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Author Topic:   Time for Change!!!
Solane Star

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Time for Change!!!


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Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D.
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Greetings to each of you and welcome to all of you who are new on the list!

Wow what a zinger of a time we are in! Many, many people are being forced to change direction in their lives fully and completely. This involves careers, marriages, friendships, residences and pretty much everything involved in our everyday lives.

I have heard the gamut from many of you that you are puzzled by the changes, being pulled yet not knowing where or even in what direction. Why? Why? Why?

As the energies have shifted and changed over the past several months, we have experienced a cosmic enema. We have been brought to our very reckoning, that which our soul have come to do, its challenges, its intentions and the paths we meant to take before we became sidetracked by human life.

As we live day to day, surrounded by chaos, constant input of information, of other people's opinions, we become mired in a whirlpool of uncertainty. At the same time we are being deculturalized as corporate entities spread wide and far. Fast food restaurants, drug stores, banks, you name it there are a multitude of them on every corner. Everything has begun to look the same. And the information begins to flow.

My perspective on this is that the One is coming forward in our world. What I mean by that is that we are beginning to see a unification of awareness. We are receiving real time information. And we don't know what to do with it all.

To me, much of what is happening brings me to the thought of perfect mirrors. What we see, what we hear, feel, taste and so on is the reality we have brought forth to our selves. The information flow is very much like what it is to be tapped into the universal consciousness. Want to know? Send out the request! The answers are out there! We are seeing a cosmic mirror of the state of consciousness. The question is do we like what we see? What we experience?

If so, congratulations. Personally, I strive for greater reality as most of you know. My question to each of you is what are you willing to accept in that reality? Is it really what you want? What you seek? Usually when the Masters or I ask people what brings them joy, they can't answer the question. My sense is that the answer as perceived is often based upon what the other person thinks everyone would approve of. Baloney. Honestly, if we don't get a grip and require what we want, what we deserve, what is ours in the first place, that Joy will be an illusive ideal, an idea with no merit.

Do you know that the power of Joy is inherent in our very being? That the light of our Source is the very matter of which we are created? That that wonderful feeling that we feel each time we experience Joy, Love, Happiness, is that light coming forward to our benefit? That emotional fullness that we feel each time we are an occurrence of those emotions begins with our DNA and electrical and electromagnetic systems responding to that light? And our bodies respond by expressing certain chemicals into our physical bodies which in turn create physical emotional responses. And we feel. We live. We become all of that by virtue of our experience.

It is in this way that we bring forward the light within us. Because of its electromagnetic properties, the light is contagious. As we experience fully, there is literally an energetic glow which occurs. When others encounter that glow, even though they can't see it, they can feel it. And their systems respond and they begin to glow. As they do, they begin to share that light as well.

And consciousness changes.

And we change.

And our world changes.

And after all, isn't that what we are after? Isn't that what we intend? Isn't that what we want?

The Masters often say that true power is gentle power. There is a misperception that real power is abusive, that it is overbearing and makes people do things they don't want to do. That light which we have just spoken is the true power. The human part of that is letting go of the need to control or to quantify that which is immeasurable. Each time we have an experience one of two things can happen. Either we get a pass or fail situation, what we expected or less, or we have enough faith in our perfection to know that let alone, what we create is subject only to limitless possibilities. More often than not we can experience the perfection of our creativity just by intending it and letting it go.

What? No affirmations?

Absolutely NOT!


Because each time we express our intentions we are in a different state of being, energetically, emotionally, mentally and so on. Each time we repeat something we change the message. Simple as that. So we don't get what we meant. Or do we?

If we are to accomplish all that we speak of, all that we dream, we must be willing to accept perfection. We must be willing to let go of our perceptions that we are anything less than members of the great One. We don't lose our identity in that. We simply gain remembrance that all that we have sought was here all of the time. Once we began to look, to listen, to be willing to move past the untruths and into the consequences of our most wonderful choices.

Of course, we can choose otherwise as well. But then, why have anything less than it all???

As always, I wish you Joy in your Hearts, Laughter in your Days and Love in Everything that you do. Blessings, Grace and Peace,

Meg Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D. (Dr. Meg)

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