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  T-Square in Synastry .. and Any Other Planetary Patterns

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Author Topic:   T-Square in Synastry .. and Any Other Planetary Patterns

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posted July 12, 2018 05:50 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for sassaqua     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

Hellow wonderful all..

*Sorry, I didn't know how to edit Subject of post so I posted again.. Mods, please delete last post*

What happens when a T-square is formed via synastry?

I'm wondering specifically about people (and relationships) with oppositions in their natal, and how they go when someone makes a synastry T-square by squaring both ends. Guess the same could be asked for someone who has the square, and is T-squared by an opposition..

Anyhow, does this T-square bring pleasant relief to the tension of that opposition for that person with it? And also for the synastry relationship? Or does it provide relief in a negative way, in that the tension on the opposition is directed to the person squaring it?

Is there opportunity for balance through the empty "leg" of that T-square between the people with this synastry? Whether by actual more external aspects (ie, a third element like a transit or another person)? Or maybe just by exercising the principle of that empty leg. Like, if the empty leg is, say, saggitarius, then tension can be released by (things saggitarian) like adventurous activities. Maybe rather than potentially turning on each other/the relationship?

Any thoughts? Experiences? Is it a core thing in your relationship? Can you get stuck in it? Is it binding? Is the squaring person an attractive or repelling force? Is it stressful in your relationship?

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posted July 12, 2018 06:17 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for ReachingForTheStars     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
“Pleasant relief”? Absolutely not (answers may vary 🙂 )! Lol

Lemme give you some background. My husband has a stellium of planets at the base of his chart (Saturn-10 degrees Libra, Jupiter-14 degrees libra and mercury-17 degrees libra. Pluto and Venus is in his 4th house too but further away). His moon at 10 degrees Aries is at the top of his chart conjunct his MC-13 degrees Aries.

My moon, at almost 10 degrees of Capricorn, forms the t-square.

It isn’t always the case of an imbalance between one extreme over the other as some may imagine with an opposition. There is a blending of imbalanced extremes, especially when immature.

Sometimes, he’s outwardly impulsive and selfish (Aires), and at others emotinally manipulative and passive-aggressive (Libra). Usually though, he passive-aggressively tries to act on and justify his impulses... Saying one thing, doing the complete opposite then acting like I’m some cruel headmistress. He resists my lunar influence.

I’m the voice of reason. The one saying, “do you think that’s smart? Slow down. What’s the better alternative?” His ASC is at 19 degrees cancer. I don’t really consider it as helping in this dynamic because it just aids in his perception of being victimized and treating himself like an innocent baby. Funny thing is, he’s not receptive to me unless I approach in a nurturing, cancerian way.

There is definitely lots of tension and I do feel like it’s directed towards me (or lots of pressure is on me to handle it properly), but I wouldn’t call it negative. Unpleasant but necessary. We just had our 17th anniversary. He told me, “thank you for controlling me!” I was ****** ! I don’t want to “control” him. I don’t feel like we’re equal partners. He’s like a child. He’ll say that he knows that I’m right, but he doesn’t care. He deflects a lot. Projects a lot. Tries to paint me in a harsh light.

Lemme give you an example...

We have different income sources. One has been specifically reserved for his discretionary use, BUT he will purchase things using accounts funded by other sources. As our money manager, I don’t like it when he does this. He doesn’t tell me about it. I’m not prepared for it. If I don’t notice it, he won’t mention it. When I do notice it, he’ll say he just forgot to tell me. This happens over and over and over and over again. He has a generous budget, but he’s insatiable. He does this to try to double his spending ability. If I let him, he’d bankrupt us. Our most recent compromise is: when you “accidentally” use the wrong account, you need to replace the funds.

The other day, he did it again! I noticed it, asked about it, he got annoyed. He told me something that suggested he didn’t have money to replace what he spent, which annoys me because it violates what we agreed to. I got upset. The story morphed. He had the money but it “wasn’t in his pocket” or somewhere “immediately accessible” (the taunting/passive-aggressive, low-functioning libran behavior), so I’m being unreasonable and emotionally volatile. This is the point where it’s up to me to sort it all out.

*I* wasn’t the one being emotionally volatile!!! “HE” was upset, knew he had no reasonable reason to be, but wanted what he wanted. Instead of doing the responsible thing, he chose to try to create the illusion that somehow, I was being irresponsible. In the past, my reactions were dramatic enough to overshadow whatever he did. It was overly harsh (Capricorn) and I felt guilty. Nowadays, Im better at holding him accountable. I had to revisit what happened from the beginning... point out that what he said suggested that he was spending money he didn’t have. Where a “yes” or “no” would have sufficed, he instead responded suggestively with something that was objectively upsetting. Why? This is his way of deflecting and projecting. Stir a crazy reaction from me and I’ll be the one apologizing.

It takes a tremendous amount of emotional awareness. While I’m grateful for the things I’ve learned, I HATE it.

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posted July 15, 2018 09:59 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for sassaqua     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

Thank you for your story ReachingForTheStars..

Sounds like a petulant and goading Aries, I feel your Capricorn Moon's struggle! I hope it has some supporting aspects (does it?). So I'm assuming that your Moon falls in his H6 then. Which, for memory, I think is an ok position for the Moon, and I guess more ok for a Cap Moon than any other. That's lucky! Funny how things work out.

It's fair to say then that in your experience, that opposition pendulum energy/blending of imbalanced extremes is "kicked" out and projected onto the synastry T-ing planet.

Are there any easier aspects from you to either end of his opposition? It would help to lighten things.

Also to consider, the dynamics of T-ing through synastry would vary depending what planets are involved. Which just makes it all the more interesting. For example: a Saturn opposite Mars would have a different impact on a Moon T-ing it. And also, if/whether there are easier aspects to channel some tension anywhere. If there were none for the Moon, I don't think it would cope and actually may be a red flag for abuse.

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posted July 15, 2018 05:26 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for angel4845     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
T-square in my opinion when analyzing charts of married couples, and couples in general often have T-squares in synastry and/or composite!!

I love to see geometric patterns in synastry especially the T-square!! and grand cross and more! it can generate a lot of attraction!!!

it depends on the planets, rulers, signs were dealing with (all of this only tells us the story of the dynamic these two people engage in energetically) if that makes sense.

for example,

my chart ruler is venus in sag square Jupiter in virgo...when someone's mars in gemini makes aspect to this less then 4 degrees USUALLY i' am physically attracted to this person almost instantly! however i have had instances where I' am not physically attracted to the person and often feel repulsed by them! annoyed by them! which isn't good. I have had instances where the interest was not 100% mutual when dealing with the passionate combination of planets VENUS/MARS.

NOT DEALING WITH ROMANTIC encounters let me tell you when it comes to FAMILY in law who I clash with has her Mercury in gemini conjunct her MC square her Moon in pisces/descendant. My venus conjuncts her IC and my Jupiter conjuncts her Ascendant/12th house. We clash because she is very snobby and thinks she is RIGHT ABOUT EVERYTHING and thinks she is soooo SMART! she fills a grand cross with my planets and I also do the same for her!

as I said I believe these geometric patterns can either be very harmonious or disharmonious depending on how these two people are in real life.

I think geometric patterns are very crucial when it comes to relationships, love etc. IT IS HIGHLY IMPORTANT because these aspects ENCOURAGE SOUL GROWTH between two people and as I' am saying this I wanna say this can also be KARMIC SIGNATURE were dealing with here.

I also want to mention the instant attraction that I feel when it comes to my natal venus in sag square jupiter in virgo I FEEL ASTEROID CUPIDO CONJUNCT my JUPITER can contribute to this instant attraction feeling as well.

I often notice when dealing with the love asteroids the geometric patterns can generate so much attraction as well!

It has binding effect yes but like i said i think we to see the situation between two people first and then analyze the planets, signs, houses were dealing with first.
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posted July 15, 2018 08:21 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for sassaqua     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Yes, if the planets are, like you have - Venus or/and Jupiter, it will likely make a person sit up and notice in a good way. Because those planets want to express their beneficial natures, albeit though, not in a perfect way. Eg, the Venus will be there wanting the opportunity to "love". (Like with my Venus Moon square)

But if the aspect in question is of a more problematic one, which would be with malefactors, then that might create a cautiousness sensation when being triggered by an aspect, and might be a repellent, depending on the rest of the chart and the experiences of the people. Like in my example above then, might be prudent to watch out for cruelty/abuse (Saturn), power-games (Pluto) or violence (Mars).

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