professional classes, insurance adjusters, voyages, legalizing ceremonies, the court system, lawyers, the law, weddings, science systematic organized thought, divination, dreams and visions, legal proceedings, exploration.

10th house- Mother, authority, superiors, the boss, the government, structure, career, profession, employer, monarch, ruler, president, judge, executive, promotions, fame, rank, honor, status, success, achievement, credit, reputation, prestige, public office, officials, career moves, important jobs, employment, worldly position.

11th house-Friends, groups, clubs, socializing, counseling, relationship with humanity, unbonded relationships, legislators, hopes and wishes, ambition, comfort, relief, praise, trust, income from career, resources of the person in authority over you, the mother=s movable goods, humanitarian activities, your business clients.

12th house-Seclusion, undoing, personal failings, hospitalization, confinement, jail, bondage, prisoner, captives, slaves, restrictions, fears, punishment, the collective unconscious, widowhood, institutions, retreats, clandestine affairs, secret dealings, poetry, drugs and alcohol, invalids, maternal aunts and uncles, sorrows, unseen dangers, disappointments, hidden limitations, charity, animals larger than a goat.

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You're welcome.

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Good quick succinct reference.

"There is no use trying," said Alice; "one can't believe impossible things." "I dare say you haven't had much practice," said the Queen. "When I was your age, I always did it for half an hour a day. Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast." Lewis Carroll

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"Don't worry about the world coming to an end today. It's already tomorrow in Australia." Charles Schultz

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Thank you Astroleolady.

What lies behind us, and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

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