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Synastry Report for MBonneySharon Knowflake
MBonneySharon Knowflake

Report For MBonneySharon Knowflake
MBonneySharon's Moon in BonneySharon's 7th House
BonneySharon may see you as a natural partner and built-in self-reflection, so
be ready to play the role whenever called upon. Your feelings are a mirror for
BonneySharon, so this can be a great plus for long-lasting intimacy or for a solid
business relationship.
MBonneySharon's Moon Conjunction BonneySharon's Mercury
You can probably intuit what BonneySharon is going to say before the first word
is said, and heart meets head quickly and easily (your heart, BonneySharon's
head). Conversely, BonneySharon can probably put your feelings into words
better than you can.
MBonneySharon's Moon Square BonneySharon's Midheaven
Watch what you say about BonneySharon, as your initial reactions may not be
exactly the best publicity, even though you may not mean it that way. If your
feelings are negative, they can have a hurtful impact that spreads further than
you may imagine.
MBonneySharon's Moon Opposition BonneySharon's Ascendant
You may have some difficulty at first picking up on BonneySharon's physical
moves, so that you wind up stepping on each other's toes. To keep in step, learn
the steps, don't just assume you know them. It will take a little more time.
MBonneySharon's Sun in BonneySharon's 6th House
BonneySharon may look up to you (though may not admit it) as a model for good
health and the work ethic. You, yourself may find that hard to believe, but take
advantage and be as righteous as you feel like. You can get away with it.
Synastry Report: MBonneySharon Knowflake Page 2
Copyright 2006 Matrix Software - Big Rapids, MI 49307
MBonneySharon's Sun Conjunction BonneySharon's Moon
Lay it down and you can expect BonneySharon to be right there to pick it up.
When your personality shines, BonneySharon will be the first person to soak up
the rays and reflect them back to you with agreement and appreciation. A classic
marriage contact, if that's where you want to go with it.
MBonneySharon's Sun Sextile BonneySharon's Sun
As far as personalities go, you can proceed like two charioteers in a grand
parade, side by side but dressed in different array. Common themes unite your
individual distinctions so you make up a complementary set. Room for ego
without ego problems.
MBonneySharon's Sun Square BonneySharon's Venus
You may not be able to impress BonneySharon by force of personality alone -- in
fact, the more ego you display, the worse it may get. Find other places to
establish common ground where dazzling each other is not the issue.
MBonneySharon's Sun Sextile BonneySharon's Jupiter
You are a good support for BonneySharon's ambitions, even when not directly
involved with them. Your general comments and personal approval go a long
way in giving BonneySharon the necessary confidence to move ahead and
MBonneySharon's Sun Trine BonneySharon's Midheaven
Anything you say about BonneySharon can and likely will be seen as favorable.
Even passing praise is looked upon as solid support and background
underpinnings for BonneySharon's reputation. It's not something to strive for, as
it's honest and comes naturally.
MBonneySharon's Mercury in BonneySharon's 6th House
If BonneySharon needs reason, justification, or explanation for duty, work, and a
healthy lifestyle, you can provide it, and be taken seriously. Even, in fact, if you
wouldn't think of doing it yourself, feel free to give out good advice.
MBonneySharon's Mercury Sextile BonneySharon's Sun
You've probably got a pretty good grip on where BonneySharon is coming from,
even if you don't bother to write down chapter and verse. A good thumbnail
sketch in the mind is sufficient to explain all, as details won't be demanded.
Synastry Report: MBonneySharon Knowflake Page 3
Copyright 2006 Matrix Software - Big Rapids, MI 49307
MBonneySharon's Mercury Square BonneySharon's Venus
You can't get what you want if you can't say what you want, and you may not be
the right person to articulate BonneySharon's needs. No need to argue about it,
just don't insist you know what's going on or that you can help when you can't.
MBonneySharon's Mercury Trine BonneySharon's Midheaven
You don't have to go out of your way to promote BonneySharon. A few choice
words will do and they will carry further than anyone would expect. You
understand where BonneySharon is trying to go and can probably express it
better than BonneySharon can.
MBonneySharon's Venus in BonneySharon's 6th House
Although routine duties are often seen as chores, with BonneySharon this might
not be the case. Attention to neglected, everyday motions, from meals to
personal rituals and other common pursuits, can highlight the joy of being in the
MBonneySharon's Venus Conjunction BonneySharon's Moon
You may find yourself tweaking BonneySharon to get a reaction just for sheer
pleasure. BonneySharon's feelings will likely be a source of reward under most
circumstances, as they just seem so right and even quite juicy. Very pleasant.
MBonneySharon's Venus Conjunction BonneySharon's Mars
You're likely to want just what BonneySharon is putting out, every action
designed to create and potentially fulfill desire. This is a major aspect of passion
and marriage, if you decide to go there. Definitely tweaks your interest, for sure.
MBonneySharon's Mars in BonneySharon's 3rd House
You can be a welcome jolt in the brain for BonneySharon, energizing the gray
matter and pushing the conversation along to evermore interesting levels. The
trick is to motivate thought without breeding argument.
MBonneySharon's Mars Trine BonneySharon's Mercury
BonneySharon's plans manifest in your actions easily, and your work
encourages BonneySharon's organizational efforts just enough to be helpful
without being pushy. Neither is looking for credit, as it all comes naturally without
much effort or purposeful investment.
Synastry Report: MBonneySharon Knowflake Page 4
Copyright 2006 Matrix Software - Big Rapids, MI 49307
MBonneySharon's Mars Opposition BonneySharon's Venus
What you deliver and what BonneySharon wants may not exactly be in sync,
and getting a close personal relationship together may take more time as a
result. Compromise may work, but each should have other outlets as well to stay
MBonneySharon's Mars Square BonneySharon's Saturn
Working with BonneySharon may be a bit draining, due to picking up extra
baggage or needless repetition in the process of getting things done. It's good
for very exacting tasks, but average efforts will turn out to be less than fuelefficient.
MBonneySharon's Mars Sextile BonneySharon's Ascendant
Cooperative physical efforts, from outdoor work to dancing, can go easily and
naturally and probably don't require much thought or planning. Nor do they take
up much priority, either, and are natural resources to draw on for other things.
MBonneySharon's Jupiter in BonneySharon's 12th House
BonneySharon's most secret and potentially hazardous side has a friend in you,
as you naturally protect and serve as a positive conduit to inner growth and
healing. Be a guardian angel by gently protecting, encouraging, and letting light
into the closet.
MBonneySharon's Jupiter Opposition BonneySharon's Moon
Be careful that emotional situations don't get blown out of proportion by pursuing
issues further than they should naturally go. It can be easy to get tangled in everspiraling
change that exhausts BonneySharon's clarity of judgment.
MBonneySharon's Jupiter Opposition BonneySharon's Mars
You can find yourselves wasting your energy by expanding into too many new
directions at once or pursuing intense efforts to the point of diminishing returns
and exhaustion. Do enough to get just enough done, then rest and move on.
MBonneySharon's Jupiter Trine BonneySharon's Jupiter
Together you have a good sense of where you fit into larger scale developments
and can give each other good free advice on where you've been and where you
might go next. Development without competition can make for good partnership.
Synastry Report: MBonneySharon Knowflake Page 5
Copyright 2006 Matrix Software - Big Rapids, MI 49307
MBonneySharon's Saturn in BonneySharon's 8th House
You can probably be a really good check on BonneySharon's debt, encouraging
thrift rather than living on credit. Similarly, you could be just the person to insist
on cleaning out the attic and keeping only what's needed and useful. Just try to
be cheerful about it.
MBonneySharon's Saturn Conjunction BonneySharon's Sun
Although you can serve as a stabilizing and even governing influence on
BonneySharon, avoid being a candle-snuffer. It's one thing to help bank
BonneySharon's fires, entirely another to toss cold water on them. Be a rock, not
a hard place, and BonneySharon will thank you for it.
MBonneySharon's Saturn Conjunction BonneySharon's Jupiter
You have the effect of helping control some of BonneySharon's unrealistically
exuberant tendencies, while BonneySharon can give you a kick in the pants
when you are being too much of a stick in the mud. Although you may never
agree on some things, you are good for each other in this respect.
MBonneySharon's Saturn Sextile BonneySharon's Midheaven
Your stability may do much to enhance BonneySharon's reputation, although
neither of you may have a clue as to exactly why or how. Your presence would
appear to add some kind of credibility, with BonneySharon's success only
adding to it.
MBonneySharon's Uranus in BonneySharon's 2nd House
You can have a somewhat unsettling effect on BonneySharon's personal
resources, perhaps without meaning to. When you need to make demands,
however correct or necessary, try to give warning -- and do it in increments, not
suddenly and all at once. Sudden overloads are not helpful.
MBonneySharon's Neptune in BonneySharon's 4th House
If you have your way, every time BonneySharon returns home it will be to a
comforting world of fantasy and dreams -- the essence of what childhood home
ought to mean to everyone. In the real world, the appliances sometimes get in
the way, so balance your act to make dreams work.
Synastry Report: MBonneySharon Knowflake Page 6
Copyright 2006 Matrix Software - Big Rapids, MI 49307
MBonneySharon's Pluto in BonneySharon's 2nd House
If you try to control or manipulate BonneySharon's finances or personal
resources, you could be in for trouble, however right or well-meaning you may
be. In this area, it is better for you to stop yourself than to block BonneySharon,
if you value the relationship.

BonneySharon's Midheaven Square MBonneySharon's Moon
However well things may be going personally, it will probably be wise to steer
MBonneySharon clear of your professional life, as MBonneySharon's feelings
there will tend to get things tangled up and not likely for the better for either of
you. Intimacy yes, publicity no.
BonneySharon's Midheaven Trine MBonneySharon's Sun
Anything MBonneySharon has to give in the way of professional or public
support should be welcome, but it's likely to be quiet backing rather than vocal
cheerleading. Similarly, MBonneySharon may enjoy your status without making
a big deal out of it.
BonneySharon's Midheaven Trine MBonneySharon's Mercury
Any advice from MBonneySharon on how you run your professional show will be
well-taken and you'll always find a good word being spread about you from that
quarter. It won't be insistent, however, so it's up to you to listen and take heed of
free counsel.
BonneySharon's Midheaven Sextile MBonneySharon's Saturn
Your professional reputation can be a source of security for MBonneySharon,
and for that reason you'll find support and reinforcement in areas that help
stabilize your status. When you want to know the best fallback line,
MBonneySharon's the one to consult.

BonneySharon's Ascendant Opposition MBonneySharon's Moon
MBonneySharon may be the perfect foil for you, a mirror off which to bounce
your ideas or personal moves and get instant feedback, sometimes more than
you want. However, because of this sensitivity, it's a good idea to go gently, as
what is reflected will always be a bit magnified.
BonneySharon's Ascendant Sextile MBonneySharon's Mars
When you're about tuckered out, you can usually count on MBonneySharon for a
quiet injection of extra energy to see you through. By pacing yourself to
MBonneySharon's rhythms, you may save a lot of extra gas and get more
mileage, too.

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Posts: 6501
From: Mountain Gate
Registered: Aug 2013

posted March 31, 2014 08:38 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Ellynlvx     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

Chart Transit
Monday Mar 31, 2014

Moon in 9th House
A good time to philosophize, take a turn toward more lasting values. Right now,
you can expect support from friends and co-workers regarding all things candid
and honest.
Moon Square Moon
You may feel blocked or frustrated emotionally by someone or by your own life
situation in general. You might feel that some avenues of support have been cut
off or blocked. Arguments of an emotional kind could be easy to find.
Moon Square Mars
Other people, or the general circumstances in which you find yourself at present,
may unite to irritate or anger you. You could find yourself getting over-emotional
and flying off the handle. A difficult time to relax and remain calm.
Moon Opposition Uranus
Others could challenge your nonconforming attitude in some situation which
results in opposition and blockage. Not perhaps a good time for you to try out
new things or break away from the old routine. Your own surroundings work
against you in this.
Sun in 8th House
A time for getting down to business, stripping away and discarding nonessentials,
memories of things past, and the like. You can separate the wheat from the chaff,
concentrating on important things. You are unsentimental about all of this.
Sun Conjunction Venus
Be careful that you don't go on a spending spree, for you may appreciate the
beauty and value of everything you encounter today. You could feel loving and
warm to those around you, and you are appreciative of your own life and self, in
Transit Report: BonneySharon Knowflake Page 2
Copyright 2006 Matrix Software - Big Rapids, MI 49307
Sun Square Saturn
It may be hard to organize or persevere today. Everything may seem to be
falling apart and coming unglued. Don't force things. Be patient and let the chaos
blow itself out. Clashes with authorities or someone older over responsibilities
are possible.
Sun Trine Neptune
Let yourself dream today. These days don't come too often, so don't ignore this
opportunity to let your imagination loose. Perhaps a good book or movie will take
on that more-than-real dimension. Consider the stars.
Sun Opposition Pluto
Your own inner need for change and growth may be threatened by someone
older or by circumstances. There could be some underhanded or devious goingson
behind the scenes as well. Tension of a psychological or political nature may
be present.
Mercury in 8th House
Your mind may be on an analytical binge, able to cut through a lot of superficial
thought and concentrate on what's important. You may have ideas that are
important for business considerations.
Mercury Conjunction Sun
You find yourself talkative and quick-witted today. Ideas are clear and easy to
come by. This could be a good time for thinking over your own affairs. You may
have a conversation with an older person or someone in authority.
Mercury Trine Saturn
Put your mind to work and take care of any details that you may have, for mental
discipline should come easily. Problems and obstacles that have heretofore
been confounding should find easy explanations under your keen examination.
Mercury Square Neptune
Not the clearest of times. There is the danger of foggy thinking and of your being
misled or getting too carried away with some plan or idea. A lot of mental
Transit Report: BonneySharon Knowflake Page 3
Copyright 2006 Matrix Software - Big Rapids, MI 49307
Venus in 7th House
You value partners and relationships during this time. A new-found appreciation
or love for the social scene, and perhaps a more communal life style. You value
a more impersonal approach to relationships.
Venus Conjunction Mercury
Perhaps a time to think and study, for you have a real appreciation for ideas and
thoughts. You may find yourself enjoying a long conversation, writing a letter, or
making a special phone call.
Venus Trine Uranus
Independence, as well as anything unusual or different, is valued. You may
enjoy getting away from routine and doing something completely different for a
Mars in 3rd House
An urge to communicate and discuss, perhaps to study and do research on one
subject or another. You have the energy now to inquire and question to your
heart's content.
Mars Trine Mercury
You may be very forceful in what you say and think. With all of this emotional
energy, you could speak or communicate very well. You have mental drive.
Mars Opposition Venus
Others may oppose or confront your value system. Their push or drive may tend
to conflict with the way you feel and do things. Your own desires may be ignored.
Jupiter in 11th House
Friends, group projects, and community concerns could play a key role that
effects your career direction. Altruism and humanitarian efforts can affect your
work and life-path.
Jupiter Trine Sun
Everything may be pouring in at once, and it's all good news. Your career
Transit Report: BonneySharon Knowflake Page 4
Copyright 2006 Matrix Software - Big Rapids, MI 49307
direction gets some encouragement, and life's problems should find easy
solutions. You may benefit from an older person or one in authority. Life could
assume a dreamlike stance.
Jupiter Square Venus
Career decisions that point to real success may go against your sense of values.
You may not be able to appreciate this particular way or road to success. The
way life is going may seem to ignore much of what you love and appreciate.
Jupiter Conjunction Saturn
A time to buckle down and consolidate your career. Your organizational abilities
and sense of responsibility will be what guides you and proves successful. Your
career could assume a much more determined and solid form. A firm foundation.
Jupiter Square Pluto
This could be a difficult situation. Your career and path to success seem to be
running counter to your need for change and self-growth. Job requirements may
stifle your sensitivity, hold you back from growing. Tread this one with care.
Saturn in 4th House
A time of closure, of establishing limits -- a home base from which to operate.
Physical limitations (limits) are discovered which provide a foundation for future
growth and self-confidence.
Saturn Trine Sun
A time during which circumstances bend to your will and things have a way of
working out smoothly. Here is a real opportunity to complete and work out
difficulties and projects that require both long-term effort and a high degree of
Saturn Square Mercury
A lot of mental energy churning around, but it may be hard to put it to work.
Circumstances may prove difficult regarding communication, writing, ideas, and
the like. Things can get tight, and you may find it hard to think or study during
this time.
Saturn Trine Jupiter
Outer circumstances and the flow of events make it easy for you to make clear
decisions, see the road ahead, and move forward. Things seem to fall in place,
Transit Report: BonneySharon Knowflake Page 5
Copyright 2006 Matrix Software - Big Rapids, MI 49307
and progress is easy. Be careful not to overextend or bite off more than you can
Uranus in 8th House
A time of clear insight into what is essential and worthwhile. Perfect for business
decisions, if perhaps unconventional. You are able to break through the
superficial and get right down to business, lay bare what is essential.
Uranus Conjunction Venus
New and (perhaps) unusual ways of appreciating and loving may be possible
now. You may discover something new about love or may adopt a different and
unconventional value system for a time.
Uranus Square Saturn
Go slowly just now. A tendency toward change and the unexpected or new could
affect your sense of security. A rebellious mood might find you wanting to ignore
responsibilities and go against what you have built or established. Something
could break.
Uranus Trine Neptune
There is the possibility of new visions or sudden insights into your self-image or
into your ideals and dreams. A time to reshape and renew your philosophy or
religion, during which your imagination is at full tilt. Breakthroughs in compassion
and communion.
Uranus Opposition Pluto
A time when you may feel rebellious and act out a need for freedom, especially
from any psychological and deep-seated feelings of insecurity and vulnerability.
You have no interest in self-analysis, deep conversations, gossip, and the like.
Neptune in 7th House
Very imaginative when it comes to other people and relationships of all kinds.
You have a sense of the ideal, almost an other-worldly feeling that you bring to
your partnerships, social or private. An interest in real union -- marriage or yoga.
Neptune Trine Saturn
The problems and responsibilities of life may be seen in a new light, as part of a
Transit Report: BonneySharon Knowflake Page 6
Copyright 2006 Matrix Software - Big Rapids, MI 49307
larger drama you are living (almost like a dream). You are able to handle
difficulties more easily, seeing them as part of a larger story.
Neptune Trine Uranus
Insights into your deeper, more spiritual nature are available to you during this
period of time. You may be able to discover whole new areas of your psyche or
mind that have been closed up to now. Insights into dreams and ideals.
Neptune Square Neptune
A time when dreams, fantasies, and the urge to be free of this hard world could
themselves be a fantasy that deceives and misleads you. Your own goals and
ideals may be stressed and challenged.
Pluto in 5th House
Deep and radical change in how you express and enjoy yourself. You may
undergo a transformation away from the superficial and towards deep, emotional
release and self-expression. Music and the arts may become your means of
psychological expression.
Pluto Sextile Sun
You could receive some help in the form of a real drive towards realizing your
inner self and your life ambitions. You are able to cut through a lot that is
unessential and get on with the real work. Also, a special relationship with an
authority figure or teacher.
Pluto Square Venus
An intense time, during which your need for inner growth and change may not
agree with how you feel, your current value system. You may not appreciate all
of the intensely personal stuff that is boiling up, coming to your attention.
Pluto Opposition Saturn
Inner searching and a sense of being vulnerable and exposed could tempt you
to drop your responsibilities and spend more time on personal growth. It may be
difficult to concentrate on your duties during this time of psychological sensitivity.
Pluto Square Pluto
A time when all that is personal, sensitive, and secret will come storming out of
the closet to confront you. A cornucopia of emotional vulnerabilities for you to
cope with. Change is the easiest thing to do. Let it flow and let it go.
Transit Report: BonneySharon Knowflake Page 7
Copyright 2006 Matrix Software - Big Rapids, MI 49307
Node in 3rd House
In order to fulfill the path you tend to choose, you have to know a lot and talk to a
lot of people, and that may take some time. The weight comes from sheer brain
drain, the reward comes as you see it all come together in one amazing whole.
After you've met all the pieces, you will discover it's all of a piece.
Node Conjunction Uranus
If it's new, original, an unusual flash of brilliance, you're likely to jump right on it
and take hold. That, at times, may be like jumping on a bucking bronco that
won't keep still once you've come aboard. So, cleave to what inspires your heart,
but vet it out first and test the waters before you plunge right in.
Vertex in 9th House
Travels far from your birthplace or contact with those from faraway lands are
critical to your life development, even when you take them for granted and
overlook them. Yours is a ship out on the ocean and incidents in foreign ports,
however small, determine the entirety of the rest of your voyage.

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