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Author Topic:   Bhrigu Bindu (Destiny Point)

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posted July 08, 2020 09:26 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Hikaru29     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Can someone help me interpret my Bhrigu Bindu (BB)?

It's in 7H Scorpio together with Moon & Rahu. Taurus Venus aspects from 1H. Pisces Jupiter aspects from 11H. The Lord of BB (Mars) is in Aquarius 10H. Not aspected by any planet.

All I know is BB in 7H finds its destiny through partnership/union/marriage and with Lord in 10H it means I'll work with my life partner/find success with my life partner? What does it mean to have Venus/Moon/Rahu/Jupiter influencing it?

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posted July 09, 2020 04:27 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Randall     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

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posted July 11, 2020 11:20 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for mirage29     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Bhrigu Bindu in seventh house shows karma through companion, connection, joint endeavor, business, marriage, advancement and association.


It's 'the thing' that makes you YOU.

May not last. Could even just be a one-day event.
Can be what happens at ONE point or period in the life, that "fulfills" you.
Satisfies your soul.

A point of Happiness.

It has its own time.. own timings.
There's not a real method to know 'when'.

I read a few other comments that suggests it's a kind of Fortuna, even gets triggered like a western Vertex point.

I need more delving before saying much more. This was only from things I saw in the limits of this evening.

The following are more "loose notes" jotted.

* 7th Lord in the 10th House
KRS - 18:08

H7 marriage, business;
H10 career, your reputation, image, professional colleages, govt, authorities, father.

You want a professional. Someone who has a status and position in life; someone who can enhance YOU in life,,, relationship adds to your status, bolsters image.

Has interaction with the govt, has some authority. You want a partner who would have some kind of relationship (clout) with people in authority, like has authoritative govt connections

You can be married or tied to your work.. somehow. Tied-in to your reputation.

Marriage .. becomes managed like a business deal with partner-- agreement / expectation.
e.g. me=hot.model, and,

~~with MARS in your 10th --
your marriage depends on spouse being..
A soldier, professional fighter, an aggressive person when dealing with professional realm.
Your struggle with him? -- is that they will ignore you (overrides). They will go around you, in order to get control that they want.
They bring an executive-ness;
is someone who wants/brings a certain (atmospheric) setting to exert power.
Wants you 'a little afraid' of him.
.. Could be a doctor, like, could be in a medical field nurturing people but he does it with aggressiveness.. (gruff/short) like he's too busy, and hurried and moving people along the schedule, saying next, next, next (patients on conveyor belt).
A manly aggressive figure, who is strong in willpower and nature. Whatever they want they will go-ahead (go around people) to achieve it.

7th in 10th
* by Ryan Kurczak
7th is your home
You are the owner of your home, your relationships;
the space, 7th lord is the consciousness, choices you make consciously.

7th lord in the 10th
for relationships..
You're found working together in same career, you can be assistant, activity is widely to do with the world.
Partner dominates you.
- [24:40]

Hi Hikaru. That was interesting, thanks.

KRS had said not to really look at anything like transits, except where it is. Says it's a good point. Something that gives you 'spark' when in effect. It's not your life-long career necessarily, but can be something quite simple and be thoroughly satisfying that it occurred. It's a happiness point.

I included info I found on your 7th Lord in the 10th. Please ADJUST the meanings, if you need to.

I love learning this stuff!
Oh.. with mine??Seems I missed my calling.
In general, I could have been a porn star???! hahaha KRS!!

haha. No but, some of what he said were things I skirted the edges of. Definitely true, that I went face-to-face confronting people on behalf of social problems and matters for others. That was amazing. How close I came!! wow. Had someone ever said, Hey! We're gonna use you in our project, our office.. c'mon! -- then oh my!!! I fought HARD, and had hard earned wins that others looked me up for advice in.--

Thought these things QUITE interesting.
How I WISH I could have had some of this counsel while I was in my 20s. (I'm in my 60s now.. but what a cool look in the rear-view mirror again tonight. I have touched and even been into some of the things that I've heard and seen mentioned and suggested for my life without realizing I could have DONE something with that.

HAD I 'known' that my chart would have taken me all the way far into successes, I would have placed ALL my might into those fields of pursuits. I had merely meandered into them, poked around a bit, or was there-- WITHOUT realizing that was one of the "its" for me to press and pursue. Needed an earthly Single-mindedness.. yes. Would have provided 'direction'.

Young people NEED to get a GOOD High Quality Reading.

Would have given me much-more focus, and WITH that focus, a more inwardly calm solid and restful advancing through life.

This is GOOD stuff !! yup.

Take Care!! *heart*
How old are you now, Hikaru?

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posted July 14, 2020 05:23 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Hikaru29     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Hi mirage29!

Thanks for sharing so much info! Where is your BB, may I know? I'm curious how you interpret yours.

KRS may have said transits don't matter but when tSaturn went over my BB in 2016, I quit full-time employment. When tJupiter went over it last year, my guy and I started dating after a year of 'I-want-you-I-don't-want-you' push/pull.

It's 'the thing' that makes you YOU.

I'm 45yo this year and never been married. Since 20s, all the astrologers I've seen have told me I will be married...I'm destined to be married...I will SURE be married 😅... the latest being the vedic reading which I posted in another thread. They told me my marriage will come late but I'm so jaded already, lol.

Now that I know my BB is in 7H, I kinda understand why I've always had strong feelings towards partnerships, but I was told not to enter biz partnerships with others unless it's with my life partner. And they were right... I tried and failed. I was even swindled by one of them. I've formed other satisfying friendships over the years but at the end of the day, we lead separate lives.

After I ended my last long-term relationship, I spent 10yrs altering my emotional landscape (gave up on relationships, threw the predictions out the window) but I found myself back to where I was and shortly after, I met my guy. I wonder if this is destiny guiding me back. But again, it won't let me have it easy. I've Moon in 7th so relationships always affects me deeply + I've a Jyestha Moon... what should I do?? Lol. Few really understand why I feel a certain way. Some friends told me "You're so lucky to be single and free". They don't realise those words prick my heart. Anyway, I just need to let this out. Thanks for reading! Haha

The interpretation on 7L in 10H kind of resonates but I'm not exactly seeking a rich, powerful husband like the way KRS puts it. I can financially support myself tbh but I do want a husband who's an achiever...who knows what he's doing with his life. Put it plainly, I want a partner who elevates my life or at least be on par. I don't necessarily need to live in fame & luxury.

My guy sounds kinda like what he described - controlling, authoritative, neglects me when he works, wants me to listen to him, strong willpower - but not in an obnoxious way. He has never forced me into anything and he's also protective of me. His strong willpower also means that he doesn't give me up easily (while I'm the more fickle one). There's also a possibility that we might work together but I'm not sure about this because to me, a biz venture isn't a one-off thing, it's a long-term affair and in this case, it can last only as long as our relationship lasts.

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posted July 15, 2020 06:26 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for mirage29     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Hello Hikaru29,
Thank you for your interesting reply.

I plan on responding--
My computer was 'hijacked' by an UPDATE a few days ago.

My Favorited VEDIC learning files are missing. As well as my USA Charts File, with political files vanished too. The file I had set up for year 2020, is totally gone too.

They messed me up.
I'm in the process of dumping some files, now that my other more important ones went missing.
Also my electronic files needed attention after the microsoft edge HIJACK.

They had done something similar to this a year or so ago. Not helpful at all.

Please know.. I'll be back!


My placement of BB is 18.00 Aries in Bharani Nakshatra (Pada 2).

BB is conjunct Vedic Venus 19.25 Aries in Lagna 6th.

Ruler of 6th Aries is Mars in Gemini 8th House.
Ruler of 6th in the 8th.

Are you using the Hora software?
I discovered I could print out all my 'basic' information. Loaded with info.

First page is most-used, and the second.
The rest are all kinds of charts.
Around 15 pages total.

It's worth looking at.

I figure that if enough of us here use the same software, we can help each other learn and understand?

Lots of Love to you

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posted July 23, 2020 11:49 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Hikaru29     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
You BB conjunct Venus sounds nice...did it bring you any kind of 6H related things?

I'm using AstroSage and I also have a report by KRS. Still trying to understand some of the things in it. I finally know how to read the Dashas and which houses to look at for marriage, lol.

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posted July 23, 2020 04:40 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for mirage29     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
I have to ponder that thought of my BB conjunct Venus Aries H6 a little longer.

AstroSage! I tried getting a report from them, and what I got with calculations was my natal chart in India!!
.. Maybe in a previous lifetime?

They created an interesting report-- ONLY if living within country, it seems.

Thought I might be doing it wrong?
Nope. Kept putting me back into India.

My computer received an UPDATE, and it threw me off a bit.

My home/work environment continues with continuing-gnarliness {sonics}. Really interrupts things I'd love to do. Keeps triggering headaches upon headaches... so frustrating.

Vedic is fascinating. Definitely enhances the understanding of even regular western charts.

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posted July 23, 2020 11:07 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Hikaru29     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Maybe India is calling for you...! 😄

I don't have this problem though... they also have an app which is much easier to use and it allows you to download the report for free.

I used to think vedic is scary because they're so brutal with their interpretations though tbh all ancient astrology methods are (including the Chinese Ziweidoushu) but it's surprisingly accurate. I'm impressed by what it reveals. Like you said, it helps to enhance my understanding of the western charts. I now also have a different understanding of Nodes(Rahu-Ketu).

Modern astrologers have tweaked the interpretations to suit modernised cultures and I believe that to be the correct way.

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