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Author Topic:   ISIS and OSIRIS
Astro keen

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ISIS (42) and OSIRIS (1923)



ISIS is the personification of the Divine Feminine "Shakti" or Power that seeks to Unite with Her Infinite God-Source by completing the Divine "Union". The entire Kundalini Yoga Process is nothing but Shakti at the base of the Spine uniting completely with the Divine "Shiva" center in the Crown Chakra.

The Egyptian Myths speak of a patient Isis searching for the missing parts of her beloved Osiris. The Myth is a very good allegory to the Fall of Man. Osiris is tricked by jealous brother Set, cut into 13 pieces and scattered. This is akin to the Individual Soul compartmentalized into 13 personalities for the sake of physical Human Experience, and the temptation or trickery may have been another Species.

So, ISIS, the Twin Soul of Osiris collects all 13 pieces to make Osiris whole again for Union. Thus, she is the inspirer of Kundalini for all 13 Soul Personalities of every Higher Self. She initiates us into the knowledge of Karma, without balancing which we cannot raise our Kundalini.

ISIS is the ultimate energy of Loyalty. When the penis of OSIRIS is missing, she asks Thoth to make one of gold and re-animate Osiris. This is a very powerful allegory. The awakened Osiris is above base desires, and his enlightened form needs sexual experience beyond ordinary compulsions of lust/survival procreation. The purpose of sexual union is now to create demi-gods, and thus Horus is produced.

ISIS is thus the initiator of certain hormonal transformations in Men, something occurs to our cellular structure when we attain knowledge of Isis and from Isis. It is possible that we can produce sperm cells that have a mono-atom of gold. [Gold is produced in the Human Body through Biological Transmutation. Spiritual people may be metabolizing more gold and hence activating more powerful electrical connections to the Spiritual World]

Asteroid ISIS thus tells you how you will attain Spiritual Kundalini based Transformation with love and loyalty for God, by letting go of karmic entrapments and by alchemically producing more internal gold. (iQ, 2012)

---------------- ------------------------ ------------------ ----------------------

Asteroid ISIS has several layers of meaning, depending on the karmic experiences of the person. Most of the interpretations will work only after a certain amount of spiritual awareness is inculcated. Dormant and passive people will rarely experience the effects of the occult theme asteroids in their chart [very strong transits can sometimes trigger enough spiritual awareness to start sensing the effect of occult theme asteroids].

Those who are Souls with repeated incarnations since the time of Ancient Egypt or even prior to that, for them ISIS is a proof of their past life karmic debts in Ancient Egypt that deal with Royalty, Mystery Schools and Hermetic Wisdom ; for ISIS is said to be the Goddess responsible for Initiation into Mysteries.

Those who have more incarnations since the Renaissance or towards the Modern Age, ISIS represent their own awakening to the Spiritual via the “Divine Feminine”: Their discovery of Art Form, Symbolism and expression of how they thirst for God. Here, there is a direct correlation to the Vedic Esoteric Concept of “Kundalini” where Shakti is the Divine Feminine Force latent in Humanity which when thirsting for the Eternal God Soul, rises up to meet the “Shiva” Center [OSIRIS in Ancient Egyptian Myth] near the Pituitary Gland. This is said to activate the Crown Chakra [after first activating the Pineal Gland].

Those who are Souls from ATLANTIS, for them ISIS represents the compassion that helped in the re-construction and rehabilitation of survivors across the Continents after the destruction of Atlantis. Here, ISIS could even be a Goddess Level Entity from the Sirius Star System.

Irrespective of incarnation history or geography, for all Human Beings, Asteroid Isis can be considered as the representation of the best of our “Right Brain” Traits: Compassion, Intuition, Knowing by Knowing and ultimately Gnosis/Self Realization.

The most popular Myth of ISIS is her poignant and dedicated search for the missing pieces of her Twin Flame: OSIRIS. 13 pieces are found, and the 14th piece is made of Gold, after which Master Thoth reawakens OSIRIS, and they reunite. A powerful child is born to them, Horus, who destroys Set [the jealous brother of Osiris who conspired to dismember Osiris].

This Myth is all about Reintegration of our Highest Self by settling the debts of parallel incarnations, and awakening using “Gold” into our Divine Immortal Form. Gold = God + L or God + Love, the Love being the unconditional love from our Twin Flame without which Immortality is impossible. ISIS in our charts can thus tell us how we receive unconditional love from our Twin Flame, wherever she or he may be, so that we become whole again and release past life debts to ensure we escape the cycles of birth/death. (iQ, 2013 -14)

-------------------- ----------------------- ----------------------- ---------------------


OSIRIS is one of the most important Asteroids by theme. According to my understanding, it helps us know how we grasp the Divine Masculine traits within us. Where did we get scattered ? [Osiris Myth of 14 Pieces]
How do we rejuvenate? Who will be our Thoth/Master/Guide/Guru? [Asteroid Hermes may help]

How do we impregnate Isis with a Golden Phallus? [Meaning: How do we seed our Higher Reality after enlightenment]. (iQ, 2011)

------------------ --------------------- ----------------------- --------------------

ISIS conjunct OSIRIS

ISIS represents our divine feminine archetype energies of wisdom and OSIRIS the divine masculine wisdom. Their conjunction indicates a very evolved soul in the matters of masculinity-femininity balance.
(iQ, 2007)

A linkage of ISIS and OSIRIS can indicate a greater likelihood that you have a Twin Flame, and a Reunion might be possible. (IndigoDirae, May 2014)

A conjunction of Soul Mate Pair Asteroids in the Natal Chart is like a 99% guarantee of at least one loving Soulmate Relationship in this incarnation, with a high chance of it being a Twin Flame relationship. Thus, any of Isis conjunct Osiris, Eros conjunct Psyche and Siva conj Parvati aspects are very positive for an individual. (iQ)

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Astro keen

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posted May 20, 2014 04:41 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Astro keen     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

One of the most important aspects for ISIS is SUN conjunct ISIS. An example:
ISIS conjunct SUN at 11.3 Pisces:
Sabian: " In The Sanctuary Of An Occult Brotherhood, Newly Initiated Members Are Being Examined And Their Character Tested”
Interpretation: You have been an initiate of a Mystery School in more than one lifetime. You are very strongly connected to the Schools that later instituted Freemasonry.

Depending on other Asteroids [Example: Asteroid Giza or Osiris or Horus or Ptah or Sekhmet conjunct/trine/square/opposition Saturn or South Node], you could have had one or more lifetimes in Ancient Egypt or in a family that was affectionate towards Ancient Egyptian Research.

Your Spiritual Energy Levels must be very high to have such an exact conjunction, and it would be necessary for you to know about Hermetic Concepts such as taught in "Kybalion". There is also a chance that you have existed as a Higher Dimensional Being in Sirius [This may seem bizarre, but there are several ancient texts which speak of Advanced Civilizations in other Star Systems].

ISIS conjunct SUN or MOON in 5 Aquarius.
Sabian: “A Masked Figure Performs Ritualistic Acts In A Mystery Play” - Much of the first interpretation will be common.
In addition, the Sabian Symbol is highly ritualistic, you could have been used in Ancient Egyptian inspired rituals without your knowledge and could also have participated willingly. Asteroid ISIS works both ways, occult and open.

ISIS conjunct SUN: Your Core Personality is connected to an Ancient Egyptian Past Lifetime [or a past lifetime in a culture that was obsessed with Ancient Egyptian Artefacts and Occult Knowledge like Freemasonry]. You are destined to learn Occult Concepts like those explained in the Kybalion. You will also have a stronger yearning for your Twin Flame than is normal with other people. (iQ, 2013)

ISIS conjunct SUN bestows ladies with seductive charm and soulful looks.


ISIS conjunct ASC: a clue to an Egyptian Past Life.

ISIS trine ASC: Fated to know about Occult Wisdom, with ease and harmony.

OSIRIS or HORUS conjunct ASC produces heroic individuals ready to sacrifice for others.


OSIRIS conjunct MOON shows your Higher Level comprehension of the Divine Masculine is linked to the mastery of personal emotions and Subconscious Mind.

This conjunction also indicates your Maternal Ancestral Bloodlines have an important Ancient Egyptian connection. (iQ, 2011)

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Astro keen

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posted May 20, 2014 04:41 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Astro keen     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

ISIS conjunct/trine VENUS:
Such a person can have dazzling appeal, many will fall in love with the person. A lady may find fame because of her beauty with this aspect. She will love to find her Soul Mate and will be true to him even if she is a celebrity. Such a person will be able to affect the “Kundalini Energy” of her admirers through her appearance or even presence.

ISIS conjunct MARS or EROS:
Here sexual energy gets enhanced, especially the desire for sexual union with one’s Soul Mate or even better, with one’s Twin Flame. Some people with this aspect act as initiators of sexual experience to many in the art of “Sacred Sex”. [Note: This trait is more when Asteroid Vesta is involved].

ISIS conjunct MERCURY conjunct IC
Indicates a need to contemplate on "Divine Feminine", possibly a need to study Hermeticism/works of Thoth for your intellectual growth. A strong capability exists for understanding the structure of the Human Soul, especially from the viewpoint of Ancient Egyptian thinkers.

Whenever Saturn is concerned, it is a past life lesson that was not learned adequately, or a past life “sin” for which sufficient remedial action was not taken.

When the aspect angle is square or opposition, the lesson is intense as the negative actions or negative consequences are too many. The interpretation of Saturn in a Sign and House has already been explained, so first look at that, then combine the meaning of Isis. This combination is of a harsh lesson or negative experience fated in this life because of either negative actions in an Ancient Egyptian Lifetime, misuse of Occult Knowledge from an Isis based Mystery School or even disrespect of one’s “Divine Feminine” traits leading to lessons of suffering as a woman [if a woman] of from women if you are a male with this aspect.

Supposing the aspect were a conjunction, then the person has been heavily involved in all that Isis represents.
Pleasant aspects like trine and sextile indicate an ease of understanding the concept represented by Isis. An additional positive interpretation of Isis trine Saturn is being fated to meet, romance or marry a loving Soul Mate, even if there are afflictions to the 7th House/7th House Lord.

ISIS conjunct URANUS exact in 8th House: you intuitively know about Kundalini, DIvine-Feminine Concepts for a New Age etc. A strong ISIS is also a clue for a Sirian past lifeline. (iQ, 2010)

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Astro keen

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posted May 20, 2014 04:42 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Astro keen     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

Keywords for ISIS and OSIRIS in the 12 Signs of the Zodiac
ISIS describes a higher level personality in a woman. The same aspect in a Man’s chart describes these traits that he will appreciate in a woman after he improves in his Spiritual Level. Likewise, OSIRIS describes a higher level personality in a man, and a woman will appreciate such traits in a man once she improves her Spiritual Level.

The Divine Feminine characteristics are felt impulsively and quickly. The increase in spiritual wisdom leads to increased leadership traits and a fiery streak is added to the personality. This same fiery nature will be demonstrated to one who is considered to be the true love or Soul Mate. There will be an attraction towards chasing the opposite sex to find love [after one’s spiritual awareness is triggered].

Tendency to be a hero who loves the idealism of a Self Sacrificing General, one leading a battle against wickedness even if the wicked be from within one’s own kingdom. Chances of being injured are high when attempting heroic feats. In an Ancient Egyptian Past Lifetime, the odds are high for leading an army in battle.

The Divine Feminine characteristics are felt through steadfast patience and when being opinionated in the quest for Divine Enlightenment. Beauty will be felt stronger within. Sensuousness will increase with heightened awareness during Spiritual Practices.

Physical Strength will increase and so will patience when one transforms to a higher level in life. There will be a need to acquire more for loved ones and for gifting to others so that others too can experience luxury. In an

Ancient Egyptian Past Lifetime, the chances are high that the person was associated with the Granary or was into Agriculture.

Associated with Intellectual Gains in the Past Lifetime in Egypt. Could have been a scribe or a Papyrus maker or one who translated the Hieroglyphics. In the present, Transformation as an individual will lead to excessive interest in reading, data collection, writing and speaking.

The Divine Feminine characteristics are felt through Motherhood and nurturing.

The Divine Masculine characteristics after Transformation are manifested by being a superb Father to one’s biological and adopted children.

This placement is associated with nearness to Royalty and the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt. In the present, after Transformation one will become more joyful and more influential through charisma plus through ones hobbies. One would immerse himself or herself into the enjoyment of higher pleasures of life, and will never feel shy about this.

The main characteristics of this placement is that after Self Transformation one’s critical reasoning faculty improves tremendously and one starts paying a lot more close attention to the details than before. The women will feel more attractive when they are more cerebral and the men will feel more heroic when they calculate faster or analyze more information quickly.

In Ancient Egyptian Lifetimes, very likely to be associated with the Fine Arts or decorators for the Royalty. Could have been a High Priestess as well.

Could have been powerful politicians, orators or sculptors in in the Ancient Egyptian Lifetime. In the present, after Transformation one would find oneself drawn to the Fine Arts or even the study of languages. One would suddenly feel more gifted in the fine arts. There will be a sudden interest in feminine beauty and an appreciation of the Divine Feminine than ever before.

In Ancient Egyptian Lifetimes, very likely to be associated with Sacred Sex as Concubines for the Royalty or Priests.

Chances also exist for being secret assassins. In the present, this placement is encouraging of seeking advanced sexual practices, sex for enlightenment than just animal lust and very strong sexual attraction for the sake of the Higher Mind.or for the Evolutionary Level than external appearance.

In Ancient Egyptian Lifetimes, very likely to be associated with Education and travel to nearby lands like Arabia and Sumeria or lower Nile. In the present this placement encourages a renewed interest in Higher Education after Spiritual Transformation.

In Ancient Egyptian Lifetimes, very likely to be associated with control of the masses, in the law enforcement and tax collection. In the present this placement encourages the person to climb higher in the social strata by virtue of consistent services done dutifully for others. Chances of become heads of tribunals or a Political Commission becomes higher.

Could have been the Innovators and Rebel Leaders in Ancient Egyptian lifetimes. In the present, this is a superb placement as after Self Transformation one can become a radical thinker or a visionary philosopher.

The strongest Occult Connection. Could have been members of Secret Orders and Cults in Ancient Egypt. Could have known the Secrets of The Pyramids, The Magical Books, the true meaning of Hieroglyphics and about the Soul/Higher Self etc. In the present life after Transformation, this placement encourages very deep thinking about Occult Symbols, about the Soul, about Reincarnation and so on.


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Astro keen

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ISIS sextile KAALI exact - 2 superb Divine Feminine Archetypes in harmony. This means the "Nadis" like Ida, Pingala, Sushumna and all smaller etheric nerves have good odds of managing energy flow.

ISIS conjunct PANACEA in Scorpio 12th - Deep contemplation of the feminine aspects of intelligence will always be a source of healing.

You are fortunate to have a beautiful inner connection to the Divine Feminine side of God.

ISIS square SPHINX: You hold some inner secrets on the Divine Feminine. Also, yet another pointer to an 'ancient egyptian mystery school student' lifeline.

A very significant aspect confirming your past life links to Ancient Egypt. Your soul is well versed in the mysteries of death and reincarnation and you have a need to master the knowledge of the Divine Masculine traits, maybe by finding a very highly realized soul mate in life.

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Astro keen

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Q. Is a solitary connection enough to raise a pleasant relationship to something very special would you say?
A. Only if the connection is to a planet or to Asteroid OSIRIS in the other chart.

Q. Do you prefer to see a female asteroid ISIS aspecting a male OSIRIS? Or a male ISIS aspecting a female OSIRIS in synastry?
A. Both will work because they represent some of the Highest Positive Principles of Manifested Divinity

Q. Can the connection indicate something platonic or is it always about loving union?
A. Both can happen but to convert a deep Platonic "Mental" Union into a passionate union, we do need some help from MARS or PlUTO in the charts (iQ, 2012)

Q. OSIRIS is the man and ISIS is the woman (me). If it matters its 22-24 degrees of Taurus and my ISIS is in the 3rd house and his OSIRIS is in the 11th
A. A very powerful Soul Mate Pair conjunction. Very strong likelihood of a past lifetime affair which was deep, as if you sought him for a long time. It is a strong encouragement to consider the relationship [provided there aren't too many severe planetary afflictions]. (iQ, 2013)

Q- Double whammy conjunction (exact) of ISIS and KARMA.
A -Very powerful. This should have brought forth past life memories or even Genetic Memories of the Old Kingdom in Ancient Egypt. Spiritually, it denotes the fated "trigger" for you to find the Isis/Kundalini Shakti within, to enable you to integrate your life experiences. You were to have received some sort of automatic Alchemical Initiation. (iQ, 2012)

Q- My OSIRIS conjunct his NN?
A - Your Osiris represents your ideal spiritual husband apart from your thoughts on death/rebirth. So conjuct his NN, it means he is destined to be someone who fulfills the role of divine husband or whose path leads you to knowledge about death and rebirth.

ISIS conjunct AMOR
Love will connect the couple more to divine consciousness.

Him/Her (exact cnj only)
Isis/Pluto (cnj Her DC)

His ISIS conj her OSIRIS is a divinely blessed soulmate indication IF and ONLY IF both have evolved thier consciousness to a certain level. This aspect is useless if the guy's idea of genuine happiness in life is free beer while watching Superbowl in a 100 Inch LED Screen.

OSIRIS conjunct PLUTO becomes transformational, he will be instrumental in her knowing how her best mate should be.

OSIRIS conjunct MERCURY - indicates intellectual rapport

His OSIRIS conjunct her VESTA and SN - this is a dedication from her side to his "Divine Masculine" traits like protection, compassion and generous support.

ISIS conjunct PLUTO: Very similar to ISIS-OSIRIS but ISIS/PLUTO conjunction will have excellent sex. (iQ, 2010)

My ISIS square his VALENTINE (0)/His ISIS opposes my VALENTINE (4)- You both scr*wed up an excellent love relationship in the ancient egyptian lifeline.

ATLANTIS on his ISIS-OSIRIS MIDPOINT - The best explanation I am having is that the karmic debts relating to an Atlantis past lifetime for you both again manifested in an Ancient Egyptian lifetime relationship. There is more of a Priestess nature than just Royal for you, considering 28 Virgo is the Sun's degree.


OSIRIS conjunct SUN: This is positive in terms of valuing each other as a Soul Mate and being loyal. A conjunction or trine from ISIS would have further strengthened this.

PSYCHE sextile ISIS: There is psychological compatibility for the special or sophisticated knowledge held by one another.

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Astro keen

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ISIS and OSIRIS conjunct VENUS,MARS, DEJANIRA and CHILD (3rd house). They all trine NESSUS (11th house).
The more you learn about integrating the Divine Feminine (Isis) with Divine Masculine (Osiris) within your own Soul, especially by balancing both Brain Hemispheres, the more you will be able to eliminate the negative karma of being abusive to others in past lifetimes. Plus you will protect yourself from abuse in the present through Spiritual Understanding of the Polarities of Divine Energy. When it comes to Venus and Mars, more mundane aspects of Divine Feminine and Masculine are at play. SO the more you understand Isis and Osiris, the more abundance and health improvement will be seen. Lust will make way for love, aggression/anger of Mars will make way for confident striving and so on.

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Astro keen

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ISIS / OSIRIS and the fixed stars SIRIUS/ORION

In Linda's "Star Signs" she mentioned two fixed stars labelled by Astronomers as Isis and Osiris forming an aspect after thousands of years [Correct me if I am wrong].
This was a Sign to her about our generation awakening more and more to the concept of Soul Mates and Twin Flame.

Thus, if we connect Sirius and Orion to the Twin Flame Theme of Isis and Osiris, we have the following:
1. Sirius is the brightest Star, the "Light" of a Star in the dark night. Light = Seeking = Isis seeking for the missing parts of Osiris.

2. Orion as a Constellation has 7 major Stars and 2 minor Stars. Though this does not tie in with 13 pieces of Osiris, the 9 Stars of Orion plus Sirius = 10, the Numerological Number of Isis and Osiris.

3. Orion and Osiris are both heroes in Myth.
Ancient Egyptians connected the two. It is possible that the Consciousness of Orion manifested as Osiris.

4. If Isis and Osiris together are the Cosmic Soul, then we have a 12 Zodiac Connection as well. Sirius has two neighbors called Sirius B and Sirius C. 9 of Orion plus 3 = 12.
Thus, Sirius and Orion are one of the symbols of how the Zodiac affects the Undivided Soul.

5. The Pyramids of Giza maps to Orion, but Sirius is said to Symbolize Isis. The Dogon Tribe connected Sirius as the Axis of the Universe, and said that all "Matter" emanates from Sirius. This is a strong tie in to the Vedic Theory of all "Maya" or Illusory Matter produced from "Adi Parasakthi" or First Cause Goddess, which is what Ancient Egyoptians considered Isis. [Shiva being Osiris].

Thus, any geometric interrlay between Sirius and Orion in the sky is a symbol of Cosmological Tantra of Osiris-Isis or Shiva-Shakti. That is what I know so far. (iQ, 2014)

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Astro keen

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posted May 20, 2014 04:45 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Astro keen     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Famous couple aspects

His Isis trine her Moon
His Osiris trine her Sun
his Osiris sextile her Moon
His Osiris quinkunx her Node
His Osiris quinkunx her DC

his Isis conjuncts her True Node
his Isis quinkunx her Isis
her Isis quinkunx his Moon
her Isis conjuncts his AC

his Isis trine her Isis
His Osiris square her True Node
his Moon is trine her Osiris
and her Moon is opposite his Osiris

(I don`t know their birthtimes, so I left out AC and MOon; so there could be more connections; actually assuming a Noon-time;

JOHNNY CASH - JUNE CARTER (her time unknown)
his Isis trine her Sun
his Isis square her Osiris
his Osiris square her Osiris
her Isis conjuncts his True Node

.... it seems that indeed Isis and Osiris are triggered by Sun, Moon, ASC, Node in meaningful relationships. And it seems to be at least 3 aspects, or 2 main aspects involved.

his Isis sextile her Node
his Osiris square her Node
her Isis conjunct his Sun


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Astro keen

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Astro keen

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Moved to LL Reference Library.

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