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Author Topic:   Twelfth House Question

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Natal Report for Jungle Knowflake
Jungle Knowflake

Moon in Cancer
You can sense and understand the mood and feelings of others, and are
excellent at counseling and nursing. You are quite emotional, and have a natural
sense of that which pleases, knowing the mood of the crowd. You can be overly
protective (or protected), but are good at parenting and creating a home. Quite
Moon in 3rd House
You have a knack for putting the feelings of a group into words and may serve
as a teacher or spokesperson. Communication is one area where you can
always get support and backing from friends and co-workers. Historical ideas
may interest you.
Sun Square Moon
There is a lack of harmony between your environment and your ambitions. What
you need most is not always at hand to make the kind of progress you envision.
Or, when the support is there, you can't get the instruction or direction you
require. You may have forgotten where it was you wanted to get to, sort of "all
dressed up, but which way to go?" It could be historical, too, as simple as being
torn between your mother and your father -- a struggle between that which seeks
to nurture you (and perhaps baby you) and your ambitions -- a need to succeed
and be all that you can be.
Moon Opposition Saturn
Your approach to discipline and responsibilities does not exactly cater to the
moods and feelings of others. You have little patience for sentiment, tradition,
and history. Your lack of control over your own feelings can result in real
arguments. One result is that you may not always have the support of those
around you. You sometimes have to go it alone.
Moon Opposition Uranus
You have little use for tradition, history, and the past, in general. Your autonomy
and nonconformist attitude tends to ignore the feelings of others. You seem to
Natal Report: Jungle Knowflake Page 2
Copyright ©2006 Matrix Software - Big Rapids, MI 49307
enjoy confrontation, going out of your way to challenge whatever is traditional
and customary. Don't be surprised if those around you won't always give you the
support you feel you deserve.
Moon Opposition Neptune
The image you project of what is perfect or ideal from your point of view may find
little support at home. Others could oppose or block you in these matters, and
maintaining your dreams may be at the price of your friends and surroundings.
You may find your background, environment, and all that is traditional less than
ideal, even flat and uninspiring.
Moon Trine Pluto
You have natural psychological ability, in particular when working with the public.
You can handle emotional and personal issues (vulnerable areas) where angels
fear to tread. People sense this about you and trust you with sensitive matters,
inner worries, and questions of personal identity. You have a real mission and a
sense of purpose.
Sun in Aries
Go for it! Do it now and ask questions later, for you are a born leader, always
first and never afraid to go it alone. Your sense of mission makes for impulsive,
sometimes rash (but always brave) actions. Your motto is: Don't think about it,
let's get the show on the road.
Sun in 12th House
You naturally are a giving person, sacrificing your own interests for the sake of
an inner vision -- what you feel is right. A born psychologist, you may find
yourself counseling and caring for the mental needs of others.
Sun Conjunction Mercury
You communicate with consummate skill, and it is stimulating just being with you.
Your high degree of mental concentration makes you an excellent student, able
to excel in speaking, writing, and all types of communication skills. Your
ambitions go hand-in-hand with communication and using the mind, and the two
should never be far apart.
Sun Conjunction Venus
You have a basic self-esteem that is plain to all who meet you. Your sense of
discrimination and innate good taste means that you know good items from bad
Natal Report: Jungle Knowflake Page 3
Copyright ©2006 Matrix Software - Big Rapids, MI 49307
and are a connoisseur of all that is fine and beautiful. A love of authority figures
(men in particular), plus an appreciation for authority and your elders in general,
makes you welcome at any social scene.
Sun Sextile Mars
A natural ability to use emotions in productive ways. Entertaining others is one
form this might take. Hard work and all things physical (such as sports and
outdoor activities) should be a snap. You are able to manage and see how to
work with the energy of others.
Sun Square Saturn
You could have trouble with authorities, due to a tendency to assert your own
ambitions against the realities of the situation. You don't take to organization
and you tend to let things go, ignoring responsibilities. This lack of responsibility
can work against any real goals and could result in your being at odds with the
law and older or respected persons, in particular men. Your lack of seriousness
may undermine any valid attempts to form a base and thus get started.
Sun Square Neptune
You find yourself fighting to realize your ambitions amidst a sea of fuzzy dreams.
A fear of letting go (and trusting the more mystical side of yourself) keeps you
hard at it. You can't seem to let yourself dream a little, don't trust your own
idealizations, and struggle between your sense of ideals and your more realistic
ambitions. Your practical concerns with getting ahead and fulfilling your
ambitions tend to ignore your more deep-rooted ideals and dreams. You may not
trust those in authority.
Mercury in Taurus
You enjoy deliberation and have a very methodical mind. Able to develop sound
logic and good arguments, you are practical, rather than abstract, and seldom
nebulous. You make a good student. A fertile thinker, you are slow and steady
but always down to earth. No "pie in the sky" here. You are careful and
Mercury in 12th House
Your mind is naturally interested in all that is psychological and beneath the
surface of things. Ideas of self-sacrifice and compassion -- how to serve and
help others -- are what you tend to think about.
Natal Report: Jungle Knowflake Page 4
Copyright ©2006 Matrix Software - Big Rapids, MI 49307
Mercury Conjunction Venus
You have a love affair going with the mind and you value all of its offspring:
words, ideas, thoughts, and such. And you love to talk. In particular you
appreciate good conversation, and you feel that stimulating mental adventures
(either alone or with others) are among the most exciting experiences life offers.
You have a built-in sense of discrimination when it comes to the intellect -- all
mental activities.
Mercury Trine Uranus
You enjoy working with your mind, and your sharp perceptions make finding new
solutions easy. You always bring an unexpected twist or insight to anything you
set your mind to. You are able to teach or help others to be more original when it
comes to the words or thoughts they use. You can use the mind in original ways
and probably have excellent eye-hand coordination. Your laser-like mind makes
conversations fast-paced and illuminating. A ready wit.
Venus in Aries
You exhibit great appreciation, intense love, and always wear your heart on your
sleeve -- always! Not too sensitive with others, you tend to be rough and ready
and can sometimes demand a lot of attention. Shy flowers, stand back! You are
independent and single-minded, demonstrative and very loving.
Venus in 12th House
You can appreciate the difficulties of others and be understanding of the
problems they may be having. You value a certain amount of self-sacrifice and a
giving attitude. You can discriminate between superficiality and the reality
beneath them it.
Venus Sextile Mars
All heart! Feelings are always out front and entirely natural. Love of action,
motion (sports, physical, sex, and the like). An expert at matters of the heart.
Children, animals, and all creative work get top billing. Always act on instinct,
Mars in Gemini
You have an inner need for communication of all kinds and may have too many
irons in the fire at times. You can be all over the place, always trying to make
Natal Report: Jungle Knowflake Page 5
Copyright ©2006 Matrix Software - Big Rapids, MI 49307
one more connection. Speaking and writing are naturals. You have a need for
lots of variety, a change of pace. Arguments. Mental energy.
Mars in 1st House
You have a strong drive to be seen and known -- to communicate yourself to
others. Personal appearance (the way you present yourself) is also a motivating
Jupiter in Gemini
A career in communications of one kind or another is indicated, for you are a
kind of living link or channel. You love investigations, reporting, writing, speaking,
broadcasting, advertising -- any and all networking. Forever curious, you love
searching for answers and following leads.
Jupiter in 1st House
Your career may be built around the way you appear or present yourself -- the
way you come across to others. Your spontaneous personality and ability to
fascinate others are key elements in being successful.
Saturn in Capricorn
Organizational problems. You have a tendency to avoid taking charge or
responsibility and may need to accept a more disciplined and serious approach
to life. Learn to enjoy hard work. Persevere. Learn how to manage. You may feel
uncomfortable when in the public eye.
Saturn in 9th House
Religion, philosophy, and truth are essential to your life. You are painstaking and
deliberate when it comes to sorting through ideas and values for what is lasting
and solid. You may appear to others as too sober or religious.
Saturn Conjunction Neptune
You may have difficulty letting go and being imaginative. Your no-nonsense,
practical approach makes subjects like the unity of life, ideals, and dreamy stuff
hard for you to take. However, your dreams and ideals are very important to you,
and you methodically go about putting them into practice. You have little interest
in the spirituality and psyches that are rampant today. You see through that and
value the essential unity behind all religions. You could bring imagination and
Natal Report: Jungle Knowflake Page 6
Copyright ©2006 Matrix Software - Big Rapids, MI 49307
religious understanding to physical and scientific studies.
Saturn Sextile Pluto
Persistent, intense, and serious. Getting at the heart or root of a situation. Great
psychological insight into life problems. Perhaps aiding or counseling, helping
others understand difficulties. Fiercely tenacious.
Uranus in Capricorn
You are innovative in the political and business arena. You find new ways to
manage and control things and people. Ever practical, you come up with new or
alternate forms of management -- breakthroughs in top-level management and
corporate styles. You bring new life to conservative traditions. Your emotions are
very staid.
Uranus in 8th House
Lightning fast when it comes to the business deal, you seem to have direct
insight into what is worthwhile and worthless in a situation. You have new and
unconventional ways to cut through the red tape and get at what is important.
Uranus Conjunction Neptune
You have real vision and insight into the unity that ties this world together. Your
brilliant imagination and enchanting manner transport all who meet you beyond
the mundane and into the extraordinary regions where you spend a lot of your
time. You are a seer, in the true sense of the word, and possess a waking
experience of that part of us that is mystical and dreamlike. You find new ways
to bring people together, to unify situations. Unusual music.
Neptune in Capricorn
The practical is the ideal. Form follows function. You have a dream of being in
control -- the puppetmaster. You are very interested in tradition and tend to be
dignified and conservative. You believe in an orderly society led by benevolent
monarchs -- those who can see what to do.
Neptune in 9th House
Your dreams and ideals rest in whatever is pure and true. Philosophy and
religion are your escape and refuge from the mundane world. An almost mystical
imagination provides you with visions into the world as a community -- a sense
Natal Report: Jungle Knowflake Page 7
Copyright ©2006 Matrix Software - Big Rapids, MI 49307
of unity.
Neptune Sextile Pluto
A searing vision that cuts through what passes for conventional religion. A vision
of the endless process of life ever being born afresh. Great acceptance and faith
in the natural process and next generation. Love of children and animals.
Pluto in Scorpio
You tear through appearances in an effort to get beneath, behind, and at the
heart or essence. You may find psychology, initiation, and mysticism, and the
occult of great interest. Intense personal change and inner growth are lifelong
Pluto in 6th House
You tend to be radical when it comes to self-analysis, which includes health care,
food, physical wellbeing. Serving and caring for yourself and others is a primary
source of inner growth and change. You are sensitive to criticism.
Node in Pisces
To undertake a dream is to move water without a bucket, to row with only one
oar. It's not magic, but it seems like it from afar, and you can drown if you don't
learn the tricks of the trade. When you have served as apprentice, your reward is
to become the sorcerer, and teach the one who comes after.
Node in 11th House
Finding the right kind of friendship and close alliance can become as much a
duty as a pleasure, so don't vet your near and dear too closely or it may become
a habit. The ultimate rewards come when you can just be spontaneous and see
who comes naturally, however they may be situated in your personal hierarchy.
Midheaven in Capricorn
They say youíre a no-nonsense type that takes care of business above all else.
That may belie the tender part underneath, but it canít hurt to seem a little tough
on top when whatís underneath needs protection.
Natal Report: Jungle Knowflake Page 8
Copyright ©2006 Matrix Software - Big Rapids, MI 49307
Ascendant in Gemini
You are quick, witty, and much given to talk and communicating with others. You
come across as intelligent, verbal, and perhaps a little on the nervous side. You
tend to be changeable, being all things to all people.
Vertex in Libra
Making necessary course adjustments to accommodate another may come to
seem routine, but every now and then one of those decisions becomes quite lifealtering
in retrospect. Thus, manipulative situations are more important to you
than you may think, even when it's "done for your own good." Be sure you
always fully participate.
Vertex in 6th House
The greatest decisions in your life may be the small ones, daily choices which
incrementally add up to major life directions not evident in each detail of the
picture. You've got to serve somebody, and in the smallest favor can come the
road-altering opportunity that was awaiting your decision from the start.

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I greatly appreciate this report, Ellynlvx. I'm surprised at how accurate it is. There are many things that resonate with me, especially the problem with authority part.

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You and my daughter.


I tell myself it will make her stronger...

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