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Moon in Leo
You are gregarious, even to the point of bringing out the performer in others.
You somehow always manage to find a creative environment or the creative in
any environment. You are great with kids and big on animals, sports, and the
outdoors. You are an instant umbrella of warmth, friendship, and self-expression.
Moon in 7th House
Your friends, partners, and relationships mean a lot to you. They are a primary
source of strength, and you always look to them for support and encouragement.
You are indeed a social being and will no doubt weave this fact into your lifestyle.
Moon Conjunction Mercury
You always can say just what you mean. Almost always right-on when it comes
to questions of feelings, you take an active interest in psychology, different
cultures, and history. You can find support from all sides when it comes to any
sort of mental activity -- writing, speaking, and all forms of communication.
Moon Conjunction Venus
You like other people, and they can tell. Others value you for your sense of
discrimination and kindness. You love working with groups, especially in
psychological areas and where feelings are involved. You are very discriminating
when it comes to your home and surroundings -- a great lover of tradition. Your
love of history, different cultures, and your own past is exceptional. You value
and are a connoisseur of all things bright and kind.
Moon Conjunction Jupiter
The public loves you, and it may be hard for you to avoid working with and for
others. The way for you involves working with people. Everyone sees you as
genuine and giving and tends to trust you on sight. Your ability to counsel others
is excellent, and you are always sought out for advice. A born leader, others find
it easy to take instructions from you and tend to follow your example. You enjoy
helping others solve their problems.
Natal Report: LauraAs Knowflake Page 2
Copyright ©2006 Matrix Software - Big Rapids, MI 49307
Moon Square Pluto
You keep your feelings and emotions to yourself and resent any attempt to
analyze or probe them. Your home and surroundings are tidy and air-tight, as
well. However, you don't mind probing and dissecting the lives of others. This
can't help but produce a strain in your relations with others, and you probably get
very little support for your detective work. These two parts of you which seldom
meet cause constant tension, resulting in periodic explosions.
Sun in Virgo
You are nothing if not compassionate. Interested in serving others, you worry
about their welfare. You like to take care of everything, and are always
redeeming, salvaging, and restoring. You believe in conservation in all things.
You find yourself through response and service to others, to life.
Sun in 8th House
"What you see is what you get" is not enough for you. You want more than
appearances and are willing to dig down to get at the heart of things. You work
through all that is superficial, no matter what kind of personal sacrifice is
Sun Trine Uranus
You work well with those in authority who are independent and original. You
could find yourself engaged in nonconformist causes, always ready to promote
what is independent and innovative. You like radical approaches, and find
yourself in support of whatever new-wave product or breakthrough advance is
next in line. Communication, computers, electronics, and everything new-wave
excites you and you excel here. You discover new ways of working with
traditional materials.
Sun Trine Neptune
You have a natural ability to grasp spiritual and visionary matters and to put
them to work. You can perform with the imagination and metaphysical thoughts
like others work with durable things. This is because you understand what is
behind and connecting things. Much of your own self-image is wrapped up with
your ability to work with images -- dreams and the imagination. You would make
a good teacher in areas of music, philosophy, and all that is mystical.
Sun Sextile Pluto
Innate intensity and seriousness are visible to all. A sense of the eternal aspects
Natal Report: LauraAs Knowflake Page 3
Copyright ©2006 Matrix Software - Big Rapids, MI 49307
of life makes authority and leadership positions natural and unavoidable. A gut
sense of how to act in stress situations. Lots of charisma. Power.
Mercury in Leo
You are dynamic and always expressive in thought and speech -- dramatic. You
appreciate your own ideas, and tend to be outgoing in speech and manner.
Fresh. Warm. You put forth strong views and are hard to influence or change.
Emotional and a good entertainer, you are louder than average and tend to
exaggerate. You are a lover. There are always plenty of tears and laughter.
Mercury in 7th House
You love to communicate and discuss ideas with other people. Your ideas are
always fair and impartial, especially when it comes to other people, the social
scene. You are at your mental best when you are communicating with others.
Mercury Conjunction Venus
You have a love affair going with the mind and you value all of its offspring:
words, ideas, thoughts, and such. And you love to talk. In particular you
appreciate good conversation, and you feel that stimulating mental adventures
(either alone or with others) are among the most exciting experiences life offers.
You have a built-in sense of discrimination when it comes to the intellect -- all
mental activities.
Mercury Conjunction Jupiter
You have the mind of a lawyer, always able to size up a problem and come up
with a solution. Using your mind to negotiate obstacles and handle dilemmas
(your own or those of others), is a great talent. You have an innate ability to
guide and lead others through the hurdles and hassles of life. You could be very
much in demand as a counselor. You are a problem-solver.
Mercury Square Pluto
Getting personal with you is a real mistake, for it always manages to plunge you
into turmoil. You resent probing on the part of others, yet are fascinated by
behind-the-scenes and so-called "secret" information. You may prefer not to
think about anything below the surface, but even this is not a constant, and this
inner conflict produces more than its share of tension.
Natal Report: LauraAs Knowflake Page 4
Copyright ©2006 Matrix Software - Big Rapids, MI 49307
Venus in Leo
Big heart, big love, you are seldom petty. Given to grand gestures and dramatic
scenes, you love independence and greatness in all forms and are very regal.
You can be generous to a fault. Children and animals are high on your list of
priorities. Fervently loyal, you are courageous and demonstrative.
Venus in 7th House
You love social life and relationships of all kinds -- partners, marriages, teachers,
and such. You are very responsive yourself and value this in others. You don't
play favorites and are quite impersonal when it comes to your responsibilities.
Venus Conjunction Jupiter
You value fairness in all things and go out of your way to be just. You appreciate
others who have been successful and may surround yourself with those in power,
be they politicians, officials, what-have-you. Your sense of quality and
discrimination may amount to some sort of livelihood for you. You could make
your living with your good taste. In addition, you have an innate sense of how to
work with and guide others in making decisions. You understand the choices
and can spot the right ones.
Venus Square Pluto
You are unruffled and like things calm and impersonal. Polite, but not too close,
and never personal. You don't appreciate displays of emotion, and any attempts
at analysis meet with the cold cut-off. It is as if all vulnerable issues do not, and
never did, exist. Your surveillance sees to that. However, the stuff of gossip
fascinates and calls to you from across the void. You hate it, but you love it.
There is a lot of unrest built around this issue.
Mars in Libra
You have an inner urge to be all things to all people and would rather bend than
argue or make an issue. You are a natural diplomat, always courteous and
concerned with the comfort and welfare of others. You stay in the background,
but are able to manipulate and bring out cooperation in others every time.
Mars in 8th House
Not content with appearances, you are driven to reduce everything to the bare
essentials, the nitty-gritty. This compelling urge for integrity and contempt for the
Natal Report: LauraAs Knowflake Page 5
Copyright ©2006 Matrix Software - Big Rapids, MI 49307
superficial may offend some.
Mars Trine Saturn
The word here is accomplishment. If there is a job, you can do it. A prodigious
worker, you pour yourself into any task with absolute determination. You are
responsible to the extreme and take on obligations as though you just can't get
enough. You enjoy discipline, and limitations are seen as opportunities rather
than as handicaps. You would make a good teacher of others in matters of
organization, practical competence, and the like. You have a great desire and
drive to be thorough and responsible down to the smallest details. You always
know what is essential and what is not. You love the routine.
Mars Square Uranus
Your insistence on the traditional clashes with everything in the world that is
innovative and changing. You come up against this again and again. Your drive
and emotions take conservative, well-traveled paths, carefully avoiding the new
and different. You may have trouble feeling spontaneous and become overly
dependent on others. All of this erupts in sudden fits of temper from time to time.
Jupiter in Leo
You would love a career that is creative and expressive. Always dramatic, you
are a born entertainer and salesman -- warm, loud, and gregarious. Proud, you
have an inner need to express feelings and emotions to others. You can be selfcentered
and are driven to leadership positions by a sense of your own inner
Jupiter in 7th House
Your life path involves very close relationships with others. This could be through
a marriage or another form of yoga (union). Making the two one, joining together
what is separate, is the key to your career.
Saturn in Aquarius
You have an innate distrust of groups or large organizations and could tend to
avoid what is new or future-oriented. You are, perhaps, too conservative and
need to develop a sense of community and sharing with others. Learn to be
independent. Practice impartiality and altruism. Be innovative.
Natal Report: LauraAs Knowflake Page 6
Copyright ©2006 Matrix Software - Big Rapids, MI 49307
Saturn in 1st House
You are very conservative when it comes to your personal appearance and
communications with others. You are impartial and don't play favorites or get
overly personal. You probably don't waste words.
Uranus in Capricorn
You are innovative in the political and business arena. You find new ways to
manage and control things and people. Ever practical, you come up with new or
alternate forms of management -- breakthroughs in top-level management and
corporate styles. You bring new life to conservative traditions. Your emotions are
very staid.
Uranus in 12th House
You could be unconventional in matters of psychology, the psyche, and all that is
mystical or spiritual. Unusual ways to help or care for others -- insight into
accepting life and self-sacrifice -- are yours.
Uranus Conjunction Neptune
You have real vision and insight into the unity that ties this world together. Your
brilliant imagination and enchanting manner transport all who meet you beyond
the mundane and into the extraordinary regions where you spend a lot of your
time. You are a seer, in the true sense of the word, and possess a waking
experience of that part of us that is mystical and dreamlike. You find new ways
to bring people together, to unify situations. Unusual music.
Neptune in Capricorn
The practical is the ideal. Form follows function. You have a dream of being in
control -- the puppetmaster. You are very interested in tradition and tend to be
dignified and conservative. You believe in an orderly society led by benevolent
monarchs -- those who can see what to do.
Neptune in 12th House
You have very high ideals and a vision of unity and togetherness that allows you
to be long-suffering and put up with a lot. You tend to be self-sacrificing,
understanding, and always interested in whatever is psychological, mystical, and
the like.
Natal Report: LauraAs Knowflake Page 7
Copyright ©2006 Matrix Software - Big Rapids, MI 49307
Neptune Sextile Pluto
A searing vision that cuts through what passes for conventional religion. A vision
of the endless process of life ever being born afresh. Great acceptance and faith
in the natural process and next generation. Love of children and animals.
Pluto in Scorpio
You tear through appearances in an effort to get beneath, behind, and at the
heart or essence. You may find psychology, initiation, and mysticism, and the
occult of great interest. Intense personal change and inner growth are lifelong
Pluto in 10th House
A tremendous practical sense and drive cuts through all the red tape and
exposes the right decisions every time. You may have an ability to organize and
manage all that is vulnerable and sensitive in the human psyche... the public
Node in Capricorn
When you bear an air of authority, you also must bear its burden, because the
air is thinner, and few go there. But if you know the way, you must lead the fray.
In the secret places of your heart there is a hidden hearth that awaits you,
available not by your command but by those who quietly know what you need.
Node in 12th House
Digging where others don't -- and maybe you shouldn't -- can become a habit
that can make you helpful but also involved in and responsible for the suffering
of others. Playing catcher means fielding a lot of foul balls -- but you'll be
appreciated in the end by the extent to which others are in your service.
Midheaven in Scorpio
Keeping your game plan to yourself may have some jealous of your position, but
hey, thatís the way you play the game. You can actually hand out secrets like
candy and no one will know, because they will assume otherwise.
Natal Report: LauraAs Knowflake Page 8
Copyright ©2006 Matrix Software - Big Rapids, MI 49307
Ascendant in Capricorn
You present yourself in a very practical and conservative manner. Always
objective, you come across as very much a sharp business and career person.
Others may interpret your clear-mindedness as emotional coolness.
Vertex in Leo
In the stray moment of creativity, when you're doing it just for fun and play,
events happen and people show up who spin your life off into entirely new
directions. You probably won't even know it at the time, as you'll be thinking of
the moment, not the future, but you'll look back and see where the roads
diverged from there.
Vertex in 7th House
Your most life-altering events will be directly linked with the partnerships you
make, and not always in the most obvious fashion -- in fact, it may be those
relationships which you most ignore or overlook. You have the rest of your life
awaiting you on a plate you didn't know was already served and at your disposal.

Vertex -- Jupiter Can bring overall improvement into the life in work and in health. Influences promoters, judges, ministers, athletes, college people. Can be self-indulgent. Wants an idealistic or perfect partner. Stimulates aspiration, tolerance and understanding.

This is also on Regulus.

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posted March 15, 2014 09:15 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for LauraAesthetic     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
THANK YOU SO MUCH *reading now with a can of miller light* lol

this!-"Practice impartiality and altruism."

The vertex in jupiter; Hehe indulgent damnit! I guess that's why I love those libras! Again thank you Ellynlvx very much appreciated! Now I'm going to go research! Trying to learn how to read tarot cards for others as well!

" Even before one deciphers whether he should forgive me, I've already forgiven him for us both."--Trust what you get.

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