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  Is anyone here a skeptical enthusiast of astrology?

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Author Topic:   Is anyone here a skeptical enthusiast of astrology?
posted September 12, 2013 11:04 AM           Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
I will blunt out say a lot of stuff in astrology is ******** such as the effects of the outer planets and the notion that someone's personality cannot be changed to mismatch a placement in the chart (E.G. a Scorpio will always be a Scorpio in personality, Venus in Pisces is a romantic dreamer by second nature, etc).

But I love reading astrology of all forms (including Sun Signs) and analyzing natal charts and transits. Its really fun to see what placements in your chart are near 100% spot on while at the same time learn flaws and strengths you never thought you had as you look at your natal chart. Even more fun is realizing traits that are in the people you know in your life that you never thought existed. I even love joking around with stereotypes like Pisces are weaklings, Scorpio men are cheating womanizer,etc XDD.

But I also love attacking astrology and pointing out its flaws......... Or at least attack the diehard idiots who had put so much time into the hobby that they literally analyze a person they just met without knowing that person (or his or her birth chart) by what they observed of that person in the local supermarket. More so I love attacking and mocking those ******* fanatics who literally believe a person's chart is set and his or her personality will always be according to that chart (in other words no freewill for an Aries to become a Pisces in nature no matter how much that Aries tries) and those idiots who go around pointing every action to a person's charts and transits and........ You get the point, I can't tolerate the diehard fanatics within the astrology community who's so ingrained with its dogma they literally view the world always with astrology on their mind as they interact with people, watch a movie, etc.... This level of devotion to astrology is literally on the same scale as being in a cult. It makes me flabbergasted that people could take something that may not even be real to such extremes.

But taken lightheartedly, astrology is one of the most FUN hobbies I've got into for a very long time. I actually even daresay astrology has practical uses such as a tool to help a person to learn about his or her self and attempt to change fatal personality flaws and so much more. Its just such a fun collection of lore within the Zodiac and I'm not counting older astrological mythologies like those of the Greeks.

I completely believe should be taken with skepticism and scientific principles and logic should be used when practicing the various activities such as analyzing natal charts. Too many astrology forums and communities I've lurked on not only take this thing literally but they go through extreme lengths to the point some decide vacations based on transits! This site has its share of stupidities from the diehard students of the subjects that makes me nauseous. I can point out many BS within how astrology's practice (especially by a lot of members of forums specifically devoted to astrology).

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