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Author Topic:   the sexy mars in scorpio

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from a fellow mars in scorpio i give you this


(Donna van Toen)

Your energy levels are high in all areas. Your energy is gutsy, probing and non-stop.
It is often channeled into understanding things, being the power behind the throne,
and finding hidden things of both a literal and a figurative nature. Your strengths
include being purposeful, perceptive and dedicated. You lack forgiveness, openness
and adaptability.
This Mars placement gives you tremendous potential to do good or harm, so strength
of character is required if you want to channel your energy positively. You have such
strong likes and dislikes that the maxim 'thoughts are things' bears especially strong
meaning. With this Mars, a negative thought about someone else will have
tremendous power and will be felt by the person you're thinking about, unless he or
she is totally insensitive. Fortunately, the same holds true of your positive thoughts.
Needless to say, your emotions are intense; and as this is a position of extremes, you
can be a strong ally or a dangerous enemy; and love - if soured - can turn to hate.
Your intuition is strong, your psychic potential good. In particular, you'd have good
aptitudes for alchemy, magic, and creative visualization.
Sex and Scorpio are well-nigh synonymous. However, that insatiably voracious sexual
appetite is often only a mask for what Mars in Scorpio really wants, which is
understanding. For someone to take the time to get close enough to see - and touch -
the real person on all levels, and understand - physically, mentally and emotionally -
is the ultimate turn-on for Mars in Scorpio. The males, given this kind of
encouragement, will be totally faithful, and value the woman who succeeds in this
regard above all else. Women with this placement find intelligence a turn-on. They
especially find the sort of intelligence known as 'street-smarts' a turn-on. But they,
too, are ultimately looking for understanding above all else.
You want sex. You also want to be allowed to be a bit or more than a bit selfindulgent on occasion. But there's a paradox here. Even though you want sex, and
actively seek it,... because Scorpio is a passive sign, you're not entirely comfortable
proclaiming your wants and pushing for them opently. In fact, you may try to deny
them even to yourself. From what I've seen, Mars in Scorpio, particularly in women,
is inclined to stifle or downplay its sexual energies for lengthy periods. Sometimes
this is due to an overly moralistic upbringing, sometimes because your sexual
energies are sublimated into psychology or the occult, and sometimes merely
because of a lack of a suitable sexual partner. Anyway, because of this tendency,
when your needs do make themselves felt, you may go through long periods when
you're almost insatiable. You do best with someone who can adjust to both your 'on'
and your 'off' periods. Choose someone who has Venus in a Water sign, in the 8th
house, or conjunct Pluto, for best results.
You can do well on your own. You're also a good company person, provided you're
treated well. You do especially well in service industries. You don't do so well in
partnerships because you can be stubborn and dictatorial - neither of which will help
you when there's a stalemate. Some good career areas for you are: medicine,
surgery, engineering of virtually any type; ice-making, refrigeration, police work,
banking, mining, undertaking, or brewing.
You're highly motivated to see everything there is to see and do everything there is to
do; for this reason, travel, reading, and expanding your circle of business and social
contacts would tend to appeal to you strongly. Romance, pregnancy, and caring for
others are activities that frequently open doors. Psychology can be a good source ofopportunity for you, too. I find that sometimes this position has a way of bringing
lucky breaks at times when you're either too tired or too busy to appreciate them

(Jan Spiller and Karen McCoy)

You may have a tendency to alienate others by competing for power over your
environment. Consequently, you can lose energy if you suppress your desires and
motives in order to maintain control. The Scorpio secretiveness in taking action may
cause others to mistrust you and thus set the stage for explosive confrontations.
You can assert leadership constructively by committing yourself to responsible
expression of motives and intentions. When you reveal your desires, others will know
and trust your leadership and ability to use existing circumstances to transform a
stagnant situation. You can gain energy in exposing your motives to others and thus
free yourself to act.
(Babs Kirby and Janey Stubbs)
Mars is in dignity in Scorpio; and someone with this placement is likely to have a
quietly powerful and unobtrusively charismatic presence, backed up by an inner
strength and sense of purpose. These people will have a certainty in their manner
that conveys that they are not people to be toyed with. This is the most assertive and
potentially ruthless of the Water signs.
This sounds a promising placement for passionate sex, and Mars in Scorpio people
are indeed passionate. However, when it comes to relationships they are often so
intense and sex is often such a traumatic arena that they never actually do it, though
they can spend a lot of time anguishing over it. Their sexual contacts are likely to be
intensely emotional. They may have such huge feelings invested in sex that they seize
up when they are attracted to someone, and all spontaneous responses fail; things
just stop flowing. For a Mars in Scorpio person, sex is all or nothing; it is felt as life
and death - which can throw them into dreadful crisis and inner turmoil. Sex is
indeed intimately connected to life and death; and a Mars in Scorpio person will be
closer to this truth than anyone else. This placement makes for a depth of emotional
honesty and integrity that you do not find with Mars in the other Water signs, but it
can also produce the most agonized expression.
Once a relationship becomes established, someone with Mars in Scorpio will not be
afraid of commitment. These people will offer and demand absolute loyalty, and will
stand by their partners through thick adn thin. They will also be the most jealous and
possessive of all the Water signs, and are particularly vulnerable to feelings of sexual
jealousy. This is because their feelings become so deeply engaged in their sexual
relationships. With such an emotional investment, they have a great deal to lose.
There is nothing lukewarm about Mars in Scorpio. These people will want to own
their sexual partner; anyone not wanting to be possessed might find their intensity
too much.

(Skye Alexander)

You have tremendous will-power and drive, and are able to focus all your energy on
your objective. Once you make up your mind to do something, you either achieve it ordie trying. You can be ruthless in the pursuit of your goals, and to those who try to
stand in your way you show no mercy. No adversay is too formidable - even
governments or religious institutions. You are an extremist, however, and can
become obsessive in your quests, losing sight of reaon or practicality and refusing to
compromise or change once you've set your course of action. Your all-or-nothing
attitude can cause you to triumph or lose spectacularly.
You may have the ability to transform others or situations in some way. Sometimes
you accomplish this by manipulating their unconscious desires; sometimes you
inspire the masses with your fearlessness and passion. However, the transformations
you effect need not take the form of confrontation with the powers that be. You might
influence others to kick drugs, change careers or take up occult studies, and thus
transform their lives and outlooks in some important way. Or, you may develop your
potential for psychic healing and use this power to benefit humanity.
Intensely passionate and sensual, you are likely to put a great deal of your energy
into sex. You exude an almost animal magnetism that makes you extremely attractive
to the opposite sex, regardless of how good-looking you are. You have an active and
powerful libido, and are fascinated with sexuality in all its expressions. For you, the
sex act is a way to merge with your partner, emotionally as well as physically. You
may be a consummate lover with an uncanny understanding of your own and your
partner's deepest desires. Or, you might be afraid of the strength of your own passion
and attempt to repress it, lest it take control of you. Power struggles and issues of
domination could play a part in your sexual expression, and you might use your
sexuality to manipulate others. You are jealous and possessive of your sexual
partners; and, if betrayed, are likely to become vengeful, perhaps even violent. In the
extreme, you might be cruel or perverse, obsessed with the dark side of sexuality.
Men with Mars in Scorpio like to think of themselves as being 'forces to reckon with'.
Though you might not be the type to start fights in bars, you are like a poisonous
snake coiled and ready to strike, and can be ominous if provoked. You certainly won't
run away from a confrontation, and seem to be fearless in the face of danger. Power
is important to you, but you probably prefer to wield it from behind the scenes, and
you want to be in control of everyone and everything in your environment. As a
result, you tend to be domineering, unwilling to trust others or delegate authority to
them. Proud of your prowess, you might emphasize your sexuality or use it to get
what you want.
Women with Mars in Scorpio are often attracted to men who project an image of
power. This could mean take-control types, authority figures or those who are in
important business / government positions. Or, you might be fascinated by men who
attempt to appear tough or mean, such as 'biker' types or petty criminals and thugs.
You like your men to be overtly sexual, but you're looking for someone who is
strongly emotional and passionate as well. Dark, smouldering, intense men of few
words probably interest you most. Because this planetary combination sometimes
signifies sexual frustration, you might find yourself continually involved with men
who aren't good for you or who don't give you what you want. In the extreme, you
could be attracted to men who are cruel or abusive toward you. And, because Scorpio
is the sign of transformation, it's quite likely that you will be transformed in some
way by the men in your life.

(Frances Sakoian and Louis Acker)

Mars in the sign Scorpio indicates powerful emotions and desires. This tremendous
emotional intensity gives the natives relentless courage and thoroughness in
executing their intentions. It can lead to the greatest heights of spiritual achievement
or to the lowest depths of moral degradation, depending on the amount of wisdomand type of motivation by which the energy is guided.
These people have resourcefulness, courage, and energy, especially in meeting
difficult situations. Even the possibility of death does not frighten them, if they must
face it in order to accomplish their goals. They are capable of an uncompromising
fight to the end in defence of their principles. The two-hundred Spartan soldiers who
held off the entire invading Persian army are an example of the Mars in Scorpio
The powerful sex drive that goes with Mars in Scorpio, if wrongly motivated, can
result in possessiveness and intense jealousy. People with this position tend toward
an all-or-nothing attitude which makes compromising with them very difficult. Since
it is hard for them to be neutral or indifferent, they make either friends or enemies of
those with whom they have sustained dealings. They are secretive and do not reveal
their plans or actions without good reason. They need to learn greter detachment and
There is danger of coarseness and bluntness with this position, since at times these
people do not take into consideration the feelings of those less forceful than
When Mars is afflicted in Scorpio, there can be intense anger and resentment; but
unlike the anger of Mars in Aries, such feelings are not forgotten easily. People with
this position can hold grudges, nursing their anger like steam in a pressure cooker
until the effects of its outlet are disastrous. Consequently, they make the most
dangerous kind of enemy. If Mars is heavily afflicted in Scorpio, there is the tendency
to dominate others emotionally, forcing them into submissiveness and servitude.

(Julia and Derek Parker)

This placing will be a focal point of the chart, since Mars was the ruler of Scorpio
before Pluto was discovered. Old textbooks may declare that Mars (rather than Pluto)
rules Scorpio, but this is out of line with modern astrological thought. Nevertheless,
the influence is a powerful one, and should be given full attention.
The heavy emotion of Scorpio is intensified by the passion of Mars; and it is essential
that someone with this placing finds rewarding and satisfying sexual expression. Do
not dismiss this statement as a generalization; while we all need sexual fulfillment, if
this is not forthcoming for someone with Mars in Scorpio there will be resentfulness
and a brooding unhappiness which may be hard to pin down if the individual is not
consciously aware of his or her problems - sometimes obsessive tendencies emerge.
There is marvellous potential in this placing, and if the emotions related to all
spheres of life are allowed to flow positively, we find brilliant engineers, miners,
specialists in the wine trade and many other professions who have Mars in Scorpio.
On the negative side, jealousy can be a problem, and in extreme circumstances the
subject may show vengeful tendencies. There will be a love of good food, and
sometimes a liking for really living it up!
Here are the whole-hoggers; for instance, when they decide they need to lose weight
they will go on a severe crash diet - then have a large and calorific celebration once
they have achieved their goal! If the love of food and drink gets out of hand, it may be
that they are compensating for a lack of emotional fulfillment. Try to talk problems
through; there may well be a tendency to gloss over difficulties, for the subject can
be very secretive. It is vital that these people are emotionally involved in their
careers because, while moneymaking is immensely important to them, the forcefuland highly-charged energies of Mars should be fully expressed through work.
The physical energy of Mars will be plentiful; and as the placing adds considerable
determination (often stubbornness), heavy exercise - and sometimes martial arts -
will usually be enjoyed. Water sports are also very popular. As the genitals are
governed by Scorpio, any inflammation or slight problem in that area should not be
ignored. Mothers of babies with this placing should take particular precautions to
avoid diaper rash, which could cause above-average discomfort.

(Grant Lewi)

The most impressive position of Mars in the Vitasphere. It can be the best or the
worst of all possible things to find in the chart. In its best form, the energies flow into
channels that make for deep personal security, through business and love.
Magnetism is powerful; the vital forces serve the ego forcefully: to draw others and
hold them, and to extract from the world the maxumym of material and spiritual
benefits. In its worst form, the same security urges turn to fear that the ends of the
ego will not be achieved, and the native seeks escape in a variety of undesirable
forms. He becomes timid, vacillating, quarrelsome, self-indulgent and apparently
weak. Some of the good and some of the bad are likely to show forth in your life as a
result of this position. Your constant aim must be self-control - to direct your energies
and your habits away from yourself into objective action; to draw other people to you,
and to hold them, with love rather than fear; to avoid the negative, destructive
instincts of jealousy, fear and suspicion; and to achieve faith in yourself, your world
and the people who inhabit it with you. Your energies are an almost tangible force
emanating from you in a sort of aura; you make yourself felt wherever you are; and
you can genuinely build up or tear down another person by what you think about him.
This is because your instincts are so powerful that you show in movement, action and
tone what you innerly are believing, and you are nearly as effective in silence as in
speech. You should cultivate mind power, reserve and self-discipline in order to lead
your magnetism into channels where it will help and not hinder you.

(Sydney Omarr)

Mars in Scorpio is perceptive but drives himself harder than he would drive anyone
else. The native is passionate, determined, and attracted to people he does not really
respect. He has great magnetism, and draws persons who want to love, live, move,
chase and be chased. He is not given too much time for relaxation!
The astrologer must help him find peace through personal fulfillment, and teach him
the lesson of true relaxation. He must help the native obtain a greater degree of selfdiscipline and self-control. There is much power and creativity here - it is to be hoped
that it can be used constructively.

(Lyn Birbeck)

You are a passionate, though potentially cruel, suitor. Energy is created and
maintained through the uncompromising and undeviating pursuit of whatever it is
that you truly desire. Such should include powerful or front-line occupation, the
military, getting closer to any place of power (internal or external), or creating deep
change, especially with regard to how you make known and satisfy your desires - or it
can remain as or devolve into a highly destructive anger.
You attract with an intense sexual effectiveness that does not necessarily have
anything to do with how you look; with a forcefulness that brooks no opposition; with
an intrepidity that shrinks from no challenge; and with a spiritual stamina that makesit through the night.
You repel with a poisonous and destructive resentfulness; with a negative opinion of
anyone whose weaknesses remind you of your own; with a disinclination to honestly
confront the enemy within, and so forgive those who (appear to) have been hostile
towards you; and with ruthless vengefulness.
You are attracted to powerful people and relationships that inevitably get very close
to you, and transform you - despite your reservations; to charismatic types and / or
dangerous situations that demand your complete and utter involvement; and to
breaking (sexual) taboos, thus forcing confrontations.
You are repelled by wimpishness and superficiality; by fainthearted attempts to win
you body and soul, something which alone can merit a relationship worthy of your
involvement; and by your own self-disgust borne of a reluctance to bite the bullet and
take the plunge - into a relationship or your own Shadow.
When you are alone, it is because you have been denying or suppressing those strong
desires, especially for some kind of personal transformation, to which the above
refers. Indeed, you could be 'alone' even though you are in a relationship. This is
because you feel you must experience some kind of emotional pressure or pain to
maintain an ongoing sense of being intensely involved - but you have rigged it,
probably unconsciously, so that no crisis or confrontation occurs. But inevitably it
will, whether you are alone or not. So you must own up to this dark and powerful
streak, and note how it has affected Other in the past, and thereby attract a
relationship and partner that does it justice - or renew the one you are or were in as a
result of taking stock of your provocativeness and overhauling your manner of
expressing it.

(John Townley)

Your energies tend to be rather muffled and smoldering, in that you harbor a desire
for a long time before allowing it to break out, and then it is very intense. For this
reason, your lover may not be truly aware of the nature or extent of your needs,
which when revealed may surprise or overwhelm him or her. It is wise to express
yourself verbally beforehand so that your partner is prepared.
Because of this rather dominating high energy, you often rule a relationship, directly
or indirectly, particularly in its physical aspects. To you, sex is a kind of mutual selfimmolation, which you sometimes lead your lover into without warning. You need a
partner who is open to sexual adventure and self-abandonment; someone who can
experience your kind of sexuality.
You may rely particularly on the physical and organic aspects of sex for relaying cues
of affection to a lover, and therefore you should avoid sexually conservative types
unless you relish continually shocking your partner. True communication takes a
while for you to develop; but once it is established, the ties are very deep and not
easily broken.

(Robert Hand)

You have a strong will, and you let everyone know what you want. But you do not
seem especially pushy, just persistent. You apply pressure steadily until you get what
you want. If someone makes you angry, instead of blowing right off, you go into a
slow burn. people know you are upset, however, because you are likely to make
sarcastic and biting remarks. But this tendency to hold back your anger can workagainst you, partly because the anger is not released, so you stay angry. You may
hold a grudge for quite a long time. But also the intensity of your anger, even though
it is held in, may be rather frightening to others whose emotions are not as strong as
But you do not get angrily easily. You can be pushed quite far before you get mad;
and even then it may not develop right away. But sometimes you remember a past
incident when you could have gotten angry but didn't, and suddenly you are just as
angry as if the incident had just occurred. If necessary, you are a fighter, although
you don't look for fights. But you don't run from them, either; and when you get into
it, you fight with body and soul, for your deepest emotions become involved.
You have such strong likes and dislikes that it is hard from you to be neutral about
anything. You relate to the world around you very emotionally, and there is very little
to which you do not react.

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"wipes head"

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Ami Anne

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This is such a great article, DL.

Passion, Lust, Desire. Check out my journal

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